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Looking forward to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman!

Nice big billboards a few blocks uptown from Times Square. Click on the pic to see it larger.

I just hope the movie is good cheesy fun, and not pretentious noisy baloney like I find many superhero movies to be!

I don’t see many films in theaters anymore, preferring cable or DVDs (and VHS too on occasion) but I think I might actually plunk down some drachmas for Wonder Woman! That Gal Gadot looks like quite a gal…

You know how the old saying goes: “Whaddaya go see the show for? The DAMES!”

Yep, that’s me, old-school Uncle Irv…bring on dames whether they’re wearing stockings or wielding swords, it’s all good!



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Which woman is more powerful?

Which lady truly looks more beautiful, intimidating, and truly powerful? My vote goes with the late Jean Patchett, a top model of the 1950s…

Poise & wit shone through Miss Patchett's incomparable pictures.

Poise & wit shone through Miss Patchett’s incomparable pictures.

…as opposed to Gal Gadot in the first image of her upcoming Wonder Woman incarnation. Sorry, but she looks like she should be in a low-budget sword and sandal movie in that outfit.

She has a sword--she must be powerful!

She has a sword–she MUST be powerful!


Jean Patchett as Wonder Woman–now that’s a movie I wish they’d made back in the 50s! Fashion model by day and super-heroine whenever the need arose! And the late great George Reeves could have done a cameo and bantered with her in his signature tv role as Superman. It would have been a screwball superhero delight.



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