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What is a “Cruelty Queen of the Piano”?

Her name is Darva Chan and she is the Chinese-American concert pianist and dominatrix heroine in my 2015 femdom erotica ebook entitled DARVA CHAN: CRUELTY QUEEN OF THE PIANO.

The cover was posed by a professional model in a stock photo I purchased, yet over the years she has come to seem to me like the very embodiment of Darva Chan.


She mixes her love of female domination with her interpretations of the works of composers such as Prokofiev.

This is also an ebook which, I discovered this morning after doing a Google search, is probably the most pirated of my erotica. No wonder the sales are less than robust, to put it mildly. I couldn’t believe how many sites offer it as a free PDF.  😦

You might think it’s counterproductive for me to mention this pirating here, since I obviously would like people to go to Amazon to buy the book, which costs a reasonable $2.99. I mention it because I write off, as customers, readers who read pirated ebooks, or watch pirated videos. They’re not going to pay for anything anyway. They think erotica creators are supposed to be their servants and slaves, giving them stuff to enjoy for free.

No, I need people who are willing to pay for my work, and who recognize it took me many years to learn how to write as well as I do, in order to create stories that are unique and memorable.

So if you want to show your support, pay $2.99 to read DARVA CHAN: CRUELTY QUEEN OF THE PIANO.

That’s less than it cost me to buy a medium hot chocolate yesterday at a coffee shop, something that was gone in 30 minutes.

You have an ebook to keep and re-read and savor over and over again. All for $2.99.

Here is a free sample. The book is available at Amazon stores worldwide. Thank you, and enjoy.


P.S. If you have any trouble accessing the free sample on your phone or device, the direct link to the Darva Chan page is here.



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Christmas Classic For Kinksters!

It’s funny, I was just belly-aching the other night that I hadn’t gotten any comments on my blog lately, when the next day I saw that I had indeed just gotten a new comment, and quite a nice one, on my story DEPARTMENT STORE DOMINA which can be found by clicking above on the link COMPLETE SHORT STORY just under the logo.

“I cannot tolerate sexual harassment of college girls by my department store Santas!”


Here’s the comment. Thank you, Gina!

Funny how the Internet can sometimes take us to a place totally different than where we first intended to go. Gina has a point about the candy cane, too; it probably could have been teak instead of rattan, painted the bright holiday colors. Painful either way, though, no doubt, when applied to a miscreant Santa’s buttocks.

Spurred by Gina’s comment, I hunted down the quote she was looking for, too, and I put a link to the answer in my reply to Gina’s comment on the short story page.

It’s a holiday story, yes, subversive in some ways I guess, but melancholy and horny in the manner I often feel around the holidays. Check it out, and if you like it, maybe to go to Amazon here and explore some of my ebooks too. I have a new one out, BLONDE MEETS BOOKWORM (here is a link to a free preview) that has some of the same introspective yet erotic feel, although it takes place in the summer.

And as you can see when you look at this new book as well as my entire “Irv O. Neil Erotic Library” here, I’ve moved on from crudely drawing my own covers in the old school style of sleazy Times Square porn pamphlets to instead purchasing rights to beautiful images from a stock house! You can see the portfolio of talented artist kharlamova, whose image I used for BLONDE MEETS BOOKWORM, here.

It’s not a femdom story, as most of my ebooks are, but it has some kinky elements toward the end, as you’ll see…


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Start your weekend with sweet CRUELTY!

It’s been almost three weeks since I last posted, but I return with good news for readers of my femdom stories! If you are one of the happy crowd who purchased and enjoyed Learning to Be Cruel, you can now find out about the further adventures of Lester and his goddess Miss Meirong in LEARNING TO BE CRUEL PART 2!

I usually don’t write sequels, as I always feel I kind of “shoot my wad” on a story and want to move onto the next. But my colleague, the fine British femdom artist Sardax, made not one but two illustrations for his website The Femdom Art of Sardax which were inspired by the first story. His first illo is a variation on something my Chinese-American domina heroine Meirong did with a glass of milk in the first tale (this is the penultimate version of Sardax’s picture; you can see the final version on his site in the “Oriental Domination” section):

The second picture he made was an imagining of what might have happened between the characters in a subsequent story. Since Lester is a writer and book collector, and Miss Meirong works in a bookstore, Sardax had her ripping up a book in front of a bowing Lester…

I used this illustration as the inspiration for the story, which ends with Lester on his knees before Miss Meirong as she tears up a rare book he has been seeking for some time and finally located. But what gets them to this point is the meat of the story, and it’s the longest femdom tale I’ve written–just shy of 13,000 words, or almost 40 pages if it were in actual print rather than an ebook.

