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Memories of the porn trade, Part 3…

Starting my career in erotica back in New York in the wild 1970s, I wrote porn novels for about two-three months from late 1974 into early 1975, until I got burned out. In that time I wrote four 160 page novels: The Screaming Virgins, The Punk Stud and His Women, Teasing Teenage Daughter, and Young Michael’s Seductress. I also contributed shorter pieces to anthologies supposedly edited by one “Dr. Gunther Klow.” Then I decided to stop because 1) it was becoming monotonous since the books had to be filled with sex more than characterization or plot; 2) I was afraid if I did it too long, I might end up making my career in porn and not going onto other things.

I did temporary office work for awhile, until one day I ran into the editor from the novel publishing house. He was standing in front of a coffee house in Greenwich Village, I can’t remember which but it was one of the famous ones. He told me he was editing magazines now and I could write a ten-page story for $100 instead of a whole 160 page novel for $150. After hesitating–because, once again, I didn’t want to get stuck writing porn–I decided it was better than doing temp work as a statistical typist, and I began writing stories. These were a couple of the titles I starting writing for:

A low-rent magazine, but a steady market for my stuff.

This title had a BDSM angle, with its inexpensive b&w photos and pulpy stories.

What was good about writing for these mags was that the editors liked you to be inventive and not just concentrate on hardcore sex descriptions. One editor I wrote for used the nom de porn “Rod Steele.” He’d ask me things like, “Write a story about a bionic pussy!” So I wrote a story about a girl who could remove her vagina–on one side it looked like a pussy, and on other side, like a transistor radio. Needless to say, it alarmed her suitors.

Another time Rod asked me, “Write an article that proves women can squirt like men!” This was in the days before the “G-Spot” had been discovered and acknowledged, and I replied, “How can I prove that, Rod?” I can’t remember what his reply was, but he probably told me to make it up, so the beauty of it was, I got to write a pretty humorous piece that quoted non-existent scientists and research studies to prove something that, unbeknownst to most of us, was actually true anyway!!

Capers and escapades like this made writing porn a lot of fun, quite appealing to my sense of the absurd, and the steady flow of not-bad money made it even more alluring.

Rod Steele edited He & She, as I recall, and another editor did Brut. It was for Brut that I wrote my first femdom story called “The Mayor’s Boss,” about a politician dominated by his mistress or wife, I can’t remember which now. It was also for Brut, or maybe another title called Erotica (which I couldn’t find a cover illo for) that I wrote the first story that seemed to express something of what would become my own particular style of horny sex overlaid with melancholy neuroticism. The editor asked me write a tale that had the same gloomy mood as Roman Polanski’s then-recent film The Tenant, about a guy who becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit in his apartment, and I came up with “George’s Doll,” about a guy who treats a life-size rubber love doll as his girlfriend. He even takes her to the movies in his quest to treat her like a real person. When she accidentally explodes from a sharp edge in the tub when he’s giving her a bath, he puts his head in the water and drowns himself.

The editor liked it just fine…

I was living in a residential hotel at the time, and was friends with other young writers, and actors too. I got some of them into writing for the magazines as well. So eventually we had a little circle of smut scribes. Meanwhile, realizing that there were a lot of sex magazines around that needed material, I started looking to see what other publications I could work for–especially if they paid better than $100 a story. And I found one in particular: Club International, which paid $420 per story and sometimes ran three of my stories in a single issue! I believe I wrote “It’s Fun to Be a Whore” and I know I wrote “I Was Mauled at an Anti-Smut Rally,” which was accompanied by a very elaborate and memorable artist-rendered (as opposed to photographic) illustration. The editor was a guy who was always trying to figure out from your fiction what your specific sexual interests and fetishes were!

I love the tiny little ankle straps of those shoes--my favorite style.

Oh, those were still good days for commercial short story writers (and artists too) as long as you didn’t mind spicing up your creations with sex!

To be continued…and if you want to see something I wrote last week, go to Domme Dose, a site concentrating on erotic financial domination, where you can savor my various insights into kink in the latest installment of my weekly column, “Notes of a Rebel Subbie.” You’ll find it here under the section called “Domme Pieces.” Adults only, of course!


To illustrate this entry, I borrowed the images from, a great site which has an encyclopedic assortment of vintage adult magazines for sale. I don’t work for them, but I’m acknowledging their amazing collection and suggest you to check it out here if you’re looking to experience the pleasures of girlie mags from “back in the day.”


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Indulge yourself in femdom fantasy!

I spend a good deal of time on Twitter to promote my ebooks. However I wonder how effective a promotional tool it has been. Presumably the Twitter followers I have, who are growing in number but are still comparatively modest, already know about my ebooks, so they probably scroll past my nightly plugs for the tomes. So who sees the new tweets and plugs? I guess mostly when they are retweeted by various Twitter acquaintances, some of whom have many more followers.

The sales for my ebooks have been steady but modest. I have thus far concentrated on my femdom erotica, which is my specialty. My best selling book is LEARNING TO BE CRUEL.

Chinese-American grad student humiliates middle-aged admirer in a restaurant...and he loves it.

My next bestselling book is TOES ARE FOR SUCKING. It has slowly gained an audience. I think the title is a little too blunt and that has hurt it a little. But I’m reluctant to change a title or a cover once I’ve put it up. The story starts out with a light touch and then gets more serious. I surprised myself when I was writing it, or should I say the dominant young woman in the story surprised me and my protagonist with her abrupt assumption of a domineering attitude after being rather sweet.

I got the idea for this while daydreaming over coffee in a fast food restaurant.

SPELL OF DOMINANCE seems to be a bit of an orphan–it’s the slowest and smallest seller of my books, even though it has five complete short stories. I wonder why; it’s really like a nice little buffet of femdom treats, and a good introduction to the world of my stories where men surrender with varying degrees of subservience to the skillful manipulations of beautiful, controlling women.

Five dominatrixes in five stories. Lots of ideas for roleplay!

SHE MADE ME A CUCKOLD is my latest story and it is shaping up into a fast seller like LEARNING TO BE CRUEL. Like the earlier book, the story deals with an Asian dominatrix, one of my own personal fascinations. Of course, the cuckold fetish is very popular now, and the way I have a young Chinese stripper flaunt her infidelity in front of her older sugar daddy is prime cuckolding.

Her name is Orchid. Her game is humiliation!

I design these covers myself. I’m not much of an artist, and as a former magazine editor I have access to professional artists and photographers should I need them; but I wanted to give my ebooks a unique look that captures the feeling of the kinky small-press booklets sold in porno shops back in the less technological days–booklets that I found to be catnip to my imagination. And I must say the ladies on my covers capture the personalities of my heroines quite accurately. Or are they more in the line of a villainess? You decide! Visit my Amazon pages in the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, and France and check ’em out. And feel free to leave your feedback of any kind on this blog or in reviews on Amazon. Thank you.

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