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Farewell to the Domme Dose…

For over two years, from November 2011 thru mid-January 2014, I wrote a weekly column for a site called Domme Dose. Although it focused primarily on the “financial domination” sub-genre of femdom, the webmaster WR let me write about whatever aspects of femdom I was interested in. I took both a personal and scholarly approach, relating my experiences with D/s, dominatrixes, and also how I found connections to femdom in pop culture.

WR had initially approached me to write for Domme Dose when he saw one of my blog posts here entitled “Teases and Temptations of the Twitterdommes.” It was fun to write what I called “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” for WR and discuss my eternally ambivalent attitude toward femdom. It was also helpful as well as fun because it gave me a chance to promote on a weekly basis my femdom ebooks.

A lively fun site.

A lively fun site.


Although I never met WR in person, we would correspond via email a couple of times a week, usually after I sent him my column on Monday nights. We would usually just chat about our enthusiasm for various dommes, and WR would tease me that I had so many favorites. I did like a good number of them, but I also promoted others in whom I had a more casual interest simply because I figured it would also help bring more readers and traffic to his site.

I enjoyed emailing with WR especially about the old days in Times Square, and the wild live performances they used to have in places like Show World Center.

I found WR a courteous and friendly guy, who was very accepting of his own interests in femdom. I admired that self-acceptance in WR, because I myself have always felt like a “rebel subbie,” my term for the ambivalence I’ve always had toward femdom. When it comes to my desires to submit to women even in roleplay, I’m never free of a certain self-disdain…never ceasing to chide myself that I should be “normal” and not “kinky.” (Although as I’ve gotten older–and thankfully known people like WR, and some of the dommes I’ve encountered at the Dose and on Twitter–I have become more self-accepting.)

So writing “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” helped me in a therapeutic way, too.

I also admired that WR could do his site seven days a week, handling all the pictures and copy and personalities of the various contributors. As somebody who worked for almost thirty years as an adult magazine editor, I could understand what challenges that entailed.

WR would promote me on his homepage as a “famous” writer until one dominatrix complained and questioned my actual level of fame…

I got a kick out of posing for silly selfies for the column.

I got a kick out of posing for silly selfies for the column.


Now, I had never asked WR to say I was famous–I don’t consider myself such–so I told him why not change “famous” writer to “acclaimed” writer. Since I’ve been nominated four times for AVN awards for my X-rated screenplays, I figured it was safe to say that at least four times in my life my work had indeed been “acclaimed.” 😉

So WR did that for awhile, until he started calling me the “distinguished” writer…and we seemed to settle on that.

The selfie usually reflected the tone of that week's column.

The selfie usually reflected the tone of that week’s column.


Then in mid-January, WR stopped posting on the Dose or Twitter. There was no word from him to anybody, no warning. For a guy as reliable as he was, this did not bode well to me and many others. People speculated on what could have happened, but nobody came up with an answer until a few weeks ago, when it was learned that WR had passed away the day after his postings ceased. (Although, as far as I know, details on what happened have still not emerged online. WR seems to have been a very private, discreet person in many ways.)

The Domme Dose itself came down just a couple of weeks ago, after remaining online for more than two months, reminding me of a shuttered saloon where the owners had left all the lights still on–because the Dose was like a corner bar in a way, where dommes and subs got together to discuss things at various levels of passion, reasonableness, discord, or humor.

I enjoyed reading my fellow columnists such as Moneyslave Matt and MzSydney; reading comments from gents like Frank, Hex’sFreakOnALeash, dickie virgin, Kyaa’sBard, and goodboy4kyaa; and keeping up with the thoughts and doings of so many dommes like Princess Rene, Miss Foxx, Capitalistic Blonde, Miss Annabel Grace, Goddess Jessica, Hex Kitten, Princess Karmaz, Mandy Flores, Princess Ellie Idol, Goddess Kyaa, Queen Kitty, Mistress T, Bella Daisy, Asian Goddess, Mistress Sarah Blake, Bratty Nikki, and many others.

