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Oh those Leg World days!

On the fetish femdom scene there is more than a little nostalgia about the glory days of Leg Show magazine, primarily under the editorship of Dian Hanson, who has since gone on to work for Taschen Books and their line of historical erotica tomes. I wrote for Leg Show from about 1995 through around 2003 or 2004, so I got to participate in that fondly missed era with my fiction, often illustrated by the British master of femdom art, Sardax; and I did many interviews with everybody from leggy softcore horror movie scream queens to imperious dominatrices.

But from 2004 through the beginning of 2010, I was also the editor of Leg World, a much lower-budgeted magazine but one into which I poured my quarter century of experience in writing for and editing magazines, as well as my decades of fascination and personal experience with femdom and fetish.


To use a Hollywood analogy, budget-wise, if Leg Show was MGM, Leg World was Poverty Row. But I put my heart and soul into it, and I think you’ll see in the intensity of these typical covers–for which I selected the shots, wrote all the lines, and supervised the layout–that I gave the readers their money’s worth starting with the covers themselves. I always aimed to show enough to the readers on the covers so that, if they wished, they could have a good time with them before they even opened the magazines; and since these periodicals were puritanically shrink-wrapped for display on the newsstands, I felt duty-bound to let the customers know exactly what they would find inside…once they shot their first loads for the covers! ūüėČ

With my art director and talented group of contributors, both writers and photographers, a memorable magazine came into being with each issue. I didn’t have enough budget for art, or I would have asked Sardax to work for Leg World too (see his fabulous work here). Instead I illustrated fiction with carefully chosen photos from the archives.


So if you run into Leg Worlds at flea markets or online, take a minute and check out these lovingly crafted collectors’ items. If you’re into legs and feet and femdom, I think you’ll enjoy the mix of amazing pictorials and evocative stories. I poured my passion for editing images–I’d originally moved to New York City to get into the film business–into editing and even occasionally directing the shoots of erotic pictorials. In recent years, I’ve transferred my coverline writing passion into the writing I do for my personal Twitter and the feed for the femdom website Domme Addiction. There I happily conjugate my nouns and verbs in the service of celebrating the dominant female much as I did in Leg World.¬† ūüôā


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A lovely ancient Playboy magazine…

The magazine Playboy was a big influence on my wanting to become a writer. Just like in the clich√©, “I read it for the articles,” after I got done looking at the pictures I did indeed read the articles. Mostly the fiction, but the interviews too. The many finely wrought short stories that Playboy published inspired me to learn the craft of fiction, and the interviews taught me how to talk to people¬†to¬†get their stories, a skill that came in handy when I interviewed about a thousand porn stars and strippers from the 1980s through the mid-2000s for mags like Black Tail and Leg Show.

I went to the flea market in Chelsea today on my unending search for inspiration in print, and I found a lovely Playboy from January 1956.

Look at the clever cover collage of the bunny-eared photog looking in his camera viewfinder!

Look at the clever cover collage of the bunny-eared photog looking in his camera viewfinder!


This slender (72 pages including covers) but jam-packed issue¬†has, among its charms, a recap of the first two dozen Playmates (including Marguerite Empey aka Diane Webber, Jayne Mansfield, and Diane Hunter (whom I interviewed decades later for Pat Reshen’s¬†Over 40 magazine); cartoons by the legendary and tragic Jack Cole, creator of the comic book character Plastic Man and a frequent Playboy contributor, as well as fiction by Robert Bloch, Erskine Caldwell, and Herbert Gold. Probably the one name that most resonates with contemporary readers is that of Bloch, who of course was one of the great masters of horror fiction and created the original novel on which Hitchcock’s Psycho was based. And Caldwell was one of the biggest selling writers of all time with the paperback editions of his rural tales of lust and human folly.

I never cease admiring these beautiful vintage paperback covers!

I never cease admiring these beautiful vintage paperback covers!


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Ready to cuckold him on their first date!

Happy 2016 to all my readers! A safe and healthy new year to you all!

A few days ago I blogged¬†about one of my two newest ebooks, THE SINS OF DR. JEKYLL. Today I’d like to tell you about…


Wherein my¬†submissive hero Timmy experiences an incredible night of¬†deep and lasting degradation! (Which he can’t resist and he deeply enjoys…)

TranceTramp PublicityCover

Do you like the cover? This girl really looks like trouble, doesn’t she? I am very fond of 1950s paperback books, with their femme fatale cover girls, and this model projects that same spirit. The image, which I found at¬†a stock photography house, was shot¬†by “xalanx” whose portfolio you can see here. I also used one of his images for the cover of RULE BY CLEAVAGE (read about that book here).

Getting back to the noir paperback aspects, even the typeface I selected for the title is similar to what was sometimes used on the covers of the noir paperbacks, stories crammed with mean, manipulative ladies.

