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January 29, 2018: the 45th anniversary of my moving to New York

I moved to New York City for keeps on January 29, 1973. That was the day I got in a U-Haul with a college girlfriend and drove from the Midwest to the Big Apple, as it was popularly known back then (I don’t hear that moniker used much anymore). We arrived the next day and checked into a residential hotel on the Upper West Side, but I always date my “New York Adventure” as starting on January 29th.

Actually I’d been here the two previous summers, working part-time jobs and living at the YMHA, and with my father’s side of the family in Brooklyn and New Jersey, the area was always part of my life even though I grew up in Chicago.

I came to NYC hoping to get into the film business but when that didn’t work out I shifted to writing. Sold my first porn novel in the fall of 1974 and the rest, as the saying goes, is “history”‚ÄĒthe personal history described in many of the earlier posts on this blog.

Of course dotted throughout the city are the landmarks that have a personal meaning to me. For example, on the ever-changing 42nd Street, between Broadway and 6th Avenue, is the Bush Tower, squarely in the shadowy center of this picture…

That was the address from where such legendary “big boob” girlie magazines such as BUF and GEM were published back in the day. Circa 1978 I sent the company an article about collecting movie soundtracks, a “socially redeeming” feature as they used to be called in that era when sex magazines had to run non-erotic items to appease the censors. One day out of the blue the publisher sent me a check for $40 for the article, and I believe that was the only time in my writing career when I sold an unsolicited piece via the “slush pile.” The rest of the time I’ve written either on assignment or expressly for an editor who was favorably inclined to my work.

So every time I walk past Bush Tower I think of that lovely $40 and how nice it was to make that sale!

Nowadays of course. along with writing for porn websites and the occasional sex magazine that is still around, I’ve become a publisher of some of my own stuff, both of my femdom erotica here


…and of my full-length novel FATE OF A STRIPPER here. Although to my disappointment it has not sold well, I’m proud of the novel and keep promoting it, hoping it will eventually find an audience for its very New York story of the relationship between an unbalanced lonely stripper and her lonely lovestruck customer, a noir tale flavored with some passionate descriptions of Times Square and its remaining strip joints.

And as ever I continue to enjoy wandering about the city, taking pictures like the ones in this post, inspired by the surprising urban vistas just for their own sake and as possible backdrops for new fiction.

For example, I wonder what kind of an erotic story I can come up with from the picture below…as in, what fictional characters might I imagine living on this street, and how might they satisfy their lusty cravings? ūüėČ



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You can write erotica too!

In one of my previous posts, I showed you a picture of myself holding this vintage magazine, and I mentioned that aside from the fact that I loved the cover, its image sparked ideas in my mind about erotica writing. You can see the previous post here.

Find a story in this cover!

Find a story in this cover!


Although making decent freelance money from erotica and Kindle ebooks is very hard (as it has always been for most forms of writing for literally hundreds of years), I think that anybody who can write a basic sentence can explore¬†erotica writing for their own pleasure, if not monetary profit. It’s always preferable that somebody knows how to write well, but one of the things I’ve learned over the years¬†is that even if the prose¬†style is¬†weak¬†and the¬†grammar shaky, nonetheless¬†if a person puts his¬†or her heart and loins into a piece of horny prose, it can often successfully stimulate the reader. So whatever your level of skill with words…you can write erotica, too.

So gaze¬†at this magazine cover. Click on it until it’s large on your screen (it’s best viewed on a computer for maximum impact), and immerse yourself in the lady’s face…her lips…her eyes…her gestures…her cleavage…and her fur-trimmed sweater. What do you hear her saying to you? What do you hear yourself saying? It’s a great picture because it lends itself to almost any kind of scenario–vanilla, kinky, or in-between.

The way to write anything, but especially fiction because it’s imaginary and takes place in your head, is to find a way “into” the story. ¬†I frequently do it by imagining what I’m hearing a character saying…or by imagining what a¬†character feels like, both physically and emotionally.¬†Hmm, what would it be like to slip my hands into that open sweater to reach for the concealed nipples? And so the story begins! How did I meet this gal? What does she say to me? Or does she say anything? Does she let my wandering hands continue to wander, or¬†does she get kinda nasty and say something like…? See,¬†those are my “femdom” “femme fatale fantasies” coming into play!¬†But what are YOUR fantasies? They will form the basis for your¬†tale.

Enjoy this picture, let your mind “see” and “hear” what situations it suggests to you, and before you know it, you’ll have yourself a¬†story!



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Great femdom cover of a 1963 paperback!

I read a lot of fiction–I particularly enjoy novels–and here’s the latest one I read. I picked it up some years ago, probably at a paperback collectors show, and the other night I said to myself, “What am I waiting for? It’s time to read The Cruel Touch!”

A savage in satin...waiting to degrade...this IS entertainment!! ;)

A savage in satin…waiting to degrade…this IS entertainment!! ūüėČ

The great cover was painted by Isaac Paul Rader, whose paperback work is quite collectible now.

