The Queen of Sheba, glorious and fiery in her chariot!

30 May

In the fun 1952 Italian spectacle The Queen of Sheba, the son of King Solomon expresses his love for Princess Balkis (soon to assume the queenship) as they ride together in her chariot (she drives). He speaks fondly of “the fire in your eyes when you give an order…”

In this series of screen caps I’ve made, here’s a bit of that fire…courtesy of the marvelous eyes of actress Leonora Ruffo:

Queen OfSheba1


Queen OfSheba2


Queen OfSheba3


Queen OfSheba4


Queen OfSheba5


Queen OfSheba6


Queen OfSheba7


Queen OfSheba8


Queen OfSheba9


Queen OfSheba10


You don’t need a recap of the dialogue from me; the scene is all in her eyes as she dreams both of love and power. Smoldering!!

And now for one more treat: you can see the queen race, on her horse, the two men who are competing for her attentions. Check out this marvelous YouTube clip from Peplum TV here. Leonora Ruffo rides like she’s a female centaur, and there is a real joy in her exultant expressions. Watch her throw a spear and an axe and shoot an arrow at various targets. Try to find the whole movie sometime, it’s very entertaining and has some incredible sets of ancient Jerusalem and Sheba, as well as a musical score by the great Nino “The Godfather” Rota. Check out this clip and get a taste of those wild and wonderful “ancient” days of the imagination!

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