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Choose the best in femdom fiction this holiday season!

When you need to escape from reality for a little while this holiday season…check out my femdom ebooks on Kindle! Available in Amazon stores around the globe! Enter the world of my stories…with some of sexiest dommes in current erotic literature!

After almost 2 years this remains my top seller!

This sequel is one of the craziest stories of my twisted career!



This is one of my best stories--very kinky yet very funny.

DomTwins Cover#2


NakedB4Her CoverFor Kindle


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Look for new ebooks to be posted soon, not only femdom but soon some of my more mainstream erotic tales too. And please let me know how you like my stories by leaving comments either here on the blog or with short reviews on Amazon! Much appreciated, and Happy Holidays!———Irv

UPDATE 12/6/13:

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, I’m starting to now publish some of my more mainstream sex stories, and  am starting off with…


It’s a saucy and titillating story about a middle-aged guy who just loves to nuzzle on his twentysomething gold-digging girlfriend’s big breasts…but is curiously reticent about putting his pecker into her pie! When an opportunity comes for him to explore his cuckold urges, he takes it…but learns there’s more to his desires than meet the eye! Although the girlfriend acts a little bossy, it’s not femdom fiction but more of a classic sex story…so I’ve dubbed it Sexy Fiction as opposed to my usual “Femdom Fiction.” Check it out on Amazon, where you’ll find it in the same places where my other books are available. Enjoy!


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November 22, 1963: what was scheduled for NY television?

As I’ve written here before, I like to collect things such as vintage girlie magazines and pinups. About a year ago at a memorabilia show, I picked up this 1963 tv guide from the now-defunct New York Journal-American newspaper. My attention was caught, naturally, by the girls on the cover, stars of the then-popular show Petticoat Junction:


I recall it was only when I got this home that I looked at the contents carefully; that’s how dazzled and distracted I can be by three pairs of shapely stems in short-shorts, and how satisfied I was by the acquisition for my modest collection of this little digest with its pretty cover. I was really charmed by the image; and I take my pinups wherever I can find them.

But then I realized this little mag was for the week of November 17-23, 1963, which was of course was marked by the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22 at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. Here is what was on television directly before the event (in New York it would be 1:30 p.m Eastern Time), from pp. 48-49 of the guide:

NYC TV Schedule-Nov22-1963

On that day I was in seventh grade in Chicago and returning to school after lunch, so I probably heard the news somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00, Central Time.

These are some of the movies that played on New York television that week, from pp. 58-59 of the guide (all the TV Magazine images can be enlarged by clicking on them):

MoviesOnTV November1963

Some of the actresses who appeared in the movies playing that week (in order of appearance below) included Diana Dors tangling with Rod Steiger and Tom Tryon in The Unholy Wife (1957) and Allison Hayes being vexed by John Carradine in The Unearthly (also 1957). Sally Todd was also particularly memorable in The Unearthly (I didn’t see in 1963, but in recent years) but she is not mentioned in the guide.

DianaDors withTomTryon


SallyTodd inTheUnearthly

On the morning of  November 22, 1963, a superb film noir called Too Late For Tears (also known as Killer Bait) played on NYC’s Channel 11 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. Lizabeth Scott gets deadly with Dan Duryea, Arthur Kennedy, and Dan DeFore in that one…

TooLate4Tears aka Killer Bait

In subsequent years, as a film buff, I have seen many, many of the movies listed on that schedule.

But only a few of those movies are quite as vivid in my memory as the nightmare we all lived that day, when I was walking up the steps to the school and someone said, “The President was shot!”

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Submissive male meets his match in supernatural femdom ebook!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a new ebook up now, THE DOMINATRIX WHO COULDN’T DIE. It’s my second new publication in two weeks, coming on the heels of NAKED BEFORE HER, so you see I’ve been a busy little porn scribe.

THE DOMINATRIX WHO COULDN’T DIE is a femdom tale with a supernatural slant. It’s now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Canada, Amazon India, Amazon Japan, Amazon Brazil, and Amazon Mexico (for Mexico, you have to enter “Irv O. Neil” into the search at the Kindle store and then the page with my ebooks will pop up).


When I began writing it last February, the story was going to be set in the “real” world, in my usual style with no “weird fiction” angle. I put it aside, though, and returned when the Halloween season got me into the mood to do something else with it. There was an online contest going on for erotic fiction with a horror slant, held by Dr Sue of the In Bed With Dr Sue show on Blog Talk Radio, and Riverdale Avenue Books–see the info here with links to the stories–and I thought I might submit it to that, but the story went longer than required by the guidelines so I figured I’d just write it for myself and then publish it.

