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Jessica Simpson and other giantesses of Times Square!

I love taking pictures of girls on giant billboards. Here are a couple of recent ones.

The giantesses loom above us in midtown Manhattan! These are the modern pinups, forty feet high.

Click on the pix to see them even larger.

JessicaAnd ButtBabes4Blog



SoloButt Girl4Blog

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The stories that please meet the legs that tease!

So tell me…are you drooling like I am?

What I mean is, how do you like this girl?

A sweet disorder in the tress/Kindles in a legman a wantonness (after R. Herrick)...

“A sweet disorder in the tress/Kindles in a legman a wantonness” (after R. Herrick)…

Nice, hmm? Her name is Katy Pearl, and she was photographed by Jana Krenova, proprietor of my newest freelance client,

But we’ll get back to Katy and Jana in a moment…

If I don’t write as much you think I should on this blog, or as much as you might like to see me write, the main reason is money. As a freelance scribe of porn/erotica/whatever-you-wanna-call-it in a tight economy and with a greatly diminished number of sex magazines to contribute to, I have to spend most of my energy and time writing to pay my bills–and blogging doesn’t pay me anything. But if everybody who visited my blog daily bought just one of my ebooks, I could and would write here lots more! I would also do more ebooks. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So try one of my Kindle ebooks and you will get lots more interesting blog posts, pictures, and femdom erotica! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can buy my ebooks in the United States and India; the United Kingdom; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Japan; Canada; and Brazil.

I write primarily for porn sites now, doing copy for photos and newsletters about the sites. My main client is French photographer Denys DeFrancesco and his DDF Productions, one of the biggest European porn studios. Visit them at the DDF Networkย to get an idea of all their amazing sites.

I also write, under pen names, stories for the college girl sex magazines! You would be surprised, but I am very good at writing from the point-of-view of eighteen year old girls, as well as from the angle of the guys who fall under their erotic spells. I think there is a part of me that is still stuck in late adolescence. Maybe I also should have been a girl, I dunno. At any rate, they are fun assignments but I can’t tell you what they are without giving away the fact that they are not written by horny young coeds! (Fun assignment: go through magazines devoted to sexy young women and see if you can pick out what stories I wrote on the basis of my style. Every writer’s style is distinctive, like fingerprints, even when he or she hides it under disguises like slang or structure or bylines or details about bras and barrettes. But don’t ask me to confirm your guesses–I’m loyal to my clients and would not reveal that the juicy young things who write some of their stories are actually one bald but otherwise hairy Jewish lad from Chicago with an Irish nom de porn.)

But let’s get back to Best Leg Show. Its owner and photographer, Jana Krenova, is a skillful, artistic, and leggy lens lady originally from the Czech Republic who lives in New York and Prague, and who shot many pictorials and covers for me when I was the editor of Leg World…

Jana has many fans who are as awestruck over her very impressive pins...

Jana has many fans who are as awestruck over her very impressive pins… they are by her photography of the lovely Naomi on a picnic.

…as they are by her photography of the lovely Naomi on a picnic.

In fact, Jana photographed the girl on the picnic blanket for me for Leg World, and the project was inspired by my admiration for a pinup painting by Gil Elvgren:

I bet the ants were smiling at this picnic!

I bet the ants were smiling at this picnic!

Now, starting on Friday 3/1/13–tomorrow–I am presenting an exciting archive of my stories each month on Best Leg Show. We’re starting off with “STARE AND ACHE!” a tease-and-denial story about a tough handsome executive who wants to be treated by a beautiful and voluptuous lady named Deborah exactly like the adulterous naughty bad boy he really is. Deborah makes him ache with her stocking feet and her dirty words and she tells him his penis doesn’t measure up to that of the coffee cart guy back in the office…it’s a goodie for fans of nylons, the foot fetish, and even has a little cuckold fantasy in the mix!

So go to and check out Jana’s blog section, and you’ll see a picture of me and read more about our upcoming plan for stories there. Check out her great lineup of photos and videos of all the beauties she’s captured with her cameras. And join her site–it’s very reasonable–and have fun! Let us know how you like “STARE AND ACHE!” by leaving a comment on the site, too! Or leave a comment on Twitter for Jana @BestLegShow or for me @irvoneil.


I found the reproduction of the Elvgren pinup here. Photos of Katy Pearl and Naomi are ยฉ Jana Krenova and

One thing I want to add: I don’t particularly enjoy hawking my wares like this, I’m actually kind of a reserved guy–the older I get, the more I admire Gary Cooper, let’s put it that way–and I don’t like to toot my own horn. I’m from the school of thought that it’s for others to toot the horn about me. But this is the new reality of writing for a living today, in a cyber-environment that makes books as numerous as grains of sand at the beach. You gotta speak out to be heard–for example, I’m going to be interviewed twice in the next few weeks about my porn career. Basically, to be read, to reach readers, unless you’re a super-duper brand name with the machinery of a vast publishing and distribution outfit behind you, you gotta promote yourself. Without that machinery, us scribblers gotta stand on a soapbox and wave our stuff around, trying to catch the eye of the customers. We’re not just scribes anymore, but pitchmen and pitchwomen. It’s the new world of creativity that the Internet has created.


