Femdom attitude at the beach…

Here’s a shot I grabbed near Times Square, on 44th Street and Eighth Avenue, of an advertising poster for the big new H&M store near Macy’s in NYC’s Herald Square. Click on the pic to make it larger.

"I hope those maggot boyfriends of ours fetched the hot dogs."

To my mind, the brunette seems to say: “I hope those maggot boyfriends of ours fetched the hot dogs.”


Cold-eyed, almost robotic, suspicious, distrustful, judgmental, and holding hands as they join forces–judging by this picture, can these girls see guys as anything but slaves, chattel, or dupes of their considerable wiles?

I wonder…

I love how mainstream advertising sets off all sorts of fantasies, and I’m sure glad New York City didn’t REALLY clean up Times Square as well as they say they did!




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The dark nights of a stripper’s heart…

FATE OF A STRIPPER is a novel that takes you into the girlie joints of New York’s contemporary Times Square (yes, such clubs are happily still there despite the much-publicized gentrification); the hipster scene of the New Burlesque (a little further downtown in the East Village); and into some very dark recesses of the human heart…

In the tradition of the 50s noir paperbacks and films!

A story in the femme fatale tradition of 1950s noir paperbacks and films.

It’s available on Kindle and many other mobile devices at Amazon USAUK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India and The Netherlands.

So please click ahead to Amazon and explore the free sample chapters, and then experience…



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In the desert, you can’t escape who you are…

I want to take a time-out from my focus on erotica to briefly discuss a movie I saw on the channel Get TV, a 1931 Columbia B-western called Desert Vengeance, starring one of the top cowboy stars of the 20s, 30s, and early 40s, Buck Jones. It was written by Stuart Anthony, produced by Harry Cohn, and directed by Louis King.

The story starts on a steamship as Buck plays poker, then moves out West.


Actually, film criticism is something I’ve done throughout my porn career. (My other favorite genres include noir, westerns, 1950s melodramas, sci-fi and monsters, gangster pictures, and sword-and-sandal movies.) Although I started out professionally doing short essays about vintage and current mainstream movies, having studied film history and production in college, when I began writing for porn magazines in the mid-1970s I turned my understanding of cinema to the hardcore genre.

Obviously I had to primarily critique porn for its ability to stimulate, but I also looked for and noted qualities of craftsmanship and skill just as I would in other kinds of movies. For example, I once wrote a piece about how the early 80s porn star Veronica Hart was in some ways the “auteur” of her films just as James Cagney was the “auteur” of the films he starred in. I thought the concept of the “star as auteur” was just as applicable to Hart as it was to Cagney.

Anyway, if you plan on seeing Desert Vengeance, read the rest of this blog post afterward.

What I was struck by in this movie is how two people, played by Buck Jones and Barbara Bedford, pretend to be things they’re not–a “nice” girl and a mining mogul–and end up in a tragedy that seems simultaneously like a Biblical parable (vengeance belongs to the Lord, not us) and an existential fable (we make our own beds and then we have to lay in ’em).

When Buck–who’s really an outlaw (though a lonely one who sincerely craves love)–discovers that Barbara is a con woman bilking him of his money, he goes against that Biblical admonition about revenge. He is going to get even. Barbara and her male accomplice Hugh are not aware that Buck is onto their game, so after the initial scenes in San Francisco, Buck tricks Barbara and Hugh (played by Douglas Gilmore, who seems like a seedier version of Ray Milland) to come out to his desert hideaway to punish them. Buck and Barbara’s relationship has been based on dishonest roleplaying and when it gets down to reality in the desert setting, they see each other more clearly, closer to what they really are. Things turn bleak and painful.

The movie–which, by the way, has its share of shootouts and fisticuffs–doesn’t sugar coat its moral that if you act badly, you may well end up paying for it; but it concludes with a wordless, tender scene between Buck and Barbara that promises not necessarily escape from punishment for their sins, but at least the hopefulness of a sustaining love. After much suffering between them, this scene is unexpectedly moving.