From my research, it appears to me this book may well have been written under the “Alan Marshall”¬†pseudonym by Donald Westlake, who later became famous for his mystery and suspense thrillers featuring tough guy characters like Parker. The movies Pointblank with Lee Marvin and Payback with Mel Gibson (and the latter featuring a memorable Lucy Liu as a dominatrix) are based on the same Parker novel.

The Cruel Touch, in contrast, is a 1963 sex novel, a well-written tale about a radio announcer named George who gets secretly involved with Carla, his boss’s nympho wife, and his lust for the woman but his guilt at deceiving his employer. As the author writes:

“Carla was as close to being a goddess as any female could get. The fact that she was a goddess of evil, of lust and cruelty, didn’t make her any less of a goddess.”

The announcer also has a budding relationship with a “nice” girl named Suzy who works at the radio station, and his struggle to balance his feeling for Suzy, and his fear and loathing at being emotionally blackmailed by the “cruel touch” of Carla–who orchestrates their lovemaking like a pubic¬†dictator–forms the crux of the tale.

“For a long while, neither of them moved, or made a sound, except for their mutual gasping. Hers seemed to be the inhalations of deep-seated pleasure; his were nothing but the hoarse gasps of a slave driven to the limit of his endurance.”

The sex scenes, which would qualify as softcore now without a single four-letter word, are extremely well-written and both evoke the sensuous action and the emotion going on at the same time in¬†George’s mind. Also, I loved how the author came up with the phrase “pebbled discs” for hardened nipples–my hat’s off to Marshall/Westlake for conjuring up¬†such a¬†unique phrase. Describing stiff nipples in a new way is damn hard, as any porn scribe¬†will tell you!

So one of the pleasures of being a writer¬†is not only do I enjoy reading, but I get to learn as I’m enjoying myself. Each book I read I absorb by a kind of subconscious osmosis (as well as occasional¬†conscious note-taking), and it all helps make my own erotic fiction better.

And of course, I never tire of looking at the amazing covers on these vintage books! I hope you like the cover of The Cruel Touch, too.   




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The cruel clever twins still want to meet you…

This weekend I’m coming out with the 2nd edition of DOMINANT CHINESE TWINS ENSLAVE WHINY MAN. It’s the same exact story (so if you’ve already purchased it, don’t buy it again), but the 99¬Ę introductory sale with this cover is coming to a close.

I like this cover as a piece of zany art, but I want to try a different approach.

I like this cover as a piece of zany art, but I want to try a different approach.

Starting sometime tomorrow this will be the new cover, and the price of the story will be the usual $2.99 I charge for my Kindle ebooks.

DomTwins Cover#2

Had fun playing around with the typefaces…

Economic fact for potential ebook publishers: I have to sell six 99¬Ę books to make the same royalties if I sell one $2.99 book. The 99¬Ę price was not as much of an inducement to readers as I hoped it would be.

I also want to see if a simple minimal cover will be more evocative to potential readers…I describe the cruel twins quite precisely in the story, so the word pictures will bring them to life. Which cover do you prefer? I’m starting to think my wacky cover, combined with the low price, made the book look shabby instead of inviting. I did myself an injustice. It’s quite a good story, sexy and funny too, and I want it to find its audience.

Go to Amazon here to read the two excellent reviews I’ve gotten so far on this ebook!

I hope you’ll try it and leave your own review, too! Thanks.

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Smut writer showcase!

As has been my habit of late, I’ve taken a long time between posts…it’s just that the necessity to write thousands of stimulating and smutty words each week to pay my bills has lately taken priority over everything else. I love to blog–putting words and pix together–but unfortunately it does not pay my rent.

However, although I’m actually trying to relax my mind a little this holiday weekend like so many other people, I promised myself I would post so as not to seem to have disappeared from my own blog.

And ironically when I checked my email this morning, I got a message from that mysterious chronicler of sex history, Silent Porn Star, telling me the first part of the interview we had recently done just went up online…so I have a real impetus to post and let you know about it pronto. You can find “Vintage Smut Writer: The Exclusive Irv O. Neil Interview” here.

Just recently I came upon a copy of one of the porn mags I edited, the April 1986 issue of FOR ADULTS ONLY, and inside found this editorial I jotted under my real name Neil Wexler, under which I sometimes write as well as under Irv O. Neil. I think it makes a nice addendum to the Silent Porn Star interview, so check it out too. Just click on it to see it larger.

People could be genuinely puzzled that we actually "worked" at our porn gigs.

People could be genuinely puzzled that we actually “worked” at our porn gigs.

And this is the cover of that venerable issue. The blurbs are rather tame, considering some of the wacky poetry of some of the other things I’d written at the time, and have written subsequently. Then again, the girl’s position had enough poetry to go around…

The cover shows a girl fucking a plumber. The pizza boy was otherwise engaged! ;)

The cover shows a girl fucking a plumber. The pizza boy was otherwise engaged! ūüėČ

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Silent Porn Star interview! Leave her a comment on her site and let her know. And check out for a nice mention of the piece and a comment from Iago Faustus, Ph.D, who himself does a pretty cool blog at


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