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The sexy story’s the thing…

Before the picture, there was the story. Before cavemen learned to draw on walls, they conveyed their adventures to their fellows with sounds and gestures, adding up to stories.

A good story draws people in, igniting the imagination, enflaming the libido, stirring the courage, and creating the desire for pleasurable experience, whether real or vicarious.

Stories draw people in now as well, even in our age of explicit video Internet porn.

A story doesn’t take the place of videos or photos, but acts much like the soundtrack of a movie, spurring deeper lasting connection between the visuals and the audience.

Stories, however brief, linger and act as the glue which binds images and individuals.

A single word can evoke a richer, more lasting story. Something that the mind and libido return to, time and again. Would this title, which I wrote for a very much adults-only video scene on the DDF Network, be as catchy or evocative without the word “Midnight”? And it suits the situation perfectly. Check out the link to see what I mean.

I'm not saying I'm Shakespeare, but it was an effective word choice. ;)

I’m not saying I’m Shakespeare, but it was an effective word choice. 😉


The story’s the thing, that gives pictures that extra zing!


Although I made the screencap, the image is used by courtesy and is © 2015 DDF

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A porn writer’s mind-set, circa 1982…

It has been raining non-stop here in NYC today. The rain ceaselessly beats down upon the windows, those damn drops dancing. I have a bit of cabin fever even though I went out three times during the day…

Tonight as I ate my sweet and sour pork combination platter from the Chinese restaurant, I watched Nightmare Castle, a 1965 Italian gothic horror movie perfectly suited to a rainy night. It stars Barbara Steele in a dual role as a caustic adulteress and her more innocent sister. I find Barbara fascinating to watch, although I do not find her sexually attractive. Ironically, her extraordinarily expressive face is too irregular for my conservative tastes! Alluring instead is Helga Liné, whose conventionally proportioned face appeals to me more; she portrays the housekeeper in the evil castle where Barbara lives. (I wrote a long post about Helga elsewhere on this blog here.)

Nightmare Castle

What a lovingly lurid poster!

Nobody could play a scheming Victorian adulteress with such venomous relish as Barbara Steele!

Nobody could play a scheming Victorian adulteress with such venomous relish as Barbara Steele!

I think Helga has one of those perfectly symmetrical "pinup" type faces that I love.

I think Helga has one of those perfectly symmetrical “pinup” type faces that I love.

It was a long and busy week. Besides writing newsletters and website copy for DDFNetwork, a European adult entertainment company, I am also doing a Twitter feed for one of their sites, HotLegsAndFeet, for which I’ve written newsletters and web copy for three years. Check out this Twitter feed @DDFLegFetish, because besides tweeting links to very erotic prevues of their videos, I also provide links to interesting articles, humor, and pictures I find on the Web. I tweet about thirty times a day and I try to provide plenty of entertainment for the followers, the numbers of which are, happily, growing daily.

Here is one of our newest models, the leggy and busty British bombshell who can be found on Twitter @AvaKoxxx. 


Fans are already clamoring to see Ava bring their sinematic fantasies to life…fans including me! 😉

If you are puzzled by the X-rays behind Ava, that is because this particular scene took place in one of the offices of the ever-lascivious “DDF Genital Hospital” (at least, that’s the location I give to the scenes when I write them up for the websites).

Besides my daily work, which comes to several thousand words a week polished to a perverted shine in my perhaps not inimitable but certainly pleasingly accomplished style, there was an interesting development this week, namely the online publication of the second part of the Silent Porn Star interview with yours truly about my career as a smut scribe. You can find that here, with a link to the first part here as well. This time, among the various things we cover, I discuss how many women in the 70s and 80s, influenced by the aggressive anti-porn feminism of the era, didn’t exactly think smut writing was the most upstanding career for a man.

To complement that interview, I dug up this article from the October 1982 issue of GAME, which was the first porn title I edited starting in the fall of 1982. I wrote the piece under one of my other noms de porn, Lester Bloom, a name and character about whom I’ve also written a novel (The Punk Stud and His Women) and even a whole porn film (True Blue)–although the producers, as sometimes happens in XXX, left my name off the credits even though the main character sports one of my favorite pseudonyms!!

Anyway, the article shows how thirty years ago I was in the process of convincing myself, as I got more and more entrenched as a porn professional, that writing about sex could have the same emotional and cultural resonance as writing about boxing or other more mainstream topics, like stuff by famed journalist A.J. Liebling:

Click on the pic and you make it larger to read.

Click on the pic and you can make it larger to read.

To illustrate this piece, I used a movie still of Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull from a couple of years earlier; and then, to visually complement the point of my article, I dug up an 8×10 nudie still from the magazine’s files of a model whose facial expression suggested De Niro with a sex change! I have no idea who that model was. Since the great Bobby was renown at that time for greatly altering his bodily appearance to play the older LaMotta, I thought it was funny to imagine him getting implants to play a sleazy chick, which is what the opposite picture called to my twisted mind!!

This is the cover of that issue of GAME. Note: “Norbert Klinger,” noted in the rather tame coverlines (I was still learning) as the author of that issue’s fiction, was yet another one of my identities…I wasn’t “Grandma Bitch,” however.

The issue, which I found at a flea market, was a little banged up, but otherwise well-preserved!

The issue, which I found at a flea market, was a little banged up, but otherwise well-preserved!

As I’m writing this post I’m remembering how much fun it was to put those first magazines together, working sometimes until midnight in the office on East 43rd Street near Grand Central Terminal…then handing the stuff to the art director in the morning to lay out. Come to think of it, I may have found the picture of the girl first, giving me the visual basis for the article–and then maybe I dug up the pic of De Niro and dreamed up the actual topic for the piece!

