How many years have you aged during the pandemic?

29 Jan

In the porn movie biz, we used to joke that the stars aged in “dog years”–seven years for each human year.

I think there was some truth to that. Being a smut star could be a rough gig.

In contrast, being a porn writer can keep one young. Just imagining various titillating scenarios can make you feel you’re years, even decades, younger than you actually are. You are frisky in your mind or on paper or keyboard, and it translates to feeling frisky in your body too. Until you look in the mirror and realize you’ve been laboring under a delusion or two…

I wonder how many years I’ve aged during this pandemic? I think maybe two for the last year.

What about you?

Meanwhile, to maintain my youthful figure (figuratively speaking), I published this new femdom novella at the very end of 2020, THE SLAVE YOU WERE MEANT TO BE, here, and it’s been the fastest selling of all my ebooks in the almost ten years I’ve been publishing them (I started with LEARNING TO BE CRUEL in June 2011–you can find that one here).

Talena Vorell is one of the cruelest ladies I’ve ever written about, and her new slave is ready to follow her orders to the letter.

This novella is quite a contrast to the more romantic one I published in June 2020, SO YOU WANT ME TO DOMINATE YOU? here, about two hesitant people exploring femdom while social distancing at the height of the NYC lockdown in the spring of that year:

Although these covers are posed thousands of miles away from me by professional models I don’t personally know, it’s funny how I feel as if I do know them once I put them on the covers to embody the characters in my tales.

You can find THE SLAVE YOU WERE MEANT TO BE here along with SO YOU WANT ME TO DOMINATE YOU? and all my other 28 femdom ebooks.

Seriously, though, I’m not being flippant about the pandemic aging process or using it just for clickbait. I sometimes feel as if the stress and constriction of daily life as we weather this situation is speeding things up. Today, in fact, I felt so claustrophobic in my apartment that I had to rearrange things so I could write in a different area and give myself a sense of variety (no small feat in that I live in a studio that’s more like an office than a living space, crammed as it is with books, boxes, magazines and files).

And the arctic temperatures NYC is experiencing right now definitely add to the feeling of being “shut-in.”

Meanwhile, looking on the positive side, another good thing, writing wise, is that a website called Aborigen, devoted to the “size fetish” (wherein people dream about being miniature or gigantic for erotic purposes) contacted me at the end of 2020 to reprint a story I wrote in 1995 and that was published in the March 1996 issue of the newsstand fetish mag LEG ACTION. My original title for the story was “Mini-Man,” the magazine’s editor changed it to “Shrunken Desires,” and this site altered it (for the better, I thought, since I was never crazy about “Shrunken Desires”) to “Shrunken Delights.”

If you’ve ever imagined the possibilities of life as a six-inch tall cuckold to your gorgeous wife, check out the adventures of Andrew and Sherilyn, and their bull Ragnar–a scientist who shrinks Andrew for the good of humanity–here.

Enjoy, and stay safe.


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2 responses to “How many years have you aged during the pandemic?

  1. Aborigen

    January 29, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Holy boots, where did I come up with “Delights”? You know, I do this once in a while, some accidental rewording of a title or, worse, someone’s name. I’m so sorry I didn’t catch this, but I’m glad you like the alteration.

    • irvoneil

      January 31, 2021 at 11:32 pm

      I never liked the title “Shrunken Desires” because it sounded, well, like a negative. “Desires” is a kind of neutral word, so it sounds to me simply like “diminished desires” and that’s certainly not something we want to use to pull people into reading an erotic story. But “Shrunken Delights” has the strong positive word “delights” which piques the curiosity with its paradox. I’m a big believer in the use of lively paradox in titles to capture the attention of readers, making them think, “Hmm, what are ‘Shrunken Delights’? I’ll have to check this out.” Maybe you thought of something like this yourself subconsciously, too, when you altered “desires” to “delights”!


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