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Eve Meyer hosts Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

I was talking with my writer friend Phil the other day–he’s another fervent aficionado of beauty, as I am myself– especially of the beauty of actresses and models past and present. I was telling him about the late cheesecake model and early Playboy centerfold Eve Meyer, who was married to glamour photographer Russ Meyer for awhile and had a big hand in helping build his career as a softcore erotic filmmaker. And then the next day I went to a record collector’s show, just on a whim because I don’t particularly collect records, and I found this wonderful example of a cheesecake album cover featuring Eve.

Click on the photo to see it larger.


No photo credit is given, but the picture was most probably taken by hubby Russ, who did so many great pictorials of Eve. Those pictorials I do collect, in the often frayed old girlie magazines I find at New York City flea markets. I’d never heard of the Philharmonia Orchestra performing the featured symphonic pieces, but I figured what the hell, I’m buying it for Eve on the cover, not the music. Still, when I listened to it the next day while writing some website porn copy, I was pleasantly surprised that the interpretations were vigorous, and even the scratchiness of the old vinyl sound added a certain pleasurable “oomph” to the listening experience. Really, holding the album, taking out the disc and placing it on my turntable, it almost felt as if Eve herself were hosting the performance, ushering me into the concert hall in my mind, and inviting me to enjoy the timeless sounds of George Gershwin, Franz Liszt, and George Enescu (spelled the variant French way as “Enesco” on the album).

A delightful purchase indeed!

Look up Eve Meyer online; she was a real beauty, a great model, and an accomplished businesswoman.


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Tickling Marilyn Monroe!

Things have been really busy, hence I haven’t been able to post for more than a week. With the summer comes a crunch of assignments in a bottleneck as various editors plan to go on vacation, so I juggle my work, hopping from piece to piece to get them done earlier than usual. My usual modus operandi as a freelance porn samurai is to work intensely Monday through Friday, and then chill on the weekend. In particular, on Saturday I like to stroll around New York as if I’m a tourist, for example walking down to the flea markets in Chelsea. Along the way I see some pleasant sights, like this liquor store advertisement for vodka, starring Carmen Electra…

I just love it when girls kick up one of their long shapely stems, pinup style!



I’ve also taken on more website writing, and will now be writing the copy for the DDF Productions sites House of,, and That’s right, I will be immortalizing in prose everything from ultra-kink to obsessively oral to the whole sensual shebang. You can learn more about these sites and the other three I write for,,, and, by going to the newly-revamped here, written and edited by my talented colleague Ace, and also utilizing some of my headlines and copy. The blog will lead you to the sites. Adults only, please!

Meanwhile, after finishing my writing last Thursday evening, a really beautiful evening in NYC indeed, I went down to the  far west side in Chelsea for the opening of an exhibit of photos of Marilyn Monroe, taken by Lawrence Schiller from 1960 to 1962, right before her death. The show is entitled Lawrence Schiller: Marilyn & Me and runs through June 30, 2012 at the Steven Kasher Gallery at 521 West 23rd Street. You can learn more and see a lot of the pictures online here.

Accompanied by a glass of grapefruit-accented white wine served by a couple of pretty young ladies, I wandered about the show…

The picture on the right shows Marilyn and her birthday cake, presented during the production of Something’s Got To Give.

There were plenty of sparklers on her cake that night, but the production turned into a sad occasion when she was notoriously fired from the film.

Lawrence Schiller got to take photos of her now-legendary nude swim scene in the ultimately unfinished movie. These pictures are a mix of the sensual and the playful.

Schiller’s photojournalistic skills captured a vibrancy mixed with glamour that makes his photos some of the finest Marilyn images.



The pictures of Marilyn’s torso from behind are stunning, with the flowing lines of her back…the goddess Aphrodite herself could not have looked any better rising from the foam! But I couldn’t resist a little mischief of my own when Marilyn got close…




Gee, I think Miss Monroe and I really shared a moment there! 🙂

If you’re around New York, don’t miss this terrific exhibit.

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