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Fifty Shades of the Fiend!

With the approach of the holidays, and especially the first frenzied shopping day known as “Black Friday,” I cannot emphasize too strongly that there is ONE femdom ebook you MUST read this season!

Here is a tale that captures the kinky underside of the festive scene…as our submissive hero Brian takes his Chinese stripper girl friend Orchid shopping, and ends up buying presents not just for her and her family, but for a stud she picks up at the department store and takes home to screw in front of Brian…

Just click ahead to my Amazon page here to find SHE MADE ME A CUCKOLD ON BLACK FRIDAY and the other perverse volumes in my “Irv O. Neil Erotic Library”…with their covers illustrated in the wonderfully crude and sleazy style of the underground fetish booklets once sold in the sleazier porn shops around Times Square in the days before the area was “cleaned up” to become more “family-friendly.” (And do take with a grain of salt my pomposity in giving my books that “Erotic Library” label, because it is meant to a certain extent to be tongue-in-cheek. A sense of humor is an essential component of the skilled pornographer.)

On other fronts, I did the In Bed With Dr. Sue podcast last Tuesday and that was an interesting experience. I hope everybody out in podcast listening land enjoyed our chat…

Both Sue and her callers asked some stimulating questions, so if you want to get a little insight into the working process of four writers of erotica, check it out in the archives here. The first half concentrates on smut/porn/erotica scribes Angela St. Lawrence, Louis Friend, Ed Cantor, and myself. With the arrival of a surprise guest, a literary agent/editor named Lori Perkins who was promoting a book of musings and opinions about Fifty Shades of Grey, that mammoth erotic romance/BDSM bestseller, the second half of the podcast focuses more on the current workings of the publishing industry in the wake of that literary phenomenon.

Meanwhile, my own dedication to vintage publishing and its products remains as strong as ever. I went to a memorabilia show on Saturday and picked up these lovely paperbacks from the 50s and early 60s:

I also found this 1975 book about the “weird menace” pulps of the 1930s and early 1940s. Its 1975 cover by Mike Kaluta, which was probably done specifically for the volume, captures the feeling of how publishers conveyed images of women in bondage long, long before Fifty Shades of Grey.

Actually, the later 1978 paperback edition of The Shudder Pulps used a vintage illustration from one of the original magazines, instead of Kaluta’s modern interpretative painting of the weird menace style:

And a bit of history: much of pulp is interconnected with later magazine genre forms. Martin Goodman, the man who published these examples of damsels in distress–Fifty Shades of the Fiend, you might say–

…eventually published this in the early 1960s:

…which everybody knows about. And his son Charles aka “Chip” Goodman eventually published this in the late 1980s…

…which I created and edited as a true labor of assman’s love.

Anyway, you’ll forgive my nostalgic ramblings…it’s just that after doing the podcast I couldn’t help but reflect on how things have changed, cover-wise, from Uncanny Tales to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Ironically, the recent reprint of The Shudder Pulps goes the more subtle route cover-wise, judging by this image from the Amazon store:

Political correctness? Ah, thy minions are legion!


I found the weird menace covers in the article “Pulp Horrors” by Don Hutchison here. I found the Amazing Fantasy cover here. And you can find back issues of my seminal ass journal CHEEKS at the great online store

Finally, I found the vintage shot of radio listeners here.


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Femdom Sunday at the New York Post!

The New York Post is a pretty interesting tabloid on Sunday, with lots of well-written reviews and editorials. And this Sunday the paper has a real BDSM, femdom slant. The cover story in the Pulse section is about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the new Batman flick, and runs this photo (among several):

On page 3 we learn that women are smarter than men…science proves it:

Batman kneels in front of Catwoman in a comic strip panel reproduced on page 38:

A column about the media fallout from the “mommy porn” bestselling smut sensation Fifty Shades of Grey also runs a leggy shot of Ashley Greene, and talks about the new mainstream interest in BDSM from soccer moms. (And think about it: the triumph of a porn novel written by a woman is a femdom kind of triumph, even though the book is about female sexual submissiveness. As far as I know, no penis-bearing writer has ever hit the top of the bestseller lists with an outright erotic novel.)

And top it all, the Post presents on page 23 the photographic piece de resistance for lovers of giantesses, always a popular femdom sub-fetish: a Getty Images pic of a man crossing his hands near his crotch and standing in a test tube held by an enormous, steely-eyed, analytical woman!

And to think we New Yorkers used to have to go to fetish bookstores to glimpse stuff like this! 😉


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