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Femdom stories written, and noir books read!

Hello again. It’s been awhile since my last post. Much of my energy and time is taken up looking for new freelance clients in a strange new landscape of commercial erotica. In the last couple of months, almost all the sex magazines I worked for have stopped publishing, driven out of existence basically by Internet competition; several of my editorial contacts have lost their jobs; and almost everything in porn is now online, where writers are often asked to create copy for low wages that make fast food worker salaries seem princely in comparison. It is, quite frankly, a sad, difficult time for somebody like myself, who made a decent living for decades writing sexy stories, doing porn star and stripper and dominatrix interviews, assembling and supervising national newsstand magazines, directing and commissioning pictorials and cover shoots, and editing hundreds of thousands of photographs into layouts that I feel were some of the best in the business.

Nonetheless I persevere. No choice but to keep going: “CRANK TILL YOU CROAK!” has always been my motto. In my irreverent moods, I like to call writing “cranking” sometimes, so I don’t start feeling or sounding self-serious about it. Well, there are websites and publishing companies out there run by people who appreciate my work, and we gradually find each other.

In the meantime, even as I look for new clients, I continue with my erotica writing and self-publishing. Just in the last two months I have released three new ebooks:

A tale of humiliation and financial domination as Sorceress Selikka takes control...

A tale of humiliation and financial domination as Sorceress Selikka takes control…


A lighthearted very short story about a guy who likes girls to get aggressive with snowballs!

A lighthearted very short story about a guy who likes girls to get aggressive with snowballs!


A dominant "hot wife" gives her slave hubby the kind of treatment he sometimes resists, but always craves...

A dominant “hot wife” gives her slave hubby the kind of treatment he sometimes resists, but always craves…


All these new ebooks are available on Amazon US here, and at the Amazon stores worldwide.

One of the things which keeps me going in times of stress is reading. I love to read. I love movies a lot too, but reading is the best. Just for fun, let me share some of the books I’ve enjoyed in recent months.

These 1950s noir novels explore seamy passions and dark desires of greed & twisted love.

These 1950s noir novels explore seamy passions and dark desires of greed & twisted love.


These "domestic strife novels" from 50s and 60s deal not with crimes as much as messed-up relationships.

These “domestic strife novels” from 50s and 60s deal not with crimes as much as messed-up relationships.


These disturbing "dystopian novels" depict America under totalitarian rule.

These disturbing “dystopian novels” depict America under totalitarian rule.


It was fascinating to read two sides of much of the same story: father and son autobiographies.

It was fascinating to read two sides of much of the same story: father and son autobiographies.


True crime is both compelling & sad to read, but you learn much about human nature.

True crime is both compelling & sad to read, but you learn much about human nature.


I was lead to Condon's bizarre Prohibition conspiracy novel when I read America Noir.

I was lead to Condon’s bizarre Prohibition conspiracy novel by reading the scholarly America Noir.


Noir is my fave genre, and Paperback Confidential tells us about essential noir novels like Black Wings Has My Angel.

Noir is my very favorite genre, and Paperback Confidential tells us about essential noir novels like Black Wings Has My Angel.


I enjoy moving from so called so-called "paperback" or "pulp fiction" novels like John D. MacDonald's to "literary" novels like those of Richard Yates.

I enjoy moving from so-called “paperback” or “pulp fiction” novels like John D. MacDonald’s to “literary” novels like those of Richard Yates.


Michael Avallone and Frank Kane provided great entertainment in their various paperback novels.

Michael Avallone and Frank Kane provided great entertainment in their various paperback books.


These are two books of very fine short stories that show how "noir" or "literary" are just labels--in the end, good tales should just be labeled GOOD!

These are two books of very fine short stories that show how “noir” or “literary” are just labels–in the end, good tales should just be labeled GOOD!


One thing that’s nice about reading is that it’s both my pleasure and a way of improving my skills. I read somewhat slowly, and carefully, as I hope to absorb mostly by osmosis the techniques that will help me write the best possible fiction myself. We never stop learning how to write!



Just want you to take note of the terrific photographers whose work adorns the covers of my new ebooks. I find these images at 123RFStock Photography here.

SHE MADE HIM PAY, cover by subbotina, find the photographer’s portfolio here.

SUBMIT IN THE SNOW! cover by maridav, portfolio here.

HER FEISTY CUCKOLD, cover by ssuaphoto, portfolio here.

And of course, without the hard-working memorable models, there wouldn’t be covers at all! My appreciation to them all.