And my dominant heroine, Theresa Pendillac, is very mean and manipulative. She toys with shy Timmy, a fellow worker in her office, and when she finally goes on a date with him, it turns out to be only a pretext for an evening of sexual humiliation involving everything from foot worship to cuckolding to pantyhose sniffing to…well, suffice to say, Timmy realizes something about himself that he didn’t know until Theresa brings¬†out Timmy’s deeply buried desires.

Yes, Theresa gives Timmy all the femdom thrills he craves, and then some.¬†He should have known what to expect! The outfit the model¬†wears on the cover is the one Theresa uses to tease her co-workers’ boners back in the office…

One reader named wylde64 enjoyed this story so much that he started riffing with me on Twitter about what could happen in a sequel. The possibilities are many. I’m not big on writing sequels (Learning to be Cruel Part 2 was the rare exception) but maybe I will consider it depending on how big a¬†response I get to IN TRANCE FOR A TRAMP. Learning to be Cruel, for example, has been my bestselling title ever, so I did write a sequel…and¬†you can read here¬†about the unique way that¬†came about.

Anyway, back to my original topic: I originally wrote IN TRANCE FOR A TRAMP in 1996-1997 and it was published in the May 1998 issue of Leg Show by editor Dian Hanson. It was graced with a beautiful illustration by the legendary artist of femdom fantasies, Sardax, which captured the almost hallucinogenic, trance-like feeling Timmy experiences when he is confronted by the luscious cruelty of Theresa:



You can see more of Sardax’s art here.¬†Nowadays¬†one of his specialties is doing commissioned portraits of dominatrices. And check out his recent illustrations for a piece of femdom fiction published by the New York-based mistress¬†Mrs. Weltsova here.¬†(This fascinating¬†lady will¬†be touring London, Paris, Berlin, and Washington D.C. this January 2016‚ÄĒfor more information go here¬†and look under her Travel News.)

I reprinted IN TRANCE FOR A TRAMP with¬†only with a few minor adjustments. I kept it in the same time period, 1996, but I tweaked the names a little (Timmy is called Jimmy in the original) and I wrote an introductory scene so that I could use the new photo cover that I’d selected for the ebook. There was something about the way the model rests her hand on the front of her skirt that seemed like something the Theresa of my imagination would do, so it was a pleasure to describe¬†her using that teasing gesture in the office where she and Timmy work.

I also altered the original title from the blander “The Trance” (okay for a magazine, but not for the Internet) because I felt it needed more strength¬†to compete in the ebook market. To do this I emphasized the femme fatal-ish qualities of Theresa¬†as a “tramp” right out of noir fiction, up to no good with ruthless¬†vixenish ways paired with a remorseless¬†voracious vagina.

IN TRANCE FOR A TRAMP is available at Amazon US and at the Amazon stores worldwide, ready to read on your Kindles, phones, and tablets.

I hope you’ll make a firm “resolution” to check it out as you begin a most Happy New Year!



The original art from “The Trance” is ¬©Sardax and used¬†with his permission.


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Writing for Leg Show and illustrated by Sardax…

My friend and colleague, the great femdom artist Sardax, recently wrote¬†a blog post about doing art¬†for editor Dian Hanson’s¬†Leg Show magazine back in the 1990s and early 2000s and creating some illustrations for my short stories there, among the many authors whose work he brought to visual life. You can read his post here.

I had been writing femdom fiction for other magazines like Leg Action for a few years before I started submitting stories to Leg Show, but once I began publishing in¬†Dian’s¬†publication, it became my favorite femdom venue. Two reasons for this are¬†that there were fewer censorship restrictions on the subject matter–the strictness of restrictions varied from publisher to publisher–and Dian was also open to fiction that didn’t only¬†emphasize eroticism but also the exploration of the psychological aspects of foot and leg fetishism and female dominance. Since my stories ranged from those designed mostly for stimulation to some very intense and dark tales about the ambivalence of submissive males toward their destiny to¬†kneel before powerful women, Leg Show was a perfect showcase for my work.

One of the stories I wrote,¬†designed primarily¬†for arousal than for introspection, was “Enter the Governess,” about a young woman sexually in charge of a handyman at the New York City rooming house where she lives. Here you see the opening pages with Sardax’s illustration. This was in the December 1999 issue.

The young heroine teases the handyman with the encouragement of her landlady.

The young heroine teases the handyman with the encouragement of her landlady.


There were a number of other good illustrators who worked for Dian, but Sardax was always my favorite. The faces of his ladies¬†especially¬†reflect the teasing and often playfully cruel allure of the fictional dommes I write about…

She knows he loves to ache for her tantalizing skills!

In this detail we see she understands how much he loves to ache under her tantalizing power!


…and there was always a smile on my face when I got¬†my complimentary writer’s copy of a new issue of Leg Show in the mail and saw that Sardax had illustrated my latest opus.

