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Femdom Sunday at the New York Post!

The New York Post is a pretty interesting tabloid on Sunday, with lots of well-written reviews and editorials. And this Sunday the paper has a real BDSM, femdom slant. The cover story in the Pulse section is about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the new Batman flick, and runs this photo (among several):

On page 3 we learn that women are smarter than men…science proves it:

Batman kneels in front of Catwoman in a comic strip panel reproduced on page 38:

A column about the media fallout from the “mommy porn” bestselling smut sensation Fifty Shades of Grey also runs a leggy shot of Ashley Greene, and talks about the new mainstream interest in BDSM from soccer moms. (And think about it: the triumph of a porn novel written by a woman is a femdom kind of triumph, even though the book is about female sexual submissiveness. As far as I know, no penis-bearing writer has ever hit the top of the bestseller lists with an outright erotic novel.)

And top it all, the Post presents on page 23 the photographic piece de resistance for lovers of giantesses, always a popular femdom sub-fetish: a Getty Images pic of a man crossing his hands near his crotch and standing in a test tube held by an enormous, steely-eyed, analytical woman!

And to think we New Yorkers used to have to go to fetish bookstores to glimpse stuff like this! 😉


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Your choice: Anne Hathaway’s frown or Gemma Atkinson’s rack!

There are basically three kinds of erotic stories.

A vaguely discontented face presents an interesting narrative all its own. This is actress Anne Hathaway in the role of nineteenth century British writer Jane Austen.

The first kind is designed for what’s commonly known as “one-handed reading”–meaning, the story is held in one hand while the other is used for masturbation. Each word, each line, is designed to help the reader get off. Characterization is generally kept to a minimum, and only those qualities of the characters that contribute to the stimulation of the reader are deployed. “He was an aggressive hard man with a big tool and he expected to be serviced…if he wasn’t, there was hell to pay.” “She was an arrogant busty babe who challenged men to satisfy her…and punished them if they did not.” Sensation is everything as the sexual situation is evoked in all its possible dimensions–sight, sound, taste, smell, touch. These stories are designed to be read again and again and could be said to be “used” just like a sex toy is “used.” Yet they can be some of the best and most precious works of erotica, or you can call them “porn” if you like.

This is Rei Himekawa, one of the most energetic, vivacious, and uninhibited performers on the Japanese AV (adult video) scene.

The second kind of story mixes characterization and theme with the explicit action, so other reactions besides sexual stimulation are goals as well. This kind of story can lead to masturbation, too, but more when the story is put aside and the reader can focus on and perhaps even elaborate on the provocative sections in his or her own mind. Or the sexual sections can stimulate the reader and make him or her want to pursue an encounter in the real world, whether solo or with partners.

This is the actress Thora Birch, whose performance in 2001's Ghost World is one of the most complex and sexy in the last ten years of cinema.

The third kind of erotica is another kind of story entirely; it can be a genre piece such as a mystery or romance, or a literary story with no genre conventions, simply about people; with the sexual elements part of the narrative but not the basic attraction of the tale. The “hot stuff” can stimulate the reader but the primary purpose is to tell a memorable and involving yarn.

I aim to write the first kind of story the most, because I want my readers to get turned on by the action; but elements of the other two types sometimes creep in. I am interested in character and ideas, and can be as easily stimulated just by a face as by an attractive body, so my stories are invariably a blend of what I hope are realistic people doing horny things. Sometimes, without even meaning to, the tales end up making some comment or other about life. I just can’t help myself.

I think it might be time to write a story about a very busty girl like British model Gemma Atkinson!

I write a lot of femdom stories, but looking at the last pic above, I might take a detour to a tale of breast domination! The ideas are bubbling in my brain and balls!!


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