Yes, I miss writing for and chatting on the Dose, and I miss WR’s emails and tweets. He was one of the best guys I’ve worked for. So long, amigo. R.I.P.


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Porn scribe’s diary, 12/5/12: Let’s talk about CHERRIES…

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter! 😉 I’m talking about CHOCOLATE cherries.

I've been eating too many of these, I know...

I’ve been eating too many of these, I know…

Well, to be honest, my thoughts about candy cherries were located somewhere near the proverbial “gutter” too, that disreputable trough into which sexy notions are so frequently consigned in our often-puritanical society. Actually, I wrote a pretty good piece this week for my “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” column that was inspired by the chocolate cherries I was eating as I sat down at the laptop. Check it out at the femdom site Domme Dose! I discussed the various ways a dominatrix could have fun with chocolate cherries and a slave…

That green tie you see me wearing above? It actually has a pattern of nymphs and satyrs running around. I used it as a prop for one of my characters in my new ebook Learning to be Cruel Part 2, available on Amazon here. You should see what sexy Chinese dominatrix Miss Meirong uses it for…she calls it a “porn tie.”

She makes my hero do naughty things because it amuses her!

She makes my hero do naughty things because it amuses her!

Tuesday was kind of stressful, as I heard about some unhappy financial matters. I had a hard time concentrating on my writing for awhile, but I finally got down to focus with the aid of some raspberry crumb cake and coffee.

I do seem to eating a lot of sweets…not just cherries…

But since I’ve put cherries in your mind, here’s a nice shot of a girl about to devour them, which I found at a site called Weird Corner here.

Have I ever mentioned my lipstick fetish? Love girls in rich red gloss...

Have I ever mentioned my lipstick fetish? Love girls in rich red gloss…


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Fetish writers on the air!

Hello again. I know it’s been a few weeks since I last blogged. I didn’t have writer’s block–I can’t afford writer’s block since producing 6000-7000 words a week of porn/erotica for websites and magazines is how I pay my bills. But, among other things, when I wasn’t busy cranking my smut, I got very absorbed in reading the novel Nana, Emile Zola’s 1880 blockbuster about a nineteenth century French courtesan and the men she ruined on her way to the top of the theatrical and social worlds of Second Empire France.

Nana was a long book, and I kept getting distracted from it by spending time browsing online; watching vintage movies on TCM (I particularly enjoyed two installments in the 1940s comedy-mystery series The Falcon, starring George Sanders); and leaving comments on favorite sites like FemdomArtists. But my dedication was well worth the time when I finally turned the last page of Nana and said, “Now THAT was a great book.” Sadly, I haven’t read enough of the classics in my life and I’m still playing catch-up. For more about my thoughts re Nana, check out my weekly column “Notes of a Rebel Subbie” at the femdom/financial domination website Domme Dose here.

Let’s see, what else have I been up to? I went to the yearly NYC vintage paperback collectors’ convention in mid-October, and that was fun. I came home with a few good books. In fact, one of the things I got was Nana’s Mother, a kind of prequel to Nana which tells the sordid story of her upbringing. Its original French title is L’Assommoir, which apparently is or was French slang for a dive bar where people basically knock themselves out drinking into a stupor. (I don’t speak French, and I got this information from the introduction to Nana.)

Here are some of the items I got at the paperback show:

The following week I went to another collector’s show and found this book:

Its original hardcover title was Loathsome Women, and it’s a curious volume wherein psychoanalyst Leopold Stein M.D. speculates on the idea that four of his female patients are not merely neurotic…but perhaps might actually be what were once considered witches! The kind of witches who would be tried and executed back in the Middle Ages and up to the Salem trials. He provides background on the history of witches which I found very informative, since I hadn’t read much about the subject before. And he makes a convincing case as to why people in the olden days might well have thought women were bewitching them. He also makes it understandable why, even though people don’t generally ascribe such supernatural or satanic powers to women today, that such notions still carry emotional weight on a gut level. Also, as Stein notes (and he wrote the book in 1959), nowadays the word “witch” is more often spelled with a “b” than a “w.”

