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Sexology on Sunday…

Another year draws to a close. Not the best year, that’s for sure. A rough year in work and sometimes in emotions. But I have been gratified how people all over the world look at this blog on a daily basis. Today it’s been viewed everywhere from the United States to France, Brazil to Korea, from Austria to Canada to India to Sweden to Argentina…

So I sit down to post with a glass of Jameson at my side. My drink is Irish, my pen name is Irish, but my cock is Jewish. L’chaim! 

I got ahead in my weekly writing for DDF Productions so I could relax over this second holiday weekend in a row, but I ended up spending time on the computer anyway. I’m like a Siamese twin with my laptop, oh well. (Check out DDF’s blog here, it uses much of the XXX adult website copy I write for them and has links to my newsletters.) But I did get out to the flea market where I found a very interesting vintage paperback version of a sexology book first published in 1924, Sex and Life by W.F. Robie, M.D.

The book's typeface looks like that of the original 1924 edition.

The book’s typeface looks like that of the original 1924 edition.

The inside of this 1965 paperback looks like a facsimile of the original edition, with illustrations by Gustave Doré of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, from his illustrations for John Milton’s Paradise Lost

Strikes me that Dore is the perfect illustrator for sexology books wherein men and women wander in search of erotic knowledge.

Strikes me that Dore is the perfect illustrator for sexology books wherein men and women wander in search of erotic knowledge.

I started paging through it last night and found myself absorbed in a case history which was presented in the form of a “sexual autobiography” by one of the doctor’s correspondents. It details the story of a man born in 1888, and how by 1917 his sexual life was lived in erotic fantasy, with him occasionally masturbating about women he was infatuated with, but how he never found a female companion to love and have actual sex with. What made him unusual was how he claimed to only masturbate about women with whom he was frustrated in love and could not ever get involved with. He didn’t find pictures or burlesque shows or vaudeville stimulating–only the mental images of the women he wanted but couldn’t have. It wasn’t like they were “teasing” him and then “denying” him in the modern sense of that fetish–one girl in particular simply had no interest in being his sweetheart.

Of course he didn’t use the word “masturbation” so freely, but mixed it up post-Victorian style with terms like “auto-erotism” and “erotic reveries” and referred to his moods of “voluptuousness.”

I’m now reading a section of letters between the doctor and a female correspondent from around 1919, wherein she asks him first about a “friend” who had syphilis, and then later confesses that she was the victim of the disease, and that she was only too ashamed to admit it in her first letters. This section really brings to life the terror that people lived in vis a vis venereal disease back in those pre-penicillin days, and also reminds me of the helpless terror of AIDS that swept society in the late 1980s.

Ironically, when I opened the New York Post today, there was an article about a new book called The Men on My Couch by a contemporary psychologist, Dr. Brandy Engler, who deals a lot with the problem of guys in the Big Apple today. You can find the article here.

I wonder what it would be like to go to a pretty shrink...wait, I wrote a story about that called Mommy's Little Dunce!

I wonder what it would be like to go to a pretty shrink…wait, I wrote an ebook about that called Mommy’s Little Dunce! Although the shrink in my story was not a PhD. but a dominatrix/quack.

People’s lack of psychosexual insight and information always leads them into sticky waters (pun not intended, but let it stand). Today we understand that masturbation doesn’t cause blindness or hair on your palms, and of course syphilis can now be cured (with penicillin starting in 1947), but we have other sexual problems in our modern world which Dr. Engler’s patients deal with and which she writes about in her book. Check out the link to the article above, and you’ll see what I mean. So even though the dilemmas are different over the span of 125 years, from 1888 to almost 2013, the search for answers and the relief of erotic anxiety continues.

One reason I enjoy reading psychology and case histories is that it’s both illuminating and sometimes inspires me in the erotic fiction I write. Between Dr. Robie’s book and the Post article, an interesting theme has emerged in my mind from reading about the problems of men and women around World War One and the Age of the Fiscal Cliff, and I hope to explore it in some new stories. But I don’t want to say what this theme is until I actually see if I can work it into stories. I am a big fan of the theory that if you talk about your writing, it just remains talk. First write, then talk–that’s more my style.

Even one of the Dore illustrations from the Robie book, of Adam watching Eve sleep, could spur a tale…

These illustrations were probably very titillating back in their day, the mid-1800s.

These illustrations were probably very titillating back in their day, the mid-1800s.

Check out the Wikipedia page on Gustave Doré, there is some cool stuff there. Also check out Dark Classics, a cool art site where I found the Adam and Eve pictures.

And please check out my Amazon page here and enjoy the free samples of my femdom erotica, like the aforementioned Mommy’s Little Dunce (about a guilty fortyish porn writer who gets spanked for his literary sins), She Made a Cuckold on Black Friday (about a holiday shopping trip one man would never forget) or my latest, Learning to Be Cruel Part 2, which is subtitled “Punishment by the Book” and has my submissive hero teased and disciplined in a huge bookstore! If you like the free samples, please try the complete stories for only $2.99 each, which can be read on Kindles or even on your computers and mobile devices with the apps.

