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Luscious vixen Gene Tierney at her teasing peak of perfection!

It has been a very stressful week and I found myself saying, “I must get away from the computer for a few hours.” I’d finished my work and I thought I would go see the movie Gangster Squad, which opened today in NYC and which I’ve been looking forward to; but when I walked down to 42nd Street it wasn’t playing where the papers said it was supposed to be. I ended up going to McDonalds instead and having what I call my “film noir” lunch–two hamburgers without ketchup, and a cup of coffee. As I ate, I made notes for a review I’m going to post here shortly about Dr. Brandy Engler’s book The Men On My Couch, which I mentioned in my last entry of 2012 (see “Sexology on Sunday” below). It’s a very interesting and rewarding book, but I didn’t take any notes while I read it; I just wanted to experience and absorb it without thinking about what I would write later. I usually (although not always) make notations in a volume as I read, but I decided instead I would instead go back and mark it up later as I thumbed through it again to write my review.

Meanwhile, I was just thinking about how mainstream art often carries a message of femdom fantasy below its “respectable” surfaces. I was musing on this while commenting at on a picture of the Biblical heroine Judith with the head of the Assyrian general Holofernes, whom she beheaded. You can see the picture and my comment here.

The other night I watched an early Gene Tierney movie, Belle Starr, where she played a highly romanticized and glamorized version of the infamous Old West outlaw. There was a scene where outlaw Randolph Scott “teaches” Belle to shoot. The imagery was pure female supremacy, as the beautiful Tierney (who in no way resembled the actual Belle Starr) gets to say things like, as she’s shooting at a leaf– “You want me to put a hole in it? Or do you want me to cut it off?” I wouldn’t be surprised if the femdom aficionados of 1941 returned to the theaters several times to see this sequence as fuel for masturbation fantasies. Here are a few screen caps:

Gene's utter nubile lusciousness is thinly disguised pornography...

Gene’s utter nubile lusciousness is thinly disguised pornography…

When Gene takes aim at a leaf, it's a thrilling erotic moment to rival Jennifer Lawrence drawing back on her bow and arrow in The Hunger Games...

When Gene takes aim at a leaf, it’s a thrilling erotic moment to rival Jennifer Lawrence drawing back on her bow and arrow in The Hunger Games…

"You want me to put a hole in it?"

“You want me to put a hole in it?”

"...or should I cut it off?"

“…or should I cut it off?”


Goodbye, leaf!

Goodbye, leaf!

To say that Gene Tierney is luscious in this movie is a shameless understatement. Using a Southern accent that was apparently way over-the-top, and entrancing Randolph Scott and Dana Andrews with all the wiles of the Civil War-era steel magnolia plantation belle stereotype, her performance can be understood in 2012 as a masterpiece of eroticism. Rarely seen, not on DVD, the movie was recently shown on TCM; but if you can get past its racial cliches about the post-Civil War era, you will find Miss Tierney at her most enticing, perhaps even more so than she was in Laura or Leave Her to Heaven.

I know I’m overusing the word “luscious”…but I can’t help it! 😉


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