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Nourished by femmes fatale!

For some obscure reason I’ve been feeling blue the last couple of days. So I’m just going to post some pictures I enjoyed looking at this week & which picked up my spirits a little.

Actress Leslie Brooks reminds me of someone I once knew and I found a few nice pictures of her online:

Leslie can be seen in Cover Girl with Rita Hayworth, but her best role was as a murderous femme fatale in Blonde Ice. You can see the entire movie here.

The odd thing is, I’ve been looking at Leslie Brooks’ pictures for years, but it wasn’t until just the other day I realized how much she resembled somebody I knew about 15 years ago, although that somebody was a brunette.

Here’s another picture I liked this week. More femmes fatale–this time, one of the earliest templates for temptresses: the sirens who tried to lure Ulysses to his doom!

I wrote about the Ulysses picture this week in my column “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” at the femdom site Domme Dose here. Adults only!

Another picture I liked was this one of Elaine Stewart. In one of my magazine product columns, I was writing a mention of one of her movies, The Tattered Dress, this week. You can see that entire movie here on YouTube. The opening, with the music, the credits, and Elaine’s lustful drunken expression as she drives, I consider some of my favorite minutes in cinema!

Elaine was originally a brunette. And she had beautiful feet, brunette or blonde! 🙂

Lastly I leave you with these amazing shots of Helen Mirren from the 1972 movie The Savage Messiah, about a sculptor in the early part of the 20th century. It wasn’t a very good movie, but Helen’s uninhibited appearance, and her clear joy in displaying her body as a kind of spellbinding, rebellious suffragette type, made it worth checking out. Indeed…

Most actresses doing nude scenes in the 70s did not seem to enjoy it as much as Helen did in this now fairly obscure film.

Unfortunately I don’t have a link to this movie, but believe me, these screen captures give you the essence of what was good about it. Helen wasn’t all that “fatale” in the movie, more of a naughty rich girl who parades around in the buff, perhaps trying to cloud the mind of the main character with her effusive eroticism.

Funny, after assembling these pictures of all these feisty femmes fatale, I feel somehow nourished. I guess their energy, however nefariously applied in the scenarios of their films, can be bracing!

In any case, I’ve just directed you to a nice double-feature of Blonde Ice and The Tattered Dress. If you check ’em out, enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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Porn scribe’s diary, 7/18/12: Femdom potential of Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEO!

Random reflections of a specialist in femdom fiction…

I was working on some freelance stuff this morning, racing to meet a deadline, but a cyber-glitch in the process has forced me to take a break, so I thought I would check in with a quick post here.

Seen and noted: the erotic potential of Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer!

That looks like a bust of mighty Athena behind her–early femdom icon of ancient Greece!

I’d never heard of Marissa before, but she certainly is an icon of ladylike dominatrix appeal.

I love the hand on the hip and the friendly smile. It’s like a combination of power and compassion…just the kind of emotions that set off femdom fantasies and fiction in my fevered brain. Often I find beautiful businesswomen more erotic as dominatrixes than ladies in more traditional domme gear.

Would you like to be sexually dominated by Marissa Mayer? With Ms. Mayer at the helm of Yahoo, we’ll all certainly be affected by her power one way or the other…


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Femdom Sunday at the New York Post!

The New York Post is a pretty interesting tabloid on Sunday, with lots of well-written reviews and editorials. And this Sunday the paper has a real BDSM, femdom slant. The cover story in the Pulse section is about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the new Batman flick, and runs this photo (among several):

On page 3 we learn that women are smarter than men…science proves it:

Batman kneels in front of Catwoman in a comic strip panel reproduced on page 38:

A column about the media fallout from the “mommy porn” bestselling smut sensation Fifty Shades of Grey also runs a leggy shot of Ashley Greene, and talks about the new mainstream interest in BDSM from soccer moms. (And think about it: the triumph of a porn novel written by a woman is a femdom kind of triumph, even though the book is about female sexual submissiveness. As far as I know, no penis-bearing writer has ever hit the top of the bestseller lists with an outright erotic novel.)

And top it all, the Post presents on page 23 the photographic piece de resistance for lovers of giantesses, always a popular femdom sub-fetish: a Getty Images pic of a man crossing his hands near his crotch and standing in a test tube held by an enormous, steely-eyed, analytical woman!

And to think we New Yorkers used to have to go to fetish bookstores to glimpse stuff like this! 😉


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Porn scribe’s diary, 7/13/12: Angie Dickinson’s expressive face, leggy beauty…

In terms of views for my blog, today was the second best day I’ve had so far. I got a huge number of views from the United Kingdom, the most ever by far from there; followed by the United States, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Romania, Canada, Panama, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, France, Japan, Zimbabwe, and Greece. I just love that the blog is looked at all over the planet. I’d love to know your thoughts, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, which can be done anonymously if you wish.

As usual, I’ve been writing my weekly assignments for porn websites and newsletters, as well as short stories for magazines and a column for Domme Dose, a site devoted to the financial domination fetish. I was thinking about that stripper I visited last week at a club, too, and hope to see her again soon. She wasn’t working today–I called the clubs where she works to check if she was on the schedule.

Tonight I watched an interesting 1961 Warner Brothers melodrama on Turner Classic Movies called A Fever in the Blood that had Angie Dickinson in a good role. She’s always been one of my faves. Here are a couple of pictures of her I found at a cool site called Dazzling Divas here.

She could give anybody a leg and foot fetish! But what I’ve always loved about her especially is her expressive face, always forthright with emotion whether fierce or compassionate.