Mostly set Buck’s hideout, an abandoned town called “Skyfields” that has a dingy saloon, a church, and just rooms to sleep in, Desert Vengeance seems to take place in a symbolic wasteland of souls as parched for human kindness as the desert would make them parched for water.

But when Barbara consoles Buck in the church at the end, after all is lost, we get a scene of a bad man embraced by a tawdry but loving woman which has a redemptive punch equal to the moment when floozy Gladys George holds gangster James Cagney in her arms at the end of 1939’s The Roaring Twenties.

Barbara discovers that Buck still loves her, despite his vengefulness.

Barbara discovers that Buck still loves her, despite his vengefulness.


I highly recommend seeing this unusual and undeservedly obscure western. And I’ve already set my DVR for more Buck Jones movies on Get TV.

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New femdom Goddess Vesper in focus!

In the last week I’ve had the pleasure of meeting via Twitter a dominant young New York City girl of Eurasian extraction who goes by the nom de domme Vesper Lynd and as @HeiressVesper for her tweets, and so far has made a couple of femdom clips for the Clips4Sale studio Deadlier than the Male. She is mesmerizing in her bestselling clip “Conniving Secretary,” which rocketed high on the Clips4Sale charts, and you can read more about it and the studio here.

What is especially interesting to me is how Miss Vesper enjoys my femdom ebooks Learning to be Cruel and Learning to be Cruel Part 2, and has said on Twitter how much she identifies with my creation Miss Meirong, the graduate student and bookstore clerk who enslaves freelance writer Lester Cronkberg in the two parts of the novella.

I have openly expressed my admiration for “Conniving Secretary” to Miss Vesper on Twitter, and these three screencaps I made show her at her beautiful best as she weaves her web around her slave in this video!

Her look of dominant skepticism quickly puts a submissive male in his place...

Her look of dominant skepticism quickly puts a submissive male in his place…


Miss Vesper knows the power of her legs & uses it to befuddle & subdue the male...

Miss Vesper knows the power of her legs & uses it to befuddle & subdue the male…


And in a matter of minutes, it's time for the male to kneel before her!

And in a matter of minutes, it’s time for the male to kneel before her!


When I told Miss Vesper (she allows me to call her “Miss,” which I like to do with dommes as a sign of respect and awe) that I had watched “Conniving Secretary” four times, she told me to watch it a fifth time and then report back which moments in the clip had struck me with particular force.

I readily did as she requested. (In the movie, she points to the floor when it’s time for the male to get down at her feet. Metaphorically, by requesting I watch the video a fifth time, Miss Vesper pointed me to the floor, and–metaphorically again–I kneeled willingly.)

It would be great to write femdom clips around Miss Vesper’s charismatic persona, as I am sure the results would be tantalizing. From 1987 through 2003 I wrote twenty-five full-length screenplays for all the top actresses and adult industry studios–Masseuse 3 with Taylor Hayes, an original script of mine with several femdom elements including forced housework and cuckolding, won the XRCO Award for Best Picture of 1998–so it would exciting to write sinema again, and this time totally with the femdom focus close to my heart and hard-on!

I’ll keep you posted…


UPDATE, 3/4/15: Since the above was written, Miss Vesper has written a review of Learning to be Cruel Part 2 on Amazon, although it really discusses the impact of both parts. You can find it here.


Meanwhile, I was chatting online with Lawrence, the head honcho of Deadlier than the Male studios, and we got into a discussion of classic femme fatale fiction. I’ve always believed that the noir spider ladies are the antecedents for the dommes of today. Mainstream paperback noir fiction of the 50s was a sublimated version of femdom. The women enslaved their men but they just didn’t use the overt dominant/submissive roleplaying we see in media today. Instead of having their men do naughty things in bookstores (as Meirong has Lester do in Part 2 of Learning to be Cruel), the noir gals would send their men off to ruination through crime or punishing adulterous trysts, just to use two examples.