Check out his official website The Femdom Art of Sardax here and look for info especially about¬†his illustrated version of Venus in Furs, which in his pictures and translation Sardax¬†captures the atmosphere and essence of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s groundbreaking femdom novel. The rest of us femdom writers only stand in the shadow of Sacher-Masoch’s masterpiece, an essential read for any lover of erotica, much less any submissive male or dominant woman!



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“Where do you find your inspiration?” All writers are asked this question, especially porn or erotica writers (the terms are interchangeable to me). Often it’s somebody I see whom I consider unattainable–like a beautiful, haughty shopgirl–who will spur a story idea. Such was the case with my ebooks, the original Learning to be Cruel and its sequel Learning to be Cruel Part 2.

In other cases, like my story Mommy’s Little Dunce, it comes by exploring an emotion I myself have, but exploring it in the context of a fictional erotic situation–in this case, the feeling that I have not accomplished all of my literary goals, such as they are. I invented a writer character who gets “punished” through spanking, humiliation and “maternal discipline” in order to purge his low self-esteem.

The story She Made Me a Cuckold on Black Friday sprang to mind because I sometimes like to write tales tied to holidays, which gives them a perpetual topicality. And because one of the femdom sites I write for as a freelancer, Domme Dose here, has such a fascination with the cuckold fetish, it was on my mind a lot to deal with this theme.

Toes Are For Sucking sprang to mind when I saw an incredibly leggy model stride into a fast food restaurant, just as one does in that story…

…and the five short stories in my¬†Spell of Dominance¬†anthology were inspired by photographs. All the pieces were originally written for Leg World magazine, and printed with the photographs. But I wrote the stories in such a way that they could be enjoyed without the photographs if I decided to reprint them in my own ebooks. I don’t own the rights to the pictures. And with all my ebooks, I create my own covers in a kind of crude style that recalls the almost homemade kinky booklets that used to be sold in Times Square porn shops back in the day.

But another way I get inspiration is by looking at other sites. A lot of sites, but one of my very favorites is Femdom Artists here, which is a great compilation of imagery.

In a recent post entitled “Namio Harukawa: Laundry Service” the site ran a great picture by the master Japanese illustrator of femdom fantasies. Harukawa’s work has the artistry and horniness that make me want to write more stories and keep my contributions coming to the great edifice of femdom erotica!

I don’t work for Femdom Artists, but I recommend it to my readers. The site was kind enough to put up some links to my ebooks, and I have long had them on my bookmarks in the rightside column on this blog, but I thought I would give them an extra shout-out today. I frequently put comments on the posts there, because it’s full of interesting discussions and remarks from many other articulate aficionados of the genre. So in answer again to the question, “Where do you find your inspiration?” I would say I absorb inspiration also by osmosis, by looking at sites like Femdom Artists. On both conscious and unconscious levels some of the things I see there give me fuel for my own pervy output! ūüôā


To read samples of my ebooks or purchase them on Kindle, you can go to the Amazon stores linked below. And by the way, Learning to be Cruel and Learning to be Cruel Part 2 are each self-contained; you can read either story and enjoy it without having read the other. The sequel is one of the wildest tales I’ve ever done–and I wrote some crazy shit for Leg Show under Dian Hanson’s editorship, believe me! Starting from the moment that my hero starts licking a bookstore window to catch the attention of the object of his affection, the beautiful cashier Miss Meirong, Learning to be Cruel Part 2 is a cock-stiffening, clit-tingling, brain-titillating journey into female dominance and male submission. (Sorry if I’m starting sound like a friggin’ infomercial. Just trying to get my porn out there!)

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Spain:


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A “soundtrack” for Sardax…

I feel the work of an erotica writer (or call it smut or porn too, if you wish–I’m fine with them all) can sometimes be analogous to that of a film composer.

Often the writer creates a story completely out of his imagination and it is illustrated by an artist-rendered picture or a photograph. In that case, the illustration brings a visual dimension that the story can only suggest. But on other occasions,¬†the writer is called upon to provide amplification for photographs, in the “girl copy” that accompanies pictures. The words bring a literary dimension that the pictures can only suggest, just as good film music brings extra dimensions to cinematic images. Soundtracks for movies use music and audio effects, and “literary soundtracks” for images use words to evoke emotions and fantasies.

Here are two examples of “girl copy” I wrote for a pictorial commissioned by me when I was editing Leg World. I called the model “Sandra Scarlett”–as far as I knew, she hadn’t picked a nom de porn, so I gave her one. The photos were shot by noted erotic photographer Jana Krenova.

Scenario is a reverse strip: Sandra primps for a date with “Stud Male” while naked “Slave Male” watches obediently in the bathroom.

“Slave Male” is represented by camera’s point-of-view, and “girl copy” expands scenario beyond bathroom.

