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The Sweet Smile of Nancy Gates

It was reported that back in the day the Sultan of Morocco declared the actress Virginia Mayo’s beauty to be “tangible proof of the existence of God.” I like Virginia too, but for me such proof is in the laughing eyes and bright smile of gorgeous Nancy Gates in the 1952 movie The Atomic City. She’s one of my favorite actresses from mid-20th century Hollywood; I’ve bought and watched all manner of well-known and obscure movies and tv shows to see her performances. Oh how disappointed I was the other night when the TV listings promised Nancy Gates in an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode and instead it turned out to be Nancy Olson (not that Miss Olson is chopped liver or anything!).

Anyway, here are two pics I took of Nancy Gates…

I don’t remember much about The Atomic City

…but I have never forgotten this smile.


I couldn’t resist her in 1955’s World Without End on TCM the other day, either…the third or fourth time I’ve seen it:

What a lovely lady in a fun zany sci-fi movie. When Nancy shows up in CinemaScope and Technicolor, with a costume designed by pinup artist Alberto Vargas, there’s only one word to utter: WOW!

To me, Nancy Gates is a superstar!

I like making screencaps of closeups of beautiful actresses. Mostly performers from the distant past, but occasionally from the present too. I plant myself in front of the tv with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot and wait for the “decisive moment” to appear on the screen; then I click away. Come to think of it, I do this enough that it’s almost become a kind of hobby…

Ha-ha, the leisure activities of “The Porn Scribe in His Dotage!” 😉  Not quite a dotage, actually; it’s just a phrase that sounded funny. Fact is, I’m probably hustling harder now to make a living than at any other time in my erotica career, thanks to the decline of porn magazines and the rise of so much free stuff on the Internet. Ah, how things changed! But like the legendary Energizer Bunny, homo pornographicus just keeps on going! 🙂


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