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Femmes fatale, dangerous heels, and pulp fiction thrills!

I had a pleasant weekend, especially in two ways. Firstly, I went to a big comic book convention in New York on Saturday and had an enjoyable day of hanging out with my friends, some of whom had tables selling their art or pop culture memorabilia. One of my friends, Marcus Boas, specializes in paintings of beautiful women, warriors, and sword-and-sandal scenes in the genre of heroic fantasy. A few years ago when I was editing Leg World magazine, I commissioned this painting from him to illustrate a story I wrote, a tale which I may reprint soon as an ebook:

The image was inspired by the actress Chelo Alonso, who starred as evil queens, conniving dancing girls, and fierce swordswomen in 1960s Euro epics.

You can find see more images of Marcus’s work here at the Kaso Comics site. Explore the full site here; ย tell ’em Irv O. Neil sent you if you contact them!

I’m not much of a fan of contemporary comics, but I occasionally buy older ones published in the 50s or 60s, so I picked up a couple of Classics Illustrated for $3 each. I go for reading copies, not pristine collector’s items.

The Hamlet in particular had some striking artwork inside. Ophelia looks like a real babe...but there I go again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also found a copy of Weird Tales with a Margaret Brundage cover. I thought it would be fun to read the stories in the original format. The magazine’s interior wasn’t in the greatest shape, but definitely readable. At least the cover looked pretty good. I managed to negotiate the price down.

This was the magazine that published many stories by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Brundage is legendary for her provocative, kinky cover art for this magazine, and in fact a book entitled The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage, Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art, is soon to be published about her work from Vanguard Publishing. You can find more information about it here.

So it was a fun show and I got a few goodies to entertain myself. But if I seem to be in a “public relations” mode today, referring you to artists and publishers, it’s because of the second nice thing that happened over the weekend.

A terrific site called Femdom Artists, which I’ve had on my blogroll for some time and on which I frequently comment–for quick reference, you can find it here–was kind enough to run a few of my ebook covers in a post. I concoct these covers myself, even though I’m not much of an artist. The simple style and bold colors I use are meant to evoke the naughty underground femdom porn booklets of yesteryear that you’d sometimes see in smut shops or get via mail order.

A sweet girl who knows how to use her power to dominate...

A kind but firm therapist gives "maternal discipline" to a guilty 40ish porn writer in this tale.

Femdom Artists must have great traffic, because I got more visits to my own blog than I ever have in the nine months I’ve been doing it. Although I’ve always had a steady flow of visitors daily, from all over the world, this was a definite spike. And I thought since more people are looking at EROTICA IS MY TRADE, at least for the moment (as an experienced blogger elsewhere, I know the increased traffic won’t necessarily last), I thought I would also direct them to the work of my friends (Marcus) or publishers whose books I’ve enjoyed (Vanguard).

What’s also interesting to me is that while two of the sister sites of Femdom Artists, Femdom Blogs and Female Led Relationships, recently ran a couple of written items on my work, without pictures, it wasn’t until the ebook covers were displayed in the Femdom Artists site that I got a lot more hits on my blog. Visuals communicate far more immediately today than words, it seems.

I’m happy to say that even though my drawings are crude, they accurately convey each heroine’s personality. If you look at all my covers, you’ll see that each lady looks different.

I try to write erotica, porn, smut, or whatever you want to call it, that has lifelike characters.

So that was my weekend. And just to prove that erotica these days isn’t just on blogs or ebooks, but out in the open where everybody can enjoy it, let me conclude with a couple of Times Square sexy billboard photos I’ve taken recently.

Here’s a Jessica Simpson high heel shot that just went up near 49th Street and Seventh Avenue:

Maybe younger people wouldn't consider such heels femme-fatalish, just normal footwear in the Age of the Woman! I prefer the noirish interpretation.

And here is a shot of the electronic billboards at 46th and Broadway, always a source of saucy delight to tourist and New Yorker alike:

In Japan, there are entire magazines devoted to young women in panties teasing the readers. Maybe we're headed in that direction? Hope springs eternal! ๐Ÿ™‚

In an upcoming post, I’m going to have more to say about the symbolic significance of the corner of 46th Street and Broadway, and why it is appropriate that there are pictures of scantily-clad females at this particular location! Stay tuned.


(The billboard photos are Copyright 2012 Irv O. Neil.)


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Ninth Avenue’s Asian beauties take over my mind…

I had dinner on Ninth Avenue in midtown last night, sitting in an open-air restaurant, and oh boy did I enjoy the parade of beautiful Asian girls walking by.