This is one of my best stories--very kinky yet very funny.

This is one of my best stories–very kinky yet very funny.

My fascination for Asian girls bubbles over in this one! I write from the groin as well as my brain.

My fascination for Asian girls bubbles over in this one! I write from the groin as well as my brain.

This is the epic sequel to my top-selling ebook Learning to be Cruel. Another exciting Chinese dominatrix rules the narrative!! :)

This is the epic sequel to my top-selling ebook Learning to be Cruel. An exciting Asian dominatrix returns to rule the narrative!!

So that’s what’s been on my mind these last couple of days. I hope 2013 will be better than 2012 in many ways! I hope you have a Happy New Year, and thanks for reading.


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Finding Asian beauty on Christmas Eve…

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus is now a Japanese girl, and I approve.

“What do you want for Christmas, Mr. Neil?”

Maybe these girls will ask me the question too?

A sweet holiday melody.

“You’ve been good, Mr. Neil, so you get a present. Even two presents!”

For somebody like me who writes femdom Kindle ebooks about cruel Asian girls, dominatrixes, and other femme fatalish types–see for yourself here–I certainly have a weakness for cute and sweet-looking ones as well. But it’s not a paradox; as I’ve written many times before, I basically like kind-hearted women who like to play at being cruel, as an erotic game. Real cruelty and bitchiness turn me off and disturb me in general.

So, mesmerized by the beauty of Asian women, I went searching for shots to illustrate a Christmas post and ended up all over the place. I got lost in tumblrs, those fascinating visual blogs. Might have to do one myself sometime. They intrigue me because they are so different from my word-saturated blogs. Tumblrs give stuff to the eyeballs and let the themes emerge through the spectator’s immersion in the sights. They let the spectator “feel” the text in his body and brain through pix, rather than with a profusion of words to guide him to conclusions.

As I searched around for Christmas-themed pix of Asian gals, I stumbled on the following pic of a beauty named Vickybaybeee who had just found some of her Christmas socks:

Socks as Christmas iconography.

Socks as Christmas iconography.

The pic is on one of her tumblrs here. Vickibaybeee has two intriguing tumblrs; the other is here.

Again, have a nice Christmas and thanks for reading my blog and ebooks all year! (I presume this is not too gruesome a photographic contrast between these pretty ladies and my pasty mug?)

"Ho-ho-ho, Merry Egg Nog!"

“Ho-ho-ho, Merry Egg Nog!”


I found the shot of the solo Santa cutie, Rina Akiyama, here. She’s a Japanese actress and photo model, or “gravure model” as they say in Japan. And the Korean singing group Wonder Girls is here.


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Let’s “time travel” back to the hornier 1950s Times Square!

I did a little time traveling last Friday night. Yes, it’s possible if you have the right tools.

The first tool was a mystery novel written in 1951 (the year I was born), and which I found in this 1956 Dell paperback edition at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. By Friday I was well into it, and since it takes place in a seedy hotel in Times Square, I thought it might be fun to go to Times Square and get a cup of coffee somewhere and finish reading it while surrounded by the ghosts of bygone Broadway.

Without this cover, I doubt I would have bought the book.

Without this cover, I doubt I would have bought the book.

The cover painting, by William Rose, perfectly captures the ambiance of the novel, which contains a shady lady who’s up to no good in a sleazy hostelry somewhere between 6th Avenue and Broadway, maybe on 47th Street–which I know from my NYC history was noted for its number of dive hotels. Here’s the 1970s version of the same book, from a different publisher–compare them:

Nicely done cover, but 70s feeling totally anachronistic to the 50s story.

Nicely done cover, but the 70s feeling is totally anachronistic to the 50s story.

Although the latter cover is well executed, and actually includes a clever plot element (the dog), it is totally out of sync with the 1950s aura of the tale. I doubt I would have bought the book with this second cover.

Anyway…for info about where you can find the 1956 Dell version or the 1971 Paperback Library edition, go to the cool site Fantastic Fiction here. (I made a cover scan of my own copy of the book, but the Fantastic Fiction one looks better so I borrowed it.)

Where was I? Oh yes, time traveling. Well, I went to Times Square and I thought I’d have my coffee at the McDonald’s at 46th Street and Broadway, one of the few semi-seedy places still there. This McDonald’s just can’t help but retain some aura of existential angst, literally being situated right smack in the center of the legendary vortex of so many Gotham dreams, triumphs, failures and hopes. (It’s around the corner from Actor’s Equity, after all.) But the McDonald’s was so impossibly crowded last Friday night that I decided to go back home and finish my book there while having Chinese take-out.

