Update on my freelance writing job search…

If you read my previous blog post last night/this morning here you know I’m looking around for more freelance writing work. Things have gotten unusually rugged for me and I need more jobs soon, and ones that pay a reasonable, livable rate (see the linked post for more details of what I mean).

Happily someone came through with a potential project and a helpful advance! 🙂  But I can’t rest until I find more.

Would really love to write clip series for Dommes around a central storyline or theme…like five interrelated clips.

I have loads of ideas for columns about femdom themes…

Writing private erotica, stories just for the buyers who commission them, is always a creative pleasure.

And of course doing ebooks for Dommes, fictional stories that spotlight their personalities and preferences, which they can sell for themselves online via Amazon or other platforms, is something I really want to explore. For example, have you as a Domina ever imagined ruling slaves on another planet…or another dimension…or in another era? I can write a story about those types of things, or any others, which you can sell under your brand. Or if you’re a submissive I can write a story to order for you which you can present to your Domina as a gift.

So many ideas…but tell me what you need!

My Twitter  is here. My portfolio, with my email address near the bottom, is here.

A post I put up on an adult industry forum…click on the image to expand it. 



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I desperately need more work

Selfie with skyscrapers…

Things change. Businesses change. When I started this blog in 2011, although I didn’t know it then, I was in the middle of the best year I would ever have financially as a writer.

I had a main client at an adult magazine company based in New Jersey, a longtime veteran of the business, and I wrote many short stories, articles, and erotic letters for her, and even sometimes the “girl copy” or captions that accompanied the pictorials she ran in her magazines. I wrote for other editors at the same company too. For another outfit, a major adult website in Eastern Europe, I wrote and assembled three online newsletters a week as well as clip descriptions. It was a busy, fun, and very productive year. I didn’t make “big” money, but I made a decent living, just from writing (I was no longer editing magazines), and I even managed to save a little. I wrote maybe a couple hundred thousand words that year, or the equivalent of two very long books, and I never just “banged ’em out.” Every job got tender loving care. I can’t work any other way. 

Then came 2012 and everything fell apart. That chief editorial client lost her job, left the porn field as far as I know, and although I have tried, I have never been able to find another who paid as well and gave me as much steady work and interesting assignments. And then the magazine company–for whom I continued to do a lot of writing–went out of business. And thus truly began my odyssey through the world of online erotica writing, as the reliable sex publications industry in which I had been toiling since 1974 basically collapsed thanks to competition with Internet porn, free or paid.

I’ve had numerous clients since, but over the last couple of years it’s become more and more difficult to find clients who pay a living wage. I am offered rates that might have been reasonable in 1935 (barely), but certainly not in the world of the 2020s. But online I now compete with writers in other parts of the world who will work for 1 or 2 cents a word. That might have been acceptable in America when a hamburger was 15 cents and a cup of coffee a nickel, and you could rent a room for $5/week, but not now. I have to get at least 10-15 cents a word to make the work viable. Otherwise I can’t make enough money to pay my bills. Not the little bills. The bills that keep a roof over your head.

Example: a potential client, someone who seemed like a nice guy I would’ve enjoyed working for, recently wanted 200 word pieces for 2 cents a word. Said he could not pay more. The pieces would’ve taken me at least an hour. So I would have made 200 x .02 = $4.00/hour. I had to say no, because I’d have to work for close to two hours to approach minimum wage. It was not enough.

So I move on. I do what I can to find work in the field I know best and in which I have mastery. One has to be inventive. Here is something I just put up on Twitter the other day.

Basically my point is this. If you who are reading this could use my services–whether writing clip descriptions or any other kind of prose that you might need–or you know somebody else who can use my skills, contact me. Look at my portfolio right on this blog here, and you will see all the many things I have written. Maybe you need posts for a blog, or you want a privately commissioned short story as a gift for a lover or yourself. The possibilities are so many! At the bottom of the portfolio is my email address where I can be reached. And I can also be messaged on Twitter here.

I am flexible to work with. For example, if you don’t want ten clip descriptions for $500, I can do five for $250. I just have to make a living wage for the world of 2023 America, not for 1935. That’s all.

So that’s the story. Weeks have gone by, tax time is coming, monthly bills are coming, and I needed more work yesterday. Contact me and you’ll get your money’s worth.

