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I sigh for thigh!


Spring must be in the air…my ebook Toes Are For Sucking was selling rather briskly today in the U.S., the UK, and Germany. Either all the girls on the street in their minis are getting readers in a fetishy mood…

…or maybe readers enjoyed my foot fetish story “The Pit” at The Femdom Art of Sardax and decided to give one of my Kindle ebooks a try! 🙂

Just click on the link “My ebooks” on the right under Bookmarks if you want to see more at Amazon about this kinky little tale about a middle-aged guy who gets a lesson in foot and leg worship from his employee, a pretty and dominant typist.

Speaking of typists, here’s the cover of a cool book I found, also on Amazon here…love the title and concept…and wish I could afford the price: $169.00 a copy!

Anyway, I have legs on my brain a little tonight. Thighs especially. I like thighs…

And the picture below reminds me of a Japanese stripper I knew, who would sit and have a drink with me in the club and keep my hand playfully trapped between her thighs while we talked. I loved it!

Meanwhile, besides legs, other things on my mind include a couple of my pieces in current magazines…

Under my other writing name Neil Wexler, I have an interesting review column entitled “Stuff” in June 2012 Swank, where I discuss everything from a fantastic book about John Wilkes Booth entitled My Thoughts Be Bloody, to a 1950s film noir named The Big Bluff, to massage oils from KM Fantasy and futuristic dildos from California Exotic Novelties. I’m a man of far-ranging interests! 😉

And in the August 2012 Gallery, I have my newest “Horny Time Traveler” column, wherein I “visit” 1956 through the pages of a magazine devoted to a photographer named Charles Kell who immortalized luscious models like Bettie Page and Judy O’Day on film. Everybody knows about Bettie Page, but do yourself a favor and make a Google image search on Judy O’Day–she was a hottie too, with a very sexy face and sexy bod. There were many great models in the 50s who gave Bettie a run for those modeling fees! Check out Judy here on Flickr to see her as a Devil Girl in the first issue of Satan magazine, and how do you like this Judy shot I found here on Tumblr?

If I could, I’d sure enough build a time machine to go back in time to get my hands trapped between the thighs of Judy O’Day–as well as some other parts of my anatomy!!

Punchy from all that horny time-traveling!



For more about my writing as the “Horny Time Traveler,” and a complete FREE sample of the column, click on my portfolio link “WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?” at the top of this page.

I found the picture of the legs in pantyhose and heels at Some_legs’ photostream at Flickr, and the Creative Commons license for fair use of that image is here.


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