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Bella Cortez as a lusciously evil ancient queen!

In my considered opinion, what we need in modern cinema are more evil temptresses as in the epics of long ago…ladies like Bella Cortez as “Queen Akiba” in 1963’s Taur the Mighty

The Cuban-born actress plays a very bad girl in this movie!


…sexy tyrants who can tempt heroes like Taur (Joe Robinson), which Bella did in this mix of sci-fi and sword-and-sandals…

The queen takes time out from villainy to snare, she hopes, the beefcake she craves!


…and inadvertently give sidekicks like Taur’s pal Ubaratutu (Harry Baird) some peeks at their sexy legs and feet!

Little do Taur and the queen know that sidekick Ubaratutu is hiding under the bed! Any room down there for me? 😉


I love these ancient history flicks from the 1960s. I guess my fondness for them is analogous to the fondness the generations of the 70s and 80s have toward the original Star Wars movies, films which I enjoyed as an adult but never felt particularly entranced by as I did by these gladiator movies in my adolescence, flicks brimming with gorgeous femmes fatale (and “nice girls” too, one of which Bella Cortez played in a similar sci-fi sword-and-sandals film called The Giant of Metropolis).

Back in the 90s when I was writing a lot of feature length porn films, I always wanted to write an X-rated movie taking place in ancient Rome or Greece, but alas, it never came to pass! Needless to say, I find these 60s films very erotic today.

Queen Akiba with one of her henchwomen.


I made these screencaps from the Sinister Cinema DVD of Taur the Mighty, available here!

“You will watch more sword-and-sandal movies…slave!


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Dream encounter with a robot woman…

In real life yesterday, I had two “encounters” with robot women. (I guess a lot of unusual stuff happened on 11/11/11, hmm?) In the first, I read a sci-fi short story from 1960 as part of research for an article. The tale was about a scientist who creates a female robot who looks like the real thing, but who takes on a life of her own and starts talking and acting in ways in which she is not programmed.

In my second real-life “encounter” yesterday, I called the cable company because my service went down in the evening. I had no phone, Internet, or television. I had a “conversation” with a realistic electronically-generated female voice who asked me what the problems were. And she “told” me that there was a power outage and the cable company was working to fix it.

The upshot of all this? When I was sleeping later last night, I dreamed that I was talking to the robot female voice from the cable company, and when I made a flirtatious comment, at first she didn’t understand but then when I clarified it with a “yes” or “no” answer she began to flirt back with me. So she became, in a sense, the robot woman of the short story, reacting in ways other than the ones in which she was programmed.

I have a date tomorrow for brunch with the voice from the cable company, but I have no idea where to take her.

Maybe she moonlights as a stripper when she's not working at the cable company?


I found the robot stripper pic here.


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