Although I usually write stories grounded in the “normal” world, I do enjoy horror, fantasy, and science fiction too as a reader. Since I was a kid, and as an adult, I’ve always been very impressed by the fantasy art of Virgil Finlay (1914-1971), who did illustrations in the sci-fi magazines I used to pick up when I was young. His magical visions of women in particular are part of my mental landscape. Many examples of them can be found online. Here are two:

VirgilFinlay Femme#1


When you read THE DOMINATRIX WHO COULDN’T DIE, you’ll see how I depict the mistress in the supernatural scenes in bright stark light much like the tones you see in the Finlay pictures above. He really had a big influence on my imagination.

As far as the storyline of this new, approximately 30-page tale, here is the description I wrote for the Amazon page. Excuse the self-induced hyperbole, but you gotta give a little sizzle to sell the steak! 😉

“From the ever-inventive mind of Irv O. Neil, author of Learning to Be Cruel, She Made A Cuckold on Black Friday, and many more, comes his most sensational femdom story yet! You’ll meet Alan Breshker, a fortyish office worker who has a very active fantasy life, yearning to serve beautiful dominatrixes. He lives out his hungers in dungeons, online, or watching videos…and he collects vintage erotic photos and daydreams about the gorgeous whip-wielding pinup model femmes fatale of the 1950s like Bettie Page and her boot-clad, corset-wearing friends. Then, at a flea market, Alan meets feisty eightysomething Myra Welso, where the lady sells the kinky photos she herself posed for back in 1953! Oh how Alan wishes he could have bowed before Mistress Myra when she was in her stiletto-heel hairbrush-spanking young womanhood back in the Eisenhower era! Well, little does he know he’s going to have a chance to explore that very desire in this bizarre excursion into the supernatural climaxed by scenes which will take Alan down deep into his most forbidden urges and desires for submission and gender transformation!”

And here is the way I described the story in my 11/5/13 column “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” at the Domme Dose website:

“The submissive protagonist is a cynical guy named Alan Breshker who collects vintage pinup photos and thinks he’s found the next Bettie Page in an elderly lady selling 1950s pix of herself at a flea market. He figures maybe she could become a pop cultural sensation and he could be in on the ground floor of the profits. When she invites him to her apartment to see some more things of a “disciplinary” nature, he gets a lot more than he bargained for…but perhaps he gets what he’s secretly sought all the time! I hope you’ll check it out, it’s a 6600 word tale inspired by my enjoyment of fantasy and horror writers like Robert ‘Psycho’ Bloch.”

So as you see from these two different descriptions I wrote, the story has a lot going on in it–sex and character mingled in a bizarre otherworldly brew of dominance and submission.

A reader on the Dose, Frank, asked about my process of writing the story. Well, without giving too much away about the plotline, I took a character who was originally going to be treated in a realistic fashion (Mistress Myra) and made her supernatural because I found it a challenge and something different. Perhaps I needed a change of pace from my usual approach to the dominas in my stories.

I knew the opening location for the story: a flea market in Manhattan in the middle of winter in 2013 (a setting I know well), and I had the basic situation: an elderly lady selling fetish photos taken of her in 1953 when she was young and beautiful and modeling as a dominatrix. A younger submissive male, who also collects such photos, would meet her at the flea market and as a result there would be some kind of erotic scene later. Originally, in the “real world” version, the man was going to have an encounter with a young woman wearing the antique lingerie that the old woman once posed in. In the version I completed and published, the sub has a tryst with somebody else who wears the lingerie…but I don’t want to give it away.

I didn’t know precisely what was going to occur in the femdom scene until I wrote it, because I enjoy watching what happens to my characters as I write; just as, hopefully, readers will enjoy reading and finding out what happens. I only had the certainty that there would be an erotic encounter. I didn’t know exactly how I would handle the supernatural twists and descriptions, although I think subconsciously I knew that the “dominatrix who couldn’t die” would be described in the same kind of vivid light that Virgil Finlay often used to depict women in his illustrations. As I’ve said, Finlay was a huge influence on my imagination when it comes to things supernatural.

I wonder if Finlay modeled this blonde after Sally Rand, the famous 1930s stripper?

I wonder if Finlay modeled this blonde after Sally Rand, the famous 1930s stripper?

I wrote the opening half of the story in a white heat. I took some elements of dialogue from the first “realistic” version, between the elderly lady and the sub, when they discuss the photos, but everything else was new. Then, due to the necessity to do other work (and the fact that I had just written 3000 words in about two hours and was tired), I put it aside for what I thought was going to be a day, but which turned out to be a week.

