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Evil girls are more fun…in fantasy, that is!

Hey, I’m happy this afternoon, I made a couple more sales of my femdom ebook, Learning to be CRUEL. If you readers have found the story through this blog, feel free to leave a comment here about how you liked it, good or bad. Or even better, leave a quick comment or review on my Amazon page where you bought the book…

It’s about 5500 words, or twenty pages if it were in book form. You can read it in a half hour, but you’ll think about it much longer than that!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, it’s only $2.99, instantly downloadable for Kindle, in America, England, and Germany:

There's nothing like a cutie who knows how to keep a slave in line!

Meanwhile, I’ve had a busy few days writing some newsletters for adult websites. I look through the photos for the sites and write previews. Sometimes I get so turned on it’s hard to concentrate…oh, I’m a bad boy, all right.

Sometimes when I take a break from my writing, I’ll look around the web for the things that inspire me. I found this sexy picture today, of a 1940s actress named Leslie Brooks…

Her right thigh is amazing, and that sexy right foot? Ohmigosh...!!

Leslie starred in a great little film noir called Blonde Ice. You can pick it up very inexpensively on DVD. I recommend it highly. She is a totally ruthless femme fatale, but never less than charming. Her steely gaze is, in my opinion, just about as erotic as things can be…

I love this kind of stuff in fantasy. But in reality, I like ladies to be nice people!

I found this great screen capture at a cool site called DVD Beaver. Check it out to learn more about this cool movie! It’s not porn, but it is definitely hot in a way that grows on you…

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Share a femdom fantasy this weekend…

Share my new ebook Learning to be CRUEL with your favorite kinky gal! If you like females to tease and dominate you, this story is sure to give you and your lady some ideas for role-play fun. And if you’re currently unattached, well, check out the story for a scenario that will seem as if it’s happening right in front of you…almost TO you.

I write in what I call “Erotic Realism,” a technique of storytelling I’ve developed for many years, a technique to make each moment of the story build your excitement. Watch carefully as the tale unfolds…as a luscious twentysomething Chinese-American girl teases an all-too willing submissive middle-aged man…she is so beautiful and he wants her so much, but she already has a stud to take care of her needs, as well as her rent…but…maybe she will use this horny old guy as her housecleaning slave! If he scrubs her bathroom well, maybe she will let him kiss her toes…yes, she’s thinking about it! So watch her tease him as she weighs the possibilities and pleasures as she learns to be CRUEL!

Available in Kindle for only $2.99 at Amazon US, UK, and in Germany…


You'll read it'll read it'll read it often!

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Linda Wong, porn star of the past…

Doing some historical research today for an article about 1950s men’s magazines, I came upon the information that Linda Wong, a porn star in the 70s and 80s, was born the same year I was, 1951. She was a few weeks older. Died in 1987 of a drug overdose. Her IMDb page has some interesting trivia: she worked as a staffer in the office of renown San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, and she was a high school homecoming queen in 1969. Boy, I bet she looked great on a float, with a crown. If I had gone to her high school, I’m sure I would have drooled at her from afar, being rather intimidated by great beauty as I was in those days (and still am, though to a lesser extent)…

Hadn’t thought about her in a long time, but I remember I found her very, very sexy back in the days when I was first writing for porn mags. I know I have one of her classic films on VHS somewhere in a box…have to dig it out for a trip sometime down Porn Memory Lane…

She was the first big Asian-American star of X-rated films.

I think I like this picture better though…just a girl next door…

She'd be almost sixty now, just like me. Sheesh...


Oh yeah. In my reveries, I sometimes forget that I’m using this blog partly to promote my ebooks. So if you like erotica, especially female domination stuff, check out Learning to be Cruel at Amazon USA, UK, or Germany:


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Annie Sprinkle gets me thinking: can a john take pride in hiring hookers?