The pictures of Sandra were taken for the October 2008 issue of Leg World, and Jana also shot Sandra for the cover (which you can see in my archives¬†here.) Ms. Krenova did many terrific pictorials for me at Leg World and for Dian Hanson when she edited Leg Show. You can see more of Jana’s work on her own site,

Sandra now also appears as “Sandra Sanchez” on and other sites for which I write newsletters and web copy at¬†

I am a very big fan of classic film music, by composers such as Bernard Herrmann, Miklos Rosza, Alfred Newman, Jerome Moross, Franz Waxman, Erich Korngold, and Elmer Bernstein. I often listen to their music when I work, as well as to ragtime, house music, Big Band, and classical piano and symphonies.

Check out one of my favorite pieces of film music here, the opening credits from David and Bathsheba, setting the scene for a tale of exotic and dangerous Biblical romance. See this excellent movie if you have the opportunity.

Now this is what I call a movie poster!! And the music lives up to it.

Now, I recently had the pleasant experience of writing a story to accompany a picture by the noted British fetish artist Sardax on his site The Femdom Art of Sardax here. I used various details in the picture to imagine a story around it which was entitled “The Pit.”

Dreaming up a story for this picture was right up my alley!

A woman counting money…a barefoot woman reading…the color of a domineering woman’s blouse…my story took off from these things to imagine a sensual, psychological, and emotional experience for the man in the center of picture, in awe over the feet of the woman sitting above him.

One thing I like about Sardax’s work is that his mastery of expression and detail gives his work a narrative quality that is very appealing to a writer’s mind.

There are more than a few pictures on his site that have written accompaniments, these “literary soundtracks” which accentuate and bring extra psychological and emotional components to the images. Most of his pictures don’t have words, but the ones that do have some excellent and evocative prose.

It’s amazing how just a few lines or paragraphs underneath some of his pictures really expand on the already powerful fantasies he depicts through his skills with drawing and color alone. One of my favorites is “Lucky Man”:

In the copy that accompanies the picture, the young wife expresses her dissatisfaction with her older husband, and lays out a “contract” with five items which pretty much encase him in a cocoon of total slavery to her. She emphasizes:

“I am in charge. Your role in this relationship from now on is to obey me, and work to make my life easy and pleasant. Is that understood? Do you accept these rules?‚ÄĚ

He is more than happy to acquiesce and feels lucky to do so, as the brief but potent story elaborates the “contract” point for point.

Sardax recently completed a series of gorgeous pictures illustrating the early femdom novel Venus in Furs, and they are some of his most dramatic and striking images. They are now on his site.

I hope to write more for Sardax, and of course will let you know here if and when I do.

Getting back to the idea of an erotica writer providing a “soundtrack,” one of my happiest accomplishments when I wrote porn screenplays from the 1980s through the early 2000s was to suggest the use of an actual musical soundtrack, of Rossini’s overture for The Thieving Magpie as the score for an X-rated movie I scripted in 1988, The Bitches of Westwood. The director, Ron Sullivan aka “Henri Pachard,” liked my idea and we had ourselves a very jaunty soundtrack which perfectly accompanied this porn take-off of the Jack Nicholson/Michelle Pfeiffer movie The Witches of Eastwick.

In this parody, the late John Leslie played the devilish role Jack Nicholson did in the original.

I think the writer Anthony Burgess, most famous for A¬†Clockwork Orange, said that if he weren’t a writer, he would have liked to be a film composer. I feel the same way sometimes (although being a film director is even more appealing and was my original career “goal”). Anyway, give a listen to The Thieving Magpie overture here on You Tube and imagine it as accompaniment for a hardcore sex comedy!

(Well, holy shit.¬†As I went to You Tube to find the music, I discovered that Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, the 1970 movie, used it too. That was a film I hated for its violence when I saw it and never watched again, but I wonder if after that the first time of hearing The Thieving Magpie it perhaps nestled in my subconscious for years after…until it seemed to me the perfect accompaniment for my own take on, shall we say, rambunctious devilish behavior?)

In any case, music has always influenced my work, whether overtly or subconsciously. When I worked for GCR Publications in the 1980s, I used to sit in my office and sometimes listen to Big Band music as I assembled issues of Cheeks, Girls Over 40, Stag, or For Adults Only. One of the associate editors said he always thought that the Benny Goodman number “Goodbye” (composed by Gordon Jenkins) well expressed my personality. Either that’s true, or I played it so many times in my office that it became indistinguishable from who I was. But my personality did partake then, and still partakes, of some of the melancholy embodied in the tune, which can be found here¬†in a recording on You Tube.

This is a still of Benny Goodman from the 1943 movie “Stage Door Canteen” which I found on Wikipedia.

