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Meet cute, clever Miranda…and her toes…in my new story!

I just published a new story in the Kindle ebook format entitled TOES ARE FOR SUCKING, which is the second volume in my “Irv O. Neil Erotic Library.” If you enjoyed Learning to be CRUEL, I hope you’ll check out this new femdom tale! Of course, it’s sexually explicit and for adults only 18 and over, or 21 and over depending on your location.

Filling in her toenails with my red pencil almost felt like I was giving her a pedicure!

Again the “hero” of my story is a middle-aged freelance writer; only this time he’s named “Mr. DeMinkus,” and in contrast to my previous protagonist “Lester,” Mr. DeMinkus has a full head of hair and even likes to wear bowties. (Lester was bald and an indifferent dresser.) Mr. DeMinkus has hurt his arm through overwork (possible Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?) and has to lay off the laptop for a few days–so he hires a cute and leggy brunette named Miranda to take his dictation on her own computer. He has a deadline to meet and she helps him.

Meanwhile, she’s intrigued by his fascination with her legs, which she boldly and flirtatiously shows off in a very short dress. She’s a part-time model for fashion catalogs, and always displays her gams when she goes about the town. Sweet and friendly, she’s curious to explore exactly what Mr. DeMinkus is willing to do with her legs…and feet.

You see, he’s not really into sucking toes…but that’s exactly what she wants him to do. Why? It’s revealed in the twist ending after a long scene of exciting female domination.

I got the idea for the story when I saw a photo of a pretty girl with a warm-hearted face displaying her very imposing stems. I thought to myself, “Why not write about such a girl, who seems so compassionately understanding of male fetish needs??” Actually, it’s been my good fortune to have met ladies like that, so I know this is not a fantasy but a reality.

TOES ARE FOR SUCKING is 6300 words of fetish fiction, or about 25 pages long if it were published on paper, and it is written very realistically–so it’ll feel as if you’re actually meeting Miranda, and experiencing her pleasure in getting her feet worshipped and adored! Like my previous story, it’s designed to be read and re-read for your continuing pleasure, and it’s available for instant download at Amazon U.S., Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you wish, you can leave me an anonymous comment here or on the Amazon pages to let me know your thoughts and reactions. Thanks!

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The submissive theory of fiction writing…

I just finished a new story about a guy who gets an unexpected opportunity to explore his leg and foot fetish with a friendly, curious gal. I just have to do the cover and format it for Kindle, and it should be up in a few days.

Not sure what the title is going to be yet. That doesn’t worry me, though. When I’m re-reading and formatting the copy, it’ll come to me. I like to come up with something snappy.

For awhile, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish this story, but then the dominatrix character suddenly took charge of the situation, did something completely unexpected that threw the male character for a loop, and the tale moved excitingly to its conclusion. You see, sometimes I try to control a story too much, and forget to let the characters be themselves. But in fiction writing as in roleplaying, it can be more fun (and more interesting) when I’m not “topping from the bottom” and trying to call the shots. Fiction writing has to tap into the subconscious, and sometimes a good storyteller just has to be an observant “slave” to his characters, and let them do as they will. You can call this the “submissive theory of fiction writing.”

Meanwhile, when I ran an errand a little while ago, I saw a pretty Asian gal walking down the street in a white blouse, black pencil skirt and black high heeled pumps–not dressed slutty but just snug. She also had a beautiful ponytail bouncing along behind her as she walked. It got me thinking about girls with ponytails, so I looked around to see if I could find an image to share with you of an Asian girl with a ponytail similar to the one I saw. This is not exact, but close enough, which I found here!

Those green shoes have an erotic intensity which speaks of greed, or jealousy, or...?

She embodies the spirit of the perfectly cruel heroine of so many stories I’ve written over the years…in fact, I’ve always felt fashion photography often captures the essence of “femdom” feeling.

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Wendi Deng becomes instant femdom icon…

Increasingly, porn competes with the modern world for the attention of the horny.

Case in point, Wendi Deng’s counterattack on the would-be pie-thrower at her husband Rupert Murdoch, at the recent hearings into the doings of his tabloid empire. Thanks to the media coverage–although I wished they’d gotten a better camera angle on it!–she instantly became an Amazonian fetish object the world over.

I found this good picture of the couple here

Six-four in her heels! Impressive.

