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A passion for Japanese erotica…

Over the last couple of weeks, on Sundays, I got a lot of views on this blog from Japan, many more than I’ve gotten in a long time from anywhere. On our blog dashboards, we can see where the views are coming from and how many we get.

Japan, the land of Aoi Sola, one of my favorite adult actresses ever! Her combination of warmth, humor, friendliness and thrilling lack of inhibition on-screen made it easy to develop a crush on her and seek out her many sinematic performances. I’ve always regretted not getting to see her in person at NYC’s Japan Society when she turned up several years ago for a talk. I wrote about that here in 2011 in the early days of this blog. And here is a good recent article from about Miss Aoi for those of you who don’t know about her unusual career and a crossover from porn to the mainstream that eclipses any such professional segue we’ve ever heard of in the adult field, including Jenna Jameson’s here in America. And here is a 2015 article from Tokyo about her popularity in China. Her name is also spelled as Aoi Sora, but with either spelling it means “Blue Sky,” a most appropriate choice indeed given the sunny feelings (among various emotions) that her work can inspire.


Anyway, back to the subject at hand: I got the feeling that perhaps one Japanese reader was going through my entire blog these last two weekends. I don’t know for sure, and it could have been multiple readers, but not knowing why I would suddenly get a lot of views from Japan, I guessed it might have been one reader whose curiosity was piqued by my posts. I really appreciate the interest and hope that, whoever you are, you’ve enjoyed my work!

For my part, I find Japanese erotica some of the most entertaining, stimulating, and creatively realized. I’ve enjoyed looking through beautifully edited Japanese men’s magazines, full of their gorgeous photography of pretty girls. Even when the photos just showed the models in swimsuits, they always had an especially resonant sexiness.

Movie-wise, some of the best and most memorable porn scenes I’ve ever watched were in Japanese hardcore videos over the last ten, fifteen years. I have a friend who watched an incredible number of these movies himself and would direct me to some really excellent videos. We had long and enthusiastic discussions about our favorite actresses like Rei Himekawa and Sakura Sakurada. I wish I could tell you what the titles of these movies were, but most of them were in Japanese on the boxcovers, usually with no English translation! Elsewhere on this blog here I’ve written about the stars I admire like Megu Hagiwara or Kaya Yonekura.

Here’s a nice photo of Sakura Sakurada which I found at the here.

Moving into more niche interests, with my obsession for femdom erotica, I’ve long been a huge fan of the art of Namio Harukawa too, reveling in his atmospheric depictions of amazonian ladies subduing slaves with big butts, powerful thighs, and, of course, their indomitable will to rule men. In fact, I believe I wrote one of the first American articles about Namio, back in 1988 for an early issue of Cheeks magazine, which I started editing that year (and continued to edit until 2005).

Another Japanese femdom artist whom I like, I only know by the name Harukano:

As far as mainstream Japanese movies dealing with femdom, my absolute favorite is Moonlight Whispers (aka Sasayaki) which I’ve written about here (in what has been by far the most popular post on my blog over the years); and I also enjoyed a film called New Love in Tokyo, which had some of the best and most evocative dungeon scenes in the context of a dramatic movie.

In the best scene in New Love in Tokyo, a dominatrix breaks down a cynical visitor to the dungeon by playing on his weaknesses until he completely surrenders to her. She leaves him alone in the dark for awhile, and that’s when she finally gets to him. It’s been a long time since I saw the movie, so I may be vague on these details, but I never forgot this film. You can read more about it at here, where I found the poster art above. I can’t believe I saw it well over twenty years ago!!

Lately I haven’t gone much to strip clubs, but in recent years my favorite dancers were Japanese women who were working here in NYC as exotic dancers. Sometimes we discussed  BDSM fantasies, but for the most part I used to just visit them to talk and get a few dances. I became quite friendly with two of them.