It wasn’t as crammed as New Year’s Eve gets, but Times Square gets really clogged with humans around this time of year, and it can feel really lonely if you’re solo and not in a posse of your own friendly humans. So I ankled it back to my apartment. On the way, though, I walked by a souvenir store at 48th Street and Seventh Avenue that used to be a big porn theater where they held premieres back in the 70s and early 80s (yes, gala premieres of X-rated movies, complete with stars, red carpet, and Klieg lights). The only thing remaining that gave proof of that theater having once been there was the sidewalk in front of it, into which porn stars placed their hand prints and signatures–people like Gloria Leonard, Tiffany Clark, and Samantha Fox. Whenever I had visitors from out of town in recent years, I would walk them by that sidewalk and show them the foot-traffic-faded names. But last Friday I noticed, for the first time, that the handprints and signatures were gone, replaced by fresh pavement.

Here is a photo I made in 1995 of that location when it was still the Show Follies theater, with Peep Land next door. I met a couple of pretty hot peep show girls in that joint…but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, in the foreground of the pic I framed a current phone booth advertisement featuring Christy Turlington, one of the supermodels of the time. I always like the contrast of porn with mainstream media’s methods of titillation.

Christy Turlington's sultry ad for Calvin Klein was as sexy to me as anything in the porn shops across the street. (Click to enlarge.)

Christy Turlington’s sultry ad for Calvin Klein was as sexy to me as anything in the porn shops across the street. (Click to enlarge.)

When I got home with my Chinese take-out (I prefer moo goo gai pan, aka chicken with mushrooms), I decided to watch a little something on the DVD player while eating. And this turned out to be my second tool for “time traveling”–a bizarre and cheesy 1959 exploitation movie about the white slavery racket called The Naked Road. Because would you believe it? At the very end, there was a great shot of Times Square back in the 50s, complete with a marquee for the Globe Theater showing something called “Spice of Burlesk.” Felt like I was right there on the Great White Way, as the lights of Broadway used to be called in those days.

I really wonder that "Spice of Burlesk" was. Maybe it'll turn up on DVD one day?

I really wonder what that “Spice of Burlesk” was. Maybe it’ll turn up on DVD one day? (Click to enlarge pic.)

So at least my eyeballs ended up traveling back in time thanks to The Naked Road, which is available in a six-movie set called Weird-Noir from Something Weird Video and Image Entertainment here on Amazon. (I don’t work for them, but I frequently see their movies and have written about them elsewhere.)

Sleazy flicks, just the way Uncle Irv likes 'em! (Click pic to enlarge.)

Sleazy flicks, just the way Uncle Irv likes ’em! (Click pic to enlarge.)

After I watched The Naked Road, I went back to finishing The Murder That Wouldn’t Stay Solved, which was a very entertaining and enjoyable mystery full of colorful New York dialogue and characters, written by an author I had never heard of before, but whose works I will seek out again. He wrote this book under the moniker Hampton Stone, but achieved greater renown as George Bagby–although his real name was Aaron Marc Stein. He lived from 1906-1985. Look him up on Wikipedia under George Bagby here. He wrote about a hundred novels.

So thanks to his book and the footage in The Naked Road, I felt like I got to spend a little time in 50s Times Square–and it’s my pleasure to share it with you.


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Porn scribe’s diary 12/6/12: My immortal prose sidelined by Asian pulchritude…

I thought I was going to blog tonite…I pulled a few pictures to illustrate a post about writers and how they sometimes end up in a different place than when they started writing; but then I got waylaid by a site that had pictures like this…

"Can I help you, Mr. Neil?"

“Can I help you, Mr. Neil?”

In a world gone mad, the beauty of Asian women puts a smile on my face and necessitates adjustments in other parts of my anatomy as well… 😉

Check out Stylish Photos of Gorgeous Asian Women and see if you don’t agree.

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Porn scribe’s diary, 12/5/12: Let’s talk about CHERRIES…

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! 😉 I’m talking about CHOCOLATE cherries.

I've been eating too many of these, I know...

I’ve been eating too many of these, I know…

Well, to be honest, my thoughts about candy cherries were located somewhere near the proverbial “gutter” too, that disreputable trough into which sexy notions are so frequently consigned in our often-puritanical society. Actually, I wrote a pretty good piece this week for my “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” column that was inspired by the chocolate cherries I was eating as I sat down at the laptop. Check it out at the femdom site Domme Dose! I discussed the various ways a dominatrix could have fun with chocolate cherries and a slave…

That green tie you see me wearing above? It actually has a pattern of nymphs and satyrs running around. I used it as a prop for one of my characters in my new ebook Learning to be Cruel Part 2, available on Amazon here. You should see what sexy Chinese dominatrix Miss Meirong uses it for…she calls it a “porn tie.”

