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Your choice: Anne Hathaway’s frown or Gemma Atkinson’s rack!

There are basically three kinds of erotic stories.

A vaguely discontented face presents an interesting narrative all its own. This is actress Anne Hathaway in the role of nineteenth century British writer Jane Austen.

The first kind is designed for what’s commonly known as “one-handed reading”–meaning, the story is held in one hand while the other is used for masturbation. Each word, each line, is designed to help the reader get off. Characterization is generally kept to a minimum, and only those qualities of the characters that contribute to the stimulation of the reader are deployed. “He was an aggressive hard man with a big tool and he expected to be serviced…if he wasn’t, there was hell to pay.” “She was an arrogant busty babe who challenged men to satisfy her…and punished them if they did not.” Sensation is everything as the sexual situation is evoked in all its possible dimensions–sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. These stories are designed to be read again and again and could be said to be “used” just like a sex toy is “used.” Yet they can be some of the best and most precious works of erotica, or you can call them “porn” if you like.

This is Rei Himekawa, one of the most energetic, vivacious, and uninhibited performers on the Japanese AV (adult video) scene.

The second kind of story mixes characterization and theme with the explicit action, so other reactions besides sexual stimulation are goals as well. This kind of story can lead to masturbation, too, but more when the story is put aside and the reader can focus on and perhaps even elaborate on the provocative sections in his or her own mind. Or the sexual sections can stimulate the reader and make him or her want to pursue an encounter in the real world, whether solo or with partners.

This is the actress Thora Birch, whose performance in 2001's Ghost World is one of the most complex and sexy in the last ten years of cinema.

The third kind of erotica is another kind of story entirely; it can be a genre piece such as a mystery or romance, or a literary story with no genre conventions, simply about people; with the sexual elements part of the narrative but not the basic attraction of the tale. The “hot stuff” can stimulate the reader but the primary purpose is to tell a memorable and involving yarn.

I aim to write the first kind of story the most, because I want my readers to get turned on by the action; but elements of the other two types sometimes creep in. I am interested in character and ideas, and can be as easily stimulated just by a face as by an attractive body, so my stories are invariably a blend of what I hope are realistic people doing horny things. Sometimes, without even meaning to, the tales end up making some comment or other about life. I just can’t help myself.

I think it might be time to write a story about a very busty girl like British model Gemma Atkinson!

I write a lot of femdom stories, but looking at the last pic above, I might take a detour to a tale of breast domination! The ideas are bubbling in my brain and balls!!


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Five dominatrixes want to get their hands on you!

As promised yesterday, it’s here…nothing can stop it…it’s available in the Kindle stores at Amazon U.S., UK, and Germany…my new ebook containing five stories featuring five females who happily toy with their male slaves as they practice the delectable power of their SPELL OF DOMINANCE!

"Order this book with one hand...and satisfy your urges with the other!"

This is a good introduction to the universe of my erotic fiction…wait until you encounter Verna, Mila, Dolores, Sondra, and Jennifer…they’re waiting for you in 10,000 words (or almost forty pages) of arousing female domination fiction!

Only $3.99 for an ebook you will read and re-read…that’s less than the price of a beer in most strip clubs (believe me, I know)!

Gentlemen–experience in richly described fantasies the pleasures of surrender to dominant women!

Ladies–identify with these mistresses and get new ideas about how to dominate your slaves! Or imagine yourselves under the feet of these stern but understanding goddesses…

Don’t delay…surrender to the SPELL OF DOMINANCE today!



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Dangerous heels that evoke garter straps…

As the week winds down, I’d like to see a girl wearing a pair of shoes like this…I like those cool straps that look like the straps on a garter belt…

I could just lay on the floor, and imagine what the rest of her is like just from these heels.

I found the above picture at an interesting site here.

I wouldn’t be a very good slave for any mistress tonight, I’m pretty tired. Feeling lazy. I just finished putting together my new ebook for Kindle at…10,000 words long, or about 40 or so pages if it were in print…I’ll have the info about it tomorrow…it’s called SPELL OF DOMINANCE and contains five stories full of femdom teasing and submissive pleasing!

I’ll post the cover tomorrow when the book is available on Amazon. Meanwhile, just scroll down through my posts to find info about my other two ebooks, Learning to be CRUEL and TOES ARE FOR SUCKING.

