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The hypnotic power of lipstick teasing…

There was an interesting moment in the 1949 noir film The Third Man, which I watched tonight on Turner Classic Movies. The main female character, Anna Schmidt (Alida Valli, below) is awakened in the middle of the night by the International Police in post-World War 2 Vienna, to be taken down to headquarters for questioning about her forged passport. Several policemen of different nationalities wait while she dresses, and then as they all leave her apartment, one of the officers very solicitously says, “Your lipstick, mademoiselle,” and hands it to her.

A tiny moment, but it made me wonder about the officer and why he had such a desire to be solicitous. One could almost imagine an entire short story about that officer. Perhaps he wanted some contact, however brief, with this beautiful unattainable woman. Perhaps he simply saw himself as being kind. Perhaps he felt sorry for her being detained and wanted to assuage her dignity. Perhaps he felt it was his duty to remind Anna that, in her distress, she had made an oversight and forgotten this essential item. Or perhaps it gave him an erotic thrill to pick up, carry over, and give her the tube of lipstick…

Lipstick fetishism may be even more popular now than ever because of the Internet. There are many interesting clips online where models and dominatrixes tease the viewer in closeup as they apply and blot their lips.

I read somewhere that if a woman applies her lipstick in front of a man she is not already intimate with, it signifies that she is not interested in getting intimate with him at all. Perhaps it is a way of belittling him, of taunting him with her lack of interest in him as a lover, by performing this erotic act in front of him–as if she doesn’t care about its effect on him. I wonder if that’s true, or is just a generalization.

If done in front of a man a woman has no attraction to, the act of applying lipstick can be such a powerful spectacle that it is one of the most twisting and torturous of teases. The lips are painted in such a way to remind the man of the blush of the woman in sexual excitement…yet, performing the act signifies that she is uninterested in pursuing that excitement with him.

In the 1946 movie The Postman Always Rings Twice, Lana Turner applies her lipstick in front of John Garfield to make him think she’s not interested in him–even though she is. She does it as an act of contempt–knowing it will spur him to desire. Yet there is clearly part of her that does not, at first, want to get intimate with him.

Again, I don’t know if this is true or a generalization. I have been with women who applied lipstick in this way, and they were definitely not interested in me sexually (although they were my friends).

Pursed lips, like the ones above, are a powerful symbol of female judgment…and perhaps of arrogance.

But it is the image of the “kissy” lips below, the lips that combine the loving condescension of a maternal figure with the playfulness of a lover, that can truly engulf the eyes and loins of a susceptible man in a whirlwind of erotic confusion…or bliss!

It is no coincidence that one of the tools of the “hypnodommes” now popular on the Web–women who play the role, in video clips and audio files, of erotic hypnotists for submissive men–is lipstick teasing, the sight of which can put a man in a horny trance.

I like lipstick teasing. That’s the primary reason I put together this post–simply to assemble a sexy little gallery of delectable pictures I found around the Web. And my desire to do this was set off by that scene in The Third Man…an effect I’m sure the filmmakers did not intend.

Or did they…? 


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Times Square porn writer enjoys the calm before New Year’s Eve frenzy…

At last 2011 is coming to a close. I’ve definitely had better years as a freelance writer of erotica. Many of the magazines I was writing for in 2010 at this time closed down in early 2011. I lost a tremendous amount of regular income.

Still, I persevered. I figured it out last night from my daily records–I wrote, revised, and polished approximately 362,600 words–or the equivalent of SIX 60,000 word books. Or if you consider a full-length book 80,000 words, I wrote the equivalent of four and a half books. No wonder I feel discombobulated sometimes! That’s a lot of porn under the bridge. And this was an off-year assignment-wise for the reason I just stated above. The year before, when there were more magazines to write for, I wrote somewhere between 750,000 and 1,000,000 words (my records were not as meticulous last year, so I’m not exactly sure–I was too busy cranking out horny stories, girl copy, website prose, research articles and product reviews). That’s the kind of production pulp writers used to achieve back in the 1930s and 1940s…on the low end of the pulp spectrum! I’ve heard of pulp writers who did 3,000,000 words in a year (although unlike myself, they could only do that by mostly not revising or polishing). Anyway, I was a writing demon in 2010; I did as much as I could, maybe because I sensed or feared many magazines wouldn’t last. That kind of work opportunity isn’t available anymore in magazines.

So now 2011, when the sex mag business really took a hit, is coming to a close. And I sense it’s going to end noisily. I live in midtown Manhattan on the edge of Times Square, and the throngs are already blowing their little horns on the streets and whooping it up, and it’s not even 8:00 yet. You have more than four hours left to go, folks!

