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MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE gets the lesson he deserves!

I hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day last weekend. Me, I stood in my kitchen with a shot of Jameson and raised a toast to Mr. Joyce, Mr. O’Connor, and Mr. Farrell. The whiskey went down so smooth and lovely, I don’t think it ever tasted quite as good.

Now, as I’ve explained here before, I am actually of Romanian-Russian-Jewish descent. But my Irish-sounding nom de porn is a tribute to the Irish writers who inspired me to become a scribe in the first place, way back in college. There were many other writers of other ethnicities from whom I learned, but it was the short stories of James Joyce, Frank O’Connor, and James T. Farrell that set me firmly on the road to devoting my life to, in the words of  Welshman Dylan Thomas, this “craft or sullen art.”

I was first introduced to Jameson by my porn writer compadre Lou Meyers, with whom I used to bend an elbow at the late and lamented Tin Pan Alley bar on 49th Street near Broadway. He suggested I try it, and I’ve liked it ever since. He also introduced me to Player’s Navy Cut cigarettes, which I enjoyed for good while too although I haven’t smoked now in many years (and miss it everyday).

Tin Pan Alley was a basement level bar where porn writers (among its varied clientele) would repair after screenings of new sex flicks in the days before video. Yes, we actually went to screenings, and the worse the movie, the more we critics and reviewers were plied with booze and food. But nothing beat the after-screening post-mortems of these sinematic transgressions which often took place at Tin Pan Alley, only a stone’s throw away from the old screening rooms around the corner on Broadway.

I wish I had some photos of the old joint, but I don’t. But I seem to remember that the men’s room had blue walls, and stunk to high heaven. I also remember that one New Year’s Eve I picked up a girl in the ladies room, which apparently was unisex that particular evening. These were the days before barricades in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, back in the early 80s.

My buddy Lou wrote a lot of good stuff, ranging from porn films to short stories to adult novels, from interviews to on-the-film-set pieces to screenplays for sword-and-sandal and war movies. And, of course, he introduced me to Jameson. I know I just said that, but such an act of good fellowship bears repeating.


I wonder what Mr. Joyce, Mr. O’Connor, and Mr. Farrell might think of Mr. Neil’s prose accomplishments. Mr. Joyce, being rather kinky himself, with fetishes for ladies’ bloomers and flatulence, might actually have found it amusing. I can at least say I emulate these gentlemen in the coherence of my craft. My stories hold together and make sense…not always the case in the world of erotica. And a good example of my carnal coherence is my newest ebook, MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE, the story of a porn writer who goes to a special therapist to deal with the guilt he feels over writing smut instead of “literature.”

It is a tale of mind-fucking by a compassionate yet stern female named Ms. Foster who knows her way into the vulnerable male brain. She readily gets the self-described “dunce” of the tale to submit to the punishments she prescribes for the improvement of his mental and emotional outlook. From standing in the corner to laying across her lap for a spanking, he goes on a journey that brings a new dimension to the OTK (“over-the-knee”) and maternal discipline sub-genres of femdom erotica. I originally wrote it for Leg Show when the magazine was edited by Dian Hanson, and it was published in the March 2001 issue, which is now scarce and hard to find. So now I’ve released it with very slight revision with a brand-new illustration on Kindle. (The original illustration was done by Sardax, but I don’t have the publishing rights to that.)

So I hope you’ll check out MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE at the Kindle stores in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy. You don’t need an ebook reader, either; you can download the free Kindle software and read it the ebooks on your Mac or PC. And if you do take the plunge into the world of MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE,  leave a comment here or on Amazon to let me know how you like it! Thanks.

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