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FATE OF A STRIPPER: when she goes too far~~

In the coming year 2019 I’m going to try to get my novel FATE OF A STRIPPER out there to more readers. It’s a damn good piece of work but so far has not found the audience it deserves. I may also make it available in a paperback edition as well as in the current ebook format.

Check out the lengthy free sample right here, below, and see what you think…it’s not porn, not erotica, but a psychological suspense story about a young woman who goes too far in trying to control her life, and the older guy she gets mixed up with.

For the time being, it’s still only $2.99, and can be read on phones, tablets, computers, and of course on Kindles.

What a great movie it would make, too!



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Warren William would have played a perfect sex fiction charlatan…

Today, as noted by some of my friends on Twitter, is the birthday of the king of the pre-Code movies, Warren William–that master interpreter of likable scoundrels, charlatans, and sleazeballs. I couldn’t resist making this screencap off my tv the other night when he was up to his orbs in trouble pretending to be a successful Park Avenue doctor (!) in Warner Bros.’ 1934 BEDSIDE. The movie was shown on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) the other day.

“I’ve always made it a point to be strictly ethical,” says “Dr. J. Herbert Martel” aka Bob Brown (Warren William) as he hires “Sparks” (Allen Jenkins) to get him some publicity as a medico in BEDSIDE.


One of the fun aspects of editing sex magazines was assigning fiction to my writers, one of whom, who went by the byline “Luther Selleck,” created a character named “Mr. Baxter.” In various guises in many stories, ranging from World War 1 fighter pilot (“Ass Aces of the Great War”) to New York City cockroach nemesis (“The Nutty Exterminator”) to ancient Greek judge of a butt beauty contest (“Assmasters of the Acropolis,” there under the name “Baxocles”), Mr. Baxter went his cheerfully amoral way through adventures with an assortment of fetching ladies–and depending on the magazine’s title (I edited CHEEKS, LEG WORLD, and GIRLS OVER 40), their chief attractions physically for Mr. B would be either derrieres, legs, or overall “cougar” appeal.

Although my writer Luther didn’t model Mr. Baxter on Warren William, when we later discovered Warren William (after Mr. Baxter was created) both Luther and I agreed that Warren would have been perfect in the role had there ever been any “Mr. Baxter” movies!

So, a tip of the hat to Warren William today on what would have been his 124th birthday!

Born December 2, 1894, died September 24, 1948.


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Pointy bras and headbands in the 1960s

I was reminded how sexy girls could look in the 1960s when I watched a rather mediocre late Boris Karloff movie, Die, Monster, Die, from 1965. Suzan Farmer, the British actress who, without a headband or pointy bra, was also quite fetching in Victorian garb in Hammer’s Dracula, Prince of Darkness from 1966, here looks quite luscious as she shows Nick Adams around Karloff’s gloomy manse. I couldn’t help but snap a few screencaps…

In a couple of the pics it looks like ole Nick couldn’t resist an ogle or two himself!

My eyes nearly popped out at the audacious choice the costume designer made for Suzan’s pointy white bra visible under her pink sweater…

The fun continued as the camera artfully kept Suzan primarily in the frame…gosh, it all came back to me when I saw this movie: I really loved girls in headbands…

Suzan moved too fast for me to get a clear shot in my camera, but this is an artful profile…

When the duo move to another room, we get to see Suzan’s delectably tight, but ladylike, skirt as well…

The light falls just right…

Suzan looks as if she’s about to playfully tease Nick for not focusing at her face.

Selfishly, Nick now blocks our view of what is crucial in this scene.

But still it’s clear that there’s chemistry here…

Applying some of that ole Johnny Yuma charm (the character Nick played in his hit tv series The Rebel)…

Suzan’s his for the moment: headband, pointy bra, tight skirt, and that lovely warm smile.

Miss Farmer had a nice face. I like how the scene rounded off the sneaky eroticism of showing off her shape in that vaguely see-through sweater over the white bra, and showcasing her blonde hair with the headband, by coming in for closeups that make you yearn for her soul as well as her body. But that was the magic of moviemaking back in the day. Even if the horror movie wasn’t good, you got horny and fell in love with the beauty onscreen.

Here’s an interesting obituary for Ms. Farmer from The Guardian in 2017, with trailers of some of her films. And another headband shot!

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Magnificent 1956 historical novel deserves to be read and remembered!

I recently read an excellent novel called The Three Legions by Gregory Solon. It takes place in 9 A.D. and is basically about how the German tribes revolted against the Roman legions which had conquered them a few years previously, culminating in a huge and devastating forest battle. It was published in 1956 and I had picked it up at the flea market a couple of years ago in a nice rare paperback edition for just a few bucks.


As I started reading it and examining the cover closely, I realized by the signature that it was done by the great Mort Künstler, veteran artist of the 1950s and 60s men’s adventure magazines and now an historical painter of great repute.  In fact I got to meet him briefly at a gallery showing of his men’s magazine illustrations a few years ago, and he was very friendly and personable.

