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Femdom thrills over the last 200 years!

One of the things that particularly interests me is the evolution of art forms, such as how stories are told, throughout the years.

I particularly recall the fantastic paintings for the macho “sweat mags” of the 50s and 60s–periodicals like FOR MEN ONLY or MEN’S WORLD or ALL MAN, that often sadistically portrayed GIs and Nazis and gorgeous women in a pulp phantasmagoria derived from World War 2. The great site Men’s Pulp Mags is the resource for these images and info, and here is an example of a femdom cover image from 1959 that they also sell as a note card:

Doesn't look like

Doesn’t look like “pity” is her middle name…

In an interview I read at Men’s Pulp Mags, artist Mort Küntsler explained why those publications declined in popularity as “More and more advertising money was going to television rather than print, and a lot of people were getting their fiction over television rather than reading it.” (Boldface italics are mine.) The phrase “getting their fiction” stayed with me. Wisely, Künstler moved onto other venues for his considerable skills and has had great success. You can read his Men’s Pulp Mags interview here. (He didn’t do the image above, by the way, but you can see many examples of his work at the interview.)

Now, we all know that in 2015 dominatrices can express their spellbinding narratives to their admirers through websites, Twitter, video clips, and phone services like NiteFlirt; that’s how sub males are primarily “getting their [femdom] fiction” today, as well as through ebooks and hardcover works such as the British artist Sardax’s new translation and illustration of the classic VENUS IN FURS. But how did the submissive males of long ago get their entertainment thrills?

In 1937 they could enjoy the story “Tiger Cat” by David H. Keller in Weird Tales magazine:

This wild cover is by Margaret Brundage, Weird Tales' premier cover artist.

This wild cover is by Margaret Brundage, Weird Tales’ premier cover artist.

You can enjoy it today yourself if you go here. One passage in this story of a beautiful demoness who keeps men as her prisoners reminded me of some of the things you can hear dommes say online today, especially when teasing and denying their slaves the merest touch of their alluring flesh:

“She was more beautiful that night than I had ever seen her. Dressed in filmy white, her beautiful body, lovely hair, long lithe limbs would have bound any man to her through eternity. She seemed to sense that beauty, for, after giving out the first supply of rolls, she varied her program. She told her audience how she had dressed that evening for their special pleasure. She described her jewels and her costume. She almost became grandiose as she told of her beauty, and, driving in the dagger, she twisted it as she reminded them that never would they be able to see her, never touch her or kiss her hand.[Boldface italics are mine.]

I recently read an informative post on The English Mansion blog here, by the renowned British domme Mistress Sidonia von Bork, which discussed the origin of her unique-sounding nom de domme, from the leading character in a famous and huge-selling 19th century German novel SIDONIA THE SORCERESS based on the life of an historical figure. She also mentioned how H. Rider Haggard’s 1887 novel SHE, similarly imbued with femdom themes, was another gigantic seller in the late 1800s. It got me thinking about these other incarnations of the cruel female, like “Tiger Cat,” which must have thrilled the slave males of long ago.

So another thing that springs to mind is John Keats’ 1819 poem “La Belle Dame sans Merci,” (“The Beautiful Lady Without Mercy’)  which became the subject of many famous paintings like this one by Frank Cadogan Cowper in the 1920s:

The red of that dress reminds would entrance anybody...

The red of that dress would entrance anybody…

In both “Tiger Cat” and the Keats poem (which you can read here), the women have enslaved or subdued many, many men. This makes me think of the work of my colleague Sardax, who frequently portrays this classic trope of mass subjection in his art, as in his recently published image “The Stockroom”:

Before these tigresses, the blush doesn't leave men's cheeks, neither top nor bottom...

Before these tigresses, the blush doesn’t leave men’s cheeks, neither top nor bottom…

Be sure to visit Sardax’s Wordpress blog here for more information about his work and how he created his edition of Venus in Furs, his new translation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s 1870 classic of femdom literature.

Of course these stories and poems are not sexually explicit the way BDSM videos or, say, audio files are today–but the femdom vibe is still there, and strong.

Although I’m not into the idea myself of being enslaved with an entire horde of other guys–I really am a one-on-one kinda sexual serf 😉 –I even ended up using this trope in my own way at the climax of my supernatural femdom story THE DOMINATRIX WHO COULDN’T DIE, available on Amazon here. Perhaps mass enslavement by a few strong females is part of the collective male subbie unconscious?

