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How to punish your roommate after the Super Bowl!

Reading the New York Post yesterday (1/30/14), I learned about a bargain between two roommates, a guy and a girl, concerning the Super Bowl. Both roommates are bartenders; the guy works at a bar backing the Denver Broncos, the girl at a bar cheering the Seattle Seahawks.

If the Broncos win, the girl is going to have to stop serving “Seahawks blue” kamikazes and put on a Broncos orange-and-blue jersey, delivered by the guy; but if the Seahawks win, in the words of the girl quoted in the Post:

“He’ll not only clean the apartment from top to bottom, but he’ll also have to wear a feather boa to work for an entire year.” 

Wow, what a difference! If the Broncos lose, this guy is going to get punished with “extreme housework” and a yearlong sentence of feather boa-wearing! The Post writers, Elizabeth Hagen and Laura Italiano, describe this as a more “creative revenge”–but it reminds me of what happened in Greek mythology to Hercules in the land of Queen Omphale: he was punished by the gods for a transgression and for a year was a slave to the Queen, participating in what was certainly seen in those days as “women’s work,” like looming; as well as wearing the queen’s clothes (feather boa time, ancient style?) while she put on his. Note his club on her shoulder, as well as his lion skin, in this painting by Bartholomew Spranger. Doesn’t Herc look a little embarrassed in her gown, holding some wool?

Crossdressed Hercules

I just find the wide contrast in the level and concepts of post-Super Bowl retribution, even if just in fun, to be fascinating and indicative of the differences between men and women.

You can read the full Post story here.

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