I guess I have a kind of bookish existence lately…it’s partly a way to conserve money…but I really should get out and have some other types of fun one of these days. I keep telling myself I want to go to a professional dominatrix again…

It’s something I haven’t done in several years (although I’m always window-shopping online) but I can’t seem to work up the enthusiasm. Or the courage? Or, quite frankly, the money? (Because when I like a domme, I like to see her again and again, and that adds up in shekels. This is a problem when your erotic life costs money.)

On another front, next Tuesday 11/13/12, I’ll be one of the guests on “In Bed With Dr Sue,” an entertaining biweekly podcast at Blog Talk Radio here. Dr. Sue is a sex therapist who takes calls on the phone sex site Niteflirt. Her podcast is separate, and the show covers many provocative topics from foot worship to cuckolding to how to share your kinky desires with your partners. One particularly interesting show had the topic “What Do Dommes Really Think of Their Subs?” wherein she spoke with the beautiful and vivacious Queen Kitty from the Midwest.

The topic of the show I will be on is “Writers of Fetish Literature” and Dr Sue will be chatting with (in alphabetical order) Edward Cantor, author of the femdom novella Window Shopping and various femdom-themed pieces at his blog Writing for a Queen (his queen being the aforementioned Kitty); Louis Friend, the author of the short story collections Freedom Is Slavery and Life On My Knees, as well as the creator of the blog Prurient Interests; Angela St. Lawrence, specialist in sexy phone chat and a writer whose site Blistered Lips has many entertaining tales spanning a wide range of kinky behavior; and yours truly Irv O. Neil. (By the way, I don’t work for or with any of these folks, I’m just posting their links as a courtesy and to spread the word about good stuff to read. And of course if you want to check out any of my erotic ebooks, just click over here to the Kindle store.)

I’ve been reading some of my colleagues’ stories over the past week and they are very arousing and entertaining. I recommend you check them out, and listen to the show too. In fact, if you read some of the stories before the show, you might come up with some interesting questions to call in and ask us writers! Again, it will be on Tuesday 11/13/12  at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time right here; and if you miss it, you can always catch it afterward in Dr Sue’s archives here. We’ll be discussing many of the questions people have about erotica and fetish writers, so if you love porn/erotica/smut, tune in! You can also hang out in the Blog Talk Radio chatroom during the show.

It’s a long time since I’ve been interviewed about my work on the radio; the last time was in the late 70s after I wrote an article called “The History of the Whorehouse” for the venerable men’s magazine Swank. I was nervous about that one because the radio host was known for being acerbic and attempting to bait his guests, but I managed to adopt a scholarly tone while still admitting I had actually been to brothels, so he wasn’t able to talk me into a corner. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new experience in radio, this time of the podcast variety.

Actually in college around 1970 or 1971 I briefly had a radio show myself, on which I played ethnic music of various kinds and pretended I was interviewing experts on that week’s music (or, at least, persons of that week’s ethnicity). For example, when I played Greek music, I did both my own voice as the “host” and pretended I was interviewing someone like Zorba the Greek…people swore it sounded like I had two people in the studio.

My friends told me the show was entertaining–at least until it was cancelled by the station manager because I read aloud on the air, in a Transylvanian accent, men’s magazine ads for “rubber novelties.” (It was Romanian music night.) Alas, I didn’t have the foresight to have somebody record the shows for me. Too bad, because they would have been a fun artifact to have today. Ah, the carelessness of youth…

But there are always vintage paperbacks to enjoy!


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Brilliant dominatrix probes my perverse literary psyche!

A rainy, dreary day in Manhattan. I went out for a walk simply because I had to get out of my apartment for a little while, and I stopped at the flea market where I picked up a translation of Flaubert’s novel, Salammbo, the exotic tale of a priestess of ancient Carthage. I’ve always wanted to dip into this book.

I recently saw a sword-and-sandal version of the story:

This is a more lurid poster for America:

Of course Salammbo has power over men, clouds their brains with lust…what other kinds of stories do I like to read lately? Or write? (I’m being 50% serious and 50% self-deprecating.)