If you want to see more of what I’ve been up to recently, check out this post too.

Thanks for reading. It was hard to write, because I try to maintain optimism and cool about all this stuff. I think I’m trying to channel Robert Mitchum in a film noir, or something: “Baby, I don’t care.” “If we gotta die, I’m gonna die last.” But the time has come to simply reach out to those who know me, and to those who don’t know me yet, and say,

“I need some more work now. So what can I do for you?”

When I solve this problem, I look forward to getting back to blogging about my usual topics of porn, books, films, art, and whatever else captures my fancy! And yours! 😉


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Meanness Is Their Method

In the late 1970s or early ’80s I wrote a story called “Looking for Mean Women” that was published by one of the lower-rent porn magazines. I probably have it in my archives somewhere, but I’ve lost track of it for the moment. But the title certainly sums up a lot of the fiction I’ve written since.

Talena Vorell, attorney at law, is very mean in this ebook which I published at the end of 2021. In fact, she might be one of the meanest dominatrix characters I’ve ever conjured up…

She calls herself an “erotic authoritarian” and her behavior lives up to it!

Check out her antics, as well as those of her female compatriots in cruelty, at my Amazon Kindle stores worldwide. Here is a quick link to the one in the U.S.

Happy and horny reading!

She took a new slave further into realizing his femdom fantasies than he could ever have imagined before he met her!


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Sadistic Doll with whip aloft in an artful tweet!

One of my steady freelance clients is the femdom website Domme Addiction for whom I do daily tweets at @DommeAddiction about their clip prevues and interview features. The other day a dominatrix retweeted this tweet I wrote back in the early fall…

My colleague SlaveBoySmith does the interviews and then I write & assemble tweets to publicize them. He can be found on Twitter at @DASlaveBoySmith.

I was happy the domme interviewed, Sadistic Doll, whose website is here, and whose Twitter handle is @SADISTIC_D0LL, retweeted this because it was an example of something that came together especially nicely. As some dommes do, she obscures her identity in photos, so to make a tweet that’s interesting without showing the face can be tricky. In this case, her photos for the interview were dramatic, and I thought the combination of these two was particularly good. The whip in the pic on the right, and the kneeling masked slave, work well with the shot on the left emphasizing her hands and cleavage.

Photo editing is something I enjoy, and of course did professionally for the sex magazines of which I was in charge, like CHEEKS, LEG WORLD, GIRLS OVER 40, and SEX ACTS.

I give kudos to Sadistic Doll also for her quote, which intersects so beautifully with the snake-like undulation of her whip!

Tweeting can be creative and a lot of fun, and I often get the same pleasure out of it that I did when assembling a photo layout of a model.

If you need creative tweeting for your business, contact me via Direct Message on Twitter here. And check out my portfolio here, for all the other writing I’ve done. There is also an email address at the bottom of the portfolio where you can write me. And scroll through my blog for other examples of recent things I’ve written! I try to keep busy… 😉

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In 2022, the kinky prose did flow! Now onto ’23!

Another year almost done! And it was a busy one, as you can see by the covers of these new ebooks which I just published from October to December 2022…

My new novella, a tale of an older man, a younger woman, and how an article about two paintings brings their relationship to a crisis…

Where will a conversation in a midtown Manhattan bar lead a dedicated bookworm and the feisty redheaded advertising saleswoman who tempts and puzzles him in equal measure?

He was a fan of a famous showgirl for almost twenty years, from the Roaring ’20s to just after the Second World War. He finally learns, after her death, something shocking that was going on in her mind…

Besides these new stories, 2022 saw the publication, in serial form on Mistress Sidonia’s great website The English Mansion here, of the novella The Revenge of Adorable Gwen, a femdom homage to the work of classic fetish artist John “Sweet Gwendoline” Willie–who usually put his heroines into bondage, rather than men. My tale was inspired by a series of paintings by my British colleague, the fantastic artist Sardax, who turned the tables on the Willie universe and made Willie’s starring damsel-in-distress into a Dominatrix-in-Control, whom I named “Adorable Gwen.” She learns to dish out discipline in an Eastern European gynocratic country that Sardax dubbed “Masotopia,” after the author of Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. And Willie’s bondagemaster is re-imagined into a secretly submissive male I called “Sir D’Evious Dalrymple.” Sardax created the gorgeously kinky pictures sometime ago and brought me aboard to write some twisted fiction to go along with the images. It all came out really well, pix and prose alike, and I certainly had a lot of fun putting myself into the head of a decadent, impoverished 1930s British aristocrat finally admitting his desires to kneel and serve women! 😉