Finally, one of my favorite writers is Junichiro Tanizaki, regarded as one of the greatest of the 20th century. He also frequently dealt with fetishism, female domination, and even the cuckolding scenario in his famous novel Naomi and foot fetishism in Diary of a Mad Old Man. The poster of the film version of the latter, which I found on IMDb, is below.


In fact, I gave one of my Japanese stripper friends a copy of Tanizaki’s terrific book of bizarre stories, Seven Japanese Tales, to read when she took a break from the club for a few weeks. It contains his great story about a woman with a spider tattoo who ends up conquering the man who gave it to her. Ironically, though, my dancer friend thought the book was a little too kinky and strange! That surprised me because she was the one who told me her fantasy was to be a mistress and lead me around on a leash, a revelation that certainly kept me interested in her for quite awhile, hoping this fantasy could someday be enacted (alas, it never was, except perhaps figuratively in that she certainly kept me on an invisible psychological leash with me constantly coming back as her customer.) Anyway, I was disappointed too because I had re-read the entire book to discuss it with her on her return from her break, but she had almost nothing to say about it other than it was “weird!” Well, I couldn’t argue with that. It was weird…but also great. Maybe she wasn’t much of a reader, either…but she was a fun companion in the club, which was the most important thing.

Well, I’d love to go to Japan someday and, among many other sights, see some of its erotic culture up close and live, and not through only magazines, pictures, or videos. Perhaps I’m a bit of a mad old man myself now! đŸ˜‰


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The sweet smile of Aoi Sola buoys my spirits…

I’ve been in a funk the last couple of days and have found it difficult to work. Some family members visited me in New York over the Labor Day weekend and that was quite a bit of fun, we saw a great Broadway show (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), had some terrific meals, and perhaps I’m now experiencing the post-holiday letdown.

Maybe if I look at a picture of my favorite Japanese porn star, Aoi Sola, I’ll cheer up. Let’s see what I can put up here from my files…

How’s this?

This was taken a few years ago, early in her adult video career.

Or perhaps I need the distraction of a more earthy shot…

Miss Aoi Sola--angelic and earthy in same shot! I find her beauty almost mind-numbing.

I’m also feeling dissatisfied with this blog. I don’t feel my writing is really clicking here. It’s taken me a couple of months to realize this. The problem is, I really don’t like talking about my work much; I just like doing it. It’s not brain surgery anyway, and there’s not all that much to say. The writerly parts of a freelance writer’s life can be pretty dull…you sit at a desk and write. What goes on in your head is interesting only if it comes to life on the page, digital or paper.

Mm, I wonder if my feeling this is just part of my dark mood…

So maybe I should change the title to something which will give me more leeway to discuss my work if I’m so inclined, or the other stuff that interests me as well, like movies, art, New York, and various notions that come my way.

No, I hate changing titles in midstream, so I’ll just stick with my original choice. As I say, EROTICA IS MY TRADE, but these are THE MUSINGS OF A WRITER OF SEXY FICTION! Maybe it’s accurate enough.

So I will just assume this mood will pass, and I will stay the course. Aye-aye, Captain Neil!

Of course, I use this blog partly to promote my erotica ebooks as well–I have three femdom titles in the Kindle store on Amazon, for you newcomers who haven’t read these jottings before: Learning to Be CRUEL, TOES ARE FOR SUCKING, and SPELL OF DOMINANCE. So my blog title is certainly appropriate for that.

Or maybe I should just change the title of this blog to MY SHRINE TO AOI SOLA? (Pronounced “Ow-ee So-la” and also sometimes spelled “Sora.”) If only I could make a living by sitting at my desk all day putting up pictures of her on a WordPress blog!

I envy the man who is the recipient of her sweet nothings! Alas, I was born thirty years too early...

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How Japanese porn stars got me through a visit to the dentist!

Going to the dentist is necessary, although I do know people who never go. I have taken some long hiatuses myself, but felt so wracked with guilt and anxiety the whole time I stayed away that I was relieved and felt morally redeemed when I finally got back into the fold of regular cleanings and checkups.

