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The cruel clever twins still want to meet you…

This weekend I’m coming out with the 2nd edition of DOMINANT CHINESE TWINS ENSLAVE WHINY MAN. It’s the same exact story (so if you’ve already purchased it, don’t buy it again), but the 99¢ introductory sale with this cover is coming to a close.

I like this cover as a piece of zany art, but I want to try a different approach.

I like this cover as a piece of zany art, but I want to try a different approach.

Starting sometime tomorrow this will be the new cover, and the price of the story will be the usual $2.99 I charge for my Kindle ebooks.

DomTwins Cover#2

Had fun playing around with the typefaces…

Economic fact for potential ebook publishers: I have to sell six 99¢ books to make the same royalties if I sell one $2.99 book. The 99¢ price was not as much of an inducement to readers as I hoped it would be.

I also want to see if a simple minimal cover will be more evocative to potential readers…I describe the cruel twins quite precisely in the story, so the word pictures will bring them to life. Which cover do you prefer? I’m starting to think my wacky cover, combined with the low price, made the book look shabby instead of inviting. I did myself an injustice. It’s quite a good story, sexy and funny too, and I want it to find its audience.

Go to Amazon here to read the two excellent reviews I’ve gotten so far on this ebook!

I hope you’ll try it and leave your own review, too! Thanks.

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Share a femdom fantasy this weekend…

Share my new ebook Learning to be CRUEL with your favorite kinky gal! If you like females to tease and dominate you, this story is sure to give you and your lady some ideas for role-play fun. And if you’re currently unattached, well, check out the story for a scenario that will seem as if it’s happening right in front of you…almost TO you.

I write in what I call “Erotic Realism,” a technique of storytelling I’ve developed for many years, a technique to make each moment of the story build your excitement. Watch carefully as the tale unfolds…as a luscious twentysomething Chinese-American girl teases an all-too willing submissive middle-aged man…she is so beautiful and he wants her so much, but she already has a stud to take care of her needs, as well as her rent…but…maybe she will use this horny old guy as her housecleaning slave! If he scrubs her bathroom well, maybe she will let him kiss her toes…yes, she’s thinking about it! So watch her tease him as she weighs the possibilities and pleasures as she learns to be CRUEL!

Available in Kindle for only $2.99 at Amazon US, UK, and in Germany…


You'll read it'll read it'll read it often!

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