The great Orrie Hitt, paperback king

Sometimes all I wanna do is read 1950s/60s Orrie Hitt softcore novels about lecherous doctors banging their receptionists and worried women wondering if they loved or loathed that first lesbian encounter back in the rooming house. Hitt’s stories really capture, with compassion and insight, the feeling of desperation on so many levels–emotional, sexual, financial, and societal. A great realistic novelist in the humble guise of a “crank-till-you-croak” drugstore paperback scribe. My kinda guy.

I’ve read four of his novels so far: the two below, just finished, as well as his first I’ll Call Every Monday and his proto-Mad Men advertising jungle novel Rotten to the Core. You know what I mean if you’re a vintage paperback fan like me. His terrific work just pulls you in and you forget your own troubles for awhile. And those covers!! Like Sheba, painted by Rudy Nappi. So read Orrie Hitt’s novels. You can find them inexpensively on Kindle if you don’t want to hunt down the original paperbacks. Or start by reading about him, here, this is a good introduction. And here, a fine deeper dive.


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Fellatio First Freaks Out Filmgoer

The other day, when I was writing a video description of a fuck’n’suck scene and the girl was going down on the guy, I suddenly flashed to the first time I saw a blowjob onscreen. I’ll never forget it. It was at the Standard Theater on Prospect Avenue in Cleveland, where I used to go when I wanted to get away from the small town nearby where I was going to college. The school was only 32 miles from Cleveland but the bus trip took two and a half hours, and as I rode in I looked at the Cleveland newspaper which always had a sleazy ad for the adult films the theater showed. The anticipation of the sinema experience was very pleasurable. I was eighteen years old and already an aficionado of Playboy magazine and other lesser, but equally significant (to my imagination) stroke books.

When I first started going to the Standard, circa 1970, the fare was softcore. Stimulating yes, nudity yes, but no actual sex onscreen. I think the first movie I saw there was Over 18…And Ready!, a black-and-white melodrama from 1969 about a rebellious girl who wants to be an actress and whose sexual antics in Hollywood lead her to grief. I saw the movie again decades later when it was re-released by one of the cult movie video distributors, Something Weird Video.

Something Weird basically rescued the entire once-lost 1960s softcore film genre.

You can read more about Over 18…And Ready! here, and see an image collage too.

I also remember another movie I particularly found exciting was 1970’s Teenie Tulip, about some psychiatrist who was treating patients about their various sexual hangups. In one scene, a girl was sucking on a banana for, shall we say, an extended period of screen time. Most edifying to my charged-up psyche.

Much later on I learned that movie was directed by Gerard Damiano, who eventually became famous for Deep Throat and whom I met in New York briefly during my sex magazine writing days. And I only discovered last night, when looking online for Teenie Tulip references or images, that it is actually listed (title only) on the Turner Classic Movies website here. Maybe someday it’ll show up on their Friday night cult fest TCM Underground?

Anyway, the movies at the Standard in 1970 were tame, but then one day, maybe in ’71, after the softcore feature they abruptly cut to a coming attraction wherein a gigantic penis filled the screen, with a female mouth descending upon it. I recall the screen at the Standard was fairly large, so it was a huge organ indeed, pointing up maybe ten feet high, swallowed by enormous horizontal lips maybe six feet across. I was so startled by the jarring transition that instead of being turned on, I was befuddled, and almost thought I was having an hallucination–but it was real. Hardcore movies soon became the fare at the Standard. Unfortunately, the XXX films they showed in those days were not as interesting or entertaining as the softcore ones–most were pretty crude and unimaginative in the beginning–and I soon lost interest in going to the Standard. Obviously, the hardcore genre improved with age.

I became curious to see if I could find a picture online of the exterior of the Standard from the ’70s, complete with the marquee I recall it having. I haven’t found one so far (but if I do, I’ll come back and post it here) but I did find a site that shows a picture of the auditorium interior (the theater, opened in 1914, was closed in 1989 and demolished in 1995). And suddenly, from this one picture, I felt as if I were back there. The bus from college always deposited me in Cleveland around 8 a.m., so after breakfast I always got there for the first show around 10 a.m., walking down the long entranceway to the auditorium after getting my ticket from the middle-aged lady in the admissions booth. I remember sitting there, eager for the movie, amid the sparsely populated audience of other smut fans awaiting our scuzzy dreams to unfold before us.

