All hail Chelo Alonso on her 84th birthday!

10 Apr

April 10, 2017 is the 84th birthday of Chelo Alonso, the great star of sword-and-sandal movies, films also nicknamed “peplum” for the material used in the costumes of these Euro historical epics. Happy Birthday, Chelo!!

These are a few screencaps I made from a trailer for one of her starring vehicles, La Reine des Barbares, known as The Huns in English. Regrettably, I’ve never actually been able to see this film, but the preview makes it look pretty damn good!

You can see the full trailer on You Tube here. And if you look to the right of the trailer, you’ll find lots of clips of Chelo, especially doing the seductive dances in films like Sign of the Gladiator and Goliath and the Barbarians, for which she was famous. People would actually applaud her in movie theaters at the conclusion of her dances! There are even full Chelo movies you can watch on You Tube; I recommend Son of Samson, Atlas in the Land of Cyclops, and Terror of the Red Mask.


About ten years ago I wrote an article for the adult magazine SWANK about Chelo and French actress Mylene Demongeot and their peplum films. At that time there was very little stuff to be found on the Web about Chelo, but happily in the intervening years much more has popped up, including lots of video footage. If you want to read my article, entitled When Women Were the Special Effects, it’s here in my portfolio; just scroll down and you’ll find it.


Gosh…can you imagine being on the receiving end of a smouldering stare like this from the great Chelo Alonso??? 😉


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2 responses to “All hail Chelo Alonso on her 84th birthday!

  1. Declan Heyse

    April 11, 2017 at 10:12 am

    You are single-handedly rewriting my “to be watched” movie list, Irv!

    • irvoneil

      April 11, 2017 at 12:50 pm

      LOL, glad you liked this, Declan! You’ll find the rewards are rich when you delve into the Alonso oeuvre! Definitely check out Terror of the Red Mask, she is a very sly femme fatale minx in that one and she is especially beautiful in the peasant blouses and exhibiting deceptive dexterity in a scene with one of her besotted admirers…


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