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Gil Elvgren captures Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thought I’d share a Gil Elvgren Christmas pinup, which I found here.

I think Santa would have lingered under the chimney for a cup or two of egg nog had¬†he gotten a gander at the gal these gifts were for! ūüėČ

I’ve always loved the¬†Elvgren Girls. To me he’s the best pinup artist of all–a great artist period.¬†And here’s a link to an interview I did in the late 70s for High Society magazine with Art Amsie, a¬†collector who actually knew the Great Gil. Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!




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Open-toe high heels in the cold winter rain…

Last night the weather was nasty in NYC, cold and rainy. The gusty wind made my umbrella a shadow of its former self. Around 11 p.m., I hurried down to the subway after dinner with friends.

On the train there were three girls who looked like they were in college. One was wearing high heels similar to these:

Strappy Platform Sandals

I looked with wonder at the girl’s toes, which were nicely polished like the ones in the above picture which I found here. I thought, “Aren’t your feet FREEZING, girl??” Her companions wore closed shoes, much warmer. They were all really cute, and one girl’s bare thighs under the short hem of her skirt were like–oh dear…let’s just say, it was hard to look away.

One of the scenes that stuck with me from the movie Moonlight Whispers (which I wrote about here)  is when the pretty Japanese student goes out in a driving rain to meet a guy with whom she is going to cuckold her boyfriend. She wears high-heeled strappy sandals, so by the time she gets to the restaurant (she walks) her feet are definitely drenched.

I must say I find something very erotic about women’s devil-may-care, almost defiant and rebellious attitude in this regard! ūüėČ I don’t quite understand it, I envy their immune systems (don’t they get colds from walking around with their toes out in the rain?), but I must say it gives a powerful edge to their qualities of dominance.

And of course, if they have slaves waiting for them, their toes can certainly get warmed up whenever necessary…

Speaking of the foot fetish, have you read my ebook TOES ARE FOR SUCKING which you can find here? I hope you’ll give it a try!


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Inside a porn writer’s head and heart (and loins, too)

I’ve been so busy lately with freelance writing concerns, personal situations, and my usual output of mountains of erotica–heh-heh, some people call it porn, as I do more often than not! ūüėȬ†In any case, I don’t get as much chance to blog as I might like to. But I do want to alert the many visitors to my blog about a new series of interviews with me that are being posted at, a very interesting blog about sex, sexuality, gender, sex work, and everything along that virtually limitless spectrum. SexKittenHeader The webmaster, Gracie Passette, interviews me about my porn writing and editing career, but we also get into discussing whether porn writers can be classified as¬†sex workers, too.¬†Check out the series here, and more is coming. SexKittenChatScreenCap The above is a screen capture of the second part of the interview. The photo looks like it was taken in the 1940s, but actually it was from the mid-1980s, when I was living in Times Square and also very much into antique¬†clothing, hence the fedora and vintage bowling shirt. When you’re done with the interview, I hope it will whet your appetite to read some of my femdom fiction and perhaps even my new non-porn psychological suspense novel FATE OF A STRIPPER, too. You can find all those in ebooks at Amazon here. ValerieNovel PublicityCover DeathlessDom3rdCover Femdom-LearningToBeCruel-OriginalStory


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