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“Naughty porn writers must stand in the corner!”

This is the fate which a beauteous no-nonsense lady enforces with stern but compassionate discipline in my story Mommy’s Little Dunce, available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Few artists can capture the allure of legs in nylon like Sardax! This image © Sardax.

Recently I got a nice comment here from Sardax, the great British femdom illustrator whose work is known worldwide. When I wrote fiction for editor Dian Hanson’s Leg Show back in the 90s and early 2000s, I was fortunate that Dian had Sardax illustrate a few of my tales of submissive men and the glorious women who dazzle, befuddle, and punish them. One of my epics was Mommy’s Little Dunce which I’ve just re-published as an ebook, but with a cover design of my own since I don’t have the rights to Sardax’s picture. Another reason for using a different cover is that all my ebooks are designed to evoke the crude but evocative cover styles of the underground fetish story pamphlets once sold in adult bookstores or through the mails.

I don’t claim to be any kind of artist but this cover of my own does capture in its primitive way the feeling of the lady in the story…


However, Sardax and I exchanged a few emails and he graciously gave me a mention on his site The Femdom Art of Sardax with a little excerpt of the story and links to my Amazon pages. It all just went up today and I’ve got more hits on this blog than ever before. Thank you, my dear Sardax! He encouraged me to put up his original illustration, which you see above on the top of this post, so I could share it with my readers.

In the November 2008 issue of Leg World

…I reviewed his book The Art of Sardax in my ErotiCulture column, below. Because of newsstand magazine censorship restrictions in some areas, I couldn’t reproduce the cover of the book, which would have been considered too kinky and humilating–so I chose to illustrate my review with one of the interior illustrations. If you click on the image, you can read the entire review (and two other interesting ones). But for your convenience I have also reproduced it below with the original cover of the book, which is now out-of-print and sells online for approximately $240 a copy!

Here the review reprinted in its entirety, with a copy of the cover of this now out-of-print and very collectible book:

In some areas on our planet, images of a woman walking a man like a dog are considered too kinky for newsstands.


Review by Irv O. Neil

The British artist Sardax specializes in femdom imagery, and the girls and women in his pictures usually exhibit a calm, half-smiling detachment as they put slave males through their paces. Although Sardax is quoted in the intro to this book as saying that he doesn’t like to draw “pinup type” girls, his women are often quite pretty and it is unnerving to see such cuties placidly and harshly dominating submissive males with a variety of skills and methods.

The “Sartopian” female may exist in the artist’s imaginary but superbly rendered utopia of female domination and male obedience, but modern life has caught up with the fantasies of this skilled draughtsman. Without consciously being aware of it, or even knowing of Sardax’s existence, many contemporary young women seem to exhibit the haughty attitudes, air of privilege, and bemused arrogance of the Sartopian domina. Women in “real life” may not physically manipulate men with the same bizarre fetishistic flourishes as the women of Sardax do, but their aura of conquest comes across nonetheless. It seems to me that many females today want to figuratively, if not literally, put males on their knees.

Published by the Erotic Print Society as part of their Great British Erotic Art series, The Art of Sardax is an excellent 160 page compendium of the artist’s various treatments of the theme of women controlling men. Few others can depict as well as Sardax such a variety of boots, stiletto shoes, seamed stockings, corsetry, lingerie, and especially the delicious strain of womanly hips and derrieres against taut and shiny skirts. He is also adept at evoking historical scenes: eighteenth and nineteenth century women in the tight-waisted dresses of those eras, or dressed like pirates or buccaneers, complete with tri-cornered hats. Whether he’s creating a scene in color or black-and-white, and whether it’s a young woman in a peach baby doll nightie cramming a construction worker’s mouth with a strap-on dildo, or a ponytailed Japanese girl in a demure white dress teasing a thirsty slave with a glass of water, Sardax projects before us a dark world where susceptible men are slaves to perfect yet ruthless beauties. It can be a merciless world too, where sometimes the prospect of even an orgasm as reward for endless obedience is in doubt.

The Sartopian male is helplessly entangled in the emotional and erotic webs spun by these women. Yet the spectator is often guided to feel, largely by the brief stories accompanying the drawings, that these men have complicity in their submission. They hope and lust to be dominated, no matter how ambivalent they may come to feel about it later. Instead of the vainglorious orgasmic bliss they thought they would achieve in hooking up with such gorgeous creatures, they find themselves instead waiting for a humble sniff of a domme’s tennis sock, or a glob of frigid ice cream sliding between a girl’s teasing toes, or the scrape of a mistress’s blood-red nails against their yearning scrotums. In the world of Sardax, a young man takes a beauty to the prom, and discovers that she is going to use him in an experiment in group femdom with her friends. He finds himself completely nude before these merciless beauties, who are still splendid in their prom gowns as they have their way with his naked behind.