[I got those cool movie posters from this great site here.]

I recently read the 1890s Pierre Louys novel Woman and the Puppet, about a wealthy Spanish nobleman who gets enamored and enslaved by a girl who works in a cigarette factory…despite her numerous lies, manipulations, and open infidelity, he always keeps crawling back…

Here is a picture of me enjoying the book, which I used in my brief column about it here on the Domme Dose website where I write weekly…

Amongst my various sins in this life, I freely mix a purple tee shirt with a green sports jacket…

Right now I’m about a hundred pages into Emile Zola’s late nineteenth century novel Nana, which is about a French actress, a bad thespian but a magnificent stage presence and sex symbol of her era (1867), who basically dominates various big shots. It’s supposed to have some amazing scenes of humiliation. The book is very absorbing, meticulous in its recreation of things like high society midnight dinner parties full of decolletage and drunkenness, but it takes real concentration to read. I hope I finish it. I probably will if only to get to those scenes of degradation…

Here are a couple of cinematic interpretations of Nana…the first from 1982:

The second from 1934, starring the actress Anna Sten, briefly a rival for Garbo-type status in Hollywood:

These are some early paperback covers of Nana. Both depict the amazing opening chapter, which goes into minute detail to describe how she comes onstage in her first theatrical performance as the “Blonde Venus” and, after a rocky start due to her lack of theatrical skills, eventually wows the audience with her total sex appeal and lack of pretention…

I got these Nana covers from the Caustic Critic blog, which has an interesting post about the history and influence of Zola on paperbacks here.

Meanwhile, I do my own humble best to write about the femmes fatale who walk amongst us–at least in my imagination. And today on the femdom site Domme Dose, a smart and beautiful dominant gal named Femme.S, with whom I’ve exchanged various comments on the site, wrote a very interesting review and interpretation of my two ebooks Learning to be Cruel and Learning to be Cruel Part 2. You can read her column, entitled “Learning to be Cruel: A Reminder of Why being Bad Feels so Damn Good to Me” right here. You can also learn more about Femme.S by visiting her blog here.

And if you haven’t read my Learning to be Cruel stories yet, I hope you’ll check them out. You don’t have to read the first one to enjoy the second; each is self-contained, although the second has a brief synopsis of what happened in the original story. You can find them on the Amazon store, complete with free samples that you read right online.

Just go to my Domme Dose columns here and here to read more about them!


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Femdom thrills in mainstream movies!

Over the years there have been a number of erotic mainstream movies touching on femdom–look up “Sadism and Masochism in Fiction” on Wikipedia for a long list. I admit that I have not seen them all, but in my opinion the greatest film of this type I have seen is Moonlight Whispers from 1999.

Called Sasayaki in Japanese (full title Gekko no sasayaki), it was based on a manga and told the story of two students, boyfriend and girlfriend. Problem is, the boyfriend is submissive and this greatly disturbs the girlfriend when she finds out. She didn’t know he was a hentai (pervert)!

I haven’t seen the movie in awhile, although when it was in the theaters I was so blown away that I went to see it twice on consecutive nights at New York’s Cinema Village, a tiny theater that was a perfect venue for an elegant but truly dirty movie (although softcore all the way). Then I saw it on VHS and DVD two or three times in succeeding years.

There are several clips on You Tube. In one, labeled Moonlight Whispers, at

the girlfriend punishes the boyfriend by making him hide in a closet while she has sex with her boyfriend’s best friend. This clip shows the before and after, but doesn’t have the actual sex scene (which, again, was softcore and perfectly fine for being so…maybe even hotter for being so).

Re the clip I’ve linked to above, I’ve never seen a sequence in any other movie that captures so well the complicated feelings that femdom, especially the cuckolding scenario, can inspire in a male submissive…and also shows how the female can awaken to domineering feelings and latent sadism when she is disappointed in discovering that her man is not “normal.” Look at how she kicks him in the clip, calls him “hentai” and then plants her beautiful foot firmly upon his chest!