To see and read The Revenge of Adorable Gwen, you have to join the site, and when you do you will see it is an overflowingly carnal compendium of femdom movies and information that is well worth the price. You can read about my own “tour” of the site here. The Revenge of Adorable Gwen ran from April through November 2022 and remains on The English Mansion.

On other fronts of my 2022 work in the erotica trade, in addition to my almost daily tweets here for here and my clip descriptions for the women-in-bondage site Fetish Pros here, I wrote a good amount of fiction and non-fiction for a client who has not yet posted the material online, but when he does, I will let my readers and followers know. I did some very interesting stuff for him, including a deep look into one of the most popular sexual obsessions of our era…but more on that later, when the work is published.

Finally, in October 2022, I began a new series of stories in other fictional modes than erotica (as seen in the covers at the top of this post) and created a new “division,” if I may sound businesslike for a moment, of my Kindle store which I dubbed “The Irv O. Neil Specialty Library.” I know that sounds a mite pretentious, but it’s accurate, as the first story, Do You Remember Me, Lily? is a ghost tale taking place in a Times Square hotel in 1946; and the second two are realistic psychological fiction set in the post-pandemic world of 2022 Manhattan, The Night I Got Off Easy and When A Woman Scowls. Although these are not erotica, they do touch on my favorite subject, female sexual dominance, now and then–but as part of other story motifs. I hope you’ll check them out; they’re available, along with my “Irv O. Neil Erotic Library” on my Kindle store here. And of course in Amazon Kindle stores all over the world as well.

People online talk about blogs not being what they used to in popularity, but all I know is that this blog is read, or at least looked at, all over the planet, which gives me an endless feeling of pride and pleasure! Thank you all! The other day someone in Spain perused many pages of the blog, and I’m making a guess that that’s the person who then purchased a copy, through Amazon Spain, of my novella TAMARA, Eternal Dominatrix (with its great cover by Sardax–visit his website here). Thank you, whoever you are, and I hope you enjoy the tale!

I wish everyone a very Happy, Prosperous, and Healthful New Year and all the best for 2023.


This book takes you back to 1978 New York in all its sleazy, arousing allure. Think about that if and when you watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2023…think about the TRULY WILD spectacle it used to be…!    


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Do we always know what’s best for us?

It’s an uphill climb, as I said recently on Twitter, to promote and sell fiction that is not in my usual wheelhouse of femdom erotica, but I’m having fun writing some other kinds of stories for a creative change of pace and this is the latest. It’s “slice of life” fiction about a man and woman who meet in a bar and have a conversation that may lead to…scrambled eggs at her place? Or something more? If the story has a theme, it might be “Do we always know what’s best for us?” Because my protagonist, Alan, may not. See what I mean by picking up a copy of THE NIGHT I GOT OFF EASY, my latest ebook available on Amazon Kindle here


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If you like my blog, please show your support!

I’ve been doing this blog since 2011 and I’m happy to say it’s read all over the world every day. And if you enjoy it, and there is an Amazon store in your country, please buy an ebook or two and show your support. This can work wonders for the writerly spirit!

Almost all of my ebooks are only $2.99…less than the price of a coffee in most places these days. Only TAMARA, ETERNAL DOMINATRIX, because of its beautiful Sardax cover, is $5.99. And SUBMIT IN THE SNOW, a very brief story, is only 99 cents.

The first review is in on Twitter for “DO YOU REMEMBER ME, LILY?” and it’s the best kind of reaction that I could want for this weird tale, especially that the reader didn’t see the end coming!


So if you enjoy creepy fiction in the mode of shows like One Step Beyond or The Twilight Zone, check it out! A fan wants to encounter the spirit of the dead showgirl he admired over two decades. He gets some surprises, all right…

Or, if your preference is for my femdom erotica, there are many to choose from! 29 ebooks, in fact. Just click for instant download on Amazon and you can easily read them on your phones, tablets, computers, and Kindles.