Anyway, Lawrence asked me to tell him who some of my favorite noir authors are, especially with a femme fatale focus:

The first one I thought of was David Goodis: his book Behold This Woman is really full of femdom vibes. I haven’t read it in many years but I never forgot it for the scene where the femme fatale brutally hits some guy–I think her husband?–I’d never quite read a scene like that before. According to what I’ve read, in real life Goodis was into picking up big black ladies to verbally abuse him. And the novel was supposedly inspired by his commanding ex-wife.

This is the cover of the same paperback version I read.

This is the cover of the same paperback version I read.


This is the cover of the original hardcover version. What a vixen!!

This is the cover of the original hardcover version. What a vixen!!


If you to the site of Captain Ahab’s Rare Books you can see a personal note that Goodis gave with the book to a friend, and read more of the outrageous plotline as well as learn the price of this extremely rare edition.

Goodis’s books are so intense I can only read one every two or three years. In his novel Of Tender Sin, a female chides a male for enjoying housework! If that isn’t out of a femdom scenario, I don’t what is.

Another author I like is Charles Williams, and his novel A Touch of Death has one of the greatest final scenes of a femme fatale kissing off her chump in ANY book. Might be my favorite. Available through Hard Case Crime with a sensational cover by Chuck Pyle:

This is a rare instance of a modern cover being far better than any of the 50s originals. Google the others and see what I mean.

This is a rare instance of a modern cover being far better than any of the 50s originals. Google the others and see what I mean.


Another author I like is Bruno Fischer, whose work dated back to the early pulp days. His last novel The Evil Days is a very twisty book set in suburbia, maybe his best with some tricky female maneuvers.

John D. MacDonald, John McPartland, Lawrence Block, and Gil Brewer are other authors who have good noirish deadly or at least edgy and feisty females in their books.

And though not a 50s paperback writer, the Japanese novelist and short story writer Junichiro Tanizaki, in his fantastic Seven Japanese Tales, has many femme fatale femdommish motifs AND an explicitly deadly female tale called (if I recall correctly) “Tattoo,” about a nice girl who gets a spider tattoo on her back and “transitions” into her dark dominant power. Very erotic, although definitely NOT erotica–just juicy with intense insights into psychosexual issues. His classic novel Naomi, about a guy who creates his own dominatrix, in a sense, was so influential that a Japanese BDSM film actress, Naomi Tani, named herself after the title character. However, as far as I know, Naomi Tani ironically played submissive females in her movies, while the Naomi of the novel turns out to be anything BUT submissive. Tanizaki’s novels are loaded with foot fetishism, cuckold fantasies, and other kinks.

So these are a few of the authors I like, and who have helped set me on my own road of creating femmes fatale in my stories. Check ’em out, and again, take a look at the new femme fatale Vesper here.


Although I made the screencaps, all the images of Vesper Lynd from “Conniving Secretary” are © 2015


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Eve Meyer hosts Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

I was talking with my writer friend Phil the other day–he’s another fervent aficionado of beauty, as I am myself– especially of the beauty of actresses and models past and present. I was telling him about the late cheesecake model and early Playboy centerfold Eve Meyer, who was married to glamour photographer Russ Meyer for awhile and had a big hand in helping build his career as a softcore erotic filmmaker. And then the next day I went to a record collector’s show, just on a whim because I don’t particularly collect records, and I found this wonderful example of a cheesecake album cover featuring Eve.

Click on the photo to see it larger.


