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Submit…to Sardax’s THE PIT!

Well, as I told you a few days ago, I was waiting for my first story to appear on the site of the great British femdom artist Sardax here. It went up yesterday in his updates section, apparently to an immediate flurry of new subscriptions to the site! I’d love to imagine that the spike in new members was because of fevered worldwide anticipation of my tale, but the truth is, Sardax’s pictures sell plenty of subscriptions with no words at all…he’s tops in his field, and legendary for his work for magazines such as Leg Show. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, I was lucky enough to have a few of my Leg Show epics illustrated by the good man. And below is the illustration that inspired the new story, entitled “The Pit.” You can see the full-size version on the site.

It’s where local office workers gather…the ladies to have their feet worshipped and make a few extra bucks…and the men to do the worshipping and hand over the cash!

As happens frequently in my stories, it’s a fellow named Bloom whose adventures we follow…

“Bloom ran his tongue over Darla’s toes and she was kind enough to shift a little so he could get a little extra into his lips. Then she gave him a special treat and braced herself on the bleachers to put her feet under the gray metal bar, so he could attend with the flat of his tongue to her soles. He loved how she seemed to get a shiver of pleasure as he lathed her soles while she flexed them from smooth to wrinkled, wrinkled to smooth. She pressed her feet together on his face, making his cheeks like sandwich filling between her soles…”

I hope that little excerpt whets your appetite, and you’ll experience the wonderful creations of Sardax for yourself. If you do subscribe, tell ’em Uncle Irv sent ya! I don’t get a cut, but I’m sure he’d love to know where you found out about “The Pit.” And let me know how you enjoy it. (By the way, you can now leave comments on my blog here anonymously, without leaving an email address…so don’t be shy! I’d love to hear what you think about my writing.)

In the near future, I’m going to do an entry about the fascinating fiction to be found on Sardax’s site, tales which accompany his amazingly versatile illustrations of dominant women…and the men who can’t resist them!

Men like…me! 🙂

Until then, be sure to visit The Femdom Art of Sardax!

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Will Krysten Ritter lock American men in chastity cages…?

…because she sure looks like she COULD!

So what’s the real meaning of this ad for the new American ABC-TV show Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23?

Let’s see…the mischievious, manipulative look…the scarlet temptress lipstick…the perfect and expensive manicure…the black clothes (with shoulder pads!–are we back in the 80s yet?)…the costly bracelet on her lazy wrist…

Yep, it doesn’t look to me like she is just offering her key to some lucky stud, but rather teasing some sexually submissive guy who’s addicted to giving her money in a financial domination relationship (he probably paid for the lipstick, manicure, clothes and bracelet), and who’s also agreed to let her put a chastity device on his penis, like a CB-6000S..and she’s holding the key! 

Sure, it’s SUPPOSED to look just like a sexy girl waving an apartment key, femme fatale style, but it sure looks a lot more like the images of dominatrixes who tease and tempt guys on the Web in video clips, telling them they’re going to put their slaves in penis cages to break their nasty self-abuse habits…and as a weekly columnist for the Domme Dose, where I write Notes of a Rebel Subbie, I think I’ve developed a certain radar for femdom content hiding in the sheep’s clothing of mainstream entertainment…

And let’s put it this way: an episode about Miss Ritter’s character putting some dude–maybe some CELEBRITY dude–into a chastity device would be hilarious!

In fact, I think an entire situation comedy about a sweet girl who’s rooming with a stern dominatrix who puts her slaves into chastity cages and drains them of money by getting them addicted to video clips and buying her expensive presents would be something worth watching indeed.

Meanwhile, let me see if I can hang this picture on my bathroom door. How kind of the free newspaper AM New York to use the ad for a wraparound on their edition yesterday!

The picture is carefully positioned four feet above the throne for ease of contemplation and analysis.

Why do I sometimes feel I’m living in a burlesque sketch?


P.S. I don’t work for anybody selling chastity devices, and merely included the link above for your interest, erudition, and entertainment.


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Mysterious gal in a girdle!

Well, the nine-day 99¢ special sale is over now for my book SPELL OF DOMINANCE, and I’m happy to say I sold a bunch of copies. And now I’ve adjusted the price back to its original $3.99 for this collection of five femdom stories totaling around 10,000 words of sexy fiction. I hope you’ll give it a try! Go to my author’s page at Amazon to get more info about all my books, including free samples you can read right online before instantly downloading for your Kindle, or for a Kindle application on your computer.

Meanwhile, it may be Columbus Day for most people, but not for this freelancer. I have to start the week’s porn work…

But let’s start the week off right with a sexy picture of a girl in a girdle, shall we? Here’s one in a vintage Vanity Fair ad from 1962. Vanity Fair the lingerie company, that is, not the famous magazine. Wouldn’t you just like to run your hands over this mysterious gal, who covers her face so coyly?

The hand over the face makes the image even sexier to me! A kind of facial tease, you might say...

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