You can also mix and match; get an erotic ebook, the Lily story, and for readers who love full-length novels of psychological suspense too…

Fate of a Stripper.


Set in Times Square as it was right up to the pandemic. A lonely guy meets the girl of his dreams. Then…



Thank you all in advance, and I look forward to seeing what you think!


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Haunted by the memory of a showgirl…

Happy Halloween! In the spirit of it in this year 2022, I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula for the first time, after a friend on Twitter, the amazing Irish dominatrix SpoiltprincessG, mentioned that it was one of her favorite books. She is quite the reader and in fact that’s how we became acquainted online, when she told me she’d read some of my stories and we got to discussing other authors. In this 2019 post I recall what she thought of my book Fate of a Stripper.

I found Dracula truly an epic novel that illuminated many additional themes of a story so familiar from the innumerable Dracula or vampire films I’ve seen. One aspect of the original novel that never seems to show up in the movies is the deep comradeship between the young people, in late nineteenth century England, who are confronted with the monstrosity that is the blood-drinking count. The elderly, scholarly Dutch vampire fighter Dr. Van Helsing is their guide in the battle, but Stoker gives us a fuller sense of the circle of young men and women on whom Dracula preys, fuller than I can recall from any of the films I’ve seen–although Hammer’s initial 1958 Christopher Lee outing, Horror of Dracula, while heavily compressing the story, does capture some of the confusion and desperation of those under the siege of the fiend. Perhaps Francis Ford Coppola’s version captures some more of this; maybe I’ll re-watch it. Unfortunately, when I saw it thirty years ago in its original release, the movie made almost no impression on me. I don’t recall why.

In any case, being in this supernatural frame of mind, also having enjoyed the ghost stories of British writer Algernon Blackwood during the summer too, as well as revisiting Edgar Allan Poe’s essay “The Philosophy of Composition,” I thought I’d go for a change of pace in my own fiction writing, as I do now and then, with the result that I just published this short tale, “DO YOU REMEMBER ME, LILY?” 

It was initially inspired by the true story of a famous showgirl and burlesque dancer named Faith Bacon who committed suicide back in the 1950s. You can read about her on Wikipedia here. I’ve long thought about her tragic life and imagined what effect her death might have had on her fans, so using this as a plot springboard, I created a character named Lily Dyrell who is driven to a similar fate and whose self-destruction haunts one of her longtime admirers.

Walking around Times Square’s side streets nowadays, one sees amid all the boring new glassy construction the old buildings still standing here and there, so evocative of the noirish past. I decided to take a photo for my cover to get a flavor of world “Lily Dyrell” and her fan “Arthur J. Merkellin” would have moved through.

Obviously my story is not an epic like Dracula but a short, modest tale in the Poesque mode of composition, aiming to create the effects of both fear and sadness as Arthur, confronted with Lily’s spirit, comes to a heartbreaking realization about what was going through the head of his now-deceased dancing goddess.

“DO YOU REMEMBER ME, LILY?” is available at Amazon worldwide as an ebook that can be read on tablets, computers, phones, and Kindles.

By the way, here is the edition of Dracula that I read. The striking face on the cover, which to me looked like a combination of both Bela Lugosi and George Zucco, horror movie kings of the 1940s, was actually a portrait of the Victorian-era British superstar Henry Irving in the role of Mephistopheles. Bram Stoker worked for Irving for many years and the character of Dracula was indeed partly inspired by the actor’s commanding personality.

Finally, if you read and enjoy my new ebook, you might also savor the twists and turns of my supernatural femdom erotica tale, The Dominatrix Who Couldn’t Die, also available as an ebook at Amazon


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Tina Louise as Sappho, Warrior Chariotrix!

It was a feast for the eyes to see Tina Louise playing Sappho and at the reins of a chariot in The Warrior Empress!

I took these shots awhile ago, so I can’t even remember the plotline, but Kerwin Mathews, aka Sinbad of beloved Ray Harryhausen fanboy memory, played her stalwart lover. Yes, I know Sappho was a lesbian, and was a poet and not a warrior empress, but this was a 1960 sword-and-sandal movie, so…allowances must be made. And it was Tina Louise at her most beauteous!! It was fun.

