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Department Store Domina: free, complete story on my blog!

To acquaint new readers with my work, especially those of you who are curious but haven’t yet taken the plunge into the universe of my femdom stories, I’ve just published one of my best earlier tales on a separate page here on the blog. The page is listed on the top under the heading COMPLETE SHORT STORY: DEPARTMENT STORE DOMINA!

It’s about the owner of a department store, one Ms. Frances Filston, who has to discipline her unruly holiday Santa Claus…I’m sure the illustration here is worth a thousand words in letting you know this lady means BUSINESS–despite, I admit, the picture’s crude draftsmanship, which is a deliberate aesthetic choice to give you that comfy old-style porn-shop-at-the-corner feeling. (At least, it’s a comfy feeling to an old perv like me.)

So curl up by the fire with your laptop, and check out DEPARTMENT STORE DOMINA by clicking at the top! Adults only, of course…


"I cannot tolerate sexual harassment of college girls by my department store Santas!"

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