I read that the pie-man lost his girlfriend over this stunt; if so, perhaps he can be consoled by the fact that in Wendi’s slap at him he shared a femdom moment with this powerful and obviously uninhibited protector of her hearth, a veritable Fury in her own way. The Furies, of course, were the female avengers of Greek mythology.

I'd bet that so-called serious paintings inspired some serious wanking...

Learn more about the Furies here.

Modern artistic depictions of feminine violence were a specialty of the fetish artist Eric Stanton…an example of whose work is this, found at

Looks like his goose is cooked...

Miss Wendi’s 6’4″ height in heels alone qualifies her as an alternately threatening and nurturing dominatrix/mommy/auntie figure, since she towers over most regular-sized people.

The fascination of the world for fierce females is as old as time. The idea that women, who spring babies into the world, are supposed to be nice and caring, is built into our genetic makeup, in my opinion; that is why when they are not nice, when they act dangerous like men are supposed to be, it is titillating.

Here’s a tough broad from the venerable Police Gazette, a magazine Murdoch himself could have published (and probably would have, given his track record) if he’d lived a hundred and fifty years ago. I found the image below here:

Interestingly, the wife defends the hubby against the intruders. What was SHE doing with the gun instead of him?

And where does the intrusion of real life into the fantasies of potential readers leave us writers of erotica? Just working harder to compete. Our job is to present the inner, unseen dramas in all their details of dialogue and movement.

If you want to read about another Chinese beauty utilizing her powerful side, although mostly in a verbal rather than physical way, check out my ebook Learning to be CRUEL, available for only $2.99 on Kindle at Amazon in America, the United Kingdom, and Germany!

It is 5500 words (or about twenty pages if in printed form) of femdom erotica at its best! (You didn’t expect me not to plug it in such a relevant post, did you?)

Attractive, accomplished...and ready to wreak havoc on a submissive man's soul!


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The disappearing kimono lady near Times Square…

Last weekend, when my mind was preoccupied thinking about the Japanese ex-porn star and mainstream actress Aoi Sora–aka Aoi Sola, please see my previous post about her here–I took a walk downtown. Ironically, I walked through Times Square around nine-thirty in the morning on Saturday, where apparently she would be sightseeing a little later that weekend after her sold-out appearance at a film screening at the Japan Society. I know she was there because I saw a picture of her in Times Square that was posted on Facebook. Sigh. I really would have loved to see her in person.

Ironically, it was in Times Square, just a few hundred feet from where she posed like a tourist, that a friend gave me an Aoi Sora video several years ago and introduced me to her amazing work. To describe her merely as a “porn star,” in fact, is like saying Picasso was merely a “painter.” She transcends the genre in which she first made her mark.

Anyway, as I walked I saw a very petite Japanese woman in an elegant gray kimono sitting on a chair at one of the little pedestrian plazas that dot Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square. She had the demeanor of this lady in a picture by a photographer named Greg which is posted on Wikipedia:

It makes me think of a wonderful movie about geishas called Sister of the Gion, by Mizoguchi.

She sat very quietly, her hands in her lap, at one of the little cafe tables that are placed at those plazas. I wondered who she was waiting for. She was a little older than the girl in this photo, but similarly demure.

I kept walking about twenty feet, and then I turned around to look at her again, from a different angle. But now she wasn’t there. It was so strange; where did she disappear to, so fast? She would have had to run to leave so quickly, and that didn’t seem likely with her wooden geta sandals and tabi socks. I know I saw her…but maybe the time I mused about her was longer than I thought, and she had simply walked away in the interim of my daydreaming.

I was friends with a native Japanese stripper, working in New York, who told me about how when she turned twenty, she went to a special ritual event commemorating that birthday, and wore a kimono with an elaborate obi, the large sash; when she drove home, she had to recline her car seat all the way so that she would have room to sit with the obi on.

This girl lapdanced for me many times wearing only a thong and high heels, but for some reason this memory of her in a kimono seems the most erotic image I have of her, and it is something that only exists in my mind because she told me about it, not because I actually saw her in the kimono.

But then again, mental images sometimes are stronger than things actually seen.

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Would YOU eat like a dog in a diner?

Not the most profound question in the great scheme of things, but a relevant one to the dilemma faced by Lester, the middle-aged narrator who falls under the spell of a manipulative twentysomething Chinese-American beauty in my new ebook Learning to be CRUEL.

