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Crushing on sexy Sixties British actress Margaret Lee…

I have the late-middle-age equivalent of a schoolboy crush on pretty and perky British actress Margaret Lee. Sometimes she’s blonde, or sometimes she’s a redhead, as you see in the pic below. She starred in many a 1960s Eurospy and sword & sandal movie. I collect and watch her old films when I can find them, such as SAMSON AND THE SEA BEASTS which I found at Sinister Cinema here. I initially found out about her in a book called Film Fatales: Women in Espionage Films and Television 1962-1973, by Tim Lisanti and Louis Paul, available on Amazon here.

Here are a couple of pix from the Samson movie which I snapped of Margaret from my tv screen. She was just tossed to the floor by a villain, but you can see the feisty gleam of defiance in her eyes.

I don’t know if that was her real voice or some other actress’s dubbing, but in some films she sounds a little like Audrey Hepburn. Which is extra-sexy coming out of Margaret’s voluptuous body.


The legs dangling over the pit while Samson fights with a crocodile are Margaret’s. She screams at the menacing reptile with some real Fay Wray-style lung power!

Although she finds herself in a “damsel in distress” situation, Margaret is no shrinking violet in this fun flick.

I’m making some more pix of Margaret from one of her spy movies, and I’ll post those soon!

You might ask, what does a post like this have to do with a blog called EROTICA IS MY TRADE? Well, these are the types of features I used to like to concoct for the adult magazines I edited and for which I wrote for more than four decades. But since sex publications have basically disappeared in the last couple of years, and I primarily work for hardcore websites and/or Twitter doing explicit porn writing, I’m just doing stuff like this for my own pleasure, and yours, on this blog. Practicing my trade, you might say, and having fun! I hope it’s fun and entertaining for you too.


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Kneel before glorious Helga Liné, queen of gladiators and fiends!

I’ve been really busy these last couple of weeks with various freelance projects that all came due at the same time, and in order to relax my mind for a few minutes in the bustle of writing thousands of words of erotic prose per week, I sometimes go to You Tube to see a clip or two of some of the beautiful actresses from the Italian sword-and-sandal and vintage Euro horror movies I love.

After a friend got me over to You Tube this morning to check out a clip of actress Isabelle Corey in the French gangster movie Bob Le Flambeur, I found a montage of scenes from the career of Helga Liné, described on Wikipedia as a “German-born Portuguese-Spanish film actress and circus acrobat.” I’ve known her as the haughty beauty of two films: the 1963 epic Goliath Against the Tyrants of Babylon, and the 1963 Gothic spook show The Blanchville Monster. Helga sure was busy that year!

I found this great shot of Miss Liné in the first film at the outstanding sword-and-sandal site Peplum (one of the names for such films, referring to the material of the costumes):

Be sure to visit Peplum here.

Then, on “The Helga Line Appreciation Thread in Classic Italian Horror: Pre-1970 Forum” I found this perfect picture of Helga, complete with evil syringe, in her menacing role in The Blanchville Monster from 1963. It was posted by Eurotika1955 from a personal collection:

You can find more amazing Helga stuff at the forum here.

At You Tube at one time I located a montage of various scenes from her peplum movies, unfortunately no longer at the link I originally found; but this edited version of her stunningly photographed black-and-white horror show The Blanchville Monster is right here.

As I watched the various montages, I suddenly got inspired to take a few shots of my own, and I liked the one below in particular, which shows Helga as a haughty queen lording it over some gladiators in one of the various Spartacus sequels made in Italy. In the photo, the keys of my laptop looked to me like a horde of minions scraping and bowing before glorious Queen Helga!

Click on the picture to fully insert yourself under the spell of Helga Liné!

I hope you enjoy these pix and links to the wonderful Miss Liné, as I did, when you take a break from your daily routines! 😉

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