Here is a link to the site where you can see the interior of the Standard, and many other images of it through its history.

Postscript: when I went to look for images of the movies I mentioned above, I discovered that my own blog was referenced in Google Images as I had written about the Standard and Teenie Tulip here way back in 2013! I guess I forgot! You can read that earlier post here. The film I refer to in that post, wherein an actress is asked in an audition about her “Hebrew school” acting experience, was Over 18… And Ready!, but I didn’t include the title then because I wasn’t sure it was the right movie.


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Entranced by Goddess Lycia

The experience of serving a dominatrix is one I’ve written about extensively in my erotic fiction here, and in my original 1997 screenplay for Masseuse 3, available here (the femdom scene is “Leanni Lei and Chloe Make Out and Enjoy Cock”; I can even be glimpsed in the scene “Sexy Chicks Eat Pussy and Finger Each Other,” as incongruous as my presence in that sequence might sound). But in real life, I have primarily explored it in roleplaying over the years in paid dungeon sessions or verbal interplay with lap dancers in strip clubs. One of the characters in Fate of a Stripper, my psychological suspense novel (available here) submits himself to the stripper of the title as his foot mistress, playing out his fetish fantasies.

But I never really felt as deeply in the past as I do in my online interactions lately–on Twitter or in emails–with Goddess Lycia. She is a unique individual, as striking in her creative artistry in photos, videos, writing, and femdom audio clips, as she is in her beauty. She describes herself on her website here as a hypnodomme and humiliatrix. She is also a lipstick domme, as she elaborates in her other site here. But her talents go far beyond these simple labels. There are her eyes, and her amazing voice, and her lips, just three of her instruments to take a susceptible male into her unique world of erotic roleplaying…and erotic reality. Her creations have a powerful resonance.

The snapshot I took below of her self-portrait, placed on my shelf, has a kind of misty quality from the morning light of my apartment…she is a stunning redhead now. The second portrait is from her earlier blonde mode that initially entranced me. Her wet blonde hair is such an evocative detail…on seeing it, my imagination informs me that perhaps she has just taken a shower after a pleasant encounter with what she likes to call an AML…Alpha Male Lover…

Originally I was going to just send the following poem to her on Valentine’s Day, as a grateful admirer, but I kept fiddling with it. Or “diddling” with it? 😉 Then I thought I would deliver it on her birthday, February 23rd, but it still didn’t strike me as finished.

Finally, almost two weeks later, I completed it, and I realize that what I was trying to do, and which had been eluding me, was to capture the range of my feelings, of which adoration is but one. I can rarely say just one thing, when I am thinking two things. I think I’ve achieved that balance, so maybe that makes the poem worth sharing with others as well, who perhaps also view the femdom situation through a prism of many emotions. Unless, of course, the fog of my devotion to Goddess Lycia has clouded my literary judgment and it is verse I just should have shared with her. Is it cogent or puerile? I’ll let you decide. The key to what I am saying is in the last three words of the verse. The title is “Enslavement in Process…”

Here is a link to the previous poem I posted in her honor of Valentine’s Day 2017. Four years ago! If anything, I tend to be long-lived in my loyalty to those with whom I feel any sort of real connection…I went to the same barber for over two decades, the same doctor for forty-seven years, and back in the old days of Times Square, I patronized the same fantasy booth/peep show girls for two or three years each, until I ultimately drifted away from that mode of entertainment in favor of visits to dungeons or strip clubs. Likewise with dommes or exotic dancers: if I liked someone, I focused on them for quite awhile, to the exclusion of others. When I went to the clubs, I went to see specific women, although I would always tip other dancers as well.

Goddess Lycia has dubbed me “irvsie” in our occasional exchanges, which is a nickname that makes me smile. I like it, coming from her…sounds like something out of an old Esquire cartoon with an old banker being tantalized by a Petty girl type. Although I am as far from being a banker as one can get… 😉

My journey to these interactions with Goddess Lycia has been a long, winding one…but knowing her makes me feel better than usual, taking me out of my habitual gloom–as I say in the poem. You see, although the typical idea is that a dominatrix puts you below her, and Goddess Lycia can certainly do that, ironically she lifts me up as well–with an adventure of the mind, heart, and libido.

But where am I going with it all? For an answer, I think of what Theodore Roethke wrote in his famous poem The Waking:

“I wake to sleep and take my waking slow.
I feel my fate in what I cannot fear.
I learn by going where I have to go.

