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What was the crossdresser thinking about?

Memorable sight on the street last weekend in New York City…

On Eighth Avenue near 48th Street around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday 5/19/12, a couple. A very pretty black-haired young woman in a black dress with a flared skirt, holding the hand of a not-handsome man in a blonde wig, heavy makeup, red and white minidress with horizontal stripes, and bony bare legs on strappy heels. He looked nervous and uncertain as he walked. She looked confident and understanding. What was their story? Was she indulging a boyfriend’s need to crossdress and go out in the world? Or was she perhaps punishing him in some kind of roleplay game? Or was she a hired dominatrix taking a feminized slave out for a walk on the crowded sunny street? What was the crossdresser thinking about? I couldn’t help but wonder.

This drawing by the great Eric Stanton, which I found on the cool site Permanent Obscurity, captures the feeling of uncertainty in the man’s face as I saw it, even though the circumstances of the drawing are different:

The caption at Permanent Obscurity, “The loneliness depicted in [Stanton’s] characters transcends that of a mere ‘comic book’ artist” is also what I saw in the face of the feminized man on the street. Anxiety too. Of course, this is my interpretation. I have no idea what he was actually thinking. I turned to watch them, but they were quickly lost in the milling tourist crowds spilling over from Times Square.

Seen on Sunday 5/20/12 on Ninth Avenue: man who covered up his head in his zipped jacket, so he looked either as if he had no head, or his head was invisible. An invisible man. There are many scruffy fellows along Ninth Avenue between 40th Street going down into the 20s, but this one stood out in my mind. It was as if he had zipped up his face to commune with the darkness of his jacket (and the weather was quite warm, so it must have been hot in there, too).

I couldn’t find any comparable picture to conjure that up for you visually.

Finally, also on Sunday 5/20/12, I saw a girl in a tight skirt, high heels, and a halter, sashaying into the Dream Hotel on 16th Street near Ninth Avenue. Literally a head-turner and not just for me. She was almost like a cartoon out of the great Bill Ward:

Her butt did look like the one in this cartoon, although she wasn’t dressed with stockings; and her expression of indifference to everybody ogling her was just about the same. I found this pic at the site Live Auctioneers.  I don’t resemble the guy in that hat although my gaping expression was probably similar.

On another note, I found an intriguing book at a memorabilia show last weekend, yet another addition to my small library of tomes about the history of prostitution throughout the world–a subject I always find interesting. I was once even on the radio back in the 1970s to discuss an article I wrote myself about the history of brothels for the men’s magazine Swank.

What a seedy title, no? And blunt. Will have to dip into it soon. (Hmm, is that a pun–“dip into” it? Note to porn writer self: Must consider my possible sexualization of books as proxy vaginas. Topic for a future post?)


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I sigh for thigh!


Spring must be in the air…my ebook Toes Are For Sucking was selling rather briskly today in the U.S., the UK, and Germany. Either all the girls on the street in their minis are getting readers in a fetishy mood…

…or maybe readers enjoyed my foot fetish story “The Pit” at The Femdom Art of Sardax and decided to give one of my Kindle ebooks a try! 🙂

Just click on the link “My ebooks” on the right under Bookmarks if you want to see more at Amazon about this kinky little tale about a middle-aged guy who gets a lesson in foot and leg worship from his employee, a pretty and dominant typist.

Speaking of typists, here’s the cover of a cool book I found, also on Amazon here…love the title and concept…and wish I could afford the price: $169.00 a copy!

Anyway, I have legs on my brain a little tonight. Thighs especially. I like thighs…

And the picture below reminds me of a Japanese stripper I knew, who would sit and have a drink with me in the club and keep my hand playfully trapped between her thighs while we talked. I loved it!

Meanwhile, besides legs, other things on my mind include a couple of my pieces in current magazines…

Under my other writing name Neil Wexler, I have an interesting review column entitled “Stuff” in June 2012 Swank, where I discuss everything from a fantastic book about John Wilkes Booth entitled My Thoughts Be Bloody, to a 1950s film noir named The Big Bluff, to massage oils from KM Fantasy and futuristic dildos from California Exotic Novelties. I’m a man of far-ranging interests! 😉

And in the August 2012 Gallery, I have my newest “Horny Time Traveler” column, wherein I “visit” 1956 through the pages of a magazine devoted to a photographer named Charles Kell who immortalized luscious models like Bettie Page and Judy O’Day on film. Everybody knows about Bettie Page, but do yourself a favor and make a Google image search on Judy O’Day–she was a hottie too, with a very sexy face and sexy bod. There were many great models in the 50s who gave Bettie a run for those modeling fees! Check out Judy here on Flickr to see her as a Devil Girl in the first issue of Satan magazine, and how do you like this Judy shot I found here on Tumblr?

