Inside some porn and erotica writers are the restless spirits of scribes who aspire to also prove themselves in the wider arena of words. I’ve written about this on my blog before, that other genres of writing–like literary, suspense, or crime writing–offer different and exciting challenges to my imagination.

And so, with FATE OF A STRIPPER, the new non-porn mainstream novel I’ve just published on Kindle, I’ve met that challenge. It’s a complex story, almost 250 pages long, that’s not simply about a stripper and her customer, but about the difficulty of love and the deceptions of desire. It’s about office politics, and family relationships, and the struggle to survive both financially and emotionally. I guess you might say I packed a lot into it, and it’s available now at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon CanadaAmazon France, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Japan, Amazon Mexico, Amazon India, and Amazon Australia.


I look thru thousands of photos until I found this one, which perfectly evokes the stripper of the title.

I looked thru thousands of photos until I found this one, which perfectly evokes the stripper of the title.

FATE OF A STRIPPER tells about a middle-aged New York City guy named Vic Vanner who meets the sweet beauty of his dreams, but Valerie the stripper turns out to have some quirks to her personality, to say the least. Not that Vic isn’t a bit intense himself. Still, they give their all to the relationship–in their own ways–and they even start doing a stage act together in New Burlesque, the popular hip scene made famous by people like Dita Von Teese and which mixes striptease with performance art.

Vic is a romantic and unsure of himself with Valerie, especially since she’s much younger than he is. The situation is not helped by the cynicism of his father, who casts a skeptical eye on almost everything Vic does. Furthermore, Valerie has a thuggish friend named Tino who gives her an outlet for her aggressive tendencies. The way she figures it, if people get in the way of her relationship with Vic, she’ll have Tino take care of them. Tino’s willing to do almost anything for Valerie–as long as he gets to play with her feet…

Yep, FATE OF A STRIPPER is not a porn novel, but ye ole Uncle Irv couldn’t resist making one of the characters a little kinky like the guys in my femdom ebooks. It’s also set in the world of strip clubs and Times Square, two locations of human endeavor that I know a little something about.

Anyway, the situation builds to quite a violent climax, and if the New York Post covered it, the story of Vic and Valerie would be probably be entitled something like THE STRIPPER, THE SUCKER AND THE SLAVE. At one point I even considered using that as the title of the novel; it’s the headline Vic nightmarishly visualizes when he’s wondering what the hell is going to happen to him after Valerie goes over the deep end one dark night in downtown Brooklyn…

I’ve made no secret of my love for film noir and noir paperbacks, and so some of that has rubbed off on this novel as well. I hope you’ll read it, I hope you’ll enjoy it, and please let me know with short reviews on Amazon if you take the plunge and learn the FATE OF A STRIPPER!

You can just click through to the Amazon links above and read the opening two and a half chapters absolutely free!

By the way, months after I wrote the book, I looked through thousands of stock photography images for a cover, and I’m glad I was so thorough–because the image by wisky’ at really captures the way I saw the character of Valerie. Click this link to see his portfolio. I hope you agree!





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Eroticism in New York City tabloids!

One thing people in the erotica biz traditionally enjoy is seeing how the mainstream media slip in little bits of juicy tease in the guise of reporting the news, or running advertisements. Some of us porn folk are convinced that everybody is really a smut monger at heart! ;)

Case in point are these three pix that ran awhile ago in the New York Daily News, clearly and skillfully chosen for their va-va-voom appeal:

Quite a torrid trio of evocatively erotic images!

Quite a torrid trio of evocatively erotic images!


First we have Angela Ahrendts, a highly paid executive in her stiletto boots…then cheeky pop star Rihanna showing her derriere decolletage…and then actress Olivia Munn elegantly attired with a nonetheless mesmerizing cleavage showcase…

Plenty of material here to fascinate and stimulate!

Never to be outdone, the New York Post runs its own gaggle of gorgeous pictures constantly. For example, here are two brazen advertisements they ran recently:

Take your pick: bikini babe or demure temptress!

Take your pick: bikini babe or demure temptress!


The ad on the left really surprised me in the boldness of its leggy show…but actually I prefer the ad on the right, which has elements of mystery that appeal to me as a writer of sexy stories. Firstly, the brunette is wearing a pretty dress, which I find intriguing because it leaves so much to my imagination; and secondly, she is shielding her eyes as she looks up to see–who? Friend? Foe? Lover? Creep? And thirdly, she is lightly clutching her purse, which on the obvious level can be sheer self-protection of her valuables, but on the symbolic subliminal level is the Instinctive Defense of the Feminine Fortress.

Aspiring erotica writers can especially use pictures like these from the tabloids for inspiration. Start a story simply by imagining what one of these ladies is saying to you. Write it in the “I” point-of-view in the first person, begin it with a line of dialogue from your dreamgirl, and see where it goes!



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Which woman is more powerful?

Which lady truly looks more beautiful, intimidating, and truly powerful? My vote goes with the late Jean Patchett, a top model of the 1950s…

Poise & wit shone through Miss Patchett's incomparable pictures.

Poise & wit shone through Miss Patchett’s incomparable pictures.

…as opposed to Gal Gadot in the first image of her upcoming Wonder Woman incarnation. Sorry, but she looks like she should be in a low-budget sword and sandal movie in that outfit.

She has a sword--she must be powerful!

She has a sword–she MUST be powerful!


Jean Patchett as Wonder Woman–now that’s a movie I wish they’d made back in the 50s! Fashion model by day and super-heroine whenever the need arose! And the late great George Reeves could have done a cameo and bantered with her in his signature tv role as Superman. It would have been a screwball superhero delight.