(On the same page where this clip can be found, there are other short Japanese clips ranging from commercials to blatant femdom eroticism. Check them out!)

In another clip on You Tube labeled Moonlight Whispers 2, at

the girlfriend tells her boyfriend (whose wrists and ankles are bound) to clean her up after lovemaking with the other guy! “I’m sweaty.” Again, it’s done with a fair amount of subtlety, but is still incredibly hot.

That bottom shot of the DVD box is from that sequence.

It looks as if you can see this entire movie on You Tube under its original title Gekko no sasayaki, broken up into several parts. It really is worth owning, though, and definitely worth seeing: a rewarding film in many ways, capturing a whole spectrum of femdom scenarios as well as the emotions that go with them.

I also saw a 1961 movie on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) recently called Claudelle Inglish, which is about a poor Southern girl, daughter of sharecroppers, who takes revenge on the fiance who dumped her by becoming the town tramp.

The story is largely concerned with all her new suitors giving her presents–a constant stream of presents, in fact, about which she boasts just as constantly.

This reminds me of today’s thriving online “financial domination” scene, where men give “tributes” “presents” and “gifts” to dominatrixes, many of whom only interact with them online. (Although I’m not into financial domination–or “findom”–myself, I write a general column about femdom for a site that specializes in findom–Domme Dose, which you can find here. You can specifically find my columns, entitled “Notes of a Rebel Subbie,” here. Adults only.)

But back to Claudelle Inglish. Young actress Diane McBain was fantastic in this role. She starts out sweet when she’s engaged to her dreamboat (a very young Chad Everett)–but once he abandons her for another girl while in the army, she turns dominant and vengeful. As in the first Moonlight Whispers clip I linked to above, there’s a powerful moment where the young woman truly comes into her sense of dominant power over men, and we can see in her face her new awareness as a pathetic older man (Claude Akins) pleads for her friendship even as he offers her a present of red high heels! Amazing scene. Look for this movie on TCM again…because I’m sure they will rerun it. They have to, it’s a kinky gem! 🙂

Any newbie domme could learn a lot from seeing Diane McBain’s stunning portrayal of ultra-tease Claudelle Inglish!

SPOILER ALERT: Since Claudelle Inglish was made in 1961, the brazen greedy temptress does not come to a good end. Movies still preached an old-fashioned morality back then. But if Claudelle existed in today’s world, there’s no doubt she could make a mint as an online or “real-time” domme, draining her admirers for a flow of presents that would never end…


I hope you enjoyed this little bit of film history. I’m investigating a couple more rare movies with femdom themes, and I’ll be writing about them soon. These are some of the films that influence me in my own writing, so if you feel in the mood for some femdom stories in ebook form, check out my tales LEARNING TO BE CRUEL…





…all in the Kindle stores on Amazon! You can click on the link “My ebooks” on the right side of this page on the sidebar, or just use the links below.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon Germany:

Amazon France:

Amazon Italy:

Amazon Spain:

All the ebooks are in English.
I hope you enjoy them, and let me know what you think with comments here on the blog (which can be left anonymously), or even with a review on Amazon. And look for my further thoughts on femdom in mainstream movies soon!
I found the Claudelle Inglish poster at a cool site called Sixties Cinema here, which also features the amazing Claudelle Inglish trailer…which takes off on the sexual come-ons in the story to tease the audience into seeing the flick! Check it out and see what I mean!

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Will Krysten Ritter lock American men in chastity cages…?

…because she sure looks like she COULD!

So what’s the real meaning of this ad for the new American ABC-TV show Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23?

Let’s see…the mischievious, manipulative look…the scarlet temptress lipstick…the perfect and expensive manicure…the black clothes (with shoulder pads!–are we back in the 80s yet?)…the costly bracelet on her lazy wrist…

Yep, it doesn’t look to me like she is just offering her key to some lucky stud, but rather teasing some sexually submissive guy who’s addicted to giving her money in a financial domination relationship (he probably paid for the lipstick, manicure, clothes and bracelet), and who’s also agreed to let her put a chastity device on his penis, like a CB-6000S..and she’s holding the key! 