And this is me around the time I was always listening to “Goodbye,” playing dress-up at home in the “film noir” mode:

Pic was taken in 1985 or 1986 in my book-crammed apartment on West 46th Street in Manhattan’s Times Square. Moved out in 1990 to try a less “film noir” lifestyle in Astoria, Queens; didn’t like it, though.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself. I shouldn’t call it “film noir dress-up” because I had a lot of vintage clothes (still have some of them, in fact) and donned them often, not as “costumes” but as my regular wear. In many ways, “noir” is the way I look at the world…as a place where people, even with free will, are too often puppets in the hands of destiny…where men are subject to the wiles of femmes fatale (truly)…and sometimes I call myself a “film noir” kinda guy. Anyway, this picture was taken in the 1980s when I lived in a Times Square walk-up where many years earlier in the 1950s prominent burlesque agents actually had their offices. (I discovered this recently by looking at the agency ads in old burlesque trade magazines and seeing the address where I used to live.) So it is very possible that peelers like Tempest Storm or Jennie Lee, or models like Bettie Page, at one time or other crossed the threshold of the very same apartment I dwelled in thirty years later! No big deal, just strikes me as kinda cool.


I found the David and Bathsheba poster here, and The Bitches of Westwood boxcover here.

The images of Sandra Scarlett from Leg World October 2008 courtesy of Magna Publishing Group Inc. and Jana Krenova.

The use of “The Pit” and “Lucky man” pictures are courtesy of Sardax.


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Dear TIME Magazine: If a mommy does it, is it right?

Oh it must be right if mommy says so.


Yes that’s what I think.

As long as your mommy isn’t named Medea…or Mrs. Bates…or any of the other edgy mommies out there.

But, if you have one of these less than perfect mommies, you can turn your misfortune into triumph by becoming a little kinky when you grow up…

You can become…

That’s what Ms. Foster above (or Mistress Foster??) calls them when big boys can’t act their age!

It’s my latest Kindle ebook, and not just an hallucination you’re having brought on by this week’s TIME cover, which is the talk of the Internet today.

MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE is available at:

Amazon U.S.

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Amazon Spain

And when all else fails, when even femdom fiction doesn’t soothe your soul, you can stand in the corner until mommy says you can come out…

…as was beautifully depicted by the British artist Sardax when my story was first published in Leg Show ¬†in the March 2001 issue!

Visit his great site here!

(I’m happy to say I’m going to have my first story on Sardax’s site, a brand new one, and it will be appearing later this month. Here is a little teaser of the illustration. I’ll tell you more about it here when the story goes up.)

And to conclude…and are you listening, TIME Magazine…?

From mommies to Mistresses is a shorter distance than you may think!   


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Memories of the porn trade, Part 4…

In 1989, after six years at the helm of various magazines at Charles “Chip” Goodman’s GCR Publishing, I became a freelancer again. This began my most productive period: while editing magazines such as Cheeks, Girls Over 40, and Sex Acts for Goodman on a freelance basis, I also did interviews and articles for George Mavety’s group of publications: Black Tail, Over 40, Big Butt, Oriental Dolls, Leg Show, with an occasional piece in Juggs or Tight.

Among the many porn superstars I interviewed in the 1990s and early 2000s was the great and amazing Vanessa del Rio!

I also wrote for Montcalm Publishing, doing porn star interviews through the 90s for Fox, as well as their “Video Views” review and gossip column. I did articles for Montcalm’s Gallery as well, including a rare interview with the legendary 1950s leg and foot photographer Elmer Batters that helped bring him back into the public eye and eventually led to the re-publication of his classic work in Taschen editions.

It was a real pleasure to interview Elmer in the mid-90s. I was a fan. Back in the 70s, I ordered his leg mags via mail & joined his Royal Order of the Garter!

And in my “spare” time, I wrote original screenplays for big-budgeted adult films such as Masseuse 2 and¬†Masseuse 3¬†for Vivid Entertainment.

I think I interviewed Mimi Miyagi more than any other actress.

While I did all this work, I indulged my passion for strippers by hanging out at the strip clubs around Times Square, craftily enjoying myself without spending too much money. How did I do this? By getting to the clubs earlier in the evenings, before the big spenders usually arrived, I found the girls were more willing to hang out with the less financially well-endowed, such as yours truly. I got conversation and lap dances without going into hock, and I enjoyed the company of many attractive dancers of all types.

People ask me sometimes if I got sexually or romantically involved with porn stars or models over the years. I didn’t. Basically,¬†I made a decent and dependable living as a freelance writer and editor with many steady accounts, and I did not want to risk losing that business by mixing it up with pleasure. I’m just a regular looking bald guy, no movie star type, and always feared it would be too easy to get a reputation as a sleazeball if I hit on the women I interviewed about such delicate subjects as how they liked to give blowjobs or take it up the ass. Now, if I had liked somebody and she’d come onto me, I wouldn’t have been averse to some fun–but it rarely happened, and when it did a couple of times, it was from somebody I wasn’t really attracted to. Sigh. Make that a double-sigh…anyway, I think my general low-key demeanor discouraged hook-ups from happening and prevented the models from thinking of me as a potential lover. My avuncular “Uncle Irv” mode did not encourage seduction. I was friendly, humorous, professional, but I made an effort not to come onto anybody. Instead I saved my horniness for the strippers and dominatrixes I visited in my leisure hours.