She's a tiger in her own way, trust me!

She’s a tiger in her own way, trust me!


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The New York Post: friend to legmen, foot lovers, and bathwater drinkers!!

Hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend. After a Friday of rain and wet snow, we here in NYC got a beautiful sunny and almost spring-like Saturday and Sunday. What a pleasure to walk around and check out the flea market with a friend…

I want to thank the readers in the U.S. and Germany who bought copies of Learning to be Cruel and Learning to be Cruel Part 2 over the last couple of days. Did you hear about them on my blog here, or did you find them via Twitter or elsewhere? I welcome your comments!

After almost 2 years this remains my top seller!

After almost 2 years this remains my top seller!

This sequel is one of the craziest stories of my twisted career!

This sequel is one of the craziest stories of my twisted career!

You can leave them anonymously on this blog or in a review on Amazon! I hope you’re enjoying the adventures of my submissive hero Lester as he tangles with Miss Meirong, the cruel and inventive Chinese-American goddess of his dreams. As ever, you can find the books in the Kindle department of the Amazon stores in the U.S., UK, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, and Brazil. Just click to the right under the bookmark “My ebooks” to be taken to the U.S. Kindle store.

In other news, the terrific British artist Sardax has just published his own illustrated translation of Venus in Furs on Kindle, the great 19th century classic of femdom.

The narrator of Venus in Furs tends to his mistress at her bath...her whip nearby!

The narrator of Venus in Furs tends to his mistress at her bath…her whip nearby!

I urge you to check it out! Go to Amazon here to check out a sample of the book and read my full review.

Now one thing I enjoy doing is reporting to you readers all over the world about the kinky coverage that appears regularly in the New York Post. First last Thursday 3/1/13 we got an amazing leg shot of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend…

Those are indeed impressive pins. Fill me with vim and vigor!

Those are indeed impressive pins. Fill me with vim and vigor!

Then on the same day we got a story about that actress from Game of Thrones doing a nude scene on Broadway. I liked one of the theatergoers’ comments: “I would drink Emilia Clarke’s bathwater.” I frequently use that expression myself as a way of denoting my admiration of a lady’s charms…I wonder if I could actually ever do such a thing. Never say never, I guess… 😉

I've never watched Game of Thrones but I know some people swear by it.

I’ve never watched Game of Thrones but I know some people swear by it.

Finally today in the Post we got a story about a girl’s adventures serving up her feet at a foot fetish party. The photographer for the story got a very nice toe cleavage shot…

Nice toe cleavage on the right footsie...but nails should have been polished a color in small shot!!

Nice toe cleavage on the right footsie…but nails should have been polished a color in small shot!!

You can read the full story here.

I knew a topless dancer from Europe here in NYC who was thinking of trying this as a way to make extra money. She had nice legs and feet, and I’d known her for about a year as a customer, and I said, “Hey, I’ll worship your feet.” She knew I liked femdom but she wasn’t very good at roleplaying; it wasn’t her thing, so she just generally gave me a pretty vanilla dance with no bossy mistress-like chatter. When it came to the foot parties, though, she seemed more inclined to the idea of letting total strangers do it instead, and it never happened between us. Maybe she thought I just wanted a freebie, but I would have been willing to pay her just like the guys at those foot parties. Except I would have felt more comfortable doing it with her in private, rather than as one of a line of gents glomming onto her heels and soles. No matter how much the feet are wiped off between “sessions” at a party, I wouldn’t be able to erase the images of the joes who’d been drooling on a girl’s toes right before me…

In any case, after that, I lost track of her until about a year later when I ran into her at a totally different club. I didn’t ask her about the foot fetish parties; I don’t know if she ever did them; and if she did, I wasn’t interested in what she did with her insteps with other people. I guess I was hurt that she didn’t want me to worship her legs and feet…that after visiting her in the club for so long, I wasn’t her go-to choice for a toe slave!   😦


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Capturing Fu Manchu’s evil daughter in my camera…

A friend called me today and we spoke of the “January doldrums,” that time of emotional and psychological letdown after the holidays. My friend expressed hope that the pleasant weather today–it was warmer than usual–would herald a new, more positive feeling in general. I very much agreed with him.