Here’s what I say about it on my page in the Kindle store:

She’s back! The budding dominatrix of LEARNING TO BE CRUEL has been doing her homework and discovering how to tease, manipulate, and discipline slaves; and her eager submissive admirer, middle-aged Lester, returns for more humiliation…sarcasm…and punishment under her beautifully manicured hand! In LEARNING TO BE CRUEL: PART 2, which takes place three weeks after Part 1, we see the gorgeous twentysomething Chinese-American bookstore clerk put Lester through his embarrassing paces in the bookstore itself. From the moment he attempts to get her attention by doing something weird to the bookstore window…to his acceptance of her bizarre challenge to do something gross to a book of poetry…to their ultimate confrontation in a stairwell behind the vintage book department where Lester experiences her stern youthful power and no-nonsense Asian domination, this is an epic 12,871 word adventure in female supremacy! 

And the operative word is indeed “adventure” as Lester says and does things that many of us might like to try in real life, but are hesitant about. If Errol Flynn could take us on pirate adventures…

let my hero Lester Cronkberg take you along on his female domination adventures…

…as he learns just how skilled Miss Meirong has become when he encounters her in LEARNING TO BE CRUEL: PART 2! 

One final note: if you haven’t read the original Learning to be Cruel, no problem. I briefly synopsize the action of the previous story in the beginning of the sequel, and if you enjoy the sequel, you can always get the original from the Kindle store at Amazon and read what happened when Lester and Meirong first met.

So click ahead to Amazon below for LEARNING TO BE CRUEL: PART 2!

Amazon US and India

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

Yes, it’s kinky…witty…erotic…suspenseful…funny…and mysterious! A story that has all the elements you seek in femdom fiction…and all the distinctive touches that make it a worthy addition to the august shelves of…

…cue trumpet fanfare from Ben-Hur…Da-Da-DAHH! Da-da-DAHHHHH-da!

The Irv O. Neil Erotic Library! 😉


Adults over 18 only, of course! (Or 21 depending on where you live.)

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Her cruel beauty inspires Sardax again!

The terrific British femdom artist Sardax just finished a new illustration, inspired by the character of the beautiful and cunning Miss Meirong in my top-selling ebook Learning to be Cruel. He imagines something that Meirong might do if I write a sequel. Usually I don’t write sequels to my stories, I tend to “shoot my wad” on the tale and move onto the next. But I might make an exception to this by doing a new installment of Learning to be Cruel as soon as I can make the time. I know that phrase “as soon as I can make the time” might sound lazy, but in order to pay my rent, health insurance, and so forth, as a freelance porn writer, I already do thousands upon thousands of words for adult websites and magazines each week, and lately I just want to relax afterward, watch old movies, and shoot the breeze with my pals!

Sometimes I wonder if working on a laptop, as I have for the last two years, makes my eyes more tired than when I wrote on a desktop, which I did for almost fourteen years. I find myself more swallowed up in the writing on the laptop, but it could come at the cost of more energy and more weary orbs. Well, I’m just thinking out loud…

Anyway, here’s the small version of Sardax’s new illo, with Meirong dazzlingly potent in a blood-red dress and hemoglobin-red femme fatale heels! You can see the full size version on his site here.

She is tearing up a book belonging to Lester, the guy kneeling in front of her. Lester, who is dominated by Meirong in the first story with humiliating food play in a crowded diner, is an inveterate reader…not unlike myself.

I have some ideas for a sequel, and I hope I’ll do the story. It’s funny, the idea I have will go into even more intense realms of erotic emotional cruelty, and I’m almost scared to travel there. When I write a story, I feel like I’m living it in the hours that I spend in front of my laptop. And sometimes I feel I should spend more time living life in the real world rather than in my fictional one.

Meaning…maybe I should find a beautiful Asian woman to worship in real life.

This emotion is unpleasant because it makes me feel that writing fiction is somehow a “second-rate” version of existence. It comes from something that my father unfortunately said to me when I was in high school, just an offhand comment no doubt, while making my first attempts at fiction writing. It took place in 1968. I’d left my desk to go to the kitchen, and when I came back I saw that my father had wandered into my room and seen some pages of the story I was working on. It was, like the stories I write today, about a guy getting involved with a gal, and my father said to me, “Instead of writing a story about getting a girlfriend, why don’t you get one in real life?” From that moment on I have felt in a ridiculously immature yet resilient way that writing fiction is a second-rate way to live. Intellectually, I know it’s isn’t; to write well is one of the things I aspire to, and admire in others. Yet the wound from my father’s words has never healed.

It was particularly galling because unlike a lot of somewhat shy, bookish adolescents, I actually did date girls in high school–a lot of them. I might not have had a steady girl until I was senior, but my father was unfair in his implication that I wasn’t trying! I started dating when I was a sophomore, and I was always in there pitching.

His casual comment has haunted me ever since, even though I tried to expunge its power through therapy and introspection.

A feeling of guilt–of unworthiness–haunts the characters in my stories too. Especially Lester in Learning To Be Cruel.

If you’re interested in checking out the original story, you can find it on Amazon here.


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