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The sexy story’s the thing…

Before the picture, there was the story. Before cavemen learned to draw on walls, they conveyed their adventures to their fellows with sounds and gestures, adding up to stories.

A good story draws people in, igniting the imagination, enflaming the libido, stirring the courage, and creating the desire for pleasurable experience, whether real or vicarious.

Stories draw people in now as well, even in our age of explicit video Internet porn.

A story doesn’t take the place of videos or photos, but acts much like the soundtrack of a movie, spurring deeper lasting connection between the visuals and the audience.

Stories, however brief, linger and act as the glue which binds images and individuals.

A single word can evoke a richer, more lasting story. Something that the mind and libido return to, time and again. Would this title, which I wrote for a very much adults-only video scene on the DDF Network, be as catchy or evocative without the word “Midnight”? And it suits the situation perfectly. Check out the link to see what I mean.

I'm not saying I'm Shakespeare, but it was an effective word choice. ;)

I’m not saying I’m Shakespeare, but it was an effective word choice. 😉


The story’s the thing, that gives pictures that extra zing!


Although I made the screencap, the image is used by courtesy and is © 2015 DDF

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Always NEW writing to enjoy!

It’s been a busy few weeks since I put up my novel FATE OF A STRIPPER in a Kindle edition at Amazon. Besides that new publication, I’ve had other projects show up online.

For example, I had a story entitled “A Pinup In Storage” appear on the erotic site Filthy Gorgeous:

Savor the multimedia presentation of this story, complete with Bettie Page movie clips!

Savor the multimedia presentation of this story, complete with Bettie Page movie clips!


Last week I also did a guest blog post for one of my favorite dominatrixes, the beauteous Welsh goddess Miss Annabel Fatale:

I discuss her effect on me and her many admirers in  this exclusive piece for Miss Annabel's blog!

I discuss her effect on me and her many admirers in this exclusive piece for Miss Annabel’s blog!



You can read this new piece here. It immediately stirred up many positive reactions on Twitter amongst her legions of admirers. Dig the atmospheric little selfie I took of myself mesmerized while watching this mistress of erotic hypnosis on her Vine page!

Along with this, of course, I’ve been busy promoting FATE OF A STRIPPER…my first non-porn mainstream suspense novel, a 249 page, 80,000 word tale of love, murder and redemption. Before this I’d written four porn novels like The Punk Stud and His Women (that one under the pen name “George Sussman”), a book which now sells for $40 to $75 online in the original 1975 edition.

Have you taken the plunge into this intense new psychological suspense novel about the affair between a young stripper and an older man?

Have you taken the plunge into this intense new psychological suspense novel about the affair between a young stripper and an older man?


Of course there are other goodies coming in the pipeline as well…always plenty of new writing to enjoy from yours truly. “Check it out, check it out, check it out!” as the strip club flyer guys used to bark on the streets of Times Square: check out my prose always carefully crafted to entertain!


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Choose the best in femdom fiction this holiday season!

When you need to escape from reality for a little while this holiday season…check out my femdom ebooks on Kindle! Available in Amazon stores around the globe! Enter the world of my stories…with some of sexiest dommes in current erotic literature!

After almost 2 years this remains my top seller!

This sequel is one of the craziest stories of my twisted career!



This is one of my best stories--very kinky yet very funny.

DomTwins Cover#2


NakedB4Her CoverFor Kindle


Click on the Amazon store in your country to immediately enjoy my stories!

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If you go Amazon Mexico or Amazon Australia, put my name “Irv O. Neil” into the search and then you’ll be directed to my author’s page with the listings of my ebooks.

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Look for new ebooks to be posted soon, not only femdom but soon some of my more mainstream erotic tales too. And please let me know how you like my stories by leaving comments either here on the blog or with short reviews on Amazon! Much appreciated, and Happy Holidays!———Irv

UPDATE 12/6/13:

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, I’m starting to now publish some of my more mainstream sex stories, and  am starting off with…


It’s a saucy and titillating story about a middle-aged guy who just loves to nuzzle on his twentysomething gold-digging girlfriend’s big breasts…but is curiously reticent about putting his pecker into her pie! When an opportunity comes for him to explore his cuckold urges, he takes it…but learns there’s more to his desires than meet the eye! Although the girlfriend acts a little bossy, it’s not femdom fiction but more of a classic sex story…so I’ve dubbed it Sexy Fiction as opposed to my usual “Femdom Fiction.” Check it out on Amazon, where you’ll find it in the same places where my other books are available. Enjoy!


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Dangerous heels that evoke garter straps…

As the week winds down, I’d like to see a girl wearing a pair of shoes like this…I like those cool straps that look like the straps on a garter belt…

I could just lay on the floor, and imagine what the rest of her is like just from these heels.

I found the above picture at an interesting site here.

I wouldn’t be a very good slave for any mistress tonight, I’m pretty tired. Feeling lazy. I just finished putting together my new ebook for Kindle at…10,000 words long, or about 40 or so pages if it were in print…I’ll have the info about it tomorrow…it’s called SPELL OF DOMINANCE and contains five stories full of femdom teasing and submissive pleasing!

I’ll post the cover tomorrow when the book is available on Amazon. Meanwhile, just scroll down through my posts to find info about my other two ebooks, Learning to be CRUEL and TOES ARE FOR SUCKING.

I told you I was feeling tired…lazy…

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The submissive theory of fiction writing…

I just finished a new story about a guy who gets an unexpected opportunity to explore his leg and foot fetish with a friendly, curious gal. I just have to do the cover and format it for Kindle, and it should be up in a few days.

Not sure what the title is going to be yet. That doesn’t worry me, though. When I’m re-reading and formatting the copy, it’ll come to me. I like to come up with something snappy.

For awhile, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to finish this story, but then the dominatrix character suddenly took charge of the situation, did something completely unexpected that threw the male character for a loop, and the tale moved excitingly to its conclusion. You see, sometimes I try to control a story too much, and forget to let the characters be themselves. But in fiction writing as in roleplaying, it can be more fun (and more interesting) when I’m not “topping from the bottom” and trying to call the shots. Fiction writing has to tap into the subconscious, and sometimes a good storyteller just has to be an observant “slave” to his characters, and let them do as they will. You can call this the “submissive theory of fiction writing.”

Meanwhile, when I ran an errand a little while ago, I saw a pretty Asian gal walking down the street in a white blouse, black pencil skirt and black high heeled pumps–not dressed slutty but just snug. She also had a beautiful ponytail bouncing along behind her as she walked. It got me thinking about girls with ponytails, so I looked around to see if I could find an image to share with you of an Asian girl with a ponytail similar to the one I saw. This is not exact, but close enough, which I found here!

Those green shoes have an erotic intensity which speaks of greed, or jealousy, or...?

She embodies the spirit of the perfectly cruel heroine of so many stories I’ve written over the years…in fact, I’ve always felt fashion photography often captures the essence of “femdom” feeling.

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