When I finally got back to writing, the second half–the sexual encounter–went quickly and was exciting to describe as I imagined the scene visually in my head and raced to put it down. I also discovered things about the character of the sub, Alan Breshker, seeing what was underneath his cynicism and detachment. He came alive and so did the story for me. I looked at it again the next day and added some stuff to the last page to tie up loose plot ends. Then I put the story aside for a few days; when I returned and re-read it again, I was unfortunately very sleepy and tired, and I thought, “Arghh, this is crap!” But talking with a writer friend who reminded me he often felt that “arghh this is crap” way but then reversed his impression on taking another look, I returned to read the story yet again, realized it did what it was supposed to do, and decided to publish it.

Frank asked how many hours it took to write from inception to completion; if I had to total all the time, it would probably be about twelve solid hours, broken up over three or four days in a two week period (plus the couple of hours in February when I wrote the original version that I got a few lines of dialogue from). Writing for magazines and websites, I have learned to write, edit, and revise efficiently. My best work is done quickly. When I brood and labor over something, it’s usually because it’s no good to begin with, alas. I am in the tradition of the pulp writers who got the job done and moved onto the next piece. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t take my work seriously; it just means I prefer to work rapidly. Frank also asked, how much is inspiration, how much perspiration? I would say without inspiration, there is no perspiration necessary; with inspiration, I’ll devote whatever perspiration is called for! Meaning it’s probably about 50-50. The inspiration comes first, the idea, the notion that I want to explore; then the perspiration follows. To get that inspiration, though, I am constantly thinking of ideas that I might like to write; so I guess that is a form of ongoing perspiration, too! (Does the brain sweat?) And I better quit now with this or it’s going to start sounding like something from the Marx Brothers. 😉

So that’s how I wrote THE DOMINATRIX WHO COULDN’T DIE. I hope you all read and enjoy it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or a brief review on Amazon.


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Japanese cinema goddess stronger than any behemoth!

It’s been a busy week. In addition to my weekly website and newsletter writing for erotica sites, I just completed a sexy new ebook, a long story with a supernatural theme as well as the usual femdom antics my writing specializes in. It’ll be up in a day or so. I actually posted it Halloween night on Amazon in the Kindle store, but I was having so much trouble with my cover scan that I got distracted and pressed “publish” without remembering to post the description of the book! That’s the pitfall of being a one-man ebook publisher, your mind runs around like a one-armed paperhanger sometimes. So I have to put the description up today along with the book. More info will follow here.

Meanwhile, to relax from the writing, I’ve been watching a number of vintage sci-fi movies. One of them was something I missed back in 1962 when it first came out, a Japanese disaster film about a rogue planet headed for a collision with earth: Gorath!

Gorath-Japanese SciFi1962

Still playing catch-up with 60s pix that didn’t show up at my nabe’s theaters!

It was a pretty good film, although the version I saw was the American one that sadly deleted the giant walrus monster Magma, which I was looking forward to seeing! The American distributors apparently felt the creature looked too silly with its tusks, so they edited it out. But I’d seen a pic of Magma in an issue of Forrest J Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland and was so disappointed when the movie didn’t show up the venue in my old neighborhood in Chicago back when I was growing up. (You can see Magma rampaging in the center of the Japanese poster just below.)


But the film, even missing Magma in the U.S., had a major compensation in one of its female characters, played by the seriously sexy Kumi Mizuno. I took a few screen captures as I am wont to do. I made them big files so you can blow them up on your screens and indulge yourself in the spectacle not of Earth in mortal tumult, but of an incomparably splendid Japanese actress in her gorgeous prime!

Here then is Kumi Mizuno…click on the thumbnails to see them full-size. She’s taking a bath when her rocket pilot fiance rings the bell, and she goes to answer the door…




I hope you like these screen-caps. I include the surrounding atmosphere and not just the image, because the whole thing makes more interesting pictures to me!

Maybe it’s because I’m just a horny old guy now, but to me this Japanese cinema goddess is stronger than any rampaging Japanese cinema behemoth, whether Magma, Godzilla, or Rodan! 😉 And if you want to see something both bizarre and sensationally sexy, check her out in Matango, known in America as Attack of the Mushroom People; when she finally starts turning into a mushroom, it first manifests in a sexy flush of her cheeks, and is one of the great but subtle femdom moments in film as a man falls to his knees before her! Here’s a shot I found on the Cinefantastique site, just when she gives in to the spell of the mushrooms:


Fabulous stuff!! (Kumi in the scene, I mean, not the mushrooms!!)

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