I told you I was feeling tired…lazy…

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How Japanese porn stars got me through a visit to the dentist!

Going to the dentist is necessary, although I do know people who never go. I have taken some long hiatuses myself, but felt so wracked with guilt and anxiety the whole time I stayed away that I was relieved and felt morally redeemed when I finally got back into the fold of regular cleanings and checkups.

Modern dentistry with its high-tech digital gadgets is certainly a marvel, but I find the experience of getting my teeth cleaned a bit rugged–although this is no reflection on the hygienist, who is top notch. I just find it an exhausting process.

So this morning as I lay there supine in the chair, I performed whatever mental tricks would make the experience less stressful…like daydreaming about a few Japanese porn stars. If you’re been reading this blog regularly, you must know by now that I am hung up on Asian gals…

First, I thought of my top favorite Japanese AV (adult video) star…

The incomparable Aoi Sola (also known as Aoi Sora)...

Then my crackling brain conjured up the cute Mai Haruna, who makes me think of a Japanese Shirley MacLaine with big boobs…

Mai Haruna can be as perky as Shirley MacLaine at her 1960s peak...

Another favorite is Kaya Yonekura, whom I saw in a kinky Japanese porn movie called Eros in Hell

Yes, the image of Kaya Yonekura is a comforting one during a dental checkup...

Another young lady who came to mind as I felt the dental tools in action was Megu Hagiwara, who looks sweet as honey here but was fantastic as a dominatrix who ties up some wimpy guy and has sex in front of him with two tough strangers–in a cuckold fantasy scene in a video whose title I unfortunately couldn’t translate. The wildest scene of the movie has her using the suction of a vacuum cleaner to discipline her slave, who is naughty even though he is tied up in soft red ropes…she catches him sniffing her armpit and playfully chastises him by calling him “hentai!” Which means “pervert”…

Go, Megu!

Thinking of Megu Hagiwara got me through the scraping and spitting and polishing...

What do you think of when you’re getting your teeth cleaned? It’s amazing how in such a situation my imagination becomes particularly vivid. I could really almost feel Mai rubbing her bosom against my face…Kaya doing something naughty with my member…Megu tying me down with red ropes for a session of the bizarre…and of course, Miss Aoi just laying across me in all her naked busty glory and consoling me like a goddess of love!

Do you sense how much fun it is writing captions and arranging reality into the form I wish it had?

Well, I got through the dental appointment with flying colors. And at least in part, I have these alluring Japanese porn ladies to thank!

Sure thing, Nurse Kaya!!



By the way, if you’d like to see what an angel Aoi Sola is (her name means “Blue Sky”), check out this video interview on a site called Tokyo Hive that I found on the Web this afternoon. What makes her remarkable as a porn star is that she has this same friendly, unaffected quality in many of her hardcore sex scenes…

I would love to interview her someday. Interviewing is one of my specialties as an erotic writer, and if you type in my name on the Yahoo search engine you’ll see just how many of the top stars I’ve chatted with over the years. But Miss Aoi would be a dream assignment!

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Dominatrixes take over your Kindle!

It’s the weekend and if you’re up for some femdom fantasy, check out my two ebooks on Kindle!

Learning to be CRUEL has a young Chinese-American bookstore clerk showing a middle-aged submissive man what he’d be in for if he ever got the privilege of serving her…

She doesn't need a dungeon. She dominates in a diner!

Check it out here on Amazon:

And if this whets your appetite for more saucy girls having their erotic way with susceptible men, check out Toes Are For Sucking, the story of a guy who meets a girl ready to take sensual advantage of his fascination for her long sultry stems!

He learns to savor her feet at her firm command!

Available at Amazon here:

So click ahead to Amazon…don’t keep the ladies waiting! Because they’re waiting for you as you will experience through the wonders of Erotic Realism all the delights of their lucky slaves! Just as I did when, as if in a trance, I wrote these exciting stories!

And keep an eye out for my upcoming Kindle collection of some of my best magazine femdom tales, coming soon!

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Take a moment to worship Kate Upton!

It’s been a busy week. I’ve done three newsletters for erotic websites, as well as finishing two short stories for adult magazines. I’ve also been working on assembling a new ebook, which is going to consist of five magazine stories published for the first time as a collection. It’s going to be 10,000 words, or approximately 2000 words each story, full of all the themes that obsess me…playfully dominant women, nervously submissive men, long legs, pretty feet, and unpredictable female behavior.