No photo credit is given, but the picture was most probably taken by hubby Russ, who did so many great pictorials of Eve. Those pictorials I do collect, in the often frayed old girlie magazines I find at New York City flea markets. I’d never heard of the Philharmonia Orchestra performing the featured symphonic pieces, but I figured what the hell, I’m buying it for Eve on the cover, not the music. Still, when I listened to it the next day while writing some website porn copy, I was pleasantly surprised that the interpretations were vigorous, and even the scratchiness of the old vinyl sound added a certain pleasurable “oomph” to the listening experience. Really, holding the album, taking out the disc and placing it on my turntable, it almost felt as if Eve herself were hosting the performance, ushering me into the concert hall in my mind, and inviting me to enjoy the timeless sounds of George Gershwin, Franz Liszt, and George Enescu (spelled the variant French way as “Enesco” on the album).

A delightful purchase indeed!

Look up Eve Meyer online; she was a real beauty, a great model, and an accomplished businesswoman.


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New York Times photo is perfect foot fetish femdom erotica!

As somebody who has written about the foot fetish in fiction, journalism, and horny photo set copy since 1975, I consider myself an expert on the topic. I wrote for Leg Show and Leg Action magazines, I wrote and edited Leg World; and of course I am the eminent author of Toes Are For Sucking, available in the Kindle Store at Amazon…and I write web copy each week for

My experiences with hookers and dominatrices over the years further enriched my knowledge of the commanding beauty of women’s feet.

In a scholarly vein, therefore, I’m always looking for new examples of art, photography, fiction and film which touch upon this topic.

So I was delighted while drinking my morning coffee on Wednesday 1/21/15 to open the New York Times and see this photo by Sara Krulwich, illustrating a review of a new play by Halley Feiffer, I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard.

I am sure this clipped by many foot lovers for private study and analysis.

I am sure this photo was clipped by many foot lovers for private study and analysis.

The character portrayed in the photo is described in Charles Isherwood’s review as “a self-confident woman…Now all razor edges, where before she was a puddle of anxiety…Ella has…come into her psychological inheritance, barking vicious orders at underlings…and preening over…her new success.”

Sounds like a bit of an informal “dominatrix-in-daily-life” situation to me.

But it’s the photo, even more than the prose, which sealed the deal for my brain and sac. At first, reading the review, I wondered who the character in the picture was, because Ella is indeed at first evoked as a “puddle of anxiety.” But coming into her own, she becomes a different Ella from the beginning of play, and her new dominance is visually conveyed through the primal authenticity of beautiful bare feet sculpted dramatically by the slanting light, even as she purses her lips in cruel authority and holds yet another popular symbol of female domination, the cigarette, lest we have any doubt that this female could eat thumb tacks instead of Cheerios for breakfast. And, perfectly complementing Ella’s aura of inexorable command, the figure of the man exiting right looks defeated.

Defeated by The Woman, as symbolized by her lips, cigarette, legs, and feet. Oh, and that upraised right hand looks ready to swat away any mere fly of an underling who upsets her. This is a timeless image indeed! It could take place in any century.

So bravo to the Times for splendid foot fetish femdom eroticism in a single masterful theatrical image, captured by the skill of photographer Sara Krulwich. The actress is Betty Gilpin, and actor on the right is Reed Birney. This is one for the scrapbook!

For an extra treat, check out the full review online at the Times here, where you’ll also see the extra dimension of vibrant color. What a vixenish red dress she wears!

And seriously, check out Toes Are For Sucking too. You’ll be glad you did.






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Happy New Year with a lady in boots

Happy New Year! After such a nice series of four-day holiday weekends (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) it’s back to porn writing, tabloid reading, and sandwich eating.

Sandwich &DailyNews

This is something I was lingering over the other day with my Velveeta on a bagel…photos in the New York Daily News of Jada Pinkett-Smith from a layout she did in one of those get-shapely mags for gals.

I’m sure the coming week will bring more nice pix in the News and the New York Post to enliven our collective libidos!

I wish everybody a prosperous and healthy 2015.

Be sure to check out one of my femdom ebooks too and enjoy your January to the max!



And if you want something even more ambitious, give my full-length novel about a stripper and her customer a try.

ValerieNovel PublicityCover

They’re all available at Amazon here. Happy reading!


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