Modern dentistry with its high-tech digital gadgets is certainly a marvel, but I find the experience of getting my teeth cleaned a bit rugged–although this is no reflection on the hygienist, who is top notch. I just find it an exhausting process.

So this morning as I lay there supine in the chair, I performed whatever mental tricks would make the experience less stressful…like daydreaming about a few Japanese porn stars. If you’re been reading this blog regularly, you must know by now that I am hung up on Asian gals…

First, I thought of my top favorite Japanese AV (adult video) star…

The incomparable Aoi Sola (also known as Aoi Sora)...

Then my crackling brain conjured up the cute Mai Haruna, who makes me think of a Japanese Shirley MacLaine with big boobs…

Mai Haruna can be as perky as Shirley MacLaine at her 1960s peak...

Another favorite is Kaya Yonekura, whom I saw in a kinky Japanese porn movie called Eros in Hell

Yes, the image of Kaya Yonekura is a comforting one during a dental checkup...

Another young lady who came to mind as I felt the dental tools in action was Megu Hagiwara, who looks sweet as honey here but was fantastic as a dominatrix who ties up some wimpy guy and has sex in front of him with two tough strangers–in a cuckold fantasy scene in a video whose title I unfortunately couldn’t translate. The wildest scene of the movie has her using the suction of a vacuum cleaner to discipline her slave, who is naughty even though he is tied up in soft red ropes…she catches him sniffing her armpit and playfully chastises him by calling him “hentai!” Which means “pervert”…

Go, Megu!

Thinking of Megu Hagiwara got me through the scraping and spitting and polishing...

What do you think of when you’re getting your teeth cleaned? It’s amazing how in such a situation my imagination becomes particularly vivid. I could really almost feel Mai rubbing her bosom against my face…Kaya doing something naughty with my member…Megu tying me down with red ropes for a session of the bizarre…and of course, Miss Aoi just laying across me in all her naked busty glory and consoling me like a goddess of love!

Do you sense how much fun it is writing captions and arranging reality into the form I wish it had?

Well, I got through the dental appointment with flying colors. And at least in part, I have these alluring Japanese porn ladies to thank!

Sure thing, Nurse Kaya!!



By the way, if you’d like to see what an angel Aoi Sola is (her name means “Blue Sky”), check out this video interview on a site called Tokyo Hive that I found on the Web this afternoon. What makes her remarkable as a porn star is that she has this same friendly, unaffected quality in many of her hardcore sex scenes…

I would love to interview her someday. Interviewing is one of my specialties as an erotic writer, and if you type in my name on the Yahoo search engine you’ll see just how many of the top stars I’ve chatted with over the years. But Miss Aoi would be a dream assignment!

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The disappearing kimono lady near Times Square…

Last weekend, when my mind was preoccupied thinking about the Japanese ex-porn star and mainstream actress Aoi Sora–aka Aoi Sola, please see my previous post about her here–I took a walk downtown. Ironically, I walked through Times Square around nine-thirty in the morning on Saturday, where apparently she would be sightseeing a little later that weekend after her sold-out appearance at a film screening at the Japan Society. I know she was there because I saw a picture of her in Times Square that was posted on Facebook. Sigh. I really would have loved to see her in person.

Ironically, it was in Times Square, just a few hundred feet from where she posed like a tourist, that a friend gave me an Aoi Sora video several years ago and introduced me to her amazing work. To describe her merely as a “porn star,” in fact, is like saying Picasso was merely a “painter.” She transcends the genre in which she first made her mark.

Anyway, as I walked I saw a very petite Japanese woman in an elegant gray kimono sitting on a chair at one of the little pedestrian plazas that dot Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square. She had the demeanor of this lady in a picture by a photographer named Greg which is posted on Wikipedia:

It makes me think of a wonderful movie about geishas called Sister of the Gion, by Mizoguchi.

She sat very quietly, her hands in her lap, at one of the little cafe tables that are placed at those plazas. I wondered who she was waiting for. She was a little older than the girl in this photo, but similarly demure.