But here is the most unnerving thing about the seemingly cruel Sartopian female. Sardax clearly suggests, often through the enigmatic smile on the girl’s face, that she might actually be kind in her cruelty, with her icy demeanour the exact kind of syrup a certain type of man wants on his sexual sundae. In one of the mini-stories that accompany the pictures, a doughy middle-aged man enslaved to a young woman says: “I love her and I hate her…I cannot stay here, and I cannot leave.” This phrase echoes a famous epigram by the Roman poet Catullus, written two thousand years ago, in which he bemoaned the strange mystery and emotional pain of loving and hating a woman at the same time. The kind of woman who inspires such passion—whether she lives in Sartopia, modern Manhattan, or ancient Rome—is more than simply human: she is also goddess and monster, human and spider. In her presence, you never tread neutral ground. Welcome to Sartopia, a place as eternal as Rome itself, not a country but a state of mind which has existed ever since fabled Eve first gave Adam the apple, and which Sardax explores in this beautifully designed volume. The Art of Sardax will arouse your libido, but also inspire you to examine and analyze the ever-curious ecstasies of female domination and male submission.

ErotiCulture review ©2008 Irv O. Neil


I hope you’ll visit him online at The Femdom Art of Sardax here!

And I hope you will also check out Mommy’s Little Dunce, the story of a porn writer who feels bad about his profession and needs special spanking and humiliation therapy to get over his psychological and sexual hang-ups. It’s available at Amazon’s Kindle stores in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Just click on the link in the country of your choice. The book, which is in English, can be read either on e-readers or on your computer with the free Kindle applications for PC or Mac. Enjoy…


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The gangster inside the porn scribe…

When I first worked as a freelance writer for porn magazines, it felt like a rebellious and “gangsterish” thing to do. In college I got acquainted with movies starring Jimmy Cagney, John Garfield, Humphrey Bogart, and Edward G. Robinson, and there was a part of me that strongly identified with the criminal characters they played. I wasn’t a tough guy, but I wanted to feel like one. And so, after I’d get a nice big check from one of the higher-paying markets, I would go out and buy myself some new shirts or a spiffy suit, just like Cagney did as he worked his way up in the rackets in The Public Enemy.

Jimmy Cagney in his great era of the 1930s...

I wasn’t delusional–I knew I was just a smut scribe, but it was fun to pretend. On the other hand, being a porn writer in the 70s was a genuinely fringe kind of thing to do, and the feeling of being an outsider and somehow not “legit” was real. In those days of aggressive feminism, many women were poisoned against the idea that erotica could be a good or fun thing, and there were many times gals would stop talking to me at bars or parties once I told them that I wrote for adult magazines.

Unidentified player, Edward G. Robinson, and Jimmy again...

As a kid, I did pretty well in my studies–I was eighth in my high school graduating class out of about six hundred students–but there was always a part of me that wanted to be a “bad boy,” and so sometimes I’d do stuff that would get me thrown out of class or get negative deportment grades on my report cards. I’d sword-fight on top of the desks with yardsticks, and one time I loudly compared a grade school teacher to Hitler–undoubtedly the most odious comparison that could be made in the North Side Chicago Jewish neighborhood in which I grew up. I was familiar with standing detention in the school corridor cooling my heels, or paying a visit to a school psychologist where I learned I was exhibiting “asocial” behavior. It was this same kind of impulse that gave me a perverse joy in being a porn writer for trashy nude mags instead of submitting stories to respectable literary “periodicals.”

As Cagney said with a devilish gleam in his eye in Angels with Dirty Faces, “Whaddaya hear, whaddaya say?” I wanted to be like Cagney, that Yorkville wiseacre, except with a typewriter. (This was before computers, so I’m talking inky ribbons, and Wite-Out, and carbon paper so I’d have copies of my immortal works for my ever-growing personal archives.)

A movie that really influenced me was Borsalino, a 1970 French gangster film starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon. It was very stylish, and after I saw it (around 1975 at the now-shuttered Bleecker Street Cinema in Greenwich Village) I went out and bought myself a very natty double-breasted black wide-pinstripe suit, gray fedora and black topcoat, and actually walked around like that on the streets of New York. Oh yeah, and of course I wore it with a black shirt and white tie. I once picked up a pretty blonde on West 4th Street in the Village while strutting around in this movie gangster gear and we happily ended up in the sack. (This was rivaled perhaps only by the time I dressed up as a priest one Halloween, which got me laid too.)

