Femmes fatale, dangerous heels, and pulp fiction thrills!

03 Apr

I had a pleasant weekend, especially in two ways. Firstly, I went to a big comic book convention in New York on Saturday and had an enjoyable day of hanging out with my friends, some of whom had tables selling their art or pop culture memorabilia. One of my friends, Marcus Boas, specializes in paintings of beautiful women, warriors, and sword-and-sandal scenes in the genre of heroic fantasy. A few years ago when I was editing Leg World magazine, I commissioned this painting from him to illustrate a story I wrote, a tale which I may reprint soon as an ebook:

The image was inspired by the actress Chelo Alonso, who starred as evil queens, conniving dancing girls, and fierce swordswomen in 1960s Euro epics.

You can find see more images of Marcus’s work here at the Kaso Comics site. Explore the full site here;  tell ’em Irv O. Neil sent you if you contact them!

I’m not much of a fan of contemporary comics, but I occasionally buy older ones published in the 50s or 60s, so I picked up a couple of Classics Illustrated for $3 each. I go for reading copies, not pristine collector’s items.

The Hamlet in particular had some striking artwork inside. Ophelia looks like a real babe...but there I go again! 😉

I also found a copy of Weird Tales with a Margaret Brundage cover. I thought it would be fun to read the stories in the original format. The magazine’s interior wasn’t in the greatest shape, but definitely readable. At least the cover looked pretty good. I managed to negotiate the price down.

This was the magazine that published many stories by Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Brundage is legendary for her provocative, kinky cover art for this magazine, and in fact a book entitled The Alluring Art of Margaret Brundage, Queen of Pulp Pin-Up Art, is soon to be published about her work from Vanguard Publishing. You can find more information about it here.

So it was a fun show and I got a few goodies to entertain myself. But if I seem to be in a “public relations” mode today, referring you to artists and publishers, it’s because of the second nice thing that happened over the weekend.

A terrific site called Femdom Artists, which I’ve had on my blogroll for some time and on which I frequently comment–for quick reference, you can find it here–was kind enough to run a few of my ebook covers in a post. I concoct these covers myself, even though I’m not much of an artist. The simple style and bold colors I use are meant to evoke the naughty underground femdom porn booklets of yesteryear that you’d sometimes see in smut shops or get via mail order.

A sweet girl who knows how to use her power to dominate...

A kind but firm therapist gives "maternal discipline" to a guilty 40ish porn writer in this tale.

Femdom Artists must have great traffic, because I got more visits to my own blog than I ever have in the nine months I’ve been doing it. Although I’ve always had a steady flow of visitors daily, from all over the world, this was a definite spike. And I thought since more people are looking at EROTICA IS MY TRADE, at least for the moment (as an experienced blogger elsewhere, I know the increased traffic won’t necessarily last), I thought I would also direct them to the work of my friends (Marcus) or publishers whose books I’ve enjoyed (Vanguard).

What’s also interesting to me is that while two of the sister sites of Femdom Artists, Femdom Blogs and Female Led Relationships, recently ran a couple of written items on my work, without pictures, it wasn’t until the ebook covers were displayed in the Femdom Artists site that I got a lot more hits on my blog. Visuals communicate far more immediately today than words, it seems.

I’m happy to say that even though my drawings are crude, they accurately convey each heroine’s personality. If you look at all my covers, you’ll see that each lady looks different.

I try to write erotica, porn, smut, or whatever you want to call it, that has lifelike characters.

So that was my weekend. And just to prove that erotica these days isn’t just on blogs or ebooks, but out in the open where everybody can enjoy it, let me conclude with a couple of Times Square sexy billboard photos I’ve taken recently.

Here’s a Jessica Simpson high heel shot that just went up near 49th Street and Seventh Avenue:

Maybe younger people wouldn't consider such heels femme-fatalish, just normal footwear in the Age of the Woman! I prefer the noirish interpretation.

And here is a shot of the electronic billboards at 46th and Broadway, always a source of saucy delight to tourist and New Yorker alike:

In Japan, there are entire magazines devoted to young women in panties teasing the readers. Maybe we're headed in that direction? Hope springs eternal! 🙂

In an upcoming post, I’m going to have more to say about the symbolic significance of the corner of 46th Street and Broadway, and why it is appropriate that there are pictures of scantily-clad females at this particular location! Stay tuned.


(The billboard photos are Copyright 2012 Irv O. Neil.)


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2 responses to “Femmes fatale, dangerous heels, and pulp fiction thrills!

  1. Femsup

    July 28, 2012 at 3:46 am

    I have enjoyed your work in the leg magazines immensely and to now see that you do Femdom Folk Art is very rewarding.I like the bold use of colours and that it might be done as an inner expression of the normality of Female Led society.There is a nother artist who also uses coloured pencil with the males often bare headed and in stringent bondage that your work reminds me of.

    • irvoneil

      July 28, 2012 at 10:37 am

      Thanks for your kind words, Femsup! It’s always good to hear from people who’ve read and enjoyed my stuff in print as well as online. And I’m glad you like the ebook covers. I plan to do more soon. If you can think of the other artist who uses colored pencil, let me know who he or she is, I’m curious to see that work if I haven’t already on the various sites I visit like I’ve seen your comments there too, I believe, or at the affiliated sites.


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