Now, I like the cover as an image but it’s actually a red herring, as covers often could be in those days. It gives the book a kind of trashy aura that the text doesn’t have at all. “With a barbarian beauty lay the fate of 30,000 Roman soldiers” goes the heavy-breathing and, I must admit, exciting coverline. So when I began reading the book initially I thought it would be a fun kind of lurid historical epic; but I was pleasantly surprised when it quickly turned out to be an example of one of my favorite kinds of fiction: an intriguing combination of history with solid, complex characterizations, some thoughtful philosophizing, psychologically astute romance, and all beautifully written to boot. The author was a World War 2 veteran who flew 175 missions with the Ninth Air Force as a tailgunner in his early 20s, one of the most dangerous of all assignments; and he was awarded the Silver Star (it was difficult to find any information about Solon, but I got this from a short obit I located online). I wondered as I read if the novel was emotionally autobiographical about the experience of being a young soldier, transplanted from the author’s World War 2 life to that of a Roman legionary.

But the cast of characters in this compelling book—which would have made a fantastic movie back in the 50s days of epic sword-and-sandal cinema—is not limited to the young legionary, and covers the range of generals, commanders, tribunes, centurions, German female captives, German princes, kings, and tribesmen, and even a scribe/historian and a cameo by Augustus Caesar. It’s an epic story that combines the courageous with the tawdry, the heroic with the cowardly, the vile with the noble, all described with compassion and insight. There’s a beautiful German captive who’s desired by both the young virginal legionary and the melancholy but masterful commander of one of the legions; but the triangle is resolved in ways that are totally unexpected and uncliched. There’s a brute of a centurion who fights like a madman in the final battle even while his body is ravaged by disease; a foppish general who is more interested in how his armor looks than he is in fighting the Germans; an officer who lusts for a command in spite of the fact that he is too fearful in combat to be effective as a leader. And there is very tragically and memorably an embittered legionary, a career soldier, who taunts the young legionary about his inexperience, but then later himself suddenly commits a grievous act of drunken stupidity that echoes through the second half of the book. In short, the human condition is examined in the story of the three legions that found themselves suddenly attacked by the Germans they thought had become, if not their friends, then something like allies. Through its depiction of the Roman army and its adversaries The Three Legions shows the beginning of the decline of the Roman civilization, but despite this weighty angle it never forgets to be an exciting, visceral, and gripping story. Look for it at your library or on Amazon, as it is a novel well worth reading and remembering. I immediately ordered Gregory Solon’s second novel, Let Us Find Heroes, via Amazon, and am in the middle of it now.

I’ve been perusing many more interesting novels and non-fiction over the last few months, and I’ll be writing about them here too. I hope to give some good recommendations people might not otherwise have heard of.

Erotica is my trade, and good writing of many kinds is my pleasure.


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The unattainable fruit of his sin!

Should she damn him or thank him? When Ginny’s husband Rafe strays for the first time in their eight-year marriage, she punishes him by transforming herself from a nerd into a mouthwatering blonde hottie whom he can’t possess. True, it wasn’t right for Rafe to cheat on her, but his sin did provide Ginny the initial impetus for an amazing transformation…and to truly torment Rafe, newly gorgeous Ginny simply refuses to have sex with him, although she allows him to masturbate sometimes while he watches her work out…

This is the plot of my sexy crazy and funny new femdom erotica ebook REVENGE THRU FITNESS, available worldwide in the Kindle stores on Amazon. Read it on your phones, Kindles, laptops, and tablets. Check out the free sample here!

Her desperate husband comes up with an idea to bring them back together. It involves a little pink sock…


The incredible cover image, a stock photo which inspired me to come up with this storyline, was done by photographer “indiraswork” whose portfolio can be found here. Check it out!


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The “sex workers at work” genre in films and fiction…

One of my favorite sub-genres of film and fiction is the “sex workers at work” story–examining the mundane details of the jobs people do in erotic businesses. (By “sex work” I mean the most general use of the term, including all kinds of adult endeavors including stripping.) I thought about this when I saw an interesting film the other night from the 1940s: Glamour For Sale, about the women working for escort agencies and clubs.

This film was shown on Turner Classic Movies during its Anita Louise day as part of TCM’s August 2018 “Summer Under the Stars” programming.

It wasn’t a great movie, but I loved one detail of how the B-girls operated the drink hustle, as explained by Anita Louise’s character: they would get brandy in a glass, and soda in a second glass. They’d sip the brandy with a straw, and then move the straw to the soda glass and let out the brandy. That way they didn’t get drunk. When the waiter came by, he would take both glasses away and, if the customer agreed, bring a fresh pair of brandy and soda glasses to the hostess. It was hoped that the customer would never be wise to the fact that the hostess was not actually imbibing the expensive drink.

