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Porno overload! Brain must rest!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since my last entry, which was on my 60th birthday. But it’s true…time speeds up the older you get…

I’ve been feeling a little “porned out.” That’s a phrase some people in the adult business use when your mind just overloads on work…which of course involves looking at mountains of pictures of breasts and vaginas and butts and fetish things…and you start to feel kind of like James Stewart in Vertigo

Well, maybe it's not quite this bad...

I didn’t really take a break last week and did a lot of extra writing; for one thing, I wrote the first installment of my new column for the website Domme Dose, “Notes of a Rebel Subbie,” which can be found¬†here. The site is for adults only, and is about what is called “financial domination” or “findom,” a fetish where men give women gifts and money for a kind of masochistic erotic satisfaction.

I also worked on a new story for a possible ebook that didn’t come out the way I liked, so I put it aside after writing a few thousand words that just didn’t jell.

This on top of the adult website newsletters I write, the sexual product columns I do, and the copy for nudie pictures. Sometimes you just reach a state of overload, as at any job…

So I took a break last night and watched a 1945 film noir called Danger Signal that was on Turner Classic Movies. Zachary Scott plays a murderer and con man who, on the run from his crimes, first convinces a lonely typist (Faye Emerson) that he’s in love with her, until he meets her younger sister (Mona Freeman) who has an inheritance–and then he dumps Faye for Mona.

Faye Emerson had a haunted, fragile quality in this film.

Scott was good as a lying manipulative ladies man who preys on naive females, but I especially liked Faye Emerson. She goes from happily in love into a downward spiral of murderous depression–an interesting twist–and she turns the tables psychologically on Scott in an exciting conclusion.

The movie wasn’t perfect, and ended a little too quickly and too simplistically, but it was definitely worth seeing…and I became intrigued with Faye Emerson, immediately looking her up online for more info and pix.

I found these cool shots of her at what I believe is a Brazilian site¬†which colorizes black and white photos to startling effect. Click on the link and pay it a visit, it’s marvelous. (If it’s not a Brazilian site, just let me know, and I’ll adjust my description accordingly.)

She was married for a time to orchestra leader Skitch Henderson.

In Danger Signal, she looked very beautiful but had a sad quality that made her character complex and strangely appealing. As a viewer I wanted to understand why such a beautiful woman seemed to have such a melancholy view of herself, but it was never explained.

In middle age she grew fat, wrote unpublished memoirs, and died of stomach cancer.

I think the second picture captures the fragile quality in her beauty.

One thing that was also interesting to me about Danger Signal is that it seemed as if it could have influenced the plot for A Kiss Before Dying, the famous 1953 novel by Ira Levin, and the suspenseful 1956 movie made from it with Robert Wagner, Joanne Woodward, and Virginia Leith. Two examples: in Danger Signal, Zachary Scott comes up with a very clever way of getting a woman to unwittingly write her own suicide note, and in A Kiss Before Dying, the psychopathic con man played by Wagner in the movie does a very similar thing. Secondly, in A Kiss Before Dying as well as well as Danger Signal, the man becomes involved with two sisters, leading each of them on for his nefarious ends.

Ira Levin, who went on to write famous books like Rosemary’s Baby, was about 16 years old when Danger Signal was released; could he have seen it and did some of its plot elements sink into his subconscious for later transformation into his exciting novel? I’m not saying he copied Danger Signal, but like any artist, may have been inspired by works that came before him. In point of fact, A Kiss Before Dying is a superior story, at least as a film and novel. I haven’t read the novel on which Danger Signal was based…but interestingly, an autographed copy of it goes for $650 at the brick & mortar and online bookseller where I found the image below! It sounds as if it might be a riveting read. Maybe I’ll find a less expensive copy someday…

Phyllis Bottome sounds like another subject for online research--prolific author and expert on psychology.

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