Can a john take pride in patronizing hookers? This was the question set off in my mind after reading former porn star/prostitute/sex activist/performance artist/writer Annie Sprinkle’s review of Paying for It, Chester Brown’s memoir of being a john, in the New York Times Book Review for Sunday 7/3/11.

A “john,” as I’m sure most everybody knows, is the slang word for a prostitute’s customer. Also known as a “trick,” but we’ll stick to johns for the purpose of this discussion.

The book well captures the empty feeling that often results after a visit to a hooker.

A few weeks ago I looked at this book for about a half hour in the bookstore as a possible review subject for a column I do for an adult magazine. One thing that struck me was that Paying for It caught the loneliness of the “john experience” quite well and so I hesitated to read it. It brought back too many unpleasant memories. Over the years, I’ve had plenty of encounters with hookers. (By the way, I loathe the icy, emasculating word “sex worker,” and “prostitute” isn’t much better, although I can’t get around using it sometimes. Still, no form of positive thinking will ever salvage it from its harshness and judgmental tone.)

The number one emotion I have felt in connection with paying for sex is loneliness afterward–even when the experience itself was pleasant, as it frequently can be. Yes: emptiness, aloneness. Of something lacking in me. So I haven’t read Brown’s whole book yet. My impression of the style of the drawings in this comic strip-style memoir is that they are very detached, almost passionless. This artistic approach clashes with what I remember most fondly about my own experiences with hookers, which was of a fleshy excitement even when the encounter wasn’t so hot, of a tactile aliveness resulting from my pleasure and awe or just my fascination at this bountiful femininity being available to lil ole me for something as simple, and non-binding, as mere money.

I’ve written about this subject at length myself in fiction, short memoirs in adult magazines, and in X-rated screenplays. In film, The Masseuse 2 is from the hookers’ point of view, and The Masseuse 3 includes the customers’ angle more prominently. They were two of the best regarded X-rated movies of the 90s. A French critic recently wrote an interesting analysis of the film here; and here is the English version of that article, somewhat mangled in Google’s automatic translation but readable enough to make it clear that I treated the subject, and the characters, with seriousness. The fantasy of a masochistic man cleaning a domineering woman’s house, which figures prominently in my new ebook Learning to be CRUEL, pops up in Masseuse 2 as well.

Ashlyn Gere and Asia Carrera give memorable performances as the masseuses.

The complexity of man's relation to hookers is explored in the arousing context of this classic porn film.

Ms. Sprinkle, whom I know slightly from my work in the adult magazine business (although I haven’t seen her for many years), and who is a nice lady, makes the statement in her review that “There are millions of johns, but for one to come out voluntarily–with honesty, integrity, and pride–is rare indeed.” I had to shake my head at that. There are many writers certainly who have written well about this subject, with honesty and integrity if often in the somewhat veiled form of fiction. But Ms. Sprinkle, by her own admission on the Times’ ArtsBeat blog, rarely reads fiction. Still, I wonder if she is acquainted with James Jones’ great novel From Here to Eternity, which chronicled the interactions of clients and prostitutes with great skill, and to my mind is the best thing I ever read on the subject. Part of the story centers around a brothel that American soldiers patronize just before America enters World War 2.

Jones captures perfectly the obsession of a customer for his favorite hooker.

Jones certainly wrote with honesty and integrity. As far as “pride” goes, well, he wrote like a mature man of the old school, and about a subject such as this, his characters expressed the ambivalence any half-way sensitive guy would feel about falling for a woman who sells her favors for a living.

Having pride in being a john strikes me as oxymoronic. To my mind, the two don’t go together, because I’ll always have the sneaking suspicion that I couldn’t get for free what I just got for money. No, correct that–not the sneaking suspicion, but the knowledge, that I couldn’t get it without cash. That hurts my pride, doesn’t boost it.

Hey, maybe I will end up reviewing Paying for It at some point. I’m certainly qualified to do so and might have some interesting things to say further…and maybe I’ll even learn something once I get past my emotions about the subject.

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