Meanwhile, between getting my work done, I’ve enjoyed a few online peeks at a swimsuit model named Kate Upton who is reviving my somewhat dormant interest in Anglo-Saxon blondes, Asian girls having held sway in my imagination for a few years now…not that my interest in Asians is in any way diminishing, mind you…

This picture of Kate is from one of her Guess campaigns. You can see more of her pictures at her very excellent official site here. I love the way when you click on the pictures on her site, they jump out at you…

Slingback of the most potently feminine styles!

Parenthetically, I also want to note that I find women sporting large handbags on their arms (as Kate does here) to be mysteriously erotic images…

Unbeknownst to myself, I’ve been aware of Miss Kate for some time, having taken some weeks back this photo of a collage of her Guess ads in Times Square…

This billboard is located over the spot where roughly twenty years ago a notorious Times Square live sex show flourished.

The picture is very large; if you click on it, you can see it full-size. I had to run it small to avoid distortion.

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me a link to a wonderful video at a site called that shows, in slo-mo, Kate modeling swimsuits at a fashion show…very educational. I mean, a physics professor would find those bouncing breasties to have some empirical value from a purely observational standpoint.

But since I am also interested in her personality, I watched this at, too.

I have the feeling that Miss Kate Upton could well serve as my inspirational muse for a fine piece of femdom erotica! And she rides horses, too…ai yai yai!!


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Ninth Avenue’s Asian beauties take over my mind…

I had dinner on Ninth Avenue in midtown last night, sitting in an open-air restaurant, and oh boy did I enjoy the parade of beautiful Asian girls walking by.

I am thoroughly enamored of the allure of Asian women and have been for the last few years. When I ask my friends, “Where were these girls when I was younger?”–like in my twenties or thirties, they say–“in Asia, Uncle Irv. Or they weren’t born yet.”

It’s true. In the 70s and 80s when I was always trying to meet women and did a good bit of dating, I never met any Asians. I guess they were just being born, the ones I so fervently admire today…

It’s times like this that I wish I were good at sketching with a pencil, to capture some of the beauties I see on the boulevards…instead, I sketch with words.

Like, the Japanese cutie at the coffee shop on a Saturday morning, dressed in a white blouse buttoned to her throat, with black shorts and flat shoes. A chic, 1960s-style pageboy ‘do. Sipping her coffee and looking at a map of NYC. Demure, but very sexy in a quiet way.

The Chinese clerk in a department store with glossy black hair pulled into two ponytails, wearing a black dress with little pink flower prints. Olive complexion. Bright, challenging eyes even when she just rang up a sale.

Or the Pacific Island lovely in a fluttery baby doll top just coming down to the hems of her blue denim short-shorts, her brown hair piled high on her head, her long shapely legs delectable as she strode with girlish vigor down Ninth Avenue in her high heels.

I see them so clearly in memory. Perhaps they will be the inspirations for future stories. Ah, if only I had the sex life my characters enjoy! But I don’t think I’d have the emotional constitution for it.

I’ve had my share of adventures, mind you, but my fictional creations have far more enviable records of carnal accomplishment.

I don’t know where I found this picture on the Web, can’t remember, but oh this girl is a beauty…lookit those pins…

This image is supremely erotic to me. What's your take on it?

I went out to a strip club yesterday for the first time in quite a long while. Had to cut back in these tough times, as I’m sure you understand. But sometimes you just get the urge for some entertainment, and yesterday was such a time.

I was hoping there would be some Asian talent to catch my eye and compel me with their curves and delicious demeanors to open my wallet to tip and get a lapdance or two. I like to feel compelled to express my awe over a girl’s loveliness by giving her what I can, even if only a few dollars of heartfelt appreciation. Alas, I saw no Asian performers yesterday at this club. (I sure would love to go to a strip club exclusively featuring Asian dancers, but I know of none in New York City.) The waitress complained when I only tipped her $1 on an $11 beer, and the girls onstage were lethargic. Not an auspicious return to a milieu I used to spend quite a bit of time in. And not an Asian dancer in sight.

But the streets were full of delightful Asian ladies just like the doctor ordered (the erotic doctor in my mind, that is), and I was lucky to have a front row seat at the parade on Ninth Avenue as I ate my linguini primavera.


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