“We think by feeling. What is there to know?”


I took these photos of Goddess Lycia’s pictures to give you a sense of her charismatic presence. (It is a quirk of mine; I frequently take pictures of other pictures, as well as endless snapshots of buildings, statues, and the way light plays on the city scene.) But all her photos are copyright by Goddess Lycia.


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How many years have you aged during the pandemic?

In the porn movie biz, we used to joke that the stars aged in “dog years”–seven years for each human year.

I think there was some truth to that. Being a smut star could be a rough gig.

In contrast, being a porn writer can keep one young. Just imagining various titillating scenarios can make you feel you’re years, even decades, younger than you actually are. You are frisky in your mind or on paper or keyboard, and it translates to feeling frisky in your body too. Until you look in the mirror and realize you’ve been laboring under a delusion or two…

I wonder how many years I’ve aged during this pandemic? I think maybe two for the last year.

What about you?

Meanwhile, to maintain my youthful figure (figuratively speaking), I published this new femdom novella at the very end of 2020, THE SLAVE YOU WERE MEANT TO BE, here, and it’s been the fastest selling of all my ebooks in the almost ten years I’ve been publishing them (I started with LEARNING TO BE CRUEL in June 2011–you can find that one here).

Talena Vorell is one of the cruelest ladies I’ve ever written about, and her new slave is ready to follow her orders to the letter.

This novella is quite a contrast to the more romantic one I published in June 2020, SO YOU WANT ME TO DOMINATE YOU? here, about two hesitant people exploring femdom while social distancing at the height of the NYC lockdown in the spring of that year:

Although these covers are posed thousands of miles away from me by professional models I don’t personally know, it’s funny how I feel as if I do know them once I put them on the covers to embody the characters in my tales.

You can find THE SLAVE YOU WERE MEANT TO BE here along with SO YOU WANT ME TO DOMINATE YOU? and all my other 28 femdom ebooks.

Seriously, though, I’m not being flippant about the pandemic aging process or using it just for clickbait. I sometimes feel as if the stress and constriction of daily life as we weather this situation is speeding things up. Today, in fact, I felt so claustrophobic in my apartment that I had to rearrange things so I could write in a different area and give myself a sense of variety (no small feat in that I live in a studio that’s more like an office than a living space, crammed as it is with books, boxes, magazines and files).

And the arctic temperatures NYC is experiencing right now definitely add to the feeling of being “shut-in.”

Meanwhile, looking on the positive side, another good thing, writing wise, is that a website called Aborigen, devoted to the “size fetish” (wherein people dream about being miniature or gigantic for erotic purposes) contacted me at the end of 2020 to reprint a story I wrote in 1995 and that was published in the March 1996 issue of the newsstand fetish mag LEG ACTION. My original title for the story was “Mini-Man,” the magazine’s editor changed it to “Shrunken Desires,” and this site altered it (for the better, I thought, since I was never crazy about “Shrunken Desires”) to “Shrunken Delights.”

If you’ve ever imagined the possibilities of life as a six-inch tall cuckold to your gorgeous wife, check out the adventures of Andrew and Sherilyn, and their bull Ragnar–a scientist who shrinks Andrew for the good of humanity–here.

Enjoy, and stay safe.


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Erotica readers have power

Spend your New Year’s holiday (at some point!) with femdom erotica~~

How two people found each other femdom-style during the pandemic…
A story of extreme teasing with a little financial domination also in the mix!
She had a unique take on one of the classics of piano literature!

…I wish I could say otherwise, but my ebooks don’t sell a lot of copies. They do sell a certain amount steadily every month, and have for several years, but just not as many copies as I would hope for. I’ve done many things to promote these stories…like this blog; wrote a column called “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” for the late lamented Domme Dose site from late 2011 to early 2014, which provided me a forum for my raunchy ramblings and got me interacting with dommes and subs; I still actively promote the books on Twitter; and I’ve done several interviews about my work, the most prominent of which can be found here ; and here is the write-up I gave it earlier on this blog. There was another good lengthy Q&A, done by Gracie Passette, as mentioned here, but that seems to have disappeared online along with the site it appeared on,

So. I guess unless some famous personage (fill in your choices) embraces my work in public online, the sales will continue to trudge along at their faithful but skimpy pace. 😉

Meanwhile, let me note that the readers of erotica truly have power to alleviate a smut-scribe’s periodic fits of gloom. To wit (as they used to write, and sometimes I love to write that way), a brief comment I received a few mornings ago, after peering at a barren stretch on my Amazon sales report, really picked up my spirits:

A porn writer with self-esteem issues gets a very healing treatment in this one! For my earliest books, I created to the best of my crude ability hand-drawn covers in the style of old school fetish booklets once found in the porn shops of Times Square.