Jean-Paul Belmondo on the left, Alain Delon on the right...

Delon's character was named Roch Siffredi. I've always wondered if the porn star Rocco Siffredi got his "nom de porn" from this movie.

But besides feeding my image of myself as a movie thug wannabe, writing porn also got me writing. A lot. I have been a very prolific bad boy. When I go to flea markets now, I have the satisfaction of seeing almost four decades of my stuff popping up here and there on the tables of dealers. The various works of Irv O. Neil…also known as Lester Bloom, Norbert Klinger, Mickey Briscoe, Dr. Hyman Goff and other various one-shot names lost to memory…are out there to be perused and, I hope, enjoyed by curious collectors and aficionados of the erotic, the outré, the outlandish, and the humorous. Stories like “Sex and the Single Werewolf,” “The Slut of Frankenstein,” “Feminist in Spiked Heels,” “The Mummy’s Cock,” and “The Spaceman Cometh,”  which all appeared under another of my erstwhile noms de porn, “Leo Berman,” in Eros magazine…issues of which can be found at, where I got the cover images below.

The covergirl is Brit beauty Debbie Linden, who tragically died at 35 in 1997, wasted by drugs. When I started editing in 1981, I ran a beautiful pictorial of her in Game magazine. She was my favorite at the time.

There are many reasons why I work in porn, and one of them is that it’s been fun.


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Special sale! 99¢ for SPELL OF DOMINANCE!

I’m having a special 99¢ sale in the Kindle store at! From Saturday October 1st thru Sunday October 9th, my new Kindle ebook collection of five femdom stories SPELL OF DOMINANCE is available for only 99¢, instantly downloadable to your Kindle or to your computer with a Kindle app.

10,000 words--five complete stories--of kinky ladies taking charge! Only 99¢ for a limited time!

The book is regularly $3.99 but I thought it was time for a Special “Let’s Get Acquainted with Uncle Irv’s Kinky Stories” Sale for those of you who may have been sitting on the fence about whether to plunge into my fictional universe. It’s available for 99¢ in the U.S., and for comparable prices in the U.K. and Germany. Click on the links below, and enjoy!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

It’s never too late to “kink up” your weekend with a SPELL OF DOMINANCE! 

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A taut girdle on a hot girl at O’Hare Airport in 1969…

I haven’t seen the show yet–it’s on tonight–but my hunch two weeks ago in this blog that Pan Am on ABC would score a hit looks on target…and a good deal of the reason is what the characters wear…especially underneath those uniforms.

It might take place in the 60s, but you know it’s really about women’s “empowerment.” Right, my fellow horndogs?

What do they wear? The women, that is. Girdles.

The erotica that women actually wore!


I think it was a step backward for women to give up wearing these garments!

The tight blue uniforms, the white gloves, and the girdles (referred to by star Christina Ricci so charmingly and understatedly as “underpinnings”) all seem to be catching the popular fancy. A little trailer on Yahoo today emphasizes the sexy well-encased derrieres of the stewardesses. (How lovely that we can use the sexy word “stewardess” again!! Hooray!!)

Who is she about to chew out?

Meanwhile, one of my fondest erotic memories ties three things together: a hot girl, a taut girdle, and O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

I grew up in the Windy City, in West Rogers Park (immortalized in the great short stories of Joseph Epstein in books such as The Goldin Boys and Fabulous Small Jews), and fun things to do on Saturday night dates were to park near the lakefront and “neck,” or park at the airport and “make out.”

A fond recollection from the spring of my senior year in high school (1969) was going to O’Hare Airport and parking my car somewhere near one of the terminals. The girl I was out with was reputedly “fast” and that made the situation doubly more exciting. All we did was neck and make out, feeling each other over our clothes, but what I remember vividly was, as we French kissed, running my right hand over her bottom and feeling the tautness of her girdle underneath. I can almost still feel it. She was wearing “slacks” (as trousers used to be called) and I remember being surprised that she wore a girdle, too. But I didn’t complain. There was something very erotic, and grown-up, about it. I had no expectation of getting laid (it wasn’t so easy back then, at least in my circles) and figured the most I would get was a hot make-out session, which was fine.