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Femdom pervades modern culture!

Being a writer of erotic fiction, with a specialty in femdom stories, I am very aware of femdommy currents in other avenues of media and culture. The other morning while eating my breakfast and reading the newspaper, I noticed this fashion ad in the New York Post:

Her expression shoots daggers!

Her expression shoots daggers!

I was struck by how mean the model’s expression looked as she posed in her duds. “What are these clothes supposed to be,” I thought, “an appropriate ensemble for ballbusting a rebellious male?”

Several weeks earlier, at the beginning of this summer which has passed oh-too-quickly, I encountered this pose on the cover of the New York Post’s “Hot Issue” summer special:

It's all right to look, but all I can do is ache & put more cream cheese on my bagel.

It’s all right to look, but all I can do is ache & put more cream cheese on my bagel.


So I guess you might say I bumped into a little “tease and denial,” a popular form of femdom roleplay, while eating my salt bagel (which I like with plenty of salt).

Yes, femdom is everywhere…even when I go outside to enjoy the sunshine, or walk around near Times Square, I see women eager and ready to rule…

This ad was all over Manhattan earlier in the summer.

This ad was all over Manhattan earlier in the summer.


I think it’s funny how in the above ad, the coincidental placement of the leggy model’s hand against the side panel of the bus makes it almost look as if she has a riding crop!

I guess you might say I have femdom on the brain…well, not all the time, because I also have to be concerned with such mundane stuff as making a living, learning to be a better writer (always), reading vintage paperbacks, and checking out pretty women on the street…

In any case, if you want to learn more about the femdom universe from the perspective of one veteran traveler of its trails, check out my Kindle ebooks!

After 3 years this remains my top seller!

After 3 years this remains my top seller!

Check out my U.S. Amazon page here for more info! My ebooks are also available in the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia, and India. Just go to the Amazon pages in those countries and check out my current list of ten titles:










…last but not least (it’s really quite wild) there’s my supernatural femdom tale:


Please let me know how you like them either with a comment here, at my Twitter account @irvoneil, or by leaving a review on Amazon.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!



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I sure do love bad girls…on paper!

I’m a little more wary and ambivalent about bad girls in reality, though…

Anyhow, some books I’ve read recently…just thought I’d share the covers. Actually I read a modern edition of Someone Is Bleeding with a dull type-only cover, and I wish I’d read the original paperback shown below (but which I don’t have). Looking at that cover when I took a break from reading would have been fun. Fortunately, I did read all the other books in these original editions.


JudasKiss byJayDratler







I guess it would be hard to miss the pattern of my fantasy life, huh? ;)

For a sample of my own “bad girl” fiction, read my earlier post “Femdom noir fiction bonus” here!

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Farewell to a flea market…

Some of the cool items I got only recently at the Garage Flea Market on 25th Street just off Sixth Avenue in Chelsea…

A short section of this novel provided the basis for the great 1949 film noir House of Strangers.

A short section of this novel provided the basis for the great 1949 film noir House of Strangers.


This has a fantastic ghost story entitled The Girl in the Mirror by E.N. Sargent.

This features a fine ghost story entitled The Girl in the Mirror by E.N. Sargent.


I'm reading a story in this now about a burlesque dancer in outer space!

I’m reading a story in this now about a burlesque dancer in outer space!


But the flea market, which has been in this garage for twenty years, is now a memory. It closed last weekend on June 29, 2014. I’ve heard the building is going to be demolished to make way for something new.



The market was on two levels of this garage.

The market was on two levels of this garage.


Always a fun place to browse. Some vendors will relocate to an outdoor market nearby.

Always a fun place to browse. Some vendors will relocate to an outdoor market nearby.



A 19th century painting, a modern abstract, and the garage rates during the week.

A 19th century painting, a modern abstract, and the garage rates during the week.


I frequently went here for the inspiration that only vintage things can bring, as well as to meet and see friends. Some of the vendors will relocate to an outdoor flea market about a half a block away on 25th Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway.

But the Garage, even as cold as it got in winter or as hot as it got in the summer, will be sorely missed!



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The Queen of Sheba, glorious and fiery in her chariot!

In the fun 1952 Italian spectacle The Queen of Sheba, the son of King Solomon expresses his love for Princess Balkis (soon to assume the queenship) as they ride together in her chariot (she drives). He speaks fondly of “the fire in your eyes when you give an order…”

In this series of screen caps I’ve made, here’s a bit of that fire…courtesy of the marvelous eyes of actress Leonora Ruffo:

Queen OfSheba1


Queen OfSheba2


Queen OfSheba3


Queen OfSheba4


Queen OfSheba5


Queen OfSheba6


Queen OfSheba7


Queen OfSheba8


Queen OfSheba9


Queen OfSheba10


You don’t need a recap of the dialogue from me; the scene is all in her eyes as she dreams both of love and power. Smoldering!!

And now for one more treat: you can see the queen race, on her horse, the two men who are competing for her attentions. Check out this marvelous YouTube clip from Peplum TV here. Leonora Ruffo rides like she’s a female centaur, and there is a real joy in her exultant expressions. Watch her throw a spear and an axe and shoot an arrow at various targets. Try to find the whole movie sometime, it’s very entertaining and has some incredible sets of ancient Jerusalem and Sheba, as well as a musical score by the great Nino “The Godfather” Rota. Check out this clip and get a taste of those wild and wonderful “ancient” days of the imagination!

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