Originally, Mommy’s Little Dunce was graced with an illustration by Sardax when it was first published in LEG SHOW in the late ’90s, and you can see, and read about, that gorgeous art here.

  • * * *

Reviews and comments are so important. No writer I know wants to feel he or she is sending work out into a vacuum, so rest assured, readers–your words, positive or negative, are meaningful. On a blog, on Twitter, on Amazon. Like these…

Or these for Rule by Cleavage!

And one more!

So, just to know that you are listening is a balm to the spirit! THANKS for reading!

Happy 2021, and I’ll have news here shortly of a new ebook soon to be published. Meanwhile, you can check out my current femdom books (and psychological suspense novel Fate of a Stripper) here on Amazon. Pleasant and kinky daydreams to all!


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Porn: exactly the way your business needs it!

Hello! Irv O. Neil here. For potential clients, as well as those who follow my porn writing odyssey through this blog (which I’ve been doing since 2011), here is an update about my recent accomplishments.

A porn industry forum post from 2018 sums up my approach today as well. Click to enlarge!

As a freelancer, I am always looking for more assignments, especially steady accounts for whom I can write over the long term. But I am interested in all work to which I can bring my talents for writing, editing, photo selection, and my encyclopedic knowledge of erotica. I can also write on a variety of mainstream topics.

Whether you have a site which requires a lot of copy, or a fantasy you wish to see come to life in a commissioned short story to your specifications, I can help you.

I am a one-man shop, with a “country doctor” approach, as explained in the image above. In fact, many people over the years have even called me “Doc,” as in “Doctor of Pornology.” 😉 You deal directly with me. Just drop me an email at

In a manner of speaking, you come into my office, sit down, tell me what you need, and I write it. It can be as simple as that.


One of my regular accounts since April 2016 has been; I do their Twitter account @DommeAddiction.

Using something of the same approach as I did when editing magazines, I bring a personalized touch to the social media as “Tweetmeister Irv” while posting about the femdom video previews and interviews on the site, as well as interacting with dommes, clip creators, and the site’s fans and followers.  Below are a few sample tweets I wrote for the DommeAddiction timeline…

The full Twitter for @DommeAddiction can be found here. Since I took over this account, it has grown from 1700 to almost 18,000 followers all over the world.

In another recent assignment for the same account, I also did a long review for Domme Addiction about the mainstream novel EDGE PLAY by Jane Boon, published this past July 2020, which deals with BDSM from a unique Wall Street perspective. That review can be found here.


Another of my recent jobs was working on articles, video descriptions, and mini porn star profiles such as these for the sites,, and

I’ve done a tremendous amount of writing for this account, on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Japanese fetishes like “ahegao” (orgasm-face) to profiles of the top transgender porn stars to product descriptions of sex toys and lingerie; seamlessly integrating the appropriate SEO keywords as well.


For my longtime client and Tortured, I recently did more titles and video descriptions. A few examples:


For the British site, I wrote sexy humorous descriptions of some of their video series. Two samples:


And finally, for my own self-publishing enterprise, I put up a timely erotic novella in June 2020 dealing with how the problems of social distancing during the NYC lockdown could be overcome with imaginatively kinky encounters tailored to the era of the 2020 pandemic:

As with the magazines I edited, I take special pride in selecting the covers of my ebooks.

Mistress Paige and slave danny communicate through provocative notes they slip under each other’s apartment door. Paige gets the ball rolling with her first note:

You can see a longer preview of this book and the many positive reviews it has gotten at my Amazon page here…as well as the full lineup of the many other ebooks I’ve published since 2011 here. I purchase the cover images I currently use from an account I have with a stock photography agency.


So you see here a few examples of the work I’ve done recently. For a fuller picture of my range of work, visit my previous round-up of recent writing here or my more extensive portfolio here .