Sure, it’s SUPPOSED to look just like a sexy girl waving an apartment key, femme fatale style, but it sure looks a lot more like the images of dominatrixes who tease and tempt guys on the Web in video clips, telling them they’re going to put their slaves in penis cages to break their nasty self-abuse habits…and as a weekly columnist for the Domme Dose, where I write Notes of a Rebel Subbie, I think I’ve developed a certain radar for femdom content hiding in the sheep’s clothing of mainstream entertainment…

And let’s put it this way: an episode about Miss Ritter’s character putting some dude–maybe some CELEBRITY dude–into a chastity device would be hilarious!

In fact, I think an entire situation comedy about a sweet girl who’s rooming with a stern dominatrix who puts her slaves into chastity cages and drains them of money by getting them addicted to video clips and buying her expensive presents would be something worth watching indeed.

Meanwhile, let me see if I can hang this picture on my bathroom door. How kind of the free newspaper AM New York to use the ad for a wraparound on their edition yesterday!

The picture is carefully positioned four feet above the throne for ease of contemplation and analysis.

Why do I sometimes feel I’m living in a burlesque sketch?


P.S. I don’t work for anybody selling chastity devices, and merely included the link above for your interest, erudition, and entertainment.


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Feeling pleasantly teased by the tongue of January Jones…

I had a pleasant and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend–kind of “mini-vacation”–saw relatives in New Jersey on Turkey Day, and then hung out in NYC and kicked back Friday through Sunday. Saw friends, visited flea markets looking for vintage men’s magazines, took long walks, shot some photos on the streets (a pastime of mine). And caught up on a couple of movies which I’d missed in the theaters–Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise, about the plot to assassinate Hitler in July 1944 (a pretty good film, interesting to see how the whole unsuccessful plot had played out); and Unknown with Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, and January Jones. I really recommend Unknown–saw it on HBO–it was an extremely visceral, exciting Hitchcock-style thriller. Liam Neeson was excellent as the man whose identity has been taken away from him, and January Jones was perfect as the skeptical blonde with a kind of bruised edge to her haughty personality–a type which she plays to perfection in Mad Men, and is definitely an alluring character for the big screen too.

The deep cleavage was also appreciated by ye ole Uncle Irv...

Miss Jones's characters often look as if they can't believe what the hell somebody is doing.

Best of all, January Jones has a kind of sensuality not unlike Grace Kelly’s, to whom she has been compared. When it suddenly bursts out, it’s luscious to behold:

I wonder why she was doing this with her tongue. But does it matter? She did it!

Looking at that last photo, I almost feel I’m being personally teased by Miss January…a pleasant sensation! Her lipstick reminds me also of a dominatrix I’ve read about online who has a sort of specialty in lipstick teasing–Goddess Lycia here.

Besides watching a couple of movies, I did a lot of postings on Twitter to promote my new ebook, SHE MADE A CUCKOLD ON BLACK FRIDAY. The kind folks at Domme Dose, where I write a regular column, put in a item in which I wrote about it, and between my tweets and Domme Dose and the retweets of my tweets by kind folks like The Asian Goddess, and WR and Footboidon over at the Dose, the book is off to a nice start.

Anyway, my other books also sold nicely over this “shopping weekend,” and I hope it continues so I’ll have a little extra money for holiday cheer and gifts. You can find out about all my books at my Amazon author’s page here.

My books are perfect digital stocking stuffers for kinky Kindle lovers! So indulge yourself on…what do they call it now? “Cyber-Monday”! In any case, have a good start to your week.

Chinese-American stripper teases her obedient slave!

Chinese-American grad student enslaves middle-aged admirer!

Leggy temp worker instructs employer in foot worship!

Five complete short stories featuring five delectably dominant females!


The top cleavage shot of January I found here; the closeup with the skeptical expression here; and the dazzling tongue shot here.

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