Jeannie Pepper was one of the sexiest girls I ever did a feature on...

But back to my work. In the course of doing interviews, I became a whiz at transcription. Being a little obsessive-compulsive, I was meticulous about transcribing the words of my subjects accurately. And when I edited the transcripts down, I worked hard to make sure I conveyed the exact essence of what they had to say. Maybe I went overboard, and was a little too self-important about it. I sometimes tend to take things too seriously.

When I think back, maybe I could have had some fun with some porn stars and models if only I’d loosened up a little and didn’t follow my rule of not mixing business and pleasure so strictly. It sometimes got me a little depressed when I went home after an interview in the studio, to have held in my natural impulses to joke around and flirt with some of these beautiful women. But what’s done is done.

B-movie queen Julie Strain was a fun, lively interviewee...and tall! I love tall gals.

Some of the more interesting pornstresses I interviewed were Vanessa del Rio, Jenna Jameson before she became a star, the late Kristi Lynn, Jeannie Pepper, Alicia Rio, Mimi Miyagi, Dominique Simone, and Alisha Klass. I interviewed 1950s burlesque legend Tempest Storm for Leg Show, as well as the famed dominatrix Mistress Midori. I also interviewed B-movie queens like Monique Gabrielle and Julie Strain.

This is a film from around the time I interviewed Jenna Jameson, when she was first making waves on the adult entertainment scene.

I enjoyed doing interviews, and they made up the bulk of my output; but my favorite thing remained writing fiction. That’s what I became a writer to do. I wrote scores of tales for magazines such as Swank,¬†Genesis, Just 18,¬†Girls of the Orient, and Shaved. Almost all the editors I worked for were open to quality storytelling mixed with hot sex, not just boring “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” hardcore prose; and I had a good time dreaming up all kinds of sexy yarns, some funny, some serious, some melodramatic; some vanilla, some kinky. I spoofed James Bond in a series of “James Wand Sleaze Thrillers” for D-Cup (naturally the spy met lots of busty gals) and I wrote perverted fairy tales like “The Fetish Voyage of Sinbad” for Leg Action. I penned a series of incredible stories for Leg Show, some of my best and most personal, several of which I am going to reprint as ebooks (such as “Mommy’s Little Dunce,”¬†which is now available on Kindle at Amazon).

I interviewed classic burlesque queen Tempest Storm when she was in her late sixties, still performing and even posing for a Leg Show pictorial.

In 1993 the Goodman adult magazines, based in Manhattan, were sold to Magna Publishing in New Jersey, so I started commuting out there to assemble Cheeks, Girls Over 40, Sex Acts, and eventually Leg World; but as a freelancer I only went out there a few times a month. Meanwhile I continued to work most of the time in New York City, where I went to photo studios to do interviews with the models or to supervise pictorials and cover shoots for my own magazines. Yep, I was very busy throughout the 90s and well into the 2000s, but the adult magazine business started being seriously affected by the Internet around 2005-2006 and budgets started getting cut, magazines closed, and editors let go.

I interview Alisha Klass twice, probing for the root of her utter fascination for anal sex! She's also famous as a "squirter."

It’s funny; in 2002 I was interviewed with a number of my porn colleagues for a New York Times article entitled “A Demimonde in Twilight”¬†here, and I optimistically implied that porn magazines would never be replaced by computers, because who can take a computer to bed for some one-handed fun? Ah, how short-sighted of me not to be able to imagine the iPad or mobile devices, which have changed the ways and means by which porn can now be delivered and enjoyed. But as a guy weaned on magazines himself, truly a lover and collector of magazines–I can’t really be blamed for my loyalty and affection for printed pages, and for the stories and photos which parade across them.


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“Naughty porn writers must stand in the corner!”

This is the fate which a beauteous no-nonsense lady enforces with stern but compassionate discipline in my story Mommy’s Little Dunce, available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

Few artists can capture the allure of legs in nylon like Sardax! This image © Sardax.

Recently I got a nice comment here from Sardax, the great British femdom illustrator whose work is known worldwide. When I wrote fiction for editor Dian Hanson’s¬†Leg Show back in the 90s and early 2000s, I was fortunate that Dian had Sardax illustrate a few of my tales of submissive men and the glorious women who dazzle, befuddle, and punish them. One of my epics was Mommy’s Little Dunce which I’ve just re-published as an ebook, but with a cover design of my own since I don’t have the rights to Sardax’s picture. Another reason for using a different cover is that all my ebooks are designed to evoke the crude but evocative cover styles of the underground fetish story pamphlets once sold in adult bookstores or through the mails.