I’ve been feeling down myself, partly also because of the economy. Today I read in the paper that we’re supposedly out of the recession. Really? That’s news to me and my friends.

Meanwhile I’m reading for a second time a book I mentioned in my earlier post “Sexology on Sunday.” It’s called The Men on My Couch by Dr. Brandy Engler and David Rensin, and it’s quite a good examination of the psychology of men and how it affects their sex lives.

The book is loaded with insights about how men act out their emotions thru sex instead of confronting their feelings directly. I know it's been true for me.

The book is loaded with insights about how men act out their emotions thru sex instead of confronting their feelings directly. I know it’s been true for me.

When I read the book the first time, I didn’t make any notes, probably because I figured I’d go back and flip through it as I wrote my review. But now I’m going through the entire book all over again, seeing new and interesting angles and marking the book like a roadmap. In a future post I plan to point out several things in particular that I liked about it.

I’m also re-reading Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, from whose name the word “masochism” comes.


The edition I have opens with correspondence between Masoch and a nineteen-year old female admirer and aspiring writer who wrote to him in 1874. She became a successful author both under her real name Emilie Mataja and the male pen names Emil Marriot and Hugo Valentin.


In his letters Herr von Sacher-Masoch goes from literary man to a horny guy who can’t get his fetish for cruel women in furs out of his head. I actually find it kind of funny, because he goes from sounding dignified to almost drooling for Emilie to treat him with cruelty while she wears fur. The effect is like a stuffy snooty upper-crust character in an old movie being revealed in his vices, like in a Three Stooges film.

I admit to my own absurd and probably comical-seeming leap-frogging from self-consciously literary “man of erotic letters” to pervy acolyte of haughty hotties. The other night I finally caught up with The Face of Fu Manchu, a 1965 movie I’d heard about for years, about the world-domination seeking Chinese genius from Sax Rohmer’s early 20th century pulp fiction. (In fact, the movie was produced and written by a man for whom my friend mentioned above, a screenwriter, once worked.) Unfortunately the movie was kind of dry and not too exciting, even with Christopher Lee in the title role; dry, that is, except for the scenes where Fu Manchu’s evil daughter Lin Tang, played by Tsai Chin, watches a minion get punished…

Lin Tang, daughter of Fu Manchu, hefts her whip in her hand and sizes up her victim...

Lin Tang, daughter of Fu Manchu, hefts her whip in her hand and sizes up her victim…

She then prepares to apply some punishment herself…

She really wants to whip this disobedient girl...

…before she’s stopped by her father, who has even more nefarious plans for the minion. In the end, she is very pleased by the terrible fate of the poor girl…SPOILER…who is sent to a watery doom by Fu Manchu.

Her eyes have a dreamy look of pleasure as she watches the girl struggle in fear...

Her eyes have a dreamy look of pleasure as she watches the girl struggle…

In the film’s most shocking image, Lin Tang and her father listen to a news report over the radio (the movie takes place in the 1920s) about the slaughter of an entire town by the use of a deadly biochemical agent sprayed by an airplane piloted by one of Fu’s henchmen. The film moves in this one image from corny mad scientist fiction into something far more sinister and apocalyptic about the cruel forces throughout history that seek to rule and subjugate.

Now, if you’ve read my Kindle ebooks, you know I am erotically enamored of the beauty of domineering Asian women, and I even loved just making the screen captures from the film when it played on Turner Classic Movies. There is something erotic in itself about sitting in front of the tv and making them…just as there is for me when I design the covers of my ebooks, even though I am no professional artist.




But the domination I get off on is erotic roleplaying, not the true horror of evil–wherever it comes from in actuality, not through pulp fiction–evil imposing itself on the world.

They calmly listen to the news reports of the carnage they have unleashed.

They calmly listen to the news reports of the carnage they have unleashed.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard that there is a new South Korean film version of Venus in Furs. I hope to see it when it’s released; here’s a photo from the film that I found online.

What a beautiful domina...

What a beautiful domina…

And of course my British friend, the master femdom artist Sardax who made two illustrations for his site inspired by Learning to Be Cruel, recently completed a series of masterworks based on Venus in Furs.

This masterly Sardax image could get me into the fur fetish myself!

This incredible image could get me into the fur fetish myself!

You can see more at his personal site, The Femdom Art of Sardax.

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