The actor Robert Colbert was also excellent in A Fever in the Blood. He had a small but pivotal role as a murderer on the loose who sets the story in motion, and he brought a sad lonely quality to the harsh character that made him really stand out. The set design in the movie, which showed him in his dank little rented room decorated with 1920s style girlie photographs, was also striking. Truly, there are no small parts for actors who know how to make the most of their material, and Colbert was memorable in this film.

Well, I better hit the hay now. Was typing up a piece of erotica tonight to either post here on the blog, or as a new Kindle ebook. It’s been a few months since I posted my last ebook, MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE (available here), and I want to get some more of my sexy fiction out there for you to read in handy digital form.

Have a good weekend, and thanks as always for visiting my blog!


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Ernest Borgnine superb in erotically charged epic The Vikings!

Ernest Borgnine died today. The accolades quickly appeared on Twitter. Of his many outstanding roles, one of my favorites amongst his characters (besides 1955’s Marty and Fatso Judson in 1953’s From Here to Eternity) was his portrayal of the Viking patriarch Ragnar in 1958’s The Vikings with Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh.

Ragnar is a bold, lusty warrior, and the above portrait–which I found at the site Pure CinĂ©–captures it all.

Ragnar fights his enemies with the same fervor with which he leers at the prize feminine morsel his son Einar (Kirk Douglas) has captured in the form of the magnificent Princess Morgana (Janet Leigh).

I will refrain from making obvious comments. Let me just say that Janet’s dresses were so tight in this movie that the whole film throbs with a current of horniness mostly thanks to her. (The shot is from IMDb here.)

Tony got to loosen her dress in a pivotal scene; no spoilers from me, though–if you haven’t seen The Vikings, when you do you’ll know what memorable moment I’m talking about. But if Ernie had gotten to do the scene, I’m sure his gusto would have been a villainous moment supreme! (I found the screen shot of Janet just above here.)

This exciting fun adventure is only one of the enduring monuments to entertainment that Ernest Borgnine leaves us! HAIL, RAGNAR! You will be missed. They are raising the goblets in Valhalla tonight!


I found the final group shot above at a cool site called Stars in Our Eyes here, which comes complete with nostalgic musical accompaniment!


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Porn scribe’s diary 7/6/12: Today, strippers rule!

Well I ended up going out again last night and this time I made it to the strip club near Times Square. I figured my disdain, as outlined in my previous entry, was mostly a mood, and it was. After a long week of writing, I needed to get out of my head and rest it in the vicinity of a woman’s bosom. I met a very cute Asian-American dancer, we chatted, and she lapdanced for me a few times. It was really quite nice. The only downside, as I explained in the last entry, was the fact that this is a costly pleasure I can no longer afford on a regular basis, so I have to be careful not to make this a habit as it was in the halcyon days before the Great Recession–which as far as I’m concerned (and judging by the struggles of my friends, as well) is not over.

This is not a picture of the girl who danced for me–it’s just something I found floating around the Web–but I would say the effect that she had on yours truly was equivalent to the erotic clout of the following image. Perhaps it is presumptuous, but I am taking it for granted that most people, or at least most men, will react to this image with the same slack-jawed eye-popping awe and pleasure as I do. If you don’t react thusly, then substitute in your mind whatever visual from your memory bank that does inspire your personal quotient of dumbstruckedness.

It had been such a long time since I was in a club, and I’d grown so unaccustomed to such a pleasant experience with a peeler, that I woke at dawn after only four hours of sleep thinking about how delightful it had been. Which was kind of a drag, because I’ve been exhausted and had to really slog through my day’s porn writing with extra coffee. I’ve felt like a zombie all day. But a happy zombie! Such is the effect of a talented topless terpsichorean on grumpy ole Uncle Irv.


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Porn scribe’s diary 7/3/12: No mood for strippers…

Sometimes I have the urge to just jot down a few thoughts or observations about my day, without doing an elaborate post with illustrations. So without further ado, and for what it’s worth, here is the new and ongoing PORN SCRIBE’S DIARY, which will pop up every now and then as a post.


After all the years I’ve spent going to strip joints, and I’ve been going to them in one form or other since 1971 (saw my first and only authentic old-time burlesque show that year, during college in the Midwest), am I losing my taste for it? I got dressed the other night to go out and have a little lapdance fun, feeling the need for some female companionship; but by the time I walked down to the street near Times Square where the club is located, I’d lost my desire for it, turned around, and went home. Picked up a fried chicken dinner and went home and watched D.O.A. with Edmund O’Brien on Channel 13, which just happened to be on.

Why didn’t I go to the club? Possible reasons: 1) Didn’t want to spend the money, which I can ill-afford these days, and 2) Kind of dreaded having vacuous conversations with dancers which only facilitate the transfer of my money into their g-strings, and 3) Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, and I shouldn’t make a big deal out of this. The next time I do go to a club and see a cute dancer I like (especially if she’s Asian), all these downsides will be forgotten.

Still, as it turned out, D.O.A. was well-worth watching for the umpteenth time. One of the great films noir. And bad girl Laurette Luez, menacing O’Brien, was as sexy as any stripper I would have seen on any stage last night. O’Brien is such a great actor that each time I see this movie, I notice new aspects to his performance. One of my fave thespians, hands down.

Well, maybe I will toss in a picture or two when I can for these little diary entries, if finding ’em isn’t too taxing for a mini-post! Just want you to see what I’m talkin’ about close up when it comes to Miss Laurette.


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