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Porn scribe’s diary 8/10/12: Nude girl observed by handsome madman!

I burned myself out last week, I think, writing more than 14,000 words for websites, magazines, and a new femdom Kindle ebook. My eyes have felt strained all this weekend, so I’ve been writing in short bursts on Twitter just to keep my hand in, as writers are wont to do. Follow me there until I put a new lengthy post up here in a few days.

But hey, since I don’t believe any post here is complete without some nice eye candy, here’s something I stumbled on last week–a cover from the old sci-fi mag Amazing Stories.

I found it at a cool blog called Erotic Mad Science here. Check it out! It has a cool two-part essay starting here about the kinds of gals who submit to experiments in sci-fi stories, whom the author calls “Kitty Carrolls” after a character in the 40s movie The Invisible Woman.

By the way, the story The Girl Who Loved Death┬áhas been re-released in an Armchair Fiction paperback utilizing the cover image above. I haven’t read it, and I don’t have anything to do with the publication, but you can find it at Amazon here.


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