If I could, I’d sure enough build a time machine to go back in time to get my hands trapped between the thighs of Judy O’Day–as well as some other parts of my anatomy!!

Punchy from all that horny time-traveling!



For more about my writing as the “Horny Time Traveler,” and a complete FREE sample of the column, click on my portfolio link “WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?” at the top of this page.

I found the picture of the legs in pantyhose and heels at Some_legs’ photostream at Flickr, and the Creative Commons license for fair use of that image is here.


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Submit…to Sardax’s THE PIT!

Well, as I told you a few days ago, I was waiting for my first story to appear on the site of the great British femdom artist Sardax here. It went up yesterday in his updates section, apparently to an immediate flurry of new subscriptions to the site! I’d love to imagine that the spike in new members was because of fevered worldwide anticipation of my tale, but the truth is, Sardax’s pictures sell plenty of subscriptions with no words at all…he’s tops in his field, and legendary for his work for magazines such as Leg Show. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, I was lucky enough to have a few of my Leg Show epics illustrated by the good man. And below is the illustration that inspired the new story, entitled “The Pit.” You can see the full-size version on the site.

It’s where local office workers gather…the ladies to have their feet worshipped and make a few extra bucks…and the men to do the worshipping and hand over the cash!

As happens frequently in my stories, it’s a fellow named Bloom whose adventures we follow…

“Bloom ran his tongue over Darla’s toes and she was kind enough to shift a little so he could get a little extra into his lips. Then she gave him a special treat and braced herself on the bleachers to put her feet under the gray metal bar, so he could attend with the flat of his tongue to her soles. He loved how she seemed to get a shiver of pleasure as he lathed her soles while she flexed them from smooth to wrinkled, wrinkled to smooth. She pressed her feet together on his face, making his cheeks like sandwich filling between her soles…”

I hope that little excerpt whets your appetite, and you’ll experience the wonderful creations of Sardax for yourself. If you do subscribe, tell ’em Uncle Irv sent ya! I don’t get a cut, but I’m sure he’d love to know where you found out about “The Pit.” And let me know how you enjoy it. (By the way, you can now leave comments on my blog here anonymously, without leaving an email address…so don’t be shy! I’d love to hear what you think about my writing.)

In the near future, I’m going to do an entry about the fascinating fiction to be found on Sardax’s site, tales which accompany his amazingly versatile illustrations of dominant women…and the men who can’t resist them!

Men like…me! 🙂

Until then, be sure to visit The Femdom Art of Sardax!

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Kneel before glorious Helga Liné, queen of gladiators and fiends!

I’ve been really busy these last couple of weeks with various freelance projects that all came due at the same time, and in order to relax my mind for a few minutes in the bustle of writing thousands of words of erotic prose per week, I sometimes go to You Tube to see a clip or two of some of the beautiful actresses from the Italian sword-and-sandal and vintage Euro horror movies I love.

After a friend got me over to You Tube this morning to check out a clip of actress Isabelle Corey in the French gangster movie Bob Le Flambeur, I found a montage of scenes from the career of Helga Liné, described on Wikipedia as a “German-born Portuguese-Spanish film actress and circus acrobat.” I’ve known her as the haughty beauty of two films: the 1963 epic Goliath Against the Tyrants of Babylon, and the 1963 Gothic spook show The Blanchville Monster. Helga sure was busy that year!

I found this great shot of Miss Liné in the first film at the outstanding sword-and-sandal site Peplum (one of the names for such films, referring to the material of the costumes):

Be sure to visit Peplum here.

Then, on “The Helga Line Appreciation Thread in Classic Italian Horror: Pre-1970 Forum” I found this perfect picture of Helga, complete with evil syringe, in her menacing role in The Blanchville Monster from 1963. It was posted by Eurotika1955 from a personal collection:

You can find more amazing Helga stuff at the forum here.