And again, you can reach me with inquiries at

Now let me help you meet your adult business writing needs with the imagination, quality, efficiency, and professionalism I have delivered to over four decades’ worth of clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

~~Irv O. Neil

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Fiction therapy

Things I have read lately…fiction helps me keep my sanity in tough times.

The late film critic Stanley Kauffmann was a good novelist too, and A New Desire is an absorbing book about a former professor trying to get into the business world in the 1950s. He is involved with two different types of women. What I liked about this were the characterizations and the interior dialogue that analyzed in detail the emotions set off by business negotiations and love relationships.

Hostage for a Hood is by the heist novel specialist Lionel White. It’s available on Kindle ebook and I recommend it. I read my fragile vintage copy and was entertained thoroughly by this intricate story of an ordinary housewife who stumbles into a robbery situation and ends up as a hostage. White could tell an intricate crime story with the precision of a well-made timepiece. Very satisfying and exciting.

Now I am in the middle of Stoner by John Williams, the fictional story of William Stoner, an English professor at the University of Missouri in the first half of the 20th century. He is married to a strange woman whose cruelty to him, in a domestic rather than criminal fashion, strikes me as more devastating than any of the shady erotic manipulations of “broads” “skirts,” and “dames” in the 1950s noir novels that I also love. I’m near the end of Stoner and I’m glad to see the professor is, at the moment, involved in a tender love affair with one of his former students, now a teaching colleague. Stoner is a good guy and deserves a break from the bitch at home.

Stoner is a book I’ve wanted to read for years, and I bought a copy right before NYC locked down in late March. I only finally got to reading it now, and I’m really enjoying its psychological insight and exquisite writing.


P.S. 11/1/20

I finished reading Stoner last night and it was overwhelming in its emotion, its forgiveness of human frailty, and in its picture of an ordinary man’s life in all its unavoidable messiness and bewildering failures and quiet triumphs. Highly recommended if you enjoy an honest look at life.

You might ask, what do books like Stoner or A New Desire or Hostage for a Hood have to do with the theme of this blog, Erotica Is My Trade? Simply, by reading beautifully done works like this, and the various other books I mention now and then elsewhere on the blog, I enrich and educate myself in my own craft of writing. It is very relevant indeed.

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Gimme that old time dystopia…

…it sure beats the one we’re living through right now!

And to escape from the spectacle of 2020, I’ve been reading a number of things. One which has been giving me a lot of pleasure is the Avon Fantasy Reader #13 from 1950, edited by Donald Wollheim, a legendary name in science fiction history.

Too bad we can’t find magazines like this on newsstands today! Wait a minute..there are hardly any newsstands left anymore… 😮


The title story, “The Love Slave and the Scientists,” by Frank Belknap Long, which inspired the cover by artist Manuel Rey Isip (according to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database here)  is set in a “utopia” where men take their extramarital pleasures with lovely androids. But times haven’t changed that much…these fellas don’t like their wives to do similarly with male androids! An enjoyable, witty tale.

Even better is a story called “Original Sin” by S. Fowler Wright, wherein humankind overthinks itself into extinction…but its one hope for starting again has an unexpected twist that shows people will stay people, and fallible, no matter how you think you can perfect them.

And best of all is “The Forgotten Planet,” by Sewell Peaslee Wright, from 1930, which almost seems like something of a forerunner of the 1960s Star Trek series, complete with a spaceship run along nautical lines by a brave captain (Captain John Hanson) and staffed with loyal officers who try to prevent him from doing things like going on perilous missions by himself…shades of Kirk, Spock, and Bones! I highly recommend this imaginative tale. You can find an informative article about the sadly forgotten but very talented author here

…and you can enjoy all these stories yourself on the Internet Archive here! Maybe they’ll also take your mind for a little while off the stresses of life today.


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Temptresses are eternal…

Nothing beats a good femme fatale for satisfying entertainment, in my estimation, whether in films or books.

Fashions change but temptresses are eternal.

Janis Carter vamps in Night Editor from 1946…she’s got some nasty plans…

I like to take pictures of actresses right off the tv screen.