I sincerely hope Pan Am brings back the popularity of girdles so that young fellows today will be able to experience this sensual thrill for themselves.

In any event, I hope Christina Ricci and the other gals on Pan Am will give us plenty of eyefuls of their sexy “underpinnings!”

Bicycling their way into our hearts and loins…


I found these girdle illustrations at various sites such as ebay,, and esty.

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Femdom erotica at its very best!

If you enjoy stories about clever dominant women manipulating willing submissive men into exceptionally erotic situations, check out my Kindle ebooks, available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Amazon Germany!

Learning to be CRUEL takes place in a New York City diner, as a beautiful Chinese-American girl has a middle-aged admirer show his subservience to her with the scraps of her food…

Cruelty is the most potent cosmetic of them all!!

Available at Amazon:

TOES ARE FOR SUCKING is about a fellow who hires a girl to help him with some dictation, but ends up worshipping her beautiful feet!

She initiated him into the full pleasures of her feet...

Available here at Amazon:

And SPELL OF DOMINANCE is a collection of five short stories about ladies of all levels of femdom experience taking on eager slaves and leading them to boner-inducing bliss!!

To kneel before them is the most lovely of sensations!

Available at Amazon here:

Just click on the links at Amazon US to check out free samples, right online, of these beautifully written, horny tales! No downloading necessary for the samples.

The ladies are waiting!!

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The sweet smile of Aoi Sola buoys my spirits…

I’ve been in a funk the last couple of days and have found it difficult to work. Some family members visited me in New York over the Labor Day weekend and that was quite a bit of fun, we saw a great Broadway show (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), had some terrific meals, and perhaps I’m now experiencing the post-holiday letdown.

Maybe if I look at a picture of my favorite Japanese porn star, Aoi Sola, I’ll cheer up. Let’s see what I can put up here from my files…

How’s this?

This was taken a few years ago, early in her adult video career.

Or perhaps I need the distraction of a more earthy shot…

Miss Aoi Sola--angelic and earthy in same shot! I find her beauty almost mind-numbing.

I’m also feeling dissatisfied with this blog. I don’t feel my writing is really clicking here. It’s taken me a couple of months to realize this. The problem is, I really don’t like talking about my work much; I just like doing it. It’s not brain surgery anyway, and there’s not all that much to say. The writerly parts of a freelance writer’s life can be pretty dull…you sit at a desk and write. What goes on in your head is interesting only if it comes to life on the page, digital or paper.

Mm, I wonder if my feeling this is just part of my dark mood…

So maybe I should change the title to something which will give me more leeway to discuss my work if I’m so inclined, or the other stuff that interests me as well, like movies, art, New York, and various notions that come my way.

No, I hate changing titles in midstream, so I’ll just stick with my original choice. As I say, EROTICA IS MY TRADE, but these are THE MUSINGS OF A WRITER OF SEXY FICTION! Maybe it’s accurate enough.

So I will just assume this mood will pass, and I will stay the course. Aye-aye, Captain Neil!

Of course, I use this blog partly to promote my erotica ebooks as well–I have three femdom titles in the Kindle store on Amazon, for you newcomers who haven’t read these jottings before: Learning to Be CRUEL, TOES ARE FOR SUCKING, and SPELL OF DOMINANCE. So my blog title is certainly appropriate for that.

Or maybe I should just change the title of this blog to MY SHRINE TO AOI SOLA? (Pronounced “Ow-ee So-la” and also sometimes spelled “Sora.”) If only I could make a living by sitting at my desk all day putting up pictures of her on a WordPress blog!

I envy the man who is the recipient of her sweet nothings! Alas, I was born thirty years too early...

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Will Christina Ricci sexually enslave men in her new show Pan Am?

I’ve been seeing all these print ads for the upcoming tv show Pan Am, which is set in the 1960s and is supposed to be one of the programs influenced by the retro-themed success of Mad Men. Everywhere I go, one person in the ads stands out: Christina Ricci in her stewardess outfit, as in this great pic I found here.

Those big eyes promise a world of sexy trouble!

I’m funny about modern actresses. I rarely see their movies, because few of their flicks appeal to me as much as the movies I can imagine in my head, starring them. Not full-length movies, just…scenes. Know what I mean? So they are more like pinup girls to me, even in shots where they are fully decked out, like the one below which I found here.

Maybe this show will get women wearing gloves again?

Another retro-themed show this upcoming season is called The Playboy Club, and maybe that’ll be interesting. But I tend to find the less obvious approach to stimulation, like a stewardess uniform versus a Bunny outfit, to be more effective. What do you think? Check out this image below which I found here.