This practice degenerated in the 1970s and early 80s, when I was going to strip clubs that heavily featured the drink hustle: the dancer (who would hustle drinks when she wasn’t onstage) would sip her champagne but then spit it, literally and obviously, into a second, and empty, tall glass. (For some reason or other, I remember how those tumblers were made of frosted glass.) In this way it was clear that the thing the customer was actually paying for was her time, and not the “champagne.” Unless the girl chose to actually drink it, which occasionally happened too.

Two of the X-rated films I wrote in the 1990s were of the “sex workers at work” genre: Masseuse 2 and Masseuse 3.

This was one of my most personal screenplays, inspired by Japanese movies about brothels such as Mizoguchi’s Street of Shame. The masseuse’s story enabled me to explore my own feelings about working in the erotic business.


This won Best Film in 1998 from the X-Rated Critics Organization. It has some intense scenes exploring femdom themes.


In both of these original stories (not related in any way to the original hit The Masseuse or to each other except in title) I tried to weave as many little details about the actual work of masseuses as I knew into the dramas. I guess I succeeded as the films were very successful and continue to be watched more than twenty years after they were made. I even had a small and funny little role in Masseuse 3 as a lapdance customer. You can find it at this adults-only link here under the scene title of “Sexy Chicks Eat Pussy and Finger Each Other.”

Also, my scripts for Sweetie Baby and Boom Boom Valdez depicted both the jobs and personal lives of topless dancers and, in the case of former, a waitress at a strip club:

And of course my psychological suspense novel Fate of a Stripper (see sample here)  includes all sorts of details about the stripping profession which I gathered from the dancers themselves through the many years I hung out in those clubs, and through the hundreds of hours of interviews I did with strippers for various adult magazines.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, one of these days, I wrote yet another story examining some aspect of the erotic trade…



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Mostly kinky, but with a dash of vanilla!

You guessed it–I’m talking about my writing in the title! 😉 We can discuss my personal life another time, or you can just read a few of my femdom ebooks to get a sense of that—my predilections, that is, if not all my actual experiences. 😮

So here’s a little update on what I’ve been working on lately…

I pride myself on being a versatile erotica writer. My freelance jobs include everything from articles to fiction to interviews to reviews to video/model descriptions to social media (Twitter). And whatever other new interesting projects that come up in the ever-evolving world of erotica.

With the decline of the adult magazine business, I’ve concentrated on my online work. One enjoyable assignment recently was the copy for the webcam chatroom site I wrote the copy for many sites like this, but I particularly like the heading of this landing page copy, which was fun to write. Fun to read aloud, too…

I also work well with tags and keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blending them all seamlessly into the paragraphs to lift the sites in the Google rankings. The subject matter of my recent writing is mostly kinky, but with a nice hearty dash of vanilla, too: a recent project on the vanilla end of the spectrum (and I like the flavor vanilla, by the way) was writing all the copy for the excellent new pretty girl site


Shifting from lovely young women in the open air to those tightly bound on the floor of a mysterious warehouse, I’ve also done a lot of video descriptions for the provocative BDSM women-in-bondage site

I obviously still like to do magazine writing when I can get it. Most adult magazines have ceased publishing, but here and there I find a print publication I can write for. Nothing like having copies of your work to hold in your hands! One of my specialties is doing interviews (I estimate I’ve done around a thousand over the years, primarily for magazines such as Leg Show, Black Tail, Swank, D-Cup, and Fox), and a recent one I’m proud of was with the online dominatrix and clip producer Princess Sheridan, in a recent issue of Forced Womanhood magazine, issues of which you can find here. This publication focuses primarily on the “forced feminization” fantasy, which I discussed with Sheridan, as well as her other femdom interests in a broad survey of her career. Here are the first two pages of the piece…Sheridan always makes me think of feisty Pre-Code Hollywood actresses like Barbara Stanwyck, transplanted to the modern world of kink. One of the most memorable people I’ve ever profiled. (Her website is here.)


As of this writing (early August 2018), I’m involved also in the editing of the upcoming issue of Forced Womanhood, as well as doing a very exciting new feature interview for it, about which I’ll write more in a few weeks when it hits both the brick-and-mortar and digital newsstands.

Another of my ongoing assignments is doing the daily Twitter for the femdom site here. I write about the various dominatrices the site covers, ladies largely involved in the BDSM video clip scene. The DA Twitter can be found at @DommeAddiction here. A few samples…


Finally, as ever, I write and sell erotica ebooks on Amazon…Blonde Meets Bookworm is the most recent. And I continue to promote my psychological suspense novel Fate of a Stripper on Amazon too. You can find them all here at the U.S. Kindle store, and they are also available at the Amazon Kindle stores worldwide.


So that’s a quick update on some of the things I’ve worked on recently. I’m always ready for new and interesting challenges in my trade—erotica. You can contact me via the email address in my full portfolio elsewhere on this blog here, or via Twitter at @irvoneil here.

I look forward to helping you with your projects!–Irv

Awaiting a hamburger at the diner. Pic by my good buddy Dave!



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