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Lucy Liu makes me drool and throb…

Erotica is in the mind of the stroker.

How lovely her feet looked…oh my goodness… fully observe the terrain!

But at her command, I lifted my eyes to meet her gaze.

...with my full and delighted cooperation!

Oh, if I didn’t have to work for a living, I would enjoy being a slave to Lucy Liu. Unfortunately she would probably not feel the same way…

Nonetheless, thanks to the “montage theory” of erotica, I took an image from a site about healthy toenails…(by the way, these are NOT actually Lucy’s feet)…

…and matched it with a picture of Miss Lucy in the television show Cashmere Mafia that I got here.

Voila! Instant foot goddess!

Ah, the delights of basic erotic image editing. Create¬†your¬†own reality now…just like ye ole Uncle Irv!

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