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The divine beauty of Belinda Lee enraptures and captivates!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted because in addition to my usual thousands of words produced weekly for websites and magazines, I spent a good chunk of time writing my longest femdom story yet, which I will be putting up on Amazon shortly as a Kindle ebook. I just want to make the final polish to the story, which would be about forty pages long in print, and is 12,000 words of delectable kink and perversity in my Erotic Realism style that puts you into the scene so vividly you think it’s happening to you! That’s the kind of writing I like to read, and that I always aspire to create myself.

Meanwhile…take a look at this:

Isn’t this an amazing image? I find it so freakin’ sexy, those legs…the sand underneath her toes…the indolence of her exquisite hands as she looks down at the bare-chested, unconscious male…

Yes, a girl long ago finds a guy who’s out cold on a beach. And when she’s not rescuing stray beefcake, she’s posing for a statue of the goddess Aphrodite! This is a poster for a 1960 movie called The Goddess of Love in English and La venere di Cheronea (The Venus of Cheronea) in Italian, the story of the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles and his creation of a statue of Venus (aka the goddess Aphrodite). The movie starred the late Belinda Lee (1935-1961) in the title role, and if anybody could embody such a character (or at least, embody a girl who perfectly qualified to model for such a statue), it was Miss Lee.

I believe this is a publicity shot from that movie, used on a postcard. I saw The Goddess of Love awhile back, and although it wasn’t a great movie, Belinda was wonderful to watch…

I recently wrote a magazine article about 1960s girlie magazines (it hasn’t come out yet, though, but I’ll let you know here when it does) and Belinda Lee’s pictures were in some of the issues, so I’ve got her on my brain…

She died young in a car accident in 1961. The driver survived, and when he died recently at age 91, he reportedly said that he wanted to be buried next to her.

Read more about Belinda on Wikipedia here.

I also recently saw Belinda in her lusty role in a pirate movie, Marie of the Isles. Here is a poster from it:

Even in the variable quality of video recordings made by fans and friends of these now-obscure movies, the hypnotic beauty of Miss Belinda Lee shines through brightly and lives forever!

These are the kinds of images that inspire me as I write, even though my erotic stories both for adult magazines or the Web are not about ancient Greeks or pirates–although I would like to write on such topics at some point. But my tales are always about alluring women who, like Belinda Lee, enrapture my heroes and give them through their beauty and vivacity a taste of the divine–and sometimes a taste of divine hell! 😉 Belinda was great at playing femmes fatale too.

Have a great Labor Day and I’ll be back next week with more info about my new ebook!


I found the image of the rare poster of La venere di Cheronea here.


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Porn scribe’s diary 8/16/12 – Tina Louise movie perks me up!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just fall into a funk and can’t concentrate. It usually happens after I finish a huge amount of work, which I did today. I then try to immediately go onto the next project but my mind says, “Relax” while my Inner Slavedriver says, “Keep working.” And I fall into a restless gloomy mood and get little done.

What finally got me out of this mood was watching a rather gloomy Western from 1959 called Day of the Outlaw, starring Robert Ryan, Burl Ives, and Tina Louise. The script, performances, and story–about an isolated town held hostage by a gang of robbers–were so well-done I forgot my self-criticism for awhile and just enjoyed the skillful direction (by Andre De Toth) and script (by Philip Yordan).

Tina is fully clothed throughout the movie, and never gets this exposed. But she’s still very sexy.

It was great to see Tina Louise in this interesting dramatic role, as a woman caught between Ryan, the man she should have married, and Alan Marshal, the man she did marry.

Before Miss Louise became a successful actress, she was a much-admired pinup and glamour model:

She even did a couple of sword and sandal movies; I think the following photo is from Siege of Syracuse, in which she does a very sexy dance and gets the inventor Archimedes to fall in love with her!

Well, I guess doing a little photo research and editing pix of a beautiful woman like Tina also picked up my spirits a bit! 🙂 Enjoy the photos, which I found at,, and International Celebrity Feet. I don’t work for any of these sites, I just found them in my cyber travels.

One more thing. Today, as many people have noted, was the day on which Elvis Presley died 35 years ago. But it was also the day in 1956 that the great Bela Lugosi, the ultimate Dracula, passed away. Here’s a link to an interesting article about how Lugosi helped try to save Hungarian Jewish refugees from the Nazis back in the 1940s–a fascinating bit of history written by Rafael Medoff and J. David Spurlock that I read in the current issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland, but which earlier saw print in the Connecticut edition of the Jewish Ledger here.

I got the Lugosi image from a site called Starfetch.

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Porn scribe’s diary 8/10/12: Nude girl observed by handsome madman!

I burned myself out last week, I think, writing more than 14,000 words for websites, magazines, and a new femdom Kindle ebook. My eyes have felt strained all this weekend, so I’ve been writing in short bursts on Twitter just to keep my hand in, as writers are wont to do. Follow me there until I put a new lengthy post up here in a few days.

But hey, since I don’t believe any post here is complete without some nice eye candy, here’s something I stumbled on last week–a cover from the old sci-fi mag Amazing Stories.

I found it at a cool blog called Erotic Mad Science here. Check it out! It has a cool two-part essay starting here about the kinds of gals who submit to experiments in sci-fi stories, whom the author calls “Kitty Carrolls” after a character in the 40s movie The Invisible Woman.

By the way, the story The Girl Who Loved Death has been re-released in an Armchair Fiction paperback utilizing the cover image above. I haven’t read it, and I don’t have anything to do with the publication, but you can find it at Amazon here.