Yesterday I took a walk through Times Square and on the fringes of the nabe with my camera in hand. It was sunny and not too cold, and I enjoyed mingling in the crowds. When I have something to do, like making pictures, Times Square is interesting. When I’m just walking through the hordes of people, it’s annoying and stressful.

Here are some of the sights I came upon. As you’ll note, I enjoy contrasting tiny people with big billboards:

42nd Street Near 8th Avenue

42nd and Broadway

Around 45th and Broadway

Looking south from 44-45th and Broadway

In 1888, Eugene O'Neil was born on the spot where I took this picture

The ziggurat-like Paramount Building at 44th and 7th Avenue, where Frank Sinatra wowed the bobbysoxers.

Looking east from between 45th and 46th on Broadway

Later, in the evening, I went out to dinner with my camera along, and walking through the area once known as “Hell’s Kitchen” I came upon this striking sign. Two versions:

51st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues

A touch of the old Times Square & Hell's Kitchen, but timeless in its blunt force

I can’t decide what I want to do tonight. I made no plans, and money is tight, but perhaps on New Year’s Eve I could allow myself the pleasure of a lapdance or two. I have coupons to get into the strip clubs for no admission (that little ole clever carnal consumer, me). But do I want to fight my way through the crowds? I was also tempted to call friends, but I felt like being alone and maybe watching a movie and having a beer in pleasant solitude, despite the racket of the New Year’s crowds on the street. And then maybe, an hour or two before midnight, trying to work my way over to a tittie bar.

I’ve been very frugal this year, and sometimes I think I take it too far. Maybe it’s not good for a pornographer’s mental health NOT to check in with the floozies at least once a month…

Well, whether I go out or not, at least I can travel to sleazy destinations in my memory, stuffed full of the sensations of lapdances, strippers, hookers, dominatrixes, and peep show girls from my past…or through a screen capture like this one of Broadway and 52nd Street almost forty-six years ago, courtesy of the 1966 James Garner movie Mister Buddwing, a suspense thriller about an amnesia victim wandering through the raunchy old New York so many of us miss.

52nd and Broadway on the edge of Times Square, 1966

But you know something? If I walk around on the streets, I can find the film-noirish visual energy still in Hell’s Kitchen without time-traveling through memory or movies…

Click on the pic to enjoy its full intensity! This is 52nd Street and 9th Avenue, looking east toward Worldwide Plaza.

Let’s hope for a better year in 2012 for all of us who need it and want it! And thank you all for reading my blog and checking out my bizarre ebooks.


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Pan Am delights with a splendid girdle sequence!

Busy week…and on top of it, it’s my birthday today…a big one that starts with 6 and ends with 0. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, announce it to the world? But what the hell. Whatever 60 is supposed to feel like, I don’t feel…except in the mornings, and late at night sometimes.

Most of the time I feel either 14, 18, or a solid 39 (like Jack Benny). And maybe with a smattering of 49.

When I was a kid I used to read the biographical dictionary for fun and subtract the people’s dates to see how long they lived. I somehow arbitrarily decided if a person lived to only 59, he or she died young. If they made to 60, they were officially old. So there, I’m an old guy. But, a dirty old guy. I got an assignment this week to write a short regular column for Domme Dose, a femdom site at dommedose dot com (for adults only). So I guess there is still some juice left in the old boy. Because when I see some of the cute dominatrixes at Domme Dose, I feel solidly 18. Or 19. (Although when one of them named BellaDaisy teases with shots of her awesome iconic cleavage, I feel a solid 14, in the full flush of goggle-eyed adolescence.)

I have to admit that if I have any lingering adolescence left in me, I keep it well-hidden.

Meanwhile…onto subjects I can illustrate with nice looking women.

After all my fantasies about Christina Ricci enslaving viewers by sashaying in her well-girdled Pan Am stewardess duds on the ABC Sunday night show of that name, it turns out that Margot Robbie is the one I’m daydreaming about.

I’m starting to feel about gloves the way those 19th century Viennese fetishists did, the ones Krafft-Ebing wrote about.

Margot plays the girl who gives up marriage to see the world via Pan Am, and she’s got the perfect figure for the fashions of the era. On top of that, she looks like a Playboy Playmate from that era too. And they looked different back then, a certain more generous curviness…

I loved when at the end of the last episode, she stood on the street looking for something in her purse.

I envy that sweater…

Who needs nudity when women look like this in clothes?

