You can write erotica too!

In one of my previous posts, I showed you a picture of myself holding this vintage magazine, and I mentioned that aside from the fact that I loved the cover, its image sparked ideas in my mind about erotica writing. You can see the previous post here.

Find a story in this cover!

Find a story in this cover!


Although making decent freelance money from erotica and Kindle ebooks is very hard (as it has always been for most forms of writing for literally hundreds of years), I think that anybody who can write a basic sentence can explore erotica writing for their own pleasure, if not monetary profit. It’s always preferable that somebody knows how to write well, but one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that even if the prose style is weak and the grammar shaky, nonetheless if a person puts his or her heart and loins into a piece of horny prose, it can often successfully stimulate the reader. So whatever your level of skill with words…you can write erotica, too.

So gaze at this magazine cover. Click on it until it’s large on your screen (it’s best viewed on a computer for maximum impact), and immerse yourself in the lady’s face…her lips…her eyes…her gestures…her cleavage…and her fur-trimmed sweater. What do you hear her saying to you? What do you hear yourself saying? It’s a great picture because it lends itself to almost any kind of scenario–vanilla, kinky, or in-between.

The way to write anything, but especially fiction because it’s imaginary and takes place in your head, is to find a way “into” the story.  I frequently do it by imagining what I’m hearing a character saying…or by imagining what a character feels like, both physically and emotionally. Hmm, what would it be like to slip my hands into that open sweater to reach for the concealed nipples? And so the story begins! How did I meet this gal? What does she say to me? Or does she say anything? Does she let my wandering hands continue to wander, or does she get kinda nasty and say something like…? See, those are my “femdom” “femme fatale fantasies” coming into play! But what are YOUR fantasies? They will form the basis for your tale.

Enjoy this picture, let your mind “see” and “hear” what situations it suggests to you, and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a story!



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Great femdom cover of a 1963 paperback!

I read a lot of fiction–I particularly enjoy novels–and here’s the latest one I read. I picked it up some years ago, probably at a paperback collectors show, and the other night I said to myself, “What am I waiting for? It’s time to read The Cruel Touch!”

A savage in satin...waiting to degrade...this IS entertainment!! ;)

A savage in satin…waiting to degrade…this IS entertainment!! ;)

The great cover was painted by Isaac Paul Rader, whose paperback work is quite collectible now.

From my research, it appears to me this book may well have been written under the “Alan Marshall” pseudonym by Donald Westlake, who later became famous for his mystery and suspense thrillers featuring tough guy characters like Parker. The movies Pointblank with Lee Marvin and Payback with Mel Gibson (and the latter featuring a memorable Lucy Liu as a dominatrix) are based on the same Parker novel.

The Cruel Touch, in contrast, is a 1963 sex novel, a well-written tale about a radio announcer named George who gets secretly involved with Carla, his boss’s nympho wife, and his lust for the woman but his guilt at deceiving his employer. As the author writes:

“Carla was as close to being a goddess as any female could get. The fact that she was a goddess of evil, of lust and cruelty, didn’t make her any less of a goddess.”

The announcer also has a budding relationship with a “nice” girl named Suzy who works at the radio station, and his struggle to balance his feeling for Suzy, and his fear and loathing at being emotionally blackmailed by the “cruel touch” of Carla–who orchestrates their lovemaking like a pubic dictator–forms the crux of the tale.

“For a long while, neither of them moved, or made a sound, except for their mutual gasping. Hers seemed to be the inhalations of deep-seated pleasure; his were nothing but the hoarse gasps of a slave driven to the limit of his endurance.”

The sex scenes, which would qualify as softcore now without a single four-letter word, are extremely well-written and both evoke the sensuous action and the emotion going on at the same time in George’s mind. Also, I loved how the author came up with the phrase “pebbled discs” for hardened nipples–my hat’s off to Marshall/Westlake for conjuring up such a unique phrase. Describing stiff nipples in a new way is damn hard, as any porn scribe will tell you!