Janis works her wiles on William Gargan, a tough cop–and her adulterous lover–who’s struggling under her tricky spell:


He listens patiently as she tries to pull the wool over his eyes…


Of course, with someone as beautiful as Janis in front of his eyes, this is fairly easily accomplished…


…but as you can see from his evolving expression…


…Bill wisely remains on his guard as she tries to pull a fast one! (I’m not giving away any spoilers. This is noir. You know things like this happen in noir between dames and gents.) Anyway, Janis plays one tenacious temptress here and Bill has his hands full, even though he’s got luscious Jeff Donnell at home as his wife. If Jeff (her childhood nickname) had been my spouse, I would never have strayed in the first place. She is one of my faves, one of those under-celebrated glories of Golden Age Hollywood. (This is a studio glamour portrait, not Jeff’s character in Night Editor of a lovely but very worried housewife.)


After I put up this post, I heard that Night Editor will be the first presentation of TCM’s new Noir Alley season on 9/6/20 at 10 a.m. EST, so you can see what Janis, Jeff and Bill were up to in this fun noir. I’ve added a few more screen caps to my original post that I’d still had in my files.

Meanwhile, on the contemporary front, my own femme fatale creation Valerie Vickers vamps Vic Vanner in FATE OF A STRIPPER, available on Amazon here.

(“Valerie Vickers” is the character’s name, not the name of the model who posed for this cover–who is the perfect physical embodiment of the character. The photo credit is in the image.)


A review by reader P. Slim:

The book is my pride and joy, a psychological suspense noir novel set in contemporary Times Square as it was right up to the pandemic. I hope you’ll try it!


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Unemployed Wall Street Woman Takes an Arousing Detour into the Life of a Professional Dominatrix


A novel by Jane Boon

Reviewed by Irv O. Neil

I really enjoyed this well-written first novel by Jane Boon and want to share with you about it. It tells of an investment banker named Amy who loses her job in the 2007/2008 business world meltdown and subsequent Great Recession. It turns out her best friend from college, Erika, leads a double life as an art gallery owner and secret dominatrix, and when Erika has to go to Europe for a few months, she suggests in true Best Friend Forever style that Amy fill in for her in the dungeon. Erika commands top fees in the BDSM field–thousands per session–and so will Amy, meaning that she’ll be able to pay her bills while looking for a new job on Wall Street. 

Although she’s reluctant at first, not being particularly kink-minded (although she does have a well-described taste for erotic adventures at hotel bars when the urge for uncomplicated sex hits her), Amy is intrigued at this opportunity not only to be able to continue paying back her student loans, but to do something out of the box, defying her usual more conventional approach to living. In other words, as a dominatrix, Amy gets a taste of the outlaw life and enjoys it. But she also views it realistically in its complexity and psychological and financial pitfalls, so she’s a perfect narrator for readers, both women and men, who are curious about the S&M world but don’t necessarily want to take a deep dive into the darkest depths of dominance and submission. Edge Play is pervy and hot, but not as twisted as some BDSM fiction can be when designed for unrestrained aficionados of femdom fantasies and the “female-led” lifestyle. 

Erika instructs Amy in basic dominatrix craft in her dungeon, introducing Amy to clients and giving her sufficient know-how to wield the whip. Amy gets tutored in everything from costuming herself for maximum effect to caning a submissive male’s behind for memorable pain and enjoyment.

Amy takes to her new, temporary job, witnessing an angle on power games quite different from the ones she observed on Wall Street. She sees millionaires and billionaires, the kind of men she dealt with at her old gig, in a new and revealing light as they come to her for discipline and punishment. But she also sees their vulnerabilities too, as she gets to know a couple of them more intimately in this story which packs into its fast-moving pages revealing romance and tenderness, as well as female dominance.

Amy indeed goes to the “edge” in the story, both in the sexual relationships she develops during her new domme life, as well as when she discovers some very unpleasant maneuvers by her former boss in the financial jungle. He doesn’t end up in her dungeon, but she teaches him a stern lesson nonetheless. With new found confidence from her life in the domme demimonde, Amy does what’s necessary to land on top of all the situations that challenge her as author Jane Boon wraps up this entertaining story.

Although all the loose ends are tied up at the end of the novel, Amy is a good character and it would be fun to see her in a sequel, perhaps drawn back into the dominatrix life somehow!

P.S. Jane sent me a complimentary copy of the book, skillfully bound in rope as you see in the pictures below. Now I just have to find someone to tie me up with it! 😉

EDGE PLAY is available online at Amazon worldwide, in both paperback and ebook format.


Jane did the knots herself, as intricately as she spun her heroine’s tale of explorations in the femdom realm!



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