I am thoroughly enamored of the allure of Asian women and have been for the last few years. When I ask my friends, “Where were these girls when I was younger?”–like in my twenties or thirties, they say–“in Asia, Uncle Irv. Or they weren’t born yet.”

It’s true. In the 70s and 80s when I was always trying to meet women and did a good bit of dating, I never met any Asians. I guess they were just being born, the ones I so fervently admire today…

It’s times like this that I wish I were good at sketching with a pencil, to capture some of the beauties I see on the boulevards…instead, I sketch with words.

Like, the Japanese cutie at the coffee shop on a Saturday morning, dressed in a white blouse buttoned to her throat, with black shorts and flat shoes. A chic, 1960s-style pageboy ‘do. Sipping her coffee and looking at a map of NYC. Demure, but very sexy in a quiet way.

The Chinese clerk in a department store with glossy black hair pulled into two ponytails, wearing a black dress with little pink flower prints. Olive complexion. Bright, challenging eyes even when she just rang up a sale.

Or the Pacific Island lovely in a fluttery baby doll top just coming down to the hems of her blue denim short-shorts, her brown hair piled high on her head, her long shapely legs delectable as she strode with girlish vigor down Ninth Avenue in her high heels.

I see them so clearly in memory. Perhaps they will be the inspirations for future stories. Ah, if only I had the sex life my characters enjoy! But I don’t think I’d have the emotional constitution for it.

I’ve had my share of adventures, mind you, but my fictional creations have far more enviable records of carnal accomplishment.

I don’t know where I found this picture on the Web, can’t remember, but oh this girl is a beauty…lookit those pins…

This image is supremely erotic to me. What's your take on it?

I went out to a strip club yesterday for the first time in quite a long while. Had to cut back in these tough times, as I’m sure you understand. But sometimes you just get the urge for some entertainment, and yesterday was such a time.

I was hoping there would be some Asian talent to catch my eye and compel me with their curves and delicious demeanors to open my wallet to tip and get a lapdance or two. I like to feel compelled to express my awe over a girl’s loveliness by giving her what I can, even if only a few dollars of heartfelt appreciation. Alas, I saw no Asian performers yesterday at this club. (I sure would love to go to a strip club exclusively featuring Asian dancers, but I know of none in New York City.) The waitress complained when I only tipped her $1 on an $11 beer, and the girls onstage were lethargic. Not an auspicious return to a milieu I used to spend quite a bit of time in. And not an Asian dancer in sight.

But the streets were full of delightful Asian ladies just like the doctor ordered (the erotic doctor in my mind, that is), and I was lucky to have a front row seat at the parade on Ninth Avenue as I ate my linguini primavera.


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Distracted by a gal in high heels and ankle socks…

As a freelance writer I work six days a week, Sunday through Friday. By the end of the week, my brain is somewhat fried, but I persevere when I have deadlines…

I’m working on a research article about 1950s men’s magazines that I want to finish today, so for a change, to get some air first, I went out to have a little breakfast before isolating myself in my Laboratory of Literary Lust. Most days I just have a bagel or roll at home and then start working.

This morning, when I was leaving the midtown McDonald’s where I’d had a plain sausage biscuit, coffee, and read the New York Post, I saw an amazing young woman with an older dame whom I presumed was her mother. I just got that vibe about their relationship (“vibe”–sheesh, does that word ever date me!). Anyway, they looked like tourists. The younger gal was tall, about twenty, wearing blue denim short-shorts as well as frilly ankle socks and high heel pumps with a flower print pattern. I saw the shoes and socks first, then my eyes traveled up her long legs to her attractive face. I held the door open for them and couldn’t help but smile at the blond-tressed babe while her black-haired mother looked on with a puzzled expression. The girl smiled back tentatively at horny ole Uncle Irv, seeming to realize the mesmerizing power of her gams and indulging my moment of lecherous approval before entering the restaurant.

Nice moment, but no wonder I’m having a “hard” time concentrating today…

I tried to find a picture on the Web to give you a visual intimation of what I saw, and this is what I came up with. It’s not the same in details like the skirt or the shoes or even the socks, but it has the innocent yet sexy feeling of it:

"Beauty is momentary in the mind--the fitful tracing of a portal; but in the flesh, it is immortal."--Wallace Stevens

After finding this image, I kept browsing, and found a picture that distracted me even more than the original source of my distraction, that girl at McDonald’s:

Now I'm never going to get anything done...

I’m convinced on some primal level of fantasy that the face of the owner of these feet must be as ravishingly beautiful as her splendid toes…although I know from real life that’s not necessarily the case. But interestingly, the fantasy persists…

I must also note that rapidly taking in the details of the beauties I see on the streets helps me come up with many story ideas. I see somebody beautiful, I memorize or jot down details of her look, and an entire short story can pop into my mind a short time later.

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