So one of the pleasures of being a writer is not only do I enjoy reading, but I get to learn as I’m enjoying myself. Each book I read I absorb by a kind of subconscious osmosis (as well as occasional conscious note-taking), and it all helps make my own erotic fiction better.

And of course, I never tire of looking at the amazing covers on these vintage books! I hope you like the cover of The Cruel Touch, too.   




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Femdom in a 1962 William Holden spy movie!

I’m a fan of the American actor William Holden, and last night I caught up with a 1962 film of his that I never saw before. The Counterfeit Traitor is the story of a American-born Swedish businessman (Holden) who becomes a spy for the Allies during World War 2, gathering information since as a neutral Swede he can travel back and forth to wartime Germany. It’s quite tense and exciting, and thoughtful about the nature of human responsibility as well.

But for the purposes of this blog, what stood out in the film for me was a scene where Holden was walking through the streets of Hamburg seeking his contact to help him get away from Germany and the Gestapo. It turns out that this contact is a dominatrix who sits in an open window advertising her stern services, played by the German actress Ingrid van Bergen. She doesn’t whip him, though, in the brief interlude, but just helps him on his escape route. Still, she looks like quite an effective whip mistress, complete with BDSM art on the walls of her little room.

A pretty wild costume for a 1960s movie character!

A pretty wild costume for a 1960s movie character!

I wonder what I would have made of the sequence had I viewed it in 1962, when I was ten years old. After all, it was a respectable mainstream film and I might have been able to get in to see it.

I’m sure more than one kinky and knowing audience member had a fantasy or two about Ingrid in this scene!

This Italian poster is much sexier than any American version.

This Italian poster is much sexier than any American version.

Still, I doubt in 1962 I would have known what the lady’s bizarre clothing, gloves, boots, and riding crop meant, although I might have concluded that she was some kind of “bad” woman–and perhaps all bad women wore stiletto boots and carried crops. (Maybe on some unconscious level I do believe this today!)

Here's a portrait of Ingrid in her costume from the film.

Here’s a portrait of Ingrid in her costume from the film.

In any case, I’m glad I didn’t see the movie until now, because with my greater knowledge about World War 2 from reading, as well as my endless fascination with femdom, I definitely appreciated it much more in 2014 than I would have fifty-two years ago!

And here’s one more shot of Ingrid van Bergen. Dig that 1960s glamour!

Images like this have a lasting effect on minds both young and old! ;)

Images like this have a lasting effect on minds both young and old!


I found the Italian poster for The Counterfeit Traitor here. I found the black-and-white portrait of Ingrid Van Bergen here and the color glamour shot here. The scene still from The Counterfeit Traitor is from here.

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How to punish your roommate after the Super Bowl!

Reading the New York Post yesterday (1/30/14), I learned about a bargain between two roommates, a guy and a girl, concerning the Super Bowl. Both roommates are bartenders; the guy works at a bar backing the Denver Broncos, the girl at a bar cheering the Seattle Seahawks.

If the Broncos win, the girl is going to have to stop serving “Seahawks blue” kamikazes and put on a Broncos orange-and-blue jersey, delivered by the guy; but if the Seahawks win, in the words of the girl quoted in the Post:

“He’ll not only clean the apartment from top to bottom, but he’ll also have to wear a feather boa to work for an entire year.” 

Wow, what a difference! If the Broncos lose, this guy is going to get punished with “extreme housework” and a yearlong sentence of feather boa-wearing! The Post writers, Elizabeth Hagen and Laura Italiano, describe this as a more “creative revenge”–but it reminds me of what happened in Greek mythology to Hercules in the land of Queen Omphale: he was punished by the gods for a transgression and for a year was a slave to the Queen, participating in what was certainly seen in those days as “women’s work,” like looming; as well as wearing the queen’s clothes (feather boa time, ancient style?) while she put on his. Note his club on her shoulder, as well as his lion skin, in this painting by Bartholomew Spranger. Doesn’t Herc look a little embarrassed in her gown, holding some wool?

