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Japanese cinema goddess stronger than any behemoth!

It’s been a busy week. In addition to my weekly website and newsletter writing for erotica sites, I just completed a sexy new ebook, a long story with a supernatural theme as well as the usual femdom antics my writing specializes in. It’ll be up in a day or so. I actually posted it Halloween night on Amazon in the Kindle store, but I was having so much trouble with my cover scan that I got distracted and pressed “publish” without remembering to post the description of the book! That’s the pitfall of being a one-man ebook publisher, your mind runs around like a one-armed paperhanger sometimes. So I have to put the description up today along with the book. More info will follow here.

Meanwhile, to relax from the writing, I’ve been watching a number of vintage sci-fi movies. One of them was something I missed back in 1962 when it first came out, a Japanese disaster film about a rogue planet headed for a collision with earth: Gorath!

Gorath-Japanese SciFi1962

Still playing catch-up with 60s pix that didn’t show up at my nabe’s theaters!

It was a pretty good film, although the version I saw was the American one that sadly deleted the giant walrus monster Magma, which I was looking forward to seeing! The American distributors apparently felt the creature looked too silly with its tusks, so they edited it out. But I’d seen a pic of Magma in an issue of Forrest J Ackerman’s Famous Monsters of Filmland and was so disappointed when the movie didn’t show up the venue in my old neighborhood in Chicago back when I was growing up. (You can see Magma rampaging in the center of the Japanese poster just below.)


But the film, even missing Magma in the U.S., had a major compensation in one of its female characters, played by the seriously sexy Kumi Mizuno. I took a few screen captures as I am wont to do. I made them big files so you can blow them up on your screens and indulge yourself in the spectacle not of Earth in mortal tumult, but of an incomparably splendid Japanese actress in her gorgeous prime!

Here then is Kumi Mizuno…click on the thumbnails to see them full-size. She’s taking a bath when her rocket pilot fiance rings the bell, and she goes to answer the door…




I hope you like these screen-caps. I include the surrounding atmosphere and not just the image, because the whole thing makes more interesting pictures to me!

Maybe it’s because I’m just a horny old guy now, but to me this Japanese cinema goddess is stronger than any rampaging Japanese cinema behemoth, whether Magma, Godzilla, or Rodan! 😉 And if you want to see something both bizarre and sensationally sexy, check her out in Matango, known in America as Attack of the Mushroom People; when she finally starts turning into a mushroom, it first manifests in a sexy flush of her cheeks, and is one of the great but subtle femdom moments in film as a man falls to his knees before her! Here’s a shot I found on the Cinefantastique site, just when she gives in to the spell of the mushrooms:


Fabulous stuff!! (Kumi in the scene, I mean, not the mushrooms!!)

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