Miss Robbie’s playing is delightfully straightforward and affecting, sometimes soulful, sometimes comedic. I think she has movie star quality. And of course I reacted with joy when I saw the series reserved the honors of its first big girdle scene for Margot, two weeks ago:

Women took naps in girdles. I’ve been marveling over this since 1965.

The sweet slumber of the stewardess…

Later in the show, Margot and Christina deal with the issue of a lizard that has crawled into their hotel room. Christina finesses the lizard, but when she screeches that there’s a SNAKE in the bathroom, Margot jumps on the bed…

The lizard was vanquished, but soon Mr. Snake would make his presence known!

Margot does this really cute little move when she finally bounces off the bed…

She better get dressed before any more reptiles show up!! Like ye ole Uncle Irv!!

Whenever Pan Am lays on the female empowerment stuff, like with Christina Ricci beating guys at pool and dominoes and betting at Indonesian cockfights, it’s kind of ho-hum. But I think the show remembers what side its girdle is buttered on, as this sequence proves! I hope Pan Am gives us lots more time-traveling glimpses of mid-20th century girdle tease! May it run for a hundred seasons! I won’t be here, but I’ll set the DVR!

One final word to my fellow fanciers of erotic female empowerment–aka, femdom. Here are two shots of Margot as a sexy office worker, ready to bring any slackers back in line.

I nominate Margot Robbie for Chief Administrator of My Fantasy Life!

Obviously in Margot’s case, it’s the girl who makes the uniform, and not the other way around. As James Cagney said of Virginia Mayo in White Heat, “Baby, you’d look good in a shower curtain!”

Men become asses when girls like this wear glasses! 😉

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Five dominatrixes want to get their hands on you!

As promised yesterday, it’s here…nothing can stop it…it’s available in the Kindle stores at Amazon U.S., UK, and Germany…my new ebook containing five stories featuring five females who happily toy with their male slaves as they practice the delectable power of their SPELL OF DOMINANCE!

"Order this book with one hand...and satisfy your urges with the other!"

This is a good introduction to the universe of my erotic fiction…wait until you encounter Verna, Mila, Dolores, Sondra, and Jennifer…they’re waiting for you in 10,000 words (or almost forty pages) of arousing female domination fiction!

Only $3.99 for an ebook you will read and re-read…that’s less than the price of a beer in most strip clubs (believe me, I know)!

Gentlemen–experience in richly described fantasies the pleasures of surrender to dominant women!

Ladies–identify with these mistresses and get new ideas about how to dominate your slaves! Or imagine yourselves under the feet of these stern but understanding goddesses…

Don’t delay…surrender to the SPELL OF DOMINANCE today!



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Dominatrixes take over your Kindle!

It’s the weekend and if you’re up for some femdom fantasy, check out my two ebooks on Kindle!

Learning to be CRUEL has a young Chinese-American bookstore clerk showing a middle-aged submissive man what he’d be in for if he ever got the privilege of serving her…

She doesn't need a dungeon. She dominates in a diner!

Check it out here on Amazon:

And if this whets your appetite for more saucy girls having their erotic way with susceptible men, check out Toes Are For Sucking, the story of a guy who meets a girl ready to take sensual advantage of his fascination for her long sultry stems!

He learns to savor her feet at her firm command!

Available at Amazon here:

So click ahead to Amazon…don’t keep the ladies waiting! Because they’re waiting for you as you will experience through the wonders of Erotic Realism all the delights of their lucky slaves! Just as I did when, as if in a trance, I wrote these exciting stories!

And keep an eye out for my upcoming Kindle collection of some of my best magazine femdom tales, coming soon!

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Cunning young dominatrixes take over!

You can have a “femdom fantasy weekend” without even leaving the comfort of your home if you have a Kindle or a Kindle program for your computer…all you have to do is download Learning to be CRUEL or TOES ARE FOR SUCKING…or both! Available at Amazon in the U.S., UK, and Germany.

She dominates him with a glass of milk!

At Amazon U.S., you can even read a free preview without even downloading the sample. So click here to see the Amazon pages for Learning to be CRUEL!

It’s 5500 words, or around 22 pages long…

And then there’s TOES ARE FOR SUCKING, 6300 words or about 25 pages on paper…you can also read the first few pages just by clicking, without downloading.

A classic femdom scenario brought to stimulating life!

And of course, you can read a longer synopsis of TOES right on Amazon!

Join the thousands of readers who have enjoyed my femdom stories in magazines such as Leg Show, Leg World, and Leg Action by checking out these new tales available on Kindle!

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