I don’t claim to be any kind of artist but this cover of my own does capture in its primitive way the feeling of the lady in the story…


However, Sardax and I exchanged a few emails and he graciously gave me a mention on his site The Femdom Art of Sardax¬†with a little excerpt of the story and links to my Amazon pages. It all just went up today and I’ve got more hits on this blog than ever before. Thank you, my dear Sardax! He encouraged me to put up his original illustration, which you see above on the top of this post, so I could share it with my readers.

In the November 2008 issue of Leg World

…I reviewed his book The Art of Sardax in my ErotiCulture column, below. Because of newsstand magazine censorship restrictions in some areas, I couldn’t reproduce the cover of the book, which would have been considered too kinky and humilating–so I chose to illustrate my review with one of the interior illustrations. If you click on the image, you can read the entire review (and two other interesting ones). But for your convenience I have also reproduced it below with the original cover of the book, which is now out-of-print and sells online for approximately $240 a copy!

Here the review reprinted in its entirety, with a copy of the cover of this now out-of-print and very collectible book:

In some areas on our planet, images of a woman walking a man like a dog are considered too kinky for newsstands.


Review by Irv O. Neil

The British artist Sardax specializes in femdom imagery, and the girls and women in his pictures usually exhibit a calm, half-smiling detachment as they put slave males through their paces. Although Sardax is quoted in the intro to this book as saying that he doesn‚Äôt like to draw ‚Äúpinup type‚ÄĚ girls, his women are often quite pretty and it is unnerving to see such cuties placidly and harshly dominating submissive males with a variety of skills and methods.

The ‚ÄúSartopian‚ÄĚ female may exist in the artist‚Äôs imaginary but superbly rendered utopia of female domination and male obedience, but modern life has caught up with the fantasies of this skilled draughtsman. Without consciously being aware of it, or even knowing of Sardax‚Äôs existence, many contemporary young women seem to exhibit the haughty attitudes, air of privilege, and bemused arrogance of the Sartopian domina. Women in ‚Äúreal life‚ÄĚ may not physically manipulate men with the same bizarre fetishistic flourishes as the women of Sardax do, but their aura of conquest comes across nonetheless. It seems to me that many females today want to figuratively, if not literally, put males on their knees.

Published by the Erotic Print Society as part of their Great British Erotic Art series, The Art of Sardax is an excellent 160 page compendium of the artist’s various treatments of the theme of women controlling men. Few others can depict as well as Sardax such a variety of boots, stiletto shoes, seamed stockings, corsetry, lingerie, and especially the delicious strain of womanly hips and derrieres against taut and shiny skirts. He is also adept at evoking historical scenes: eighteenth and nineteenth century women in the tight-waisted dresses of those eras, or dressed like pirates or buccaneers, complete with tri-cornered hats. Whether he’s creating a scene in color or black-and-white, and whether it’s a young woman in a peach baby doll nightie cramming a construction worker’s mouth with a strap-on dildo, or a ponytailed Japanese girl in a demure white dress teasing a thirsty slave with a glass of water, Sardax projects before us a dark world where susceptible men are slaves to perfect yet ruthless beauties. It can be a merciless world too, where sometimes the prospect of even an orgasm as reward for endless obedience is in doubt.

The Sartopian male is helplessly entangled in the emotional and erotic webs spun by these women. Yet the spectator is often guided to feel, largely by the brief stories accompanying the drawings, that these men have complicity in their submission. They hope and lust to be dominated, no matter how ambivalent they may come to feel about it later. Instead of the vainglorious orgasmic bliss they thought they would achieve in hooking up with such gorgeous creatures, they find themselves instead waiting for a humble sniff of a domme’s tennis sock, or a glob of frigid ice cream sliding between a girl’s teasing toes, or the scrape of a mistress’s blood-red nails against their yearning scrotums. In the world of Sardax, a young man takes a beauty to the prom, and discovers that she is going to use him in an experiment in group femdom with her friends. He finds himself completely nude before these merciless beauties, who are still splendid in their prom gowns as they have their way with his naked behind.

