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Pointy bras and headbands in the 1960s

I was reminded how sexy girls could look in the 1960s when I watched a rather mediocre late Boris Karloff movie, Die, Monster, Die, from 1965. Suzan Farmer, the British actress who, without a headband or pointy bra, was also quite fetching in Victorian garb in Hammer’s Dracula, Prince of Darkness from 1966, here looks quite luscious as she shows Nick Adams around Karloff’s gloomy manse. I couldn’t help but snap a few screencaps…

In a couple of the pics it looks like ole Nick couldn’t resist an ogle or two himself!

My eyes nearly popped out at the audacious choice the costume designer made for Suzan’s pointy white bra visible under her pink sweater…

The fun continued as the camera artfully kept Suzan primarily in the frame…gosh, it all came back to me when I saw this movie: I really loved girls in headbands…

Suzan moved too fast for me to get a clear shot in my camera, but this is an artful profile…

When the duo move to another room, we get to see Suzan’s delectably tight, but ladylike, skirt as well…

The light falls just right…

Suzan looks as if she’s about to playfully tease Nick for not focusing at her face.

Selfishly, Nick now blocks our view of what is crucial in this scene.

But still it’s clear that there’s chemistry here…

Applying some of that ole Johnny Yuma charm (the character Nick played in his hit tv series The Rebel)…

Suzan’s his for the moment: headband, pointy bra, tight skirt, and that lovely warm smile.

Miss Farmer had a nice face. I like how the scene rounded off the sneaky eroticism of showing off her shape in that vaguely see-through sweater over the white bra, and showcasing her blonde hair with the headband, by coming in for closeups that make you yearn for her soul as well as her body. But that was the magic of moviemaking back in the day. Even if the horror movie wasn’t good, you got horny and fell in love with the beauty onscreen.

Here’s an interesting obituary for Ms. Farmer from The Guardian in 2017, with trailers of some of her films. And another headband shot!

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Dr. Jekyll and his foot fetish sins!

After publishing three brand-new femdom novellas from late September into November—DARVA CHAN: CRUELTY QUEEN OF THE PIANO; RULE BY CLEAVAGE; and HIS URGE TO SERVE— I decided to reprint in ebooks a couple of my favorite magazine stories from the Leg Show and Leg Action days. How I miss writing for those magazines, it was a constant flow of fun assignments and I was given a free hand to create the stories that were itching to get out of my fetishistic brain… 😉

Today I want to call your attention to the first of these new reprints, THE SINS OF DR. JEKYLL.


When it was published in the late 90s in Leg Action, this short story was titled “Jekyll and Thigh” by the editor; a clever title, yes, but I felt a little too cute for the tone of the tale. My original choice was “The Lusts of Dr. Jekyll.” After re-reading and tweaking the manuscript a little for this reprinting, I think THE SINS OF DR. JEKYLL is the most accurate.

My yarn tells what I imagined as the “backstory” of how the good doctor is driven by sexual guilt to his disastrous discovery of the power to unleash the evil in people. He has a foot fetish, and a taste for streetwalkers in the seamy slums of Victorian London; and his inability to accept such “sin” leads him to the follies for which he would one day become world-famous through Robert Louis Stevenson’s immortal novella and the zillions of films and tv shows it has inspired.

So give it a try, it’s sinful yes but saucy and sexy in the way of those fun old 50s and 60s Hammer horror films with their bosomy wenches in corsets and lingerie being eyed by lusty townsmen and vampires alike!

You can find THE SINS OF DR. JEKYLL on Amazon US here and Amazon stores worldwide.



The terrific cover photo of my ebook is by fotolit; see their portfolio here.


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