I kept walking about twenty feet, and then I turned around to look at her again, from a different angle. But now she wasn’t there. It was so strange; where did she disappear to, so fast? She would have had to run to leave so quickly, and that didn’t seem likely with her wooden geta sandals and tabi socks. I know I saw her…but maybe the time I mused about her was longer than I thought, and she had simply walked away in the interim of my daydreaming.

I was friends with a native Japanese stripper, working in New York, who told me about how when she turned twenty, she went to a special ritual event commemorating that birthday, and wore a kimono with an elaborate obi, the large sash; when she drove home, she had to recline her car seat all the way so that she would have room to sit with the obi on.

This girl lapdanced for me many times wearing only a thong and high heels, but for some reason this memory of her in a kimono seems the most erotic image I have of her, and it is something that only exists in my mind because she told me about it, not because I actually saw her in the kimono.

But then again, mental images sometimes are stronger than things actually seen.

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Aoi Sora, the Aphrodite of Japan, visits New York City…

Strange day. I started out polishing a short story I’d written for a magazine. That went well and I figured on having a productive day. But then I read online that the famous Japanese porn star Aoi Sora (aka Aoi Sola, which means Blue Sky, and which is pronounced “Ow-ee So-ra”) was going to appear at a screening tonight, of a new mainstream non-porn movie she’s in, at the Japan Society here in Manhattan. I got totally discombobulated. Would I be able to get into that screening and see this beauty in the flesh?

She does mainstream music and movies now, too.

Miss Aoi is an incredibly beautiful and talented performer who has gone beyond porn into mainstream acting, and I’ve admired her for several years. She is unbelievably sexy, completely uninhibited, with a sweetness and a knack for humor that transcends the porn genre. She’s like some kind of Japanese Aphrodite in my mind. For a few hours I kicked myself that I didn’t learn about the screening earlier, because I was too absorbed in various work projects to thoroughly check all my emails, one of which announced her upcoming visit as early as two weeks ago. I definitely would have ordered a ticket just to see this gal on a stage fully clothed. It wouldn’t matter if I couldn’t understand a word she said. She was going to appear at a Q&A after the movie, and an after-party at the Japan Society. As I learned today when I got through to the box office, the show was already sold-out. I didn’t feel like going over there and getting on the waiting list and risking the disappointment of not getting in. I guess I’m a bit of a pessimist…

Well, another look at her happy face picks up my spirits…

She is talented with a camera, too, and puts some interesting shots on her blog.

Instead I ended up staying home this evening, having some Chinese take-out, and reading a tale by one of my favorite authors, Junichiro Tanizaki. He has been an influence on my own story-writing, as he dealt with kinky sexuality and obsession as I do in my fiction. His book Seven Japanese Tales is a masterpiece of kinkiness but is full of beauty amid the psychosexual twists and turns of the characters.

Sometimes Tanizaki's characters have a foot fetish. Nonetheless the author was once said to be in the running for the Nobel Prize!

Miss Aoi would be great in a film based on a Tanizaki story. She could be the young wife who drives the old man crazy for her feet in Diary of a Mad Old Man!

I found this battered old copy of the book at an outdoor book stall for a dollar. I’ve had a number of copies of it over the years, and even gave one to a Japanese stripper I was fond of. She thought the book was kind of weird…well, she’s right, it is. But the stories in it are also beautiful.

Getting back to Aoi–a friend of mine who’s a real expert in contemporary Japanese porn got me a femdom video Aoi did, but ironically, although I couldn’t wait for him to give it to me, I still haven’t watched it. Maybe I’m not ready to see this beautiful dream girl turn into the bitch of my darker dreams.

Well, maybe Aoi will go to the flea markets tomorrow as part of her New York itinerary. I’ll be there, thumbing through vintage men’s mags. How amazing it would be to look up from a 1950s issue of some burlesque journal to see the Japanese Aphrodite strolling among the stalls…


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