She doesn’t allow him to order food for himself when they go to dinner…no, she will only let him have her scraps

For more of what she has Lester do with her hamburger, check out this 5500 word story. In a regular paperbound book it would be about twenty pages long. Twenty pages of kinky fantasy brought to vivid life…designed to be read and re-read for your pleasure and satisfaction!

Learning to be CRUEL is available on Kindle for $2.99 at Amazon U.S., UK, and in Germany.

Enjoy…and finish that hamburger!

She SMILES as she watches him SQUIRM!

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Aoi Sora, the Aphrodite of Japan, visits New York City…

Strange day. I started out polishing a short story I’d written for a magazine. That went well and I figured on having a productive day. But then I read online that the famous Japanese porn star Aoi Sora (aka Aoi Sola, which means Blue Sky, and which is pronounced “Ow-ee So-ra”) was going to appear at a screening tonight, of a new mainstream non-porn movie she’s in, at the Japan Society here in Manhattan. I got totally discombobulated. Would I be able to get into that screening and see this beauty in the flesh?

She does mainstream music and movies now, too.

Miss Aoi is an incredibly beautiful and talented performer who has gone beyond porn into mainstream acting, and I’ve admired her for several years. She is unbelievably sexy, completely uninhibited, with a sweetness and a knack for humor that transcends the porn genre. She’s like some kind of Japanese Aphrodite in my mind. For a few hours I kicked myself that I didn’t learn about the screening earlier, because I was too absorbed in various work projects to thoroughly check all my emails, one of which announced her upcoming visit as early as two weeks ago. I definitely would have ordered a ticket just to see this gal on a stage fully clothed. It wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t understand a word she said. She was going to appear at a Q&A after the movie, and an after-party at the Japan Society. As I learned today when I got through to the box office, the show was already sold-out. I didn’t feel like going over there and getting on the waiting list and risking the disappointment of not getting in. I guess I’m a bit of a pessimist…

Well, another look at her happy face picks up my spirits…

She is talented with a camera, too, and puts some interesting shots on her blog.

Instead I ended up staying home this evening, having some Chinese take-out, and reading a tale by one of my favorite authors, Junichiro Tanizaki. He has been an influence on my own story-writing, as he dealt with kinky sexuality and obsession as I do in my fiction. His book Seven Japanese Tales is a masterpiece of kinkiness but is full of beauty amid the psychosexual twists and turns of the characters.

Sometimes Tanizaki's characters have a foot fetish. Nonetheless the author was once said to be in the running for the Nobel Prize!

Miss Aoi would be great in a film based on a Tanizaki story. She could be the young wife who drives the old man crazy for her feet in Diary of a Mad Old Man!

I found this battered old copy of the book at an outdoor book stall for a dollar. I’ve had a number of copies of it over the years, and even gave one to a Japanese stripper I was fond of. She thought the book was kind of weird…well, she’s right, it is. But the stories in it are also beautiful.

Getting back to Aoi–a friend of mine who’s a real expert in contemporary Japanese porn got me a femdom video Aoi did, but ironically, although I couldn’t wait for him to give it to me, I still haven’t watched it. Maybe I’m not ready to see this beautiful dream girl turn into the bitch of my darker dreams.

Well, maybe Aoi will go to the flea markets tomorrow as part of her New York itinerary. I’ll be there, thumbing through vintage men’s mags. How amazing it would be to look up from a 1950s issue of some burlesque journal to see the Japanese Aphrodite strolling among the stalls…


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Evil girls are more fun…in fantasy, that is!

Hey, I’m happy this afternoon, I made a couple more sales of my femdom ebook, Learning to be CRUEL. If you readers have found the story through this blog, feel free to leave a comment here about how you liked it, good or bad. Or even better, leave a quick comment or review on my Amazon page where you bought the book…

It’s about 5500 words, or twenty pages if it were in book form. You can read it in a half hour, but you’ll think about it much longer than that!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s only $2.99, instantly downloadable for Kindle, in America, England, and Germany:

There's nothing like a cutie who knows how to keep a slave in line!

Meanwhile, I’ve had a busy few days writing some newsletters for adult websites. I look through the photos for the sites and write previews. Sometimes I get so turned on it’s hard to concentrate…oh, I’m a bad boy, all right.