Of course I had to include a shot where she looks sternly at somebody. Love my dominatrixes! 😉


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Wandering through The English Mansion!

I’m really addicted to thoughts of sexually dominant women in many forms, whether it’s a model in an online swimwear catalog who looks like she’s ready to kick my ass for daring to ogle her, or a mid-20th century Sax Rohmer pulp novel about a domineering female supervillain named Sumuru…or in writing about dommes in my freelance social media assignments, or in fiction like The Revenge of Adorable Gwen which I talked about in my last blog post here. Yes, I am preoccupied with The Dominatrix.

If you’ve read the previous post you know that the Adorable Gwen story, which I wrote to original paintings by the great British artist of femdom fantasy Sardax, took place in a small, imaginary gynocratic nation Sardax dubbed “Masotopia,” after Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the 19th century Austrian writer from whose name we get the word “masochism.” Now the Gwen novella is being serialized current on The English Mansion site here, which is kind of like a femdom nation unto itself too!

Mistress Sidonia welcomes us to her realm!

It may be a website, but in a larger sense it also an onscreen utopia of the entire spectrum of BDSM and femdom dreams brought to vivid cinematic, photographic, and written reality by glorious mistresses who really live the life, who are skilled performers and professional dommes who demonstrate an inner passion to rule submissive men and teach them their proper places.

Whether I was watching the Mansion’s webmaster Mistress Sidonia in her full domina regalia talking to a hapless chained slave in a POV style video…

Mistress Sidonia’s verbal intensity is as strong as any slave chain!

…or observing her performance alter ego “Miss Eve Harper,” described on the site as “the boss from hell and a wife that will take strict charge of you in a FLR,” I found myself swirling in a vortex of so many emotions: arousal, laughter, submission, desire–and sheer overall admiration for the encyclopedic kinky splendor of Mistress Sidonia’s throbbingly accomplished site.

One movie called “Sales Deal or No Deal,” showed her in Miss Harper mode as a businesswoman taking charge of a salesman trying to get her to place an order with his company; there was wry comedy as the unsuspecting, naive fellow attempted to sell her in the normal manner, and then exciting femdom interaction as Miss Harper made it apparent she was a sadist and he’d have to appease her needs in that bizarre regard in order to close the deal! Whether getting the fellow in line verbally and ordering him to strip, or with the use of implements to warm his soon-naked behind, Eve drove a pleasingly hard bargain!

It slowly dawns on him that Miss Eve Harper is one tough customer! 😮

Miss Eve Harper demonstates that she is indeed a sadist!

In another clip called “Night Pit Punishment,” she is Mistress Sidonia, taking a naked slave out into the darkness of night on the grounds around the Mansion to punish him for his day of ineptitude and insubordination. She orders him to get into a hole, several feet below the surface, under a metal grate that serves for him to temporarily extend his head to receive obediently her humiliating fluids to keep him warm inside when she leaves him alone in the chilly outside.

In an update this week, the well-known Canadian domme Mistress T has her “office bitch” worship her nylon-clad legs and then deliver the fucking she needs. This gives a hint of the range of activity found on The English Mansion: it is vast! If a lady needs to be serviced by a cock in a hardcore scene, the appropriate man, whether submissive or bull, delivers the meat; or if she wants to dish out pain or punishment, the proper minion or sissy is there for that treatment.

Who wouldn’t want to hurry back to office life with a routine like this?? 😉

The site is exceptionally well organized, with photo galleries accompanying the movies. And the videos are broken up into manageable parts so you can watch them piecemeal at your convenience if you don’t want to view a whole film all the way through at once. And, almost as the cherry on top of the sundae, is Mistress Sidonia’s exceptionally interesting and well-written blog here–which you don’t have to be a member to read–and which always has something captivating to say about a range of topics, whether kinky, femdom, or otherwise.

Top dommes of England, Europe, America, and Canada have all appeared at The English Mansion, a place which I think both John Willie or Leopold von Sacher-Masoch would find exceptionally admirable in scope and satisfaction! It’s well worth a visit for its membership price. I really enjoyed spending time wandering through the Mansion, in a manner of speaking (and I only scratched the surface!), while preparing my post about The Revenge of Adorable Gwen.

And yes, now I have lots more domme thoughts in my noggin to contemplate! 😉


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