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Bosomy Manhattan Madam promotes her sex tips!

Occasionally I get out from behind the laptop and actually experience elements of the real world, and not just the compelling cosmos of erotica in my mind…so the other night I went to Headquarters NYC, a gentlemen’s club on West 38th Street near 11th Avenue, and attended a book party for The Manhattan Madam’s Secrets to Great Sex, which is published by a press called Quiver.

The book, which you can find here, was written by Kristin Davis, described on her Amazon page as “the woman behind one of the most successful prostitution rings in the history of the sex industry. Busted in 2008 for her affiliation with New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer, she has accumulated the largest ‘little black book’ in the industry, with more than 10,000 names…prior to running an escort agency, she was Vice President of a Hedge Fund and holds a BA in Business and Master’s in Psychology. She took her finance background and applied it to the world’s oldest profession to build an empire that made over $5 million per year. Her business catered to the elite of the world, the A-list stars, athletes and politicians.”

Here’s a shot I snapped of Miss Kristin with her splendid decolletage…holding her book, of course, but wisely not obscuring her bosom!

The book was co-written with Lainie Speiser, publicist and columnist for Penthouse magazines and Adult Friend Finder, Inc., and somebody I’ve known for awhile in the erotica trade. Lainie has done a number of books like Confessions of the 100 Hottest Porn Stars and The Little Bit Naughty Book of Blow Jobs. 

I didn’t get a copy of the book yet but I hope to do so to peruse it for my regular review column “Stuff” in the men’s mag Swank. A book party in a strip club was unusual, to say the least, and there were plenty of guys, both press and fans, snapping pictures. There was also a videographer named Geoffrey Collymore from a YouTube Channel called FilmmakersFocus who took lots of footage of Kristin, Lainie, and the various Penthouse models in attendance. One celeb was the porn star Joanna Angel, famous for her heavily tattooed look and her alternative porn site Burning Angel. Check out the Filmmakers Focus footage here.

Of course, reading sex tips for women always comes in handy when I write fiction from the female point of view for “college girl” porn mags, which I do now and then–although usually the point-of-view is of eighteen year old girls, who aren’t supposed to know all that much! Well, maybe I’ll write a short story about a girl who gets Kristin and Lainie’s book for her eighteenth birthday! 😉

The staff of Headquarters (you can find the club’s website here) was quite friendly…I’ll have to go back there for another visit and sample one of their lapdance specialists soon… 🙂

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Her cruel beauty inspires Sardax again!

The terrific British femdom artist Sardax just finished a new illustration, inspired by the character of the beautiful and cunning Miss Meirong in my top-selling ebook Learning to be Cruel. He imagines something that Meirong might do if I write a sequel. Usually I don’t write sequels to my stories, I tend to “shoot my wad” on the tale and move onto the next. But I might make an exception to this by doing a new installment of Learning to be Cruel as soon as I can make the time. I know that phrase “as soon as I can make the time” might sound lazy, but in order to pay my rent, health insurance, and so forth, as a freelance porn writer, I already do thousands upon thousands of words for adult websites and magazines each week, and lately I just want to relax afterward, watch old movies, and shoot the breeze with my pals!

Sometimes I wonder if working on a laptop, as I have for the last two years, makes my eyes more tired than when I wrote on a desktop, which I did for almost fourteen years. I find myself more swallowed up in the writing on the laptop, but it could come at the cost of more energy and more weary orbs. Well, I’m just thinking out loud…

Anyway, here’s the small version of Sardax’s new illo, with Meirong dazzlingly potent in a blood-red dress and hemoglobin-red femme fatale heels! You can see the full size version on his site here.

She is tearing up a book belonging to Lester, the guy kneeling in front of her. Lester, who is dominated by Meirong in the first story with humiliating food play in a crowded diner, is an inveterate reader…not unlike myself.

I have some ideas for a sequel, and I hope I’ll do the story. It’s funny, the idea I have will go into even more intense realms of erotic emotional cruelty, and I’m almost scared to travel there. When I write a story, I feel like I’m living it in the hours that I spend in front of my laptop. And sometimes I feel I should spend more time living life in the real world rather than in my fictional one.

Meaning…maybe I should find a beautiful Asian woman to worship in real life.

This emotion is unpleasant because it makes me feel that writing fiction is somehow a “second-rate” version of existence. It comes from something that my father unfortunately said to me when I was in high school, just an offhand comment no doubt, while making my first attempts at fiction writing. It took place in 1968. I’d left my desk to go to the kitchen, and when I came back I saw that my father had wandered into my room and seen some pages of the story I was working on. It was, like the stories I write today, about a guy getting involved with a gal, and my father said to me, “Instead of writing a story about getting a girlfriend, why don’t you get one in real life?” From that moment on I have felt in a ridiculously immature yet resilient way that writing fiction is a second-rate way to live. Intellectually, I know it’s isn’t; to write well is one of the things I aspire to, and admire in others. Yet the wound from my father’s words has never healed.

It was particularly galling because unlike a lot of somewhat shy, bookish adolescents, I actually did date girls in high school–a lot of them. I might not have had a steady girl until I was senior, but my father was unfair in his implication that I wasn’t trying! I started dating when I was a sophomore, and I was always in there pitching.

His casual comment has haunted me ever since, even though I tried to expunge its power through therapy and introspection.

A feeling of guilt–of unworthiness–haunts the characters in my stories too. Especially Lester in Learning To Be Cruel.

If you’re interested in checking out the original story, you can find it on Amazon here.


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