Aoi Sora, the Aphrodite of Japan, visits New York City…

15 Jul

Strange day. I started out polishing a short story I’d written for a magazine. That went well and I figured on having a productive day. But then I read online that the famous Japanese porn star Aoi Sora (aka Aoi Sola, which means Blue Sky, and which is pronounced “Ow-ee So-ra”) was going to appear at a screening tonight, of a new mainstream non-porn movie she’s in, at the Japan Society here in Manhattan. I got totally discombobulated. Would I be able to get into that screening and see this beauty in the flesh?

She does mainstream music and movies now, too.

Miss Aoi is an incredibly beautiful and talented performer who has gone beyond porn into mainstream acting, and I’ve admired her for several years. She is unbelievably sexy, completely uninhibited, with a sweetness and a knack for humor that transcends the porn genre. She’s like some kind of Japanese Aphrodite in my mind. For a few hours I kicked myself that I didn’t learn about the screening earlier, because I was too absorbed in various work projects to thoroughly check all my emails, one of which announced her upcoming visit as early as two weeks ago. I definitely would have ordered a ticket just to see this gal on a stage fully clothed. It wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t understand a word she said. She was going to appear at a Q&A after the movie, and an after-party at the Japan Society. As I learned today when I got through to the box office, the show was already sold-out. I didn’t feel like going over there and getting on the waiting list and risking the disappointment of not getting in. I guess I’m a bit of a pessimist…

Well, another look at her happy face picks up my spirits…

She is talented with a camera, too, and puts some interesting shots on her blog.

Instead I ended up staying home this evening, having some Chinese take-out, and reading a tale by one of my favorite authors, Junichiro Tanizaki. He has been an influence on my own story-writing, as he dealt with kinky sexuality and obsession as I do in my fiction. His book Seven Japanese Tales is a masterpiece of kinkiness but is full of beauty amid the psychosexual twists and turns of the characters.

Sometimes Tanizaki's characters have a foot fetish. Nonetheless the author was once said to be in the running for the Nobel Prize!

Miss Aoi would be great in a film based on a Tanizaki story. She could be the young wife who drives the old man crazy for her feet in Diary of a Mad Old Man!

I found this battered old copy of the book at an outdoor book stall for a dollar. I’ve had a number of copies of it over the years, and even gave one to a Japanese stripper I was fond of. She thought the book was kind of weird…well, she’s right, it is. But the stories in it are also beautiful.

Getting back to Aoi–a friend of mine who’s a real expert in contemporary Japanese porn got me a femdom video Aoi did, but ironically, although I couldn’t wait for him to give it to me, I still haven’t watched it. Maybe I’m not ready to see this beautiful dream girl turn into the bitch of my darker dreams.

Well, maybe Aoi will go to the flea markets tomorrow as part of her New York itinerary. I’ll be there, thumbing through vintage men’s mags. How amazing it would be to look up from a 1950s issue of some burlesque journal to see the Japanese Aphrodite strolling among the stalls…


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