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The unattainable fruit of his sin!

Should she damn him or thank him? When Ginny’s husband Rafe strays for the first time in their eight-year marriage, she punishes him by transforming herself from a nerd into a mouthwatering blonde hottie whom he can’t possess. True, it wasn’t right for Rafe to cheat on her, but his sin did provide Ginny the initial impetus for an amazing transformation…and to truly torment Rafe, newly gorgeous Ginny simply refuses to have sex with him, although she allows him to masturbate sometimes while he watches her work out…

This is the plot of my sexy crazy and funny new femdom erotica ebook REVENGE THRU FITNESS, available worldwide in the Kindle stores on Amazon. Read it on your phones, Kindles, laptops, and tablets. Check out the free sample here!

Her desperate husband comes up with an idea to bring them back together. It involves a little pink sock…


The incredible cover image, a stock photo which inspired me to come up with this storyline, was done by photographer “indiraswork” whose portfolio can be found here. Check it out!


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She makes him take his clothes off…

Sheesh, I’ve been a bad boy about writing in this blog in recent days…don’t spank me…I’m just so obsessed with trying to make a buck lately, what can I tell you? Takes up so much of my energy and when I’m not working I want to watch cheesy old movies or read vintage paperback noir thrillers. The freelance porn racket is tough these days with all the free stuff on the Internet making it harder to write for pay. Nonetheless we sensuous scribblers trudge on against the tide…writing for sites, the few mags that still take stories, and ebooks. Just put a new ebook up…

NakedB4Her CoverFor Kindle

The typeface reflects the sexy, playful tone of the story!

It’s about a cute twentyish men’s magazine model named Melanie who meets a shy fortyish guy in the park whom she nicknames “Mumbly” (you’ll see why) and takes him home to tease the cream out of him. Yeah, I know, things like this happen everyday to middle-aged guys, and it’s my duty to report them. đŸ˜‰ Anyway, Melanie has Mumbly get completely naked and puts his clothes in a trunk…kind of a Clothed Female Naked Male situation…and hangs one of her shoes on his erection…and…um, er…sheesh, I’m starting to sound like Mumbly. He does have a vague resemblance to me, at that…

Give it a try, it’s on Kindle and available at the Amazon stores. You can read it on Kindles, on computers with free Kindle apps, and on iPads too. To start you off, click here! Adults only, natch (as the bar girl says to Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend, the movie version of one of the books I had the pleasure of reading again lately).


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