But here is the most unnerving thing about the seemingly cruel Sartopian female. Sardax clearly suggests, often through the enigmatic smile on the girl‚Äôs face, that she might actually be kind in her cruelty, with her icy demeanour the exact kind of syrup a certain type of man wants on his sexual sundae. In one of the mini-stories that accompany the pictures, a doughy middle-aged man enslaved to a young woman says: ‚ÄúI love her and I hate her…I cannot stay here, and I cannot leave.‚ÄĚ This phrase echoes a famous epigram by the Roman poet Catullus, written two thousand years ago, in which he bemoaned the strange mystery and emotional pain of loving and hating a woman at the same time. The kind of woman who inspires such passion‚ÄĒwhether she lives in Sartopia, modern Manhattan, or ancient Rome‚ÄĒis more than simply human: she is also goddess and monster, human and spider. In her presence, you never tread neutral ground. Welcome to Sartopia, a place as eternal as Rome itself, not a country but a state of mind which has existed ever since fabled Eve first gave Adam the apple, and which Sardax explores in this beautifully designed volume. The Art of Sardax will arouse your libido, but also inspire you to examine and analyze the ever-curious ecstasies of female domination and male submission.

ErotiCulture review ©2008 Irv O. Neil


I hope you’ll visit him online at The Femdom Art of Sardax here!

And I hope you will also check out Mommy’s Little Dunce, the story of a porn writer who feels bad about his profession and needs special spanking and humiliation therapy to get over his psychological and sexual hang-ups. It’s available at Amazon’s Kindle stores in the U.S., UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. Just click on the link in the country of your choice. The book, which is in English, can be read either on e-readers or on your computer with the free Kindle applications for PC or Mac. Enjoy…


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MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE gets the lesson he deserves!

I hope you had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day last weekend. Me, I stood in my kitchen with a shot of Jameson and raised a toast to Mr. Joyce, Mr. O’Connor, and Mr. Farrell. The whiskey went down so smooth and lovely, I don’t think it ever tasted quite as good.

Now, as I’ve explained here before, I am actually of Romanian-Russian-Jewish descent. But my Irish-sounding nom de porn is a tribute to the Irish writers who inspired me to become a scribe in the first place, way back in college. There were many other writers of other ethnicities from whom I learned, but it was the short stories of James Joyce, Frank O’Connor, and James T. Farrell that set me firmly on the road to devoting my life to, in the words of ¬†Welshman Dylan Thomas, this “craft or sullen art.”

I was first introduced to Jameson by my porn writer compadre Lou Meyers, with whom I used to bend an elbow at the late and lamented Tin Pan Alley bar on 49th Street near Broadway. He suggested I try it, and I’ve liked it ever since. He also introduced me to Player’s Navy Cut cigarettes, which I enjoyed for good while too although I haven’t smoked now in many years (and miss it everyday).

Tin Pan Alley was a basement level bar where porn writers (among its varied clientele) would repair after screenings of new sex flicks in the days before video. Yes, we actually went to screenings, and the worse the movie, the more we critics and reviewers were plied with booze and food. But nothing beat the after-screening post-mortems of these sinematic transgressions which often took place at Tin Pan Alley, only a stone’s throw away from the old screening rooms around the corner on Broadway.

I wish I had some photos of the old joint, but I don’t. But I seem to remember that the men’s room had blue walls, and stunk to high heaven. I also remember that one New Year’s Eve I picked up a girl in the ladies room, which apparently was unisex that particular evening. These were the days before barricades in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, back in the early 80s.

My buddy Lou wrote a lot of good stuff, ranging from porn films to short stories to adult novels, from interviews to on-the-film-set pieces to screenplays for sword-and-sandal and war movies. And, of course, he introduced me to Jameson. I know I just said that, but such an act of good fellowship bears repeating.


I wonder what Mr. Joyce, Mr. O’Connor, and Mr. Farrell might think of Mr. Neil’s prose accomplishments. Mr. Joyce, being rather kinky himself, with fetishes for ladies’ bloomers and flatulence, might actually have found it amusing. I can at least say I emulate these gentlemen in the coherence of my craft. My stories hold together and make sense…not always the case in the world of erotica. And a good example of my carnal coherence is my newest ebook, MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE, the story of a porn writer who goes to a special therapist to deal with the guilt he feels over writing smut instead of “literature.”

It is a tale of mind-fucking by a compassionate yet stern female named Ms. Foster who knows her way into the vulnerable male brain. She readily gets the self-described “dunce” of the tale to submit to the punishments she prescribes for the improvement of his mental and emotional outlook. From standing in the corner to laying across her lap for a spanking, he goes on a journey that brings a new dimension to the OTK (“over-the-knee”) and maternal discipline sub-genres of femdom erotica. I originally wrote it for Leg Show when the magazine was edited by Dian Hanson,¬†and it was published in the March 2001 issue, which is now scarce and hard to find. So now I’ve released it with very slight revision with a brand-new illustration on Kindle. (The original illustration was done by Sardax, but I don’t have the publishing rights to that.)

So I hope you’ll check out MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE at the Kindle stores in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, or Italy. You don’t need an ebook reader, either; you can download the free Kindle software and read it the ebooks on your Mac or PC. And if you do take the plunge into the world of MOMMY’S LITTLE DUNCE, ¬†leave a comment here or on Amazon to let me know how you like it! Thanks.

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