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Porn scribe’s diary, 7/18/12: Femdom potential of Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEO!

Random reflections of a specialist in femdom fiction…

I was working on some freelance stuff this morning, racing to meet a deadline, but a cyber-glitch in the process has forced me to take a break, so I thought I would check in with a quick post here.

Seen and noted: the erotic potential of Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer!

That looks like a bust of mighty Athena behind her–early femdom icon of ancient Greece!

I’d never heard of Marissa before, but she certainly is an icon of ladylike dominatrix appeal.

I love the hand on the hip and the friendly smile. It’s like a combination of power and compassion…just the kind of emotions that set off femdom fantasies and fiction in my fevered brain. Often I find beautiful businesswomen more erotic as dominatrixes than ladies in more traditional domme gear.

Would you like to be sexually dominated by Marissa Mayer? With Ms. Mayer at the helm of Yahoo, we’ll all certainly be affected by her power one way or the other…


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Dominatrixes take over your Kindle!

It’s the weekend and if you’re up for some femdom fantasy, check out my two ebooks on Kindle!

Learning to be CRUEL has a young Chinese-American bookstore clerk showing a middle-aged submissive man what he’d be in for if he ever got the privilege of serving her…

She doesn't need a dungeon. She dominates in a diner!

Check it out here on Amazon:

And if this whets your appetite for more saucy girls having their erotic way with susceptible men, check out Toes Are For Sucking, the story of a guy who meets a girl ready to take sensual advantage of his fascination for her long sultry stems!

He learns to savor her feet at her firm command!

Available at Amazon here:

So click ahead to Amazon…don’t keep the ladies waiting! Because they’re waiting for you as you will experience through the wonders of Erotic Realism all the delights of their lucky slaves! Just as I did when, as if in a trance, I wrote these exciting stories!

And keep an eye out for my upcoming Kindle collection of some of my best magazine femdom tales, coming soon!

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Take a moment to worship Kate Upton!

It’s been a busy week. I’ve done three newsletters for erotic websites, as well as finishing two short stories for adult magazines. I’ve also been working on assembling a new ebook, which is going to consist of five magazine stories published for the first time as a collection. It’s going to be 10,000 words, or approximately 2000 words each story, full of all the themes that obsess me…playfully dominant women, nervously submissive men, long legs, pretty feet, and unpredictable female behavior.

Meanwhile, between getting my work done, I’ve enjoyed a few online peeks at a swimsuit model named Kate Upton who is reviving my somewhat dormant interest in Anglo-Saxon blondes, Asian girls having held sway in my imagination for a few years now…not that my interest in Asians is in any way diminishing, mind you…

This picture of Kate is from one of her Guess campaigns. You can see more of her pictures at her very excellent official site here. I love the way when you click on the pictures on her site, they jump out at you…

Slingback of the most potently feminine styles!

Parenthetically, I also want to note that I find women sporting large handbags on their arms (as Kate does here) to be mysteriously erotic images…

Unbeknownst to myself, I’ve been aware of Miss Kate for some time, having taken some weeks back this photo of a collage of her Guess ads in Times Square…

This billboard is located over the spot where roughly twenty years ago a notorious Times Square live sex show flourished.

The picture is very large; if you click on it, you can see it full-size. I had to run it small to avoid distortion.

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful video at a site called that shows, in slo-mo, Kate modeling swimsuits at a fashion show…very educational. I mean, a physics professor would find those bouncing breasties to have some empirical value from a purely observational standpoint.

But since I am also interested in her personality, I watched this at, too.

I have the feeling that Miss Kate Upton could well serve as my inspirational muse for a fine piece of femdom erotica! And she rides horses, too…ai yai yai!!


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Meet cute, clever Miranda…and her toes…in my new story!

I just published a new story in the Kindle ebook format entitled TOES ARE FOR SUCKING, which is the second volume in my “Irv O. Neil Erotic Library.” If you enjoyed Learning to be CRUEL, I hope you’ll check out this new femdom tale! Of course, it’s sexually explicit and for adults only 18 and over, or 21 and over depending on your location.

Filling in her toenails with my red pencil almost felt like I was giving her a pedicure!

Again the “hero” of my story is a middle-aged freelance writer; only this time he’s named “Mr. DeMinkus,” and in contrast to my previous protagonist “Lester,” Mr. DeMinkus has a full head of hair and even likes to wear bowties. (Lester was bald and an indifferent dresser.) Mr. DeMinkus has hurt his arm through overwork (possible Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?) and has to lay off the laptop for a few days–so he hires a cute and leggy brunette named Miranda to take his dictation on her own computer. He has a deadline to meet and she helps him.

Meanwhile, she’s intrigued by his fascination with her legs, which she boldly and flirtatiously shows off in a very short dress. She’s a part-time model for fashion catalogs, and always displays her gams when she goes about the town. Sweet and friendly, she’s curious to explore exactly what Mr. DeMinkus is willing to do with her legs…and feet.

You see, he’s not really into sucking toes…but that’s exactly what she wants him to do. Why? It’s revealed in the twist ending after a long scene of exciting female domination.

I got the idea for the story when I saw a photo of a pretty girl with a warm-hearted face displaying her very imposing stems. I thought to myself, “Why not write about such a girl, who seems so compassionately understanding of male fetish needs??” Actually, it’s been my good fortune to have met ladies like that, so I know this is not a fantasy but a reality.

TOES ARE FOR SUCKING is 6300 words of fetish fiction, or about 25 pages long if it were published on paper, and it is written very realistically–so it’ll feel as if you’re actually meeting Miranda, and experiencing her pleasure in getting her feet worshipped and adored! Like my previous story, it’s designed to be read and re-read for your continuing pleasure, and it’s available for instant download at Amazon U.S., Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you wish, you can leave me an anonymous comment here or on the Amazon pages to let me know your thoughts and reactions. Thanks!

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