Sometimes when I take a break from my writing, I’ll look around the web for the things that inspire me. I found this sexy picture today, of a 1940s actress named Leslie Brooks…

Her right thigh is amazing, and that sexy right foot? Ohmigosh...!!

Leslie starred in a great little film noir called Blonde Ice. You can pick it up very inexpensively on DVD. I recommend it highly. She is a totally ruthless femme fatale, but never less than charming. Her steely gaze is, in my opinion, just about as erotic as things can be…

I love this kind of stuff in fantasy. But in reality, I like ladies to be nice people!

I found this great screen capture at a cool site called DVD Beaver. Check it out to learn more about this cool movie! It’s not porn, but it is definitely hot in a way that grows on you…

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Share a femdom fantasy this weekend…

Share my new ebook Learning to be CRUEL with your favorite kinky gal! If you like females to tease and dominate you, this story is sure to give you and your lady some ideas for role-play fun. And if you’re currently unattached, well, check out the story for a scenario that will seem as if it’s happening right in front of you…almost TO you.

I write in what I call “Erotic Realism,” a technique of storytelling I’ve developed for many years, a technique to make each moment of the story build your excitement. Watch carefully as the tale unfolds…as a luscious twentysomething Chinese-American girl teases an all-too willing submissive middle-aged man…she is so beautiful and he wants her so much, but she already has a stud to take care of her needs, as well as her rent…but…maybe she will use this horny old guy as her housecleaning slave! If he scrubs her bathroom well, maybe she will let him kiss her toes…yes, she’s thinking about it! So watch her tease him as she weighs the possibilities and pleasures as she learns to be CRUEL!

Available in Kindle for only $2.99 at Amazon US, UK, and in Germany…


You'll read it'll read it'll read it often!

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Distracted by a gal in high heels and ankle socks…

As a freelance writer I work six days a week, Sunday through Friday. By the end of the week, my brain is somewhat fried, but I persevere when I have deadlines…

I’m working on a research article about 1950s men’s magazines that I want to finish today, so for a change, to get some air first, I went out to have a little breakfast before isolating myself in my Laboratory of Literary Lust. Most days I just have a bagel or roll at home and then start working.

This morning, when I was leaving the midtown McDonald’s where I’d had a plain sausage biscuit, coffee, and read the New York Post, I saw an amazing young woman with an older dame whom I presumed was her mother. I just got that vibe about their relationship (“vibe”–sheesh, does that word ever date me!). Anyway, they looked like tourists. The younger gal was tall, about twenty, wearing blue denim short-shorts as well as frilly ankle socks and high heel pumps with a flower print pattern. I saw the shoes and socks first, then my eyes traveled up her long legs to her attractive face. I held the door open for them and couldn’t help but smile at the blond-tressed babe while her black-haired mother looked on with a puzzled expression. The girl smiled back tentatively at horny ole Uncle Irv, seeming to realize the mesmerizing power of her gams and indulging my moment of lecherous approval before entering the restaurant.

Nice moment, but no wonder I’m having a “hard” time concentrating today…

I tried to find a picture on the Web to give you a visual intimation of what I saw, and this is what I came up with. It’s not the same in details like the skirt or the shoes or even the socks, but it has the innocent yet sexy feeling of it:

"Beauty is momentary in the mind--the fitful tracing of a portal; but in the flesh, it is immortal."--Wallace Stevens

After finding this image, I kept browsing, and found a picture that distracted me even more than the original source of my distraction, that girl at McDonald’s:

Now I'm never going to get anything done...

I’m convinced on some primal level of fantasy that the face of the owner of these feet must be as ravishingly beautiful as her splendid toes…although I know from real life that’s not necessarily the case. But interestingly, the fantasy persists…

I must also note that rapidly taking in the details of the beauties I see on the streets helps me come up with many story ideas. I see somebody beautiful, I memorize or jot down details of her look, and an entire short story can pop into my mind a short time later.

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A typical day of carnal creativity…

I wrote the first drafts of two short erotic stories for magazines today. I wrote each tale in the first person, and in the morning, I was a guy…

Love that antique public domain clip art...

And in the afternoon, I was a girl…

I find these ethereal images very sexy!

All in a day’s work, as a scribe of horny prose. I ate a salami sandwich and pretzels seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper as I cranked (“cranking” is my slang for writing)…and listened to nineteenth century German drinking songs on the stereo.

Hey, anything to fuel the carnal creativity!

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