When I was a teenager, the Playboy Club was viewed as an icon of bachelor supremacy and sophistication. We couldn't wait to grow up and join, but by the time we were ready, it was gone.

Maybe Christina Ricci’s character could have a layover on a Pan Am episode in Chicago, and go with one of her passengers to The Playboy Club? Both shows are set in the 60s.

Christina once did a movie called Miranda that had considerable foot fetish action. You can see some of it on YouTube here. She has quite nice feet. I can’t remember the movie well now–it was from quite a few years ago–but I recall being startled at just how much foot worship it showed.

The real question for me as a writer of femdom erotica is…will Christina Ricci enslave us (ME?) in her new role as Maggie on Pan Am? Hmm…what do you think?? Make your decision from the shot below which I found here.

Maybe one of her Pan Am passengers will want to kiss her feet!

Yep…I hope Pan Am is a success, and Christina gets to enslave as many of us (ME!) as possible!!

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Your choice: Anne Hathaway’s frown or Gemma Atkinson’s rack!

There are basically three kinds of erotic stories.

A vaguely discontented face presents an interesting narrative all its own. This is actress Anne Hathaway in the role of nineteenth century British writer Jane Austen.

The first kind is designed for what’s commonly known as “one-handed reading”–meaning, the story is held in one hand while the other is used for masturbation. Each word, each line, is designed to help the reader get off. Characterization is generally kept to a minimum, and only those qualities of the characters that contribute to the stimulation of the reader are deployed. “He was an aggressive hard man with a big tool and he expected to be serviced…if he wasn’t, there was hell to pay.” “She was an arrogant busty babe who challenged men to satisfy her…and punished them if they did not.” Sensation is everything as the sexual situation is evoked in all its possible dimensions–sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. These stories are designed to be read again and again and could be said to be “used” just like a sex toy is “used.” Yet they can be some of the best and most precious works of erotica, or you can call them “porn” if you like.

This is Rei Himekawa, one of the most energetic, vivacious, and uninhibited performers on the Japanese AV (adult video) scene.

The second kind of story mixes characterization and theme with the explicit action, so other reactions besides sexual stimulation are goals as well. This kind of story can lead to masturbation, too, but more when the story is put aside and the reader can focus on and perhaps even elaborate on the provocative sections in his or her own mind. Or the sexual sections can stimulate the reader and make him or her want to pursue an encounter in the real world, whether solo or with partners.

This is the actress Thora Birch, whose performance in 2001's Ghost World is one of the most complex and sexy in the last ten years of cinema.

The third kind of erotica is another kind of story entirely; it can be a genre piece such as a mystery or romance, or a literary story with no genre conventions, simply about people; with the sexual elements part of the narrative but not the basic attraction of the tale. The “hot stuff” can stimulate the reader but the primary purpose is to tell a memorable and involving yarn.

I aim to write the first kind of story the most, because I want my readers to get turned on by the action; but elements of the other two types sometimes creep in. I am interested in character and ideas, and can be as easily stimulated just by a face as by an attractive body, so my stories are invariably a blend of what I hope are realistic people doing horny things. Sometimes, without even meaning to, the tales end up making some comment or other about life. I just can’t help myself.

I think it might be time to write a story about a very busty girl like British model Gemma Atkinson!

I write a lot of femdom stories, but looking at the last pic above, I might take a detour to a tale of breast domination! The ideas are bubbling in my brain and balls!!


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Five dominatrixes want to get their hands on you!

As promised yesterday, it’s here…nothing can stop it…it’s available in the Kindle stores at Amazon U.S., UK, and Germany…my new ebook containing five stories featuring five females who happily toy with their male slaves as they practice the delectable power of their SPELL OF DOMINANCE!

"Order this book with one hand...and satisfy your urges with the other!"

This is a good introduction to the universe of my erotic fiction…wait until you encounter Verna, Mila, Dolores, Sondra, and Jennifer…they’re waiting for you in 10,000 words (or almost forty pages) of arousing female domination fiction!

Only $3.99 for an ebook you will read and re-read…that’s less than the price of a beer in most strip clubs (believe me, I know)!

Gentlemen–experience in richly described fantasies the pleasures of surrender to dominant women!

Ladies–identify with these mistresses and get new ideas about how to dominate your slaves! Or imagine yourselves under the feet of these stern but understanding goddesses…

Don’t delay…surrender to the SPELL OF DOMINANCE today!



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