Crossdressed Hercules

I just find the wide contrast in the level and concepts of post-Super Bowl retribution, even if just in fun, to be fascinating and indicative of the differences between men and women.

You can read the full Post story here.

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Celebrity beauty 1914 and 2014

Ensconced in my apartment not far from the Times Square madness of New Year’s Eve, ready to eat a salami-on-rye, drink my Milwaukee’s Best, and watch my Sinister Cinema DVD of The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly, I offer this brief glimpse of how things have changed…

With the advent of 2014, we’ll be hearing a lot about 1914, when the First World War started, bringing with it the beginnings of the society we know today. With that in mind, let’s look at a picture of a female celebrity who was at the top of her game in 1914, the British actress Gladys Cooper…regarded as eminently “drool-worthy” in her day–and I fully understand why.

As the poet Wallace Stevens wrote, “Beauty is momentary in the mind, the fitful tracing of a portal; but in the flesh, it is immortal.” I agree.

One of the great beauties of her era.

One of the great beauties of her era.

And now let us consider a pic of a female celebrity of 2014, Coco

As the creator & former editor (1988-2005) of CHEEKS magazine, I approve.

As the creator & former editor (1988-2005) of CHEEKS magazine, I approve.

Hmm, has it only been a century since 1914? Seems to me Coco’s butt represents 50,000 years of evolution!

Happy 2014, my fellow fanciers of the Eternal Feminine in all its myriad forms!


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Me and my 1961 pinup magazine…

I love vintage girlie and pinup magazines, especially from the 50s and early 60s, and I was happy when I found this item at the flea market the other day…

Judging by my silly grin, you'd think I had my arm around a real girl!

Judging by my silly grin, you’d think I had my arm around a real girl!

The magazine just cost me a few dollars, but when I got home and looked through it, at first I thought, “Why did I buy this?”–the inside just being filled with conventional girlie pix and articles. But as I looked more closely at the cover, I realized that the cover itself was worth the money. There are a few magazine covers that linger in my mind and I think this is going to turn out to be one of them. I hope to write more extensively about it in the future. It puts some interesting ideas in my head…not so much about the model–those ideas are obvious ;) –but more about erotica writing. I would write more now, but I’m taking several days during this festive season to rest my mental muscles. Just a little while ago I was giving someone a Christmas card and I said, “Hoppy halidays,” which tells me that if my pornographer’s mind is scrambling vowels, it’s time to chill. So anyway, stay tuned for more of my thoughts down the line about the lovely cover of Cocktail magazine!

Meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas!


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Choose the best in femdom fiction this holiday season!

When you need to escape from reality for a little while this holiday season…check out my femdom ebooks on Kindle! Available in Amazon stores around the globe! Enter the world of my stories…with some of sexiest dommes in current erotic literature!

After almost 2 years this remains my top seller!

This sequel is one of the craziest stories of my twisted career!



This is one of my best stories--very kinky yet very funny.

DomTwins Cover#2


NakedB4Her CoverFor Kindle


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Look for new ebooks to be posted soon, not only femdom but soon some of my more mainstream erotic tales too. And please let me know how you like my stories by leaving comments either here on the blog or with short reviews on Amazon! Much appreciated, and Happy Holidays!———Irv

UPDATE 12/6/13:

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, I’m starting to now publish some of my more mainstream sex stories, and  am starting off with…


It’s a saucy and titillating story about a middle-aged guy who just loves to nuzzle on his twentysomething gold-digging girlfriend’s big breasts…but is curiously reticent about putting his pecker into her pie! When an opportunity comes for him to explore his cuckold urges, he takes it…but learns there’s more to his desires than meet the eye! Although the girlfriend acts a little bossy, it’s not femdom fiction but more of a classic sex story…so I’ve dubbed it Sexy Fiction as opposed to my usual “Femdom Fiction.” Check it out on Amazon, where you’ll find it in the same places where my other books are available. Enjoy!


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