She makes my hero do naughty things because it amuses her!

She makes my hero do naughty things because it amuses her!

Tuesday was kind of stressful, as I heard about some unhappy financial matters. I had a hard time concentrating on my writing for awhile, but I finally got down to focus with the aid of some raspberry crumb cake and coffee.

I do seem to eating a lot of sweets…not just cherries…

But since I’ve put cherries in your mind, here’s a nice shot of a girl about to devour them, which I found at a site called Weird Corner here.

Have I ever mentioned my lipstick fetish? Love girls in rich red gloss...

Have I ever mentioned my lipstick fetish? Love girls in rich red gloss…


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Porn scribe’s diary, 12/3/12: Essential smut fuel!

Monday through Friday, I often take a walk over to the local McDonald’s in the morning to get a large coffee. (It’s great that here, in NYC at least, any size McDonald’s coffee is only a buck.) I run this errand half for the coffee, and half to get out of my apartment and see other humans before settling in for my day’s XXX website and porn mag writing.

There is a very pretty girl at the nearby McDonald’s, on the fringe of Times Square, who is always so upbeat and friendly that it’s pleasure to see her working there, even if she doesn’t always wait on me. I wonder what her story is. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went onto much bigger things with her life. Maybe she’s attending college for some interesting degree, or striving to be some kind of entertainer, actress or singer? She does have a very good speaking voice.

Anyway, seeing her perks me up as much as the excellent McDonald’s coffee.

Java–my essential fuel for creating fine smut!

"Will you need more coffee, Mr. Neil?"

“Will you need more coffee, Mr. Neil?”


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Porn scribe’s diary 12/2/12: Oh to be vamped by Marta Toren or Debbie Linden…!

Lately I’ve been very wrapped up in myself and feeling much like a “man alone.” One reason is my natural reclusiveness; I like to spend time by myself, reading books and magazines, watching films, browsing on the computer. The other reason is business; as a freelancer I am always looking out for more work opportunities, and it takes up a lot of my time and attention. When you add to this the fact that I basically already have a full-time freelance job writing copy for adult websites and columns for erotic magazines, it doesn’t leave much time for other people. I like to socialize; in fact, I would rather spend my time hanging out–I certainly did a lot of that in my twenties before I became a very busy porn magazine editor as well as freelance story and script writer on the side; but lately, even though I have less work now that I don’t edit magazines, I feel time is getting more and more precious. I guess this could be simply because I am much older now than when I was sitting in an office until midnight writing and assembling the pictures for my first smut mags, Game and Partner back in late 1981 to early 1983.



As you can see from the coverlines, my current obsession with kinky behavior is nothing new. The late British beauty Debbie Linden is the covergirl on both issues–she was one of my favorite models back then. I got the cover images above from the great online magazine source

Anyway, back to the present. Once a week I get together with some fellow vintage movie buffs and we watch old films. Last week we watched a suspense film from 1952 that featured Claude Rains and the beautiful Marta Toren, entitled The Man Who Watched Trains Go By, released in the USA as Paris Express. It was based on a novel by Georges Simenon, one of my favorite writers of psychological suspense. Below is a vintage European poster I found at a cool film blog here.


Marta Toren, who died in her early thirties, had a short but busy career. Swedish like her countrywoman and friend Ingrid Bergman, she worked with many of the top leading men of the 40s and 50s. Marta held her own with Humphrey Bogart in Sirocco, a kind of “anti-Casablanca,” and she was fetching and cunning as she manipulated Claude Rains in The Man Who Watched Trains Go By, in which she’s often photographed in a Technicolor manner that resembles the noir paperbacks of the era.


I’m glad I get out for “movie night” once a week, but sometimes my impulse is just to stay in my cocoon.

I’ve been feeling reluctant to blog too, lately, so I’m going to try to do short posts to get back into the swing of it, just sharing quick thoughts and maybe a picture or two. Sometimes I think I make this into too much of a production. (That’s my problem in general; I make everything into too much of a production.) Another problem is I feel more and more that I shouldn’t be spending my time writing for free on this blog, when I want to find more freelance work. I feel this even though I started this blog to promote my erotica ebooks which you can find here. Such is the nature of being a self-employed writer–you’re always looking for more gigs. And yet, when I get into it, I really enjoy blogging; it’s a great form of expression that enables me to utilize my two strongest talents: writing and picture-editing. Once I get going, I could blog all day…

By the way, my ebooks are also available at Amazon UK, France, Italy, Germany, India, Spain, and Japan; just search for “Irv O. Neil” in your country’s online Kindle store and you’ll find my listing of books. And if you’ve read any of my titles, feel free to leave a comment on this blog or a review on Amazon. Your feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated. I would love to know your thoughts, pro or con! As the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote in 1847, “What a writer asks of his reader is not so much to like as to listen.”


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