At You Tube at one time I located a montage of various scenes from her peplum movies, unfortunately no longer at the link I originally found; but this edited version of her stunningly photographed black-and-white horror show The Blanchville Monster is right here.

As I watched the various montages, I suddenly got inspired to take a few shots of my own, and I liked the one below in particular, which shows Helga as a haughty queen lording it over some gladiators in one of the various Spartacus sequels made in Italy. In the photo, the keys of my laptop looked to me like a horde of minions scraping and bowing before glorious Queen Helga!

Click on the picture to fully insert yourself under the spell of Helga Liné!

I hope you enjoy these pix and links to the wonderful Miss Liné, as I did, when you take a break from your daily routines! 😉

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Dear TIME Magazine: If a mommy does it, is it right?

Oh it must be right if mommy says so.


Yes that’s what I think.

As long as your mommy isn’t named Medea…or Mrs. Bates…or any of the other edgy mommies out there.

But, if you have one of these less than perfect mommies, you can turn your misfortune into triumph by becoming a little kinky when you grow up…

You can become…

That’s what Ms. Foster above (or Mistress Foster??) calls them when big boys can’t act their age!

It’s my latest Kindle ebook, and not just an hallucination you’re having brought on by this week’s TIME cover, which is the talk of the Internet today.

MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE is available at:

Amazon U.S.

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

And when all else fails, when even femdom fiction doesn’t soothe your soul, you can stand in the corner until mommy says you can come out…

…as was beautifully depicted by the British artist Sardax when my story was first published in Leg Show  in the March 2001 issue!

Visit his great site here!

(I’m happy to say I’m going to have my first story on Sardax’s site, a brand new one, and it will be appearing later this month. Here is a little teaser of the illustration. I’ll tell you more about it here when the story goes up.)

And to conclude…and are you listening, TIME Magazine…?

From mommies to Mistresses is a shorter distance than you may think!   


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Fulfilling the world’s pornography needs since 1974!

Busy, busy. After noodling around for a couple of weeks, changing this and that, I finally put up a sort of portfolio on a separate page on this blog here. I’m always looking for new freelance projects, and I think this will be a nice way of communicating my various accomplishments, capabilities, tendencies and possibilities to new clients. You can see the page here, or just click on the headline at the top of this page: WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? 

“Here is the pornography you requested, madame!”

Hustling for freelance work is a necessity in these changing times, when the Internet has helped shrink the magazine market in which I worked for so many years. My clients are now a mix of publications and websites.

Here’s to progress! So long Industrial Revolution, all hail the Digital Evolution!

I like to drink red wine out of a shot glass from Hawaii with a hula girl playing a ukelele, a gift from a good buddy. The shot glass, I mean, not the hula girl.

Anyway, as you see I have a rather irreverent approach even to serious things like getting new clients. But this irreverent approach is very much who I am. I take my work seriously but I don’t take myself too seriously.

That’s why I call writing “cranking” instead of writing. I plan to crank till I croak. No retirement for me. Let me expire over my laptop while I’m composing “girl copy” for a set of photos of the latest lovely nineteen-year-old sensation to hit the smut scene. Or while placing a tip in a stripper’s garter. (Or in the ankle straps of her platform shoes, the preferred destination for my singles.)

Anyway, check out WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? Because you never know–perhaps I can do something for you that needs doing.

And just to end this post on a feminine note, here is a picture of Annette Funicello, the well-remembered starlet of the 50s and 60s. I was inspired to look for Annette pictures online after watching her in the 1963 movie Beach Party on TCM the other night. It’s a flick I first saw in the theater when it originally came out, but I hadn’t caught up with it again until now. Boy, was she ever sexy in that movie! And isn’t this a great foot shot? I found it at a blog called Sweet Lorraine’s World of Everything Classic here. That’s a title that could almost sum up a lot of my own interests.

This gives me an idea for a kinky beach movie about a BSOC (Big Slave on Campus) who lives to carry Annette’s textbooks for her, and massage and polish her toes…

As you can see from my interpretation of the Annette shot, erotica is truly in the eye of the beholder. Or you can it pornography, as you see I sometimes do.

By the way, if you like how I think, why not try one of my ebooks? Or if you don’t like the way I think, maybe you’ll still like the way I write. You can find my femdom erotica on Kindle here.


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