Working for GAME was especially fun because I was pretty much on my own, doing what I wished with the mag–almost like doing a blog today, come to think of it!

I hope you enjoy both the Silent Porn Star interview’s peek at the Jurassic age of jizz journalism, and this sportswriters-and-sexwriters article which gives you a peek at my frame of mind as a porn scribe way back in 1982.


If you want to see Nightmare Castle for yourself, the entire movie is up on YouTube and easily located. And I found the great screenshot of Barbara seemingly gloating over her cuckolding skills here.


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The stories that please meet the legs that tease!

So tell me…are you drooling like I am?

What I mean is, how do you like this girl?

A sweet disorder in the tress/Kindles in a legman a wantonness (after R. Herrick)...

“A sweet disorder in the tress/Kindles in a legman a wantonness” (after R. Herrick)…

Nice, hmm? Her name is Katy Pearl, and she was photographed by Jana Krenova, proprietor of my newest freelance client,

But we’ll get back to Katy and Jana in a moment…

If I don’t write as much you think I should on this blog, or as much as you might like to see me write, the main reason is money. As a freelance scribe of porn/erotica/whatever-you-wanna-call-it in a tight economy and with a greatly diminished number of sex magazines to contribute to, I have to spend most of my energy and time writing to pay my bills–and blogging doesn’t pay me anything. But if everybody who visited my blog daily bought just one of my ebooks, I could and would write here lots more! I would also do more ebooks. 😉 So try one of my Kindle ebooks and you will get lots more interesting blog posts, pictures, and femdom erotica! 🙂

You can buy my ebooks in the United States and India; the United Kingdom; France; Germany; Italy; Spain; Japan; Canada; and Brazil.

I write primarily for porn sites now, doing copy for photos and newsletters about the sites. My main client is French photographer Denys DeFrancesco and his DDF Productions, one of the biggest European porn studios. Visit them at the DDF Network to get an idea of all their amazing sites.

I also write, under pen names, stories for the college girl sex magazines! You would be surprised, but I am very good at writing from the point-of-view of eighteen year old girls, as well as from the angle of the guys who fall under their erotic spells. I think there is a part of me that is still stuck in late adolescence. Maybe I also should have been a girl, I dunno. At any rate, they are fun assignments but I can’t tell you what they are without giving away the fact that they are not written by horny young coeds! (Fun assignment: go through magazines devoted to sexy young women and see if you can pick out what stories I wrote on the basis of my style. Every writer’s style is distinctive, like fingerprints, even when he or she hides it under disguises like slang or structure or bylines or details about bras and barrettes. But don’t ask me to confirm your guesses–I’m loyal to my clients and would not reveal that the juicy young things who write some of their stories are actually one bald but otherwise hairy Jewish lad from Chicago with an Irish nom de porn.)

But let’s get back to Best Leg Show. Its owner and photographer, Jana Krenova, is a skillful, artistic, and leggy lens lady originally from the Czech Republic who lives in New York and Prague, and who shot many pictorials and covers for me when I was the editor of Leg World…

Jana has many fans who are as awestruck over her very impressive pins...

Jana has many fans who are as awestruck over her very impressive pins… they are by her photography of the lovely Naomi on a picnic.

…as they are by her photography of the lovely Naomi on a picnic.

In fact, Jana photographed the girl on the picnic blanket for me for Leg World, and the project was inspired by my admiration for a pinup painting by Gil Elvgren:

I bet the ants were smiling at this picnic!

I bet the ants were smiling at this picnic!

Now, starting on Friday 3/1/13–tomorrow–I am presenting an exciting archive of my stories each month on Best Leg Show. We’re starting off with “STARE AND ACHE!” a tease-and-denial story about a tough handsome executive who wants to be treated by a beautiful and voluptuous lady named Deborah exactly like the adulterous naughty bad boy he really is. Deborah makes him ache with her stocking feet and her dirty words and she tells him his penis doesn’t measure up to that of the coffee cart guy back in the office…it’s a goodie for fans of nylons, the foot fetish, and even has a little cuckold fantasy in the mix!

So go to and check out Jana’s blog section, and you’ll see a picture of me and read more about our upcoming plan for stories there. Check out her great lineup of photos and videos of all the beauties she’s captured with her cameras. And join her site–it’s very reasonable–and have fun! Let us know how you like “STARE AND ACHE!” by leaving a comment on the site, too! Or leave a comment on Twitter for Jana @BestLegShow or for me @irvoneil.


I found the reproduction of the Elvgren pinup here. Photos of Katy Pearl and Naomi are © Jana Krenova and

One thing I want to add: I don’t particularly enjoy hawking my wares like this, I’m actually kind of a reserved guy–the older I get, the more I admire Gary Cooper, let’s put it that way–and I don’t like to toot my own horn. I’m from the school of thought that it’s for others to toot the horn about me. But this is the new reality of writing for a living today, in a cyber-environment that makes books as numerous as grains of sand at the beach. You gotta speak out to be heard–for example, I’m going to be interviewed twice in the next few weeks about my porn career. Basically, to be read, to reach readers, unless you’re a super-duper brand name with the machinery of a vast publishing and distribution outfit behind you, you gotta promote yourself. Without that machinery, us scribblers gotta stand on a soapbox and wave our stuff around, trying to catch the eye of the customers. We’re not just scribes anymore, but